Sunday, October 20, 2019

An Idea: Rugby Replacing American Football

October 20, 2019

Ed's note: Wouldn't that be something as America turns inward on itself as American hegemony comes to an end, if rugby were to replace American football? America's rugby team is in 5th place in Pool C of the 2019 World Cup Rugby matches now playing in Japan. America's rugby team played Britain on September 26, 2019 losing to Britain 45-7. What would you expect though considering rugby has been played in Britain for a very long time where rugby had its origins? Both rugby and American football share a similar history and playing concepts. American football is the "sport" of the empire: win at all costs; destroy your opponent; take no prisoners.

America's current position is 5th place in Pool C. There are four Pools from A to D with 20 international teams competing in the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Japan's rugby team beat Ireland and lost to South Africa's Springboks rugby team on October 20, 2019. Japan's rugby team was first in Pool A until they lost to South Africa. Japan has played Russia, Samoa, Ireland, Scotland and South Africa. Many American football players incorrectly describe rugby as a "gladiator-type sport" and "violent." Why? Because rugby players don't wear protective gear.  But this is entirely incorrect if you know and understand the rules of rugby and its history. On the contrary, if any sport represents gladiators, it is American football. All you have to do to confirm this is watch a few video clips of American football highlights. They also know very little about the terminology used to describe rugby.  In American football there is a "Touchdown." In rugby a similar score is called a "Try."

Extended Highlights: England v USA - Rugby World Cup 2019

For those who know the history of rugby it is probably the epitome of sports. Japan's rugby team even though losing to South Africa's Springboks played an astonishing game. Watching games between American football teams and as an example, Japan's rugby team playing Ireland, rugby enthusiasts can see why rugby is such a superior game. Currently, there are around 126,000 members of America's rugby association with about 2,500 clubs. Do a comparison between rugby and American football to see why we think rugby compared to American football is the epitome of sports. Watch a rugby match sometime and observe how rugby kickers can kick a rugby ball through goal posts that are narrow at unbelievable angles from 60-degrees, rather more subtle than American football field-goals where kickers merely have to boot the ball over and from in front of the goal posts. In rugby, it is disallowed to pass forward, but in American football, without passing forward teams can't play the game. The rules originally from rugby have been completely inverted.

HIGHLIGHTS: Japan v South Africa – Rugby World Cup 2019

Now watch this American football player labelled as the "hardest hitting player in the history of American football." It is condoned violence where in rugby there are strict rules on hitting and tackling. Observing those rules is part of playing rugby whereas in American football players can slam each other as hard as they want with few exceptions i.e. no face masks and collar grabs. This kind of hard hitting brutality is accepted in American football protected by basically body armor and helmets. In rugby, there are no helmets and protective body armor of course, so the rules become even more important to honor as a rugby player. Rugby players lay into each other like real men, with just the flimsiest of body padding if at all. American football players on their grid-iron playing field are unrecognisable as human beings with all that body armor.

The Hardest Hitter in NFL History? ||"Highlights"|| (HD) 

International sports brings an entirely different perspective and outlook on sports when a rugby game is watched. No better example of that than the rugby match between Japan and Ireland. This rugby match was an incredible contest of will and determination of Japan's team over a favored Ireland. Very few Americans are interested in rugby and far fewer know the rules of the rugby game. The physical endurance rugby players endure is astonishing when it is considered the ball is usually always in play, unless of course there is a penalty or the ball is kicked outside the playing field. Why is American football called "football" when the only time feet come into contact with the ball is when there is a punt or when there is a field goal attempt?

Extended Highlights: Japan v Ireland - Rugby World Cup 2019 

The other aspect of American football is its over the top sensationalism and showmanship. Watching American football one would come to the conclusion these players are the epitome of the potential of human achievement, whereas in rugby its players display far more humbleness in their attitudes while playing. When you watch a rugby game spectators can view the rugby players who are not hidden behind crash helmets better allowing rugby spectators to have more of a personal relationship with each individual player.

American Football vs Rugby - Best Comparison Ever Seen

This is all pretty much in jest and in fun, but as we move into the future, let the best game win.

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