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Churchill's Red Switch Grandsons and The Crossed Keys Contract Hit - Chapter 12 - Book 14

Do You Miss AMERICA; I Do
Operation TOP COCK Bitch-Slaps Serco’s Sissy

Perhaps Ethan Hunt And Sarah Bajc Now Believe
G-Spot: Ethan Hunt + Sarah Bajc + MH370 + Field McConnell

Obama’s Four Star Ass Exposed In Extortion 17
G-Spot: Dempsey + Farrisee + Extortion 17 + Tillman’s Ghost + Field McConnell

Texas Disses Sissy
G-Spot: perry + disses + obama

Holder, Marcy, Soetoro Exposed By TOP COCK
G-Spot: Asset Forfeiture + Holder + Marcy + 1984 + Field McConnell

Operation WARPATH: Clark, Waldron, McConnell
G-Spot: jock clark + determined warrior + field mcconnell + naval academy

Abel Danger Operation TOP COCK 2014, Troubled Guy Lake
G-Spot: USS America + scuttle + field mcconnell

Umbrellaman Marks CHICAGO FIRE Targets
G-Spot: chicago fire + abel danger + stop all five

Field McConnell: Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79, STAND DOWN
G-Spot: FIELD MCCONNELL PUNAHOU ’67 v. barry soetoro punahou ‘79

New Moon Drop Date 26 July-25 August?
G-Spot: Ethan Hunt + Sarah Bajc + Abel Danger + Botch + Truss

Obama’s CHICAGO FIRE Sends Him Up Shit Creek
G-Spot: chicago fire + obama + field mcconnell

Abel Danger/Agent Chips Sends Barry Soetoro Up Obama Creek
G-Spot: obama + chorizo + Benghazi + cornhole + Reggie Love

Not So Fast, Serco
G-Spot: USS America + scuttle + Serco + Field McConnell

Extortion 17 Murder For Hire Fingers Obama, Dempsey
G-Spot: extortion 17 + obama + dempsey + Field McConnell

CVA-66 Miss AMERICA, Agent GLOW Ramey ‘74
G-Spot: Atlanta Burns + Peachtree + Cooked Goose + obama

Maltese Dakota
G-Spot: Tripoli + DC3T + Patrick + benghazi + Field McConnell

Wisconsin’s Response To Serco’s Attempted Scuttling Of America
G-Spot: use america + reunion + wisconsin + field mcconnell

The Buck Stops Here
G-Spot: Lerner + Shinseki + Sebelius + Farrisee + Soetoro

Something in the lyrics caused Cat Bond to move south of Chips’ belly button but above his knees, capeche? With her mother temporarily ‘busy’, Tiny Dancer decided to work the north end of the CEMAW, consensual, heterosexual, sexagenarian that would be in Norfolk for the reunion of the U S S America crew in the first third of September, 2014 but not until after he would ensure Commander Walter Fitzpatrick was not imprisoned by Tennessee perverters of justice emboldened by Eric Holder who until 25 August ‘removal’ had been Kristine Marcy’s ‘boy’ in the USDoJ Asset Forfeiture fund which bank rolled FAST AND FURIOUS for the benefit of Webster Hubbell’s ‘semen spitoon’ who gave birth to a fat lipped, double ugly wench making $900K a year for doing jack shit. As she saddled up to provide an undulating moustache ride opportunity for the sexagenarian CEMAW geriatric below her, she wondered, aloud, if anyone in the world knew at which point Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 would be put in the junk pile as Serco comes to grips with the fact that the droning of Boeing and Airbus airliners is now officially OUT THERE in a way that some might think Abel Danger had accomplished what most would consider an IMPOSSIBLE DREAM; that is, the shit-canning of a gay choomer mulatoo who was illicit commander in chief during the 6 August, 2011 CONTRACT KILLING of Aaron Carson Vaughn and all aboard Extortion 17, see link below as Obama prepares to kiss his ass goodbye.. Whilst many might think that Operation TUNG CHOW was made possible by human associates of the world’s most lethal chatroom, Cat Bond, Tiny Dancer and Agent Chips knew what both Brian Wilson and Daniel 2;21-22 both are indicative off. That is that GOD ONLY KNOWS, but Abel Danger is pulling its weight and will be able to lift the trophy high when God settles the score between Serco, Vatican and Crown Agents vs. Abel Danger, America and the USS America as suggested in Elton John’s favorite song, or was it Paul McCartney’s.


