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Much of Alt Media Taken Over by Neocon Zionist Controllers and Handlers

Ed.'s note: We find it illustrative considering this is blogger which is part of Google which allows us to keep posting without any problems. Thank you, Google. Here is a great post by SOTN and is sort of, well kind of, representative of this blog. The big take away here is that the Alt Media serves Israel with very few exceptions.

Source: SOTN

CIA-MI6-MOSSAD Cabal Running Massive Regime Change Psyop in Iran

Posted on January 13, 2020 by State of the Nation

State of the Nation

For anyone who really wants to know what's going on in Iran right now, just read the comment section at this article:

The most truthful and insightful comments that call out the current fake Iranian protests as a classic CIA-MI6-MOSSAD regime change operation were actually posted in serious protest by Zero Hedge's readership to that naked propaganda piece. The ZH article actually refers to a REUTER's propaganda piece that extols the virtues of all the fake protesters the C.I.A. paid to show up in Tehran USING YOUR TAX DOLLARS. Wow!

First question: how did go from being one of the edgiest Alt Media websites on the Internet, to becoming a prolific purveyor or propaganda and prevarication?

It's as if the Zero Hedge site was actually set up from the very beginning to slowly, yet stealthily, corral its readers into the camp of political correctness regarding all things having to do with Israel.

With each passing week, the typical edgy ZH articles are interspersed with Neocon-contrived content that is suspiciously in favor of the Neocon warmongering agenda or Zionist plan for Mideast domination or key element of the Greater Israel project.

Now how did that happen, except with highly purposeful design?!

Typical Zionist Media-Control Scheme

Now, here's how they do it. And this "Typical Zionist Media-Control Scheme" almost always works like a charm.

First, they find an Internet content innovator and/or producer.

They vet him or her or them so that they know their obvious character flaws and major points of vulnerability and other weak points that can be pressed when the time is right.

In almost every single case, the Internet content innovator (ICI) needs money —BADLY! Who doesn’t these days?!

Only in these cases, they not only need money to start the new media operation, they also need money desperately to cover other serious expenses.

Those expenses could vary from a crack cocaine habit to a crystal meth addiction, from a black heroin dependence to a marijuana craving. The crushing monthly cost could also be an alimony payment under threat of imprisonment, or a loan shark IOU or a gambling debt with the mob. The [TARGETED] individual could also be saddled with massive medical bills or an upcoming medical procedure for a life-threatening disease for themselves or a loved one. Maybe they just lost their job … or their house … or their spouse.

Obviously, the preceding list is endless. The key point is that the controllers identify what the individual desperately needs by way of finances. Then, the perps exploit that need to the max when the time arrives for the targeted individual to be dictated to.

But, first, the controllers completely capitalize or fund a critical part of the ICI's new Internet-based alternative news platform to get them established on the World Wide Web. After all, it's wasn’t memed the World Wide Web for nothing, yes?

The controllers might pay for everything in sight necessary to get the site going and growing fast. Or, they might just financed the most vital start-up costs to incarcerate the ICI into a prison of loans and other type of debt. These same perps have total control over things like SEO and other site placement techniques on the Internet, so the process of building a big audience can occur practically overnight.

Next, the unsuspecting ICI is encouraged (or forced) to work their tail off filling their platform with original content in a way that, perhaps, only they and their small group can do. Then, when the perfect time comes like it just did with the assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, the website is sent pure propaganda pieces that are then shoved down the throats of their highly disillusioned readers.

However, that was then.

This is now.

But that's really how the Neocon Zionist media mavens have always gotten away with this crafty takeover scheme … … … until 2020.
SOTN Editor's Note: If there's one thing that has really shocked the SOTN editors, writers, researchers and associated content producers since the election of Donald Trump, it's the sheer number of supposedly Alt Media new platforms that have completely left the reservation of truthfulness and patriotism. Of course, transparent psyops and cunning media operations such as Q (also known as QAnon), as well as others like Serial Brain 2, did a LOT of damage to the worldwide Truth Movement. In the process, many Alt Media platforms got completely taken over or co-opted by those Neocon black operations, many not even knowing what happened to them.
Alt Media now serving Israel

There's much more that can be written about the countless Zionist-run media black ops being conducted across the World Wide Web at this very moment, but you get the picture (see below screenshot).

Almost the entire Right side of the Alt Media, and we don't just mean the Alt Right, has been totally taken over by Neocon Zionist propaganda and prevarication (see the above photo). That slow-motion epidemic of "propaganda and prevarication" is now so entrenched it really can't be fixed. Hence, the world is now ready for the next generation of solitary truth-tellers who just run their platforms in a small way—not like

Please go to SOTN to read the entire article.


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  1. It is worrying that Google is not taking you down. With the sophisticated universal surveillance being resorted to presently, not one remaining/existent website, utube channel or even a commenter is above suspicion. For those who want to remain alive in such a controlled world, the best idea is to move into a cave and hide.


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