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The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 7

AD Operation BADFINGER Busts Serco SB PsyOp Evil
Operation SCARLET MUFF Ensures Tranquil Sochi

Smiling Hearts And Quivering Loins Not In The Picture
G-Spot: baginski + carlson nelson + marcy + hillary

Sherlock Solves 9/11, Make SB Safe As Serco Cowers, Again
G-Spot: RCA GB + Pearl Harbor [ that is to suggest Serco’s predecessor did PH ]

McConnell: Name Revered Name In USAF History
G-Spot: Shelton + Baril + Treason + 61-2669

Sochi Olympics Monitored By Abel Danger Agent 99
G-Spot: Sochi + Lesbian + Serco

On 11 January, 2014 Agent Chips Was At Georgetown And Russian Embassy
G-Spot: georgetown professor + fox news + obama assassination

Plum Plunge 2014 Attracts Second Kilt
G-Spot: spread bet + money shot + abel danger + vig

Abel Danger Asset KKB Solves SB Powder Hoa
G-Spot: hoax + envelopes + powder + superbowl + hotels

BR35 Exposes Serco’s Superbowl Cowardice
G-Spot: SERCO + treason bowl + 2053 + gas

Serco, AMEC Exposed In Treason Bowl 2053
G-Spot: Serco + AMEC + Abel Danger + 1972

Serious Fraud PERPETRATOR Serco At Russell Williams 9/11 Base
G-Spot: SERCO + Goose Bay + russell williams + 9/11

Abel Danger Takes The Plunge 7-17-2014
G-Spot: Thunder Thighs + Whale Vagina + Smolich + Sasquatch

American X Plum Card
G-Spot: plum city dollars + plum city festival + american legion

Beards And Bankers Exposed By Sloppy Seconds Hillary
G-Spot: Mike Dueker + William Broeksmit + Gabriel Magee + abel danger

Broeksmit + Gabriel Magee + abel danger Fish and Chips
G-Spot: Gerald De Conto + Field McConnell + Shipmates

G-Spot: Cameron + Geddes + Chicago Fire 1871 + Pelindaba + Blatchford 


Way back in Chapter 6, the chocks were set, the fuel truck approached, and Chips grabbed his Clipper Squirt Gun to go down to the tarmac and have a three way with Umbrellaman and MacCheese. As he became erect, as in stood up to go, a Dangerette asked him if he’d like to play some pool and have a salad. He was happy that she was the one who had set the images on his lap and as his PTRC rigged itself for Knight action, she said to Chips “What do you think the United States military will do when the truth is found to be lies?” In his mind, Chips thought he better FIND SOMEBODY TO LOVE, but there was a phone call to make and his Russian Wishbone would have to wait as would her salad needing to be dressed. Perhaps Serco’s Exposure will end the military adventures benefiting banks but spilling the youthful blood of Americans designed to reduce our numbers, demolish our reputation internationally, while in California Whale Vagina hen-pecks her diminutive beard. Hey Serco, CGI Federal, Accenture, Sky Net and whoever inherited Nortel: Send your own fucking service personnel. Agent Chips is providing INTEL to American Spring and your days are numbered, capeche? The real American Spring, not Vallely’s taffypull. As the impostor who enjoys Reggie’s Cornhole wondered why Jesuit Michael Scheuer had written 666 234 on a 3 by 5 salmon index card that was visible on the dashboard of his private vehicle parked on Wisconsin Avenue on 11 January, 2014 seen in the photo of Karen Hudes and Field McConnell in Operation RED ROSE [ above ].

Scripture: Psalms 33:20 and Deuteronomy 6:4-5

20 We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield. 
Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one.
Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

Gospel: In The Garden


Secular: Baby Blue

G-Spot: Erik Kristensen SEAL + Team TEN + Operation Red Wings


Chapter Seven

Chips found it quieter on the far side of the fuel truck which was pumping the Falcon 7x absolutely fuel of fuel but not the type of fuel that Putin and Chips might enjoy toasting each other with as was done in Astana, Kazakhstan in April, 2009. As he dialed the number given to him by Marquis d’Cartier, he turned the 3 by 5 index card over and saw a link had been written in red, vibrance red, with handwritten reminder, “have salad bowl, need dressing, prefer Wishbone Russian”.