Chapter 12

Scripture: Ezekiel 36:26-28 and Matthew 5:1-11

26 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.
27 And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws.
28 Then you will live in the land I gave your ancestors; you will be my people, and I will be your God.
5 Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down.
His disciples came to him,
2 and he began to teach them.

The Beatitudes
He said:

3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
4 Blessed are those who mourn,
for they will be comforted.
5 Blessed are the meek,
for they will inherit the earth.
6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled.
7 Blessed are the merciful,
for they will be shown mercy.
8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
9 Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they will be called children of God.
10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
11 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.
12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

Gospel: Reach Out To Jesus


Secular: Rock The Boat [ CSCL Uranus + 25 March + MH370 ]


G-Spot: obama + sebelius + Shinseki + lerner + farrisee vaGina + mccarthy + vaGina + farrisee + treason Video: Michelle Obama is a Tranny; Soetoro is a ‘sissy’


As a rendezvous with the veterans of USS America and Abel Danger steamed forward, Agent Chips had told his family, in writing, that he was more than willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause. Hence his travel to Athens, Tennessee to STAND beside Commander Fitzpatrick if Tennessee perverters of justice follow through on their foolish plan to imprison the retired Navy man for expressing his First Amendment rights in asking Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 to prove he is Barak Obama and to offer a legitimate social security number, birth certificate, passport or AKC registration papers on his beard, Sasquatch. Kissinger’s monkey doesn’t understand that when his ‘watch commanders’ go down [ Lerner, Sebelius, Shinseki, Farrisee, Holder and [ redacted ]], because he was the dope in charge of each of them, he, too, will go down with the ship. If Benghazi and Extortion 17 justice is pursued, the flatulent and forgetful titless, widebody Roadhog will go down also. Which leads to FAST AND FURIOUS and Eric Horseholder, Kristine Marcy, and Huma the removed Weiner.

Chips had been pleasuring the two Dangerettes from Norfolk area of operations and he was pleased that they would both be involved in Operation RESTORE AMERICA in Virginia Beach, VA in time frame 9-13 September as Tiny Dancer was young, alert and well armed enough to protect her mother, Cat Bond, who was a mistress of disguise. He was somewhat surprised that Tiny Dancer would TAKE THE REINS and call “Switch, reverse, saddle bronc, cowgirl up” to which he and Cat Bond immediately responded by changing positions as directed by the Harley Angel who may be IN THE PICTURE when Agent Chips is delivered to the convention hotel where THE COMMITTEE will discuss who is the senior DoD pervert that signed off in the scuttling of USS America in May, 2005 and then was cowardly enough not to report having done so for some 6 days which, strange as it may seem, is the same delay in the autopsy of Tom Clancy who died on 1 October, 2013 which caused him to miss the quarterly meeting with [ redacted ] at the Rams Head Roadhouse at 1773 General’s Highway, Crownsville, Maryland where Agent Chips and Gareth Williams had met after a trip to the Naval Academy Dairy not far from NSA Fort Meade, do the math or google this combo: [ gareth williams + chips + ramshead + royal flush ] Gareth and Chips, both Welsh to some degree, had been working to ensure that the JIMMY SAVILE trail would lead to Westminster, Ed Heath, Gordon Brown, Ship Jumper Cameron and the FAUX Royals including the Goosestepping Geriatric’s flatulent Greek pervert, no offense to normal Greek perverts who don’t cut the cheese during family mug shots, capeche? It is quite normal for Greek perverts to roll up on the left foot after launching a wet, lumpy and pungent ROYAL ISSUE.

Chips was enjoying his new moustache rider while at the SOUTH FORK Cat Bond was demonstrating a proficiency which could have included a golf ball and a garden hose when suddenly Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun went off, almost causing him to do likewise, with an incoming IMMEDIATE JASPAR from a land down under, see also Cat Bond who along with her tan booted daughter had protected FIELD MCCONNELL in Kew Gardens in November, 2010 during Operation UK Column Cutty Sark where UKC, Pie N Mash and Abel Danger constructed the take down of the Savile-Cameron-Westminster pervert networks; see also SAM CAM WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM SMALL FOREHEAD, capeche? If Cameron doesn’t like that he can come to 401 Main Street and kiss my royal red rectum.

