Monday, December 7, 2015

From the Trenches: Biggest Fraud In UK History - "If You're Against Paedophilia, You're an Anti-Semite" - Forty-Year Theft - "Follow the Money" to 788-790 Finchley Road - Gas and Oil Boiler Room Companies Laundering Billions - Fraudulent Oil Deposit Claims - Will the US and UK Military Act? - AD Has Called for "The Firing Squads of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford" - Follow-up Letter to the BBC - "Cash Deal on Nuclear Weapon Sales to the UK Government" - Lord Greville Janner's Thirteen Zio Companies

Gordon Bowden on Bombs, 'Boiler Rooms' and Paedophiles

Call to the BBC

Follow-up letter to the BBC:

Dear [redacted]

Thank you for taking my phone call on Thursday 3rd December 2015

In June 2014, I reported the biggest fraud in UK history to Sussex Police and to my local MP Norman Baker. Since then there has been a wall of silence so we took some hard-forensic documents to the BBC in London on 1st March, 2015 where the police where there to meet and greet us.

After a while, two executives appeared and Gordon Bowden who is a colleague of mine, went inside and "hey presto", your employers are now complicit in covering-up fraud, theft, paedophilia and money laundering at the highest levels of government. I have also contacted Josh Halliday at The Guardian, Nicholas Soames MP for Mid-Sussex (grandson of Sir Winston Churchill), Zac Goldsmith, who I read out a statement for on his behalf outside the House of Parliament on 11th April, 2015 following his exposure on 60 Minutes Australia on high-level paedophile rings. It would appear that nothing is being done about these heinous crimes against humanity.

I have since had my own problems with Sussex Police, after they assaulted a 57 year old cancer patient who is a very dear close friend of mine. Sussex police through their Solicitor Cramp & Mullaney have "strongly advised" that I do not post on YouTube or social media, so they are now also complicit in covering-up crimes against humanity.

When I went to my friends assistance, I was arrested and locked-up on trumped-up charges, and this was meant to intimidate me for exposing the corruption inside the Sussex police. (see Mr Setchfield on the warpath) on YouTube.

I have a video recording of myself inside Sussex police station reporting these massive crimes, all on my YouTube channel! Thank God we are getting help from the inside, however, these people will have to remain anonymous because they have families they are concerned about.

We need the help of decent people "who have not had their lives threatened" to help us bring these disgusting people to justice.  FOURTEEN YEARS of hard forensic documents are available exposing £trillions that have been stolen from the UK Treasury over a FORTY YEAR PERIOD. We have all the money trails and names of MP's and members of the House of Lords linked to this corruption etc, and we can get this money back into the UK Treasury, as it is currently in off-shore accounts.

Ex-Royal Air Force whistleblower, Gordon Bowden, has fought 14 years to get this information out to the public, and I have been helping Gordon to promote his work which has world history changing implications. And could bring our troops home. I strongly urge you to take the time and listen to these two recordings because the next false flag could be our last...especially if you happen to live or work in London. (remember 7/7?)

Listen to the 5 minute phone call first, it was the one between your good-self and myself, John Paterson. One T no sugar!

I also work closely with Abel Danger We are a global virtual intelligence network [because legitimate intelligence/agencies have been eviscerated by private commercial interests]  dedicated to uncovering treasonous acts against humanity. I have met ex-Marine Field McConnell on several occasions and I will also have the pleasure of meeting him again as he has just landed at Heathrow. YOU should meet him too?

We are calling on the military on both sides of the pond to help us arrest these people and bring our countries back to decency, and with your help we can be what we were born to be: FREE AND INDEPENDENT.

"Follow the money" to 788-790 Finchely Road where you might find the hub.

Best regards

John Paterson

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The BBC welcomes your inquiries.

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