The call was answered on the first ring and in the EHP of his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster FCT, his PTRC was preparing for KNIGHT ACTION as he pictured the salad bowl in question. 

“MacCheese is on, standby Chips for Umbrellaman in 5 to 10” as Chips was put on to hold and his TI was elevating from 93% in response to the repartee gambit from one of the 5 Dangerettes aboard N007HT which was now fuel of fuel judging by the brief increase in rpm of the PTO followed by the rpm reducing itself to idle. Chips was on the left side aft of the Falcon and he saw an IOC being draped in the aft most window, port side. He couldn’t see the color but as a practitioner of Standard Naval Intelligence Profiler Human he felt confident he could SNIPH the cabin and detect the active Dangerette. He mentally reviewed who was aboard: Atomic Betty, 80W, Julie Shirts, Sphinx and Agent 99. He reviewed the PPUCs in hope he might catch a glimpse as the jet would soon be taking off for the Atlantic crossing. A second look at the aft cabin window held another clue, the Dangerette’s small hands held up a clear signal to our Turgid Statesman just as Umbrellaman’s voice came on the line as Chips noticed the shoes matched the PC red dot which matched both PC and AD on the bottle of Russian Chai.
“MacCheese, Umbrellaman, are all 6 on the line with us?”

“Yes sir, Hamish, Chips, Sphinx, 99, Sluggo and Stone are patched. Go ahead”.

“We have the assurance of Scheuer and Smolich that the Superbowl is secure as of time 2311 GMT, 31Jan14. Therefore I am directing MacCheese and Otto Pilot to execute BADFINGER in area of Superbowl while deploying the advance party to Sochi via Manchester to execute coincidental Operation SCARLET MUFF. Agent 99 has 6 matching outfits for the Dangerettes aboard KNIGHTSHADE and all six will wear vibrance red or scarlet caps and scarfs. All six will have pale blue contacts and all six will have eyeliner that matches the template at the link on page 4 of SMEAC:

 It is incumbent upon each Agent to recall that “Sochi Chaos Ably Reconned Lesbian Executed Treason/Marine Uncovers False Flag” has exposed Serco-G4S-Israel Patrol Boats and we are up against an ill defined time constraint. When Sphinx and Chips were at Georgetown on Saturday, 11 January, they saw the message on the dash of Scheuer’s car: 666 234. Hammer Rooster Cogburn and Marquis d’Cartier have our Navajo Codetalkers working on breaking the code and they are ABSOLUTely sure 666 refers to Satan but they are just as certain is is a double entendre and they hope to have it broken by the time KNIGHTSHADE arrives UK to be met by WATCHER on 2Feb14 which is code 64 for him. WATCHER and Dirty Driveway are in position with Tugboat Twins, Sam the Dog and Piel Island Piper.

I detect that the pre-start checklist has been commenced aboard Knightshade so please board and plan on another update as N007HT passes SCROD fix joining Atlantic Track. God speed, follwing winds, Umbrellaman out.”

Chips heard several ‘clicks’ as the s-duct engine was accelerating to idle. He checked for text messages seeing only one. THE PAIR, YOU PICK NEXT. He was the last to board KNIGHTSHADE as Marquis d’Cartier handed him a CSM with two stuffed queens and he entered the forward cabin just as Stone started a 2 engine taxi out to hold short of 23R at the airport from where Captain Jason Dahl and UA93 were 41 minutes late departing on the morning of 9/11 prior to John Kerry running down the Capitol steps knocking over at least one lady who the Khazar did not turn around to help. Chips saw purses and Clippers but no Dangerettes. Even Hamish was missing however MdC pointed at the aft CRF and mouthed “OmniGlobe passing 180”. Chips understood and he ambulated in an erect fashion back to the CRF where he found 5 Dangerettes all appearing to be Scarlett Muff and Hamish who was squeezing his signature lime slices wishing he could be squeezing a pair more pleasant not to be confused with BEHOLD A PALE HORSE or Scarlett Johansson who pulled the plug on Obama just before the Superbowl was guaranteed ‘safe/tranquil’ by the Serco ‘spread-betters’ tied to the Israeli Patrol boats that Serco manages just as Serco manages the Goosebay aviation facility from where Russell Williams departed on 8 September, 2001 to be in position to support Serco CAI 9/11 involving this random group of murderous surnames:


Chips saw two open seats at the table so he walked around until his proboscis detected the source of the clover like scent of a woman. Hamish gave him a disapproving look and Chips didn’t know if it were because he had found the honeyjar or because he had two stuffed queens to tongue when his CSM was finished. As Chips sat down to the right of ‘miss clover’, a small hand checked his TI resulting in a finding of splendid as the Scarlet Muff attached to the hand gave Chips a glimpse but not in the way the Beach Boys song Kokomo suggested “catch a glimpse” in their killer hit from spring 1988 when the chorus suggested “Port au Prince, I wanna catch a glimpse”. Chips’left hand was taken in the small grip of ‘miss clover’ and placed where ears could be warmed if one were exposed to cold temperature outdoors while skiing, skating, snow blowing or ice fishing. Chips was impressed by the smoothness and warmth as he noticed a ‘jet mobile’ drive by N007HT as Stone was starting the left engine. Behind the Jet-mobile was the United flight dispatched to Manchester that Stone would be flying in the shadow of not to harken back to THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS best sung by Gary Morris in 1993 to honor McEwan, Tennessee’s own Ralph Emery.

N007HT took off shortly after the United 777 and as Stone followed the part 121 carrier towards SCROD oceanic fix, his Clipper Squirt Gun took a Tweet the from @realdonaldtrump that read “Lightweight @AGSchneiderman just got his ass kicked by Trump!” as the Southeast District of New York’s Hellerstein was losing control of 9/11 Truth suppression by two pilot whistleblower cases in two different states, neither of the New York. To the left of Agent Chips, a demure Dangerette posing as Scarlett Muff asked Chips a leading question. 

“Chips, it seems you are intent on destroying Serco and you appreciate those proficient is ‘swallowing’. Can you envision of G-Spot that links Serco to swallowing and I refer not to the Swallows of San Juan Capistrano, capeche?”

“My dear unidentified Dangerette disguised as Scarlett Muff, yes, I think if one were to enter [ swallowing + profits of doom + vulture capitalism + Serco ] one might find that both USDoJ and the SFO in UK are going after Serco in a ‘1-2’ punch trying to keep Abel Danger’s research pros from tying Serco’s predecessor RCA GB to Lord Mountblatten’s involvement in the Pearl Harbor attack which would have succeeded if the queer pedophile from the royal family had known about Red Hill Fuel Farm north of Pearl Harbor. Is there anything else I can do for you, Miss?”

Lord Mountbatten reconnoitering for Pearl Harbor attack

Chips’ hand was positioned at a location where he apparently would be able to do something for the buxom Dangerette many years his junior. She also stimulated him with several questions regarding if “cabin pressure is lost, place your own oxygen mask on first, before helping others”. He hoped to catch a glimpse of her IOC to determine which Scarlet Muff was desiring his undivided attention. He detected another waft of clover just as Hamish spoke regarding a Clipper he had just gotten from Canada.