Operation TOP COCK Agent Whisky Delta IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Hammers Mac
Cheese and Rooster Cogburn, copy Umbrellaman and all agents subject to recall if Operation MOUSTACHE RIDE goes hot after fingering of Soetoro’s Bitch: A long time ago in a land far away a General See provided his understudy at chess playing camp documents titled F1 and F3.  Shortly there after an apparent participant in the first electronic capture of a big jet stopped seeking  the understudy's EXPERT OPINION when said understudy, a real fan of all things pastel, told the MASTER CHINK that Field McConnell, USNA ’71, would be Boeing’s MAIN BANG WITNESS FOR DEFENSE if any pissant nation sued Boeing over the BHUAP then had outted on 3 March, 2007 after the WMPFP filed Civil Case 3:07-cv-24.  Understudy wishes that General See authorize a BROADside barrage from the Abel Danger  ship USS Wisconsin.  Envisioned is certified letters to CEOs of MAS ( malaysia airline system ) and Emirates as they both asked for details of how to swipe a big jet with, I allege, the intent to prosecute a false flag or GRAND THEFT in concert with Bibi’s proxy and the Tel Aviv Twin.  Chess ROOKie plans to publish documents on internet 14 days before a fortKNIGHT passes if General See does not object to his understudies operation CHECKMATE.  Understudy will have document pages transferred into electronic docs that can be emailed on Monday, 7 July unless General See exclaims "WHOA".  If anyone in Malaysia's subequatorial location has those docs in electronic format already, Agent 'x' could spend time removing pastel vapor barriers and bringing a PTRC weapon to bear on the target area, capeche? WD, position 40, Psalm 91:1

As Agent TOP COCK plied the placid waters between Alexandria, MN where Conrad Chandler died, in a mid air with a pair of crop dusters, and Troubled Guy Lake, WI where the annual PLUM PLUNGE has attracted Agents and Double Agents from MI6, BVD, MIT, MI6 and FBI each July beginning in 1967, somewhere in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and at a half white house, some pig fuckers realized they may be on the short end of the stick, unlike the position of Cat Bond, who has a relationship to the HANGAR DECK of the USS America that was scuttled because some TRAITOR thought his thousand points of darkness would not be exposed, and remedied by Abel Danger. Say when, Obama, Soetoro or whoever you are other than the choomer mulatto to the fat assed, titless, Princeton Porcine Princess that pouts every time he is reminded he could have done better. SAY WHEN you candy ass and the Plum City Stud will demo the QUICK DRAW to the Kansas City Faggot from Punahou ’79, no offense intended to other Kansas City faggots.


Agent Chips was aware of another incoming PRIORITY CLIPPER but knew it was rude to speak with his mouthful so as Tiny Dancer rode the moustache and Cat Bond worked the SOUTH FORK, he mentally constructed a message that he would be sending to Agent 80W regarding a guy in the desert who did not like TSA which is a redundant agency as it is impossible to manually hijack an airliner like D B Cooper did but it was very common to electronically interfere with airliners that have BHUAP and FBW. First a list of the PIG FUCKERS then a list of the airliners PIG FUCKED: Kissinger, Soros, Hillary, Marcy, Soetoro//AA77, AA11, UA93, UA175, Adam Air 574, Kenya 507, Colgan 3407, Air France 447, Speedbird 38, Turkish 1951, TWA800 [ Clinton ], Egypt 990, Air Afrikiyah 771, Sukhoi Superjet demo trashed by Warren Buffett in May, 2012 and the only hull lost as opposed to the hull losses, MH370 which at present time is underway aboard a CSCL merchant ship thought to be the URANUS which is also a topic of common discussion between Reggie Love and his girlfriend Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 who prefer to engage in operation buttrammer with their favorite song player at MAX volume so Sasquatch knows not to stick his nose in Barry’s business.

Chips observed a rapid increase in cycling of booth Cat Bond’s kissers and Tiny Dancer’s lips, as it were, sometimes spelled labia, indicating that at least Cat Bond was thinking Chips was about ready to fire the message heard round the world of how the exposure of Elm Tree Guest House related to the meeting between Gareth Williams and Agent Chips 6 weeks before Gareth was stuffed into a North Face Holdall then sprinkled with aluminum per borate. So as to not disappoint either of the mother daughter tandem who had worked so diligently to try and produce two exploculations, Agent Chips held off as long as he could before launching a batch of Smoked Oysters just as Tiny Dancer collapsed into a heap of hyperventilating CEMAW consensual overt heterosexual who had just celebrated her 40th birthday party while arranging for a Patriot Guard ride for Agent Chips when he would be attending the USS America reunion where the ship to be toured, and you cannot make this stuff up, is the USS Wisconsin, capeche?

