Tuesday, September 29, 2015

9/11 Whodunit

Source: Take Our World Back

Anyone still trying to figure out who did 9/11, eleven years on, should ask themselves:
Whose father was chief aide and secretary to the leader of a revolutionary movement which went on to perpetrate terrorist acts such as the King David Hotel bombing, which killed 92 people?
Whose father-in-law was a member of the terrorist organization that bombed the King David Hotel in 1946?
Which prime minister proudly participated in a two-day seminar commemorating the 60th anniversary of the King David Hotel bombing?
Who wrote in 1995 that "militant Islam" would bring down the World Trade Center?
For which prime minister was a report written in 1996, entitled A Clean Break, and advocating "removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq"?
Which prime minister said that 9/11 was "very good" and beneficial for his country?
Who is prime minister of a country with a reputation for staging false-flag terror – for example, attacking U.S. interests for political gain as in the Lavon Affair, and whose intelligence agency was described by an elite US Army study center as "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."?
Which past and present prime minister has an intelligence agency that had a mole in the 1993 WTC bombing and a long-time asset whose cousin was one of the alleged Flight 93 hijackers?
Who is prime minister of a country that attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, killing 34 and wounding more than 170?
Who was in London on the morning of 7/7/05, and had advance knowledge of the bombings that morning which killed 56 people?
Which past and present prime minister has an intelligence agency that admitted to advance knowledge of the London 7/7 bombings, with the London-born head of intelligence as of 9/11/01 also exhibiting an intimate knowledge of the operation by revealing that he knew from day one that the Tube bomb blasts were simultaneous, when the London authorities believed for two days that the first explosion preceded the third by 26 minutes?
Who, like one of the Flight 11 passengers, is ex-Sayeret Matkal, ex-MIT, and lived in Denver and Jerusalem?
Who was the brother of a Sayeret Matkal commander who was killed in a mission at Entebbe, and consequently would be the ideal person to recruit a fellow ex-Sayeret Matkal, MIT alumnus, Denver / Jerusalem resident, who "loved jumping out of planes" and had made and lost a fortune in the dotcom boom and bust, for a mission that could involve jumping out of a plane, after which the Flight 11 passenger would be hailed as an "all-Israeli hero", whether or not his death needed to be faked?
Who is qualified to BSc-level in architecture, was a close friend of the owner and (1987) developer of WTC7 who would have access to blueprints of the WTC buildings, and therefore would be capable of exploiting his expertise and those blueprints in devising controlled demolitions to take down the WTC buildings?
Who was a close friend of the principal new leaseholder of the Twin Towers who took control of the buildings and insured against multiple terror attacks for billions of dollars, six weeks before the buildings were destroyed in multiple terrorist attacks, on a day when the new leaseholder uncharacteristically failed to breakfast at the Windows on the World restaurant because of a "dermatologist's appointment"?
Who lived in the same town as a Popular Mechanics-reading billionaire businessman who met with a New York police chief when he visited Israel from August 26-29, 2001, ostensibly about fighting terrorism and Ecstasy trafficking, yet was bizarrely unaccompanied by any narcotics or anti-terrorist experts, following which the businessman provided the police chief with a "loan" for $250,000 by way of a personal check made out to his wife via an intermediary, after the police chief claimed a "hijacker's" passport had been "discovered"?
Hint: It was the same man!

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