Cat Bond swallowed hard as Tiny Dancer used three NAPAWASHes handed her by Agent Chips, ever the gentleman. To give the ladies a modicum of privacy he turned to his Clipper Squirt Gun and saw that he missed 3 incoming Clippers during the combination moustache ride and oyster launch. He deleted the first one as it pertain to the IRS employee given 100 days off for supporting an undocumented worker in a recent presidential race pitting the Chicago organ trade mulatto and the dork who wears mantel panties and burns fetuses in a millions-making corporation he owns or perhaps you have never been aware of Stericycle but if you are that far behind you can come up to speed at this ancient link:

Romney is hiding Bain abortion profits in his tax returns, says Tampa foe

Chips briefly put down his Clipper Squirt Gun to help first Cat Bond and then Tiny Dancer delicately stuff their 44DDs into their over the shoulder boulder holders in Pastel Cyan and Pastel Teaberry. Chips found all four melons to be delightful but he generally preferred the older, more appreciative fun bags over the firmer, pouting knockers like Julie had in the 1980 movie Airplane where the shit hit the fan just like it did in Malaysia when I told a MASTERCHINK I would not be party to a suit against Boeing when they had been responsible enough to admit they had the BHUAP when I sued them in Civil Case 3:07-cv-24. Of course those with whom I spoke where not aware of my conversations with another group regarding Serco’s plans exposed by an intercepted DRSN call from Air Force One and a Serco employed Agent of Abel Danger indicating that Malaysia, China and Serco had plans to execute a FALSE FLAG that was blocked by Yukla 27 and Agent Chips.

Cat Bond and Tiny Dancer had their knockers secure and their Pastel IOC FCT [ full combat thongs ] and were ready to head down to JR’s Mainstreet Junction when Chips held his right index finger in the air as he saw an IMMEDIATE JASPAR from someone with whom he’d walked down a long, long Texas Road.


Operation TOP COCK Agent 80W IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agent Chips FYEO: Agent Chips, I googled “Acquisition of Freescale staff” as you suggested when you and I were in Waco recently and I now have a file filled with a variety of social media posts and email chain letters claim that “a patent (#8671381) was approved days after the disappearance of the MH370, and the right to the patent was split five ways - 20% to Freescale Semiconductor and 20% each to four employees, all of whom were passengers on the plane.  [25] The patent deals with fabrication of integrated circuits on a semiconductor wafer. The urban myth website suggests that there is no evidence that the four inventors listed on the patent application were on the aircraft passenger list, nor that they were entitled to a 20% share of the patent, and describing as unlikely that their share would revert to Freescale on their death as presented in the email. [26] Retired Delta Air Lines Captain Field McConnell claimed that the aircraft was seized to obtain stealth knowledge of classified patents from 22 Chinese employees of Austin-based Freescale. McConnell also claimed that the company has developed a classified technology that uses paint and electronics to enable traditional aircraft to be overhauled into stealthy jets. [27] Agent Chips, a certain Delta Airlines Pilot received mention for his good work Under the section “Acquisition of Freescale staff“ This entry was not made by an Abel Danger intel pro but rather it was a wiki   from an unknown, off-board source. If Folder 3 gets the nod and has not been consumed appropriately in other regions it may be beneficial to give Section 3 a heading all of its own, at the top of the list of course, pictures and all. IP addresses are logged as always so other arrangements will need to be made to remove the pastel tones, easily done. One could ponder, Would Chips authorize such a large petal drop if and when he deemed appropriate?  Section 3 would need to have CSCL or alike added to close the gate on history. Note: Most comments are from others although some tag-teaming was employed.  Mixed interest this time but at least the facts are out and NONE HAVE BEEN REFUTED.  No shills were identified.  Hopefully enough pastel can be flashed around to survive the cullers of posterity. I have the links on page 2 of this clipper. Old Faithful, Pastel Turquoise and Latest Pastel tones for TWEETING or QUOTING ON FRIENDLIES can be found at:

Chips decided that he read the last clipper once he and the girls were down at JR’s Mainstreet Junction and as Tiny Dancer led the way out of the world’s most lethal radio studio, Cat Bond reached around Chip’s waist to access his TI. She was pleased with a reading of 97%. As she released her grip on the PTRC, Chips detected a faint hint of clover, and hope to detect it over and over. Tiny Dancer was distracted by a 1970 Challenger 440 six pack that was smoking the tires so Chips gave Cat Bond a BDE and was please to find she was sudsing like a may tag.

Chips walked shoulder to shoulder with the mother daughter tandem so that they could protect him from and McMinn county shooters that may wish for him not to stand by Commander Walter Fitzpatrick on 19 August. They also protected him from bumping into something as he glance down at Clipper #3 of what was now 5 messages in queue.

Operation TOP COCK Agent Desert Pete IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Umbrellaman, Hammers 3, Hamish, Chips, Freeport Girl and Agent 99, copy Agents Glow and 80W: Have just received word from a souce at Pt. Mugu Naval Airstation and pardon my use of Marine Intelligence brevity but Chips can flesh it out prior to Umbrellamans 0129 OMNI GLOBE time now 0005: Roger that CHIPS, S3 in HOT Monday week. Holding IGARI for F.O.S. Clearance in PLUM C12 (SIA68?). Will execute Whisky Indigo Kilo Indigo approach to overfly FJDG INNER MARKER and enter CIRCUIT for DROP, Northwest maintenance hangar / LAUNDRY. Hammer MacCheese at Wisconsin Dells 2330, hotel room given away, moved to Ramada. He suggested again we discuss eavesdropped DRSN communiqué between Sasquatch and the Serco Agent in Subang Malaysia who briefed you in the Aroma Café of the Dorsett Grand Hotel the morning of 19 April, 2014, regarding false flag and TEL AVIV TWIN. Reports ready for update during OmniGlobe, God Speed, Desert Pete.

Chips rejoined the girls mentally as they walked past Molly’s on Main across from the duck pond and then stopping briefly by the Stop U S sign not to suggest that Malaysian and China were trying to help Israel in stopping the U S from remaining out of Iran. Cat Bond turned her head to sneeze and Tiny Dancer gave the PTRC a quick TI resulting in a finding of 103% and rising. She held her grip incredulous that an overt heterosexual CEMAW sexagenarian could impersonate tungsten, capeche. As they crossed the street a man in a trenchcoat wearing dark glasses handed Chips a 3 by 5 index card, salmon in color, with only 5 words written on it: Pelindaba + Blatchford + Zuma + Obama + Bluebird Snatch. He smiled to himself when he recalled how Agent Cat Bond had been assigned Pastel Cyan Blue during Operation Bluebird Snatch which can be confirmed by anyone who might google these random names:

thatcher + obama + cameron + zuma + robin cook + dr david kelly + christopher shale

Once across Pine Street the three Abel Danger ‘NAMED AGENTS” took Chips’ normal stool and one to the left and write. Agent Hamish walked up behind them to order a mineral water with two lime slices not noticing Chips, Tiny Dancer or Cat Bond even though the were wearing tie dyed shirts JR reached up to the right of the Plum Plunge bumper sticker, grabbed a bottle of Russian Standard Vodka and filled it to the rim after putting in one ice cube, two stuffed queens and three drops of a brown liquid in a small dripper bottle. Tiny Dancer looked at the size of the Martini glass and said “that’s a stiff one” to which our laconic opener always catering to the ladies’ most base desires quipped “would you like to see another one.

“OK ladies, the Captain has his usual, why might I offer you two tonight”. As Cat Bond and Tiny Dancer order double Cuba Libres, Hamish said that Chips could expect to have a trusted agent walk up and ask him one question, “do you travel much” and that Chips needed to understand the man asking is from the Tennessee Department of Justice reviewing the conduct of a Judge and Jury foreman being investigated by the state and now the feds regarding egregious violations of Tennessee Legal Codes in the case of Commander Walter Fitzpatrick and two other military veterans being detained by orders of a Judge who may be judged himself in short order. Hamish had just finished speaking when a tall thin man approached from the pool table and jukebox area. The man didn’t smile nor speak but appeared to be a ventriloquist as human voice was in sync with the dog’s mouth moving, as if speaking.

“Do you travel much?” asked the dog, seemingly. Not knowing which one to look at the dog or the man, Chips gazed upon Cat Bond’s ample bosom and responded in classic laconic measure.

“I hate traveling but am going to Athens TN to stand by as Walter Fitzpatrick is taken into custody on August 19th and I hope to have a Dangerette there to witness and protect me. I have been called to travel to Virginia Beach, VA for the reunion of the USS America which was scuttled in May 2005. That trip will be in time frame 8 to 14 September and I hope there is a Dangerette there who might enjoy being photographed with Chips aboard the USS Wisconsin perhaps capable of firing a FULL BROADside.

“I also have flown to Malaysia in April of this year to deliver File 3, the 19 page history of Boeing and Honeywell patents beginning with [ redacted ] and continuing through the DARPA-DarkStar deployed that preceded 1995’s installation of BUAPs to all B777s deliver to airlines other than those in Germany or Israel. I travel Texas 3-4 times a year to see FIELD MCCONNELL’s jet ( google it, I dare you ) and any Texas Tornadoes that may be blowing around.

I am writing a powerful and accurate chapter today for the next 10 hours and if you have anything you want included send it to me in garbage code and I will figure it out.  I also look forward to the mail item from the wife of a McMinn county deputy, or is it Athens Police patrol officer, I’m not sure, I am a troubled guy. You didn’t ask but if you speak to anyone in the region of Tennessee that forced the Cherokee to take a walk on the Trail of Tears, let them know I will be STANDING with Walter Fitzpatrick and it is my suggest that an courtstep decision to release him defuses the plans regarding Athens 1946. I honestly think we are winning on many fronts and that issue should not be all that difficult.  You will see this conversation in Chapter 12 of Book 14 attributed to Agent 80W but it may have been inspired someone I never quite got over from Hotlanna. Pardon me, I need to take an Obama.”


Hamish turned to offer the THIN MAN a mineral water but found that he had vanished, unlike MH370 which never vanished but was taxied, engines running into a portable hangar which caused the 0651 “I” ping to be somewhat weaker then the out, off and on pings regardless of what Warren Truss and Angus Houston might lie about as the hull of a B777 steams from FJDG to the new target spot not to be confused with target areas assigned to Cat Bond, Tiny Dancer or the next cowgirls up, 80W or Agent Glow.

After Chips shook the dew off his lily and stuffed his PTRC into his Oscar de La 
Renta Slingshot Rumpmast in Pastel Manly Mocha he walked up just in time to see that Agent Glow had joined the party and, in fact, had emptied his 2014 Plunge Glass in turquoise and yellow that matched the color scheme of Tillman’s Ghost and a ghostly prediction of what the future might hold for Obama’s 4 star ass who along with some other traitors had been involved in the contract killing of Pat Tillman. Not to beat an old donkey but check the results of these random surnames. It seems at the serial abuse of veterans by VA and the awarding of a Silver Star to Tillman before his core body temperature cooled to ambient are both related to a foul vaGina.

Cody Abizaid Dempsey Petraeus McChrystal Kensinger, Farrisee

“Please give Chips his usual” requested Agent Glow as she passed the Martini Glass to JR’s part time bartender Dani [ Top Rack 2014? ] As Dani reached to the TOP SHELF for the Russian Standard Vodka, Tiny Dancer pointed at a pair of ladies that Chips thought might be from Florida but before he could go sample the pastel prove up codes, Agent Glow’s Clipper Device took a Flash Festus from 80W who, unbeknownst to all but Umbrellaman and Agent Glow was squirreled away at the Maiden Rock Inn. As Agent Glow read the message, Chips admired her major league Abel Danger knockers, pardon the redundancy.

“Hamish, Cat Bond and Tiny Dancer, bad news from the Maiden Rock Inn, Agent 80W reports that she has a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout and she cannot call 9/11 so she is asking myself and Chips to repair to the Maiden Rock Inn I see there are only 12 minutes until the OmniGlobe so if anyone asks, we will be listening and watching from the Red Clay Room, gotta run.”

Chips followed her out the door and opened the right rear door of the Purple Limo with local Don F. at the wheel. As Glow bent over to get in, Chips got a glimpse of Pastel Melba Peach and he thought about the time they two had participated in Operation Peach Fuzz when each of the 4 Abel Danger Limos had been picked up on Univeter Road in Canton Georgia, another area that Cherokees were removed from in the Trail of Tears. As Don flipped his cigarette butt out the left window, he selected F4 on the kick ass CD player and put the opaque divider up, aware that Chips may be involved in a deep probe enroute. As the music started, a pair of peddle pushers in Peach and an IOC in Melba Peach were removed as Agent Glow whispered “make it like we did in Canton” but this time don’t call me Caroline or I will loose my happy glow, capeche?”


Chips had achieved penetration sufficient to complete the act but knew they had 12 minutes to go so he enjoyed SLOW HAND MISSIONARY knowing that if Agent Glow selected either of her signature songs, ROCK THE BOAT or ROCK YOUR BABY he would have to redouble his stroke. After three minutes of getting in sync, the sound of a late freight reminded Agent Glow she needed to select C6 for the remainder of the limo ride. As she selected C6 she whispered “Saucy spoons, pile driver, derrick pumper” to which the WMPFP disconnected, rolled her over, and plugged from behind as she had dictated he do.


Chips was enjoying her reggae beat undulating and pretended her 44DDs were marimbas and was squeezing in time to the beat. Chips knew that they had about 3 miles to go when he was surprised to hear the Plum City Fire Department Klaxon sound at 1026. Simultaneously Don F., the local floored the super trick, piss wicked Purple Limo and a somewhat disappointed Agent Glow started howling in sync with the singer before tensing up and firing off a triple to which our affable and never flappable over heterosexual sexagenarian returned volley. He thought back to a comment from her earlier drip, drip, drip and so he handed her 7 NAPAWASHES as her took a Marine Corps shower and splashed some fu fu juice on his face then finished his CSM and she wiggled into her IOCs in Pastel Melba Peach.

“How’s my hair” she asked as they pulled up to the Maiden Rock Inn.

“Wet” murmured the laconic opener known to be a cunning linguist.

Don F. the local handed them three keys and pointed down the street to indicate where he would be drinking beer if they or 80W needed to go anywhere. As Chips unlocked the lobby door, Glow looked at her watch, 0127, and slipped Chips a can of Chicken of the Sea smoked oysters and whispered “be ready”.

Arriving at the Red Clay Room Chips heard bath water running as they let themselves in. He handed the little key to Agent Glow and pointed at an ice chest with 5 stars and a license plate then went to the bathroom to check on 80W’s fever. As he walked in she said please close the door for a moment. With the door closed she stood up out of the sudsy water and Chips was pleased to see she had removed her merkin, indicating she was open to…. Well, open to any ideas Chips might have. Chips noticed three empy Shiner Bock bottles and pointed at them with a shoulder shrug meaning ‘can I get you another? She pointed at the OmniGlobe on the tank of the toilet and it was illuminating.

“Chips, not tonight, I want a 16 ounce CSM with two stuffed queens.” Chips opened the door and Agent Glow was in her birthday suit holding a tray with three CSMs, all with two stuffed queens, Chips held the tray while Glow took the opposite end of the tub from 80W. Chips threw his close on the chair by the ice chest and ambulated in erect fashion to the tub, settling in just as the voice of Rooster Cogburn came to life.

“Good evening from Global HQ at 401 Main. I am broadcasting from the Bank Safe as the fire klaxon went off as a signal agents loyal to Holder Marcy Soetoro had been caught on three different trail cams at the Goat Ranch. We have the six dogs turned out and we have 9 militia men in the first circle and 3 militia ladies in the small circle. We will again blow the klaxon when they are no longer a threat. Umbrellaman is ready and I believe each of you at the 4 briefing stations have 4 by 6 index cards with TOP COCK 14 written on one side and three objectives on the other side. Umbrellaman has called us as there is no a fourth objective. Umbrellaman over to you.”

“Thank you Rooster, sociable”

Chips felt victory was near when the first part of the briefing was a sociable indicating that all agents excepting the Global Hammer were encouraging to sample an adult beverage. Meanwhile in the tub Chips, ever the gentleman, was sampling the accoutrements of 80W and Glow. His PTRC was passing 111% according to 80W’s little hand and Agent Glow’s keen vision.

“I need to make this brief as there are active shooters deployed at the goat ranch. On the back of your TOP COCK cards are three missions currently hot: MH370, False Charges Against Commander Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, USNA ’75, and the upcoming reunion of the crewmember of USS America. We sense victory in all three cases. More details in text messages just sent to you all. We now will get a quick briefing from Hamish regard success in the Savile-Bush department, then I will be back to close with an event in the Lone Star State, Hamish, over to you.”

Rooster Cogburn’s face was replaced by the mug of a 71 year old guy who wishes to have his ashes scattered at Fresh Kill Landfill hills 1 and 9.

“Good morning all, I too, will make this brief as we have heard a couple of gunshots, three actually, ring out apparently from north of Plum City. Today, July 11th we are publishing overnight a brief snippet which I will read aloud to you: “ #2028: Marine links Serco’s Westin Red Switch for Mrs. Obama to the MH 370 Cat IIIc Plum City – ( July 11, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s operation of the Red Switch Network during Mrs. Obama’s stay at the Westin Hotel in Beijing to crony negotiations between Malaysian, Chinese and British investors in re the dead-passenger life insurance claims allegedly filed with Allianz after the Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot of MH Flight 370 had downloaded SkyNet GPS signals and executed a Cat IIIc landing on British Indian Ocean Territory, Diego Garcia, on March 8. We are in dialogue with both white hats and black hats in Malaysia. After Umbrellaman concludes, please watch a youTube entitled: On Board: Travels with the First Lady in China, Beijing. In the interest of brevity, I will paste my second item to a blank TM which is sent to you all so you can review it in detail after Umbrellaman concludes. Umbrellaman, over to you”.

“Thank you Hamish, I will now brief Item 4 with a caveat that due to the success of missions 1, 2, 3 we will stand up both Operations TOP COCK and PETAL DROP, details in both briefing guides. This week governor Perry of Texas was reported to have told Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 to FUCK OFF. That may be factual or it may be theatrical, our man Chips will be in Texas soon to find out. However, the Texas militia currently gathering between San Antonio, Beeville and Three River is being supported by intel-recon teams from Michigan and Wisconsin. Forward teams from Pellston, Michigan and Black River Falls, Wisconsin are 20+ miles south of the border watching for DEATH TRAIN and two other modes of moving hordes into Texas. While we sense we have victory in missions 1, 2 and 3 I, Umbrellaman, have decided to ask the FICTION WRITER to end Book 14 with Chapter 13 and declare VICTORY on night of 17 July, 2014. I know will wish you continued success in clandestine and undeclared operation in Washington and Chicago involving………………”


The lights flickered three times then all of Pierce County, Wisconsin was pitched into darkness. On battery powered Clippers Tiny Dancer, Cat Bond and Agent Styx reported “three up, three down, threats faded”.

In Global HQ, JR’s Mainstreet Junction and the Abel Danger Stud Barn at the Goat Ranch, NAMED AGENTS were reviewed the attached message from Agent Hamish, dated July 12, 2014.

#2027: Marine links Serco’s NSA Baginski to Obama Hull House closure, Westminster pedophile ring

Plum City – ( July 12, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco and former NSA director Maureen Baginski to Obama’s order to close Chicago’s Hull House in 2012 and delay the exposure of a Westminster pedophile blackmail ring allegedly operated by the Offender’s Tag Association and its White’s gambling club sponsors since the early ‘80s.

McConnell’s researchers have evidence that White’s gamblers set up Toynbee Hall (Whitechapel 1888) and Hull House (Chicago 1889) to groom children, including telegraph boys, to be pimped to government leaders so the victims could be blackmailed into giving lucrative outsourcing contracts to insiders of the City Livery Companies.

McConnell alleges that Serco trapped White’s Club alumnus David Cameron in the Westminster pedophile ring while he worked at Treasury (1990-1993) and forced the U.K. Treasury under Norman Lamont to fund Baginski’s NSA agents as they outsourced the Defense Red Switch Network allegedly used to coordinate mass-casualty events at Waco, Murrah,  East African Embassies, 9/11, 7/7 and MH Flight 370.

McConnell notes that Serco has now integrated the Defense Red Switch Network into the communication systems on U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Navy MRAP vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan and is therefore able to issue ‘stand down’ or ‘stand up’ orders to U.S. front line forces in the name of the President of the United States even while the outsourced doppelgänger named Barack Hussein Obama is at a fund raiser or enjoying Reggie Love’s Chorizo while listening to I LIKE TO MOVE IT by Afro Circus, capeche!

Whilst three of the Pierce County Ops areas had seen the July 12 post, in the Red Clay Room Agents 80W and Glow were enjoying a different type of post, a post with a TI of 117%. As the three consensual, heterosexual, CEMAW, overt sexagenarians plied that Satin Sheets in the Red Clay Room, disturbing news was being delivered to Rooster Cogburn by Agent Styx of the Wisconsin Militia branch from Exile, Wisconsin where there will be the First Annual Exile Car Show on 2 August, 2014, 39 years to the day after Agent Chips had married a chronically unhappy [ redacted ]

Chips, 80W and Glow all had their Clipper devices go off with an IMMEDIATE JASPAR, but because they were otherwise engaged, they decided not to suffer coitus interrupts for a nation that would allow four star asses to participate in the contract killer of 5 star aces, capeche?

As Chips looked forward to Operations in Athens, Tennessee, Virginia Beach, Virginia and Canton, Texas, he wondered if his little Texas Tornado could hold off until after the Plum Plunge 2012. A little hand under a satin sheet indicated she could not.

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