Operation BADFINGER Agent Dwarf IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Hamish, Chips, Atomic Betty, Super Sport, Marquis d’Cartier and Gravedigger: Native women, children, and  babies are being trafficked in the sex trade on freighters crossing the Canada/US border on Lake Superior between Thunder Bay and Duluth. Christine Stark is a master in social work student at UMD and has heard and documented many first hand accounts of Native persons being trafficked across state, provincial, and international lines while Laureen Harper and her staid but seldom laid beard ignore the issue. Her research lead to the realization that this was going on for decades, and perhaps centuries. She opines laconically that there are currently 600 navtive women missing or dead in Canada which the RCMP which may be complicit takes issue with. Six months ago the Canadian government run by Royals dismissed calls made for an inquiry of the murdered native women due to some relationship to QE2 and 1964. We will find the name of the native man murdered in Vancouver in 2012 and get it to you by 30W, Dwarf, Plum of the North


Report says First Nations women from Thunder Bay, Ont., trafficked in sex trade in Minnesota 

Hamish took a stiff pull on his mineral water, adjusted himself to dress left, and began explaining to 5 ‘freshening’ Dangerettes and Chips who was both erect and seated as they realized soon they be passing FL180 and the OmniGlobe would go live with Umbrellaman’s update on Operations BADFINGER and Scarlett Muff.

“All around the globe, our governments are busy outsourcing public-sector services like health, education, police, prisons, money delivery and military to the esteemed private sector including shitheads like Serco, G4S, Blue Mountain and Blackwater. It’s sold to the public as a solution to avoiding higher taxes, while retaining better services. But it’s simply an accountancy shell game, where the government kicks the can down the road by spreading the bill to the taxpayer over a longer period of time, in order to avoid any large upfront payments all the while, allowing a private corporation to extend its influence over society which is exactly what Kristine Marcy, Hillary and both Bushes participated in; see also Femme Compe, NAPAWASH and the Lesbian Haunt, This, by definition, is fascism, capeche?” He held up a photo of Karen Hudes, oops, I mean Agent Sphinx and Agent Chips taken at the Russian Embassy on 11 January, 2014 at 1558 PM according to McConnell’s $10 Walmart. Hamish pointed out three things; a gold plaque from Russia, a red rose in a lady’s hand, and a gold signet ring on a right pinky.

“Umbrellaman should be briefing us soon but perhaps General Vallely and the 23 Star Fraggers of Pat Tillman might wonder what McConnell was doing at the Russian Embassy and how that might relate to both [ Putin + Crisp + McConnell ] and the U2 tail number 80-1076 shown in this photo take by a civilian with no access to the secure hangar at Boringquen CGAS just days before, or after, the April 2010 Haita HAARP Quake. As our military has been privatized through central banks and Serco, so too has the intel functions of both DoD and FBI and a great example is the deployment of a single gentleman from Plum City who is our ‘boots on the ground’ inside the Meadowlands whose simple message was “no blimps, no threat, no sweat” as of 2311 on the 31st of January……….”

Hamish was interrupted as the OmniGlobe went live with the image of MacCheese’s face and silence before the voice of Umbrellaman. Hamish requested another mineral water as Chips pleasured a lady although he wasn’t quite certain which on of the 5 it was. He had ruled out Sphinx due to the onset of Shabatt and its 18 candles, not to be confused with Johnny Maestro’s Crests and their Sixteen Candles. Come to think of it Shabatt begins 18 minutes before ‘local sunset’ and may not necessarily include 18 candles.


“Ladies and Gents in BADFINGER and SCARLET MUFF, Umbrellaman will be here in minutes but until then consider that if we can grip Serco in our chapter 7 it may signal the beginning of the end of Serco according to our canine asset along River Tyne who goes by SAM THE DOG no relation to WAG THE DOG which is the Murdoch bitch. I have heard from Sphinx that because she is observant she will be enjoying a day of prayer, services and family meals and would like to be held in reserve until Shabbat has ended, pending tranquility in Super Bowl AOA. If someone could let Sphinx know she is excused from this briefing, we have a phone patch to her family set up at seat 2C. Before Umbrellaman begins, recall that the term "DL" or Down Low is used to describe a man who pretends to be straight but actually has a secret gay lifestyle . DL also refers to the "activity" as in  "I told Sasquatch I was playing roundball with some honkies but I was really in the locker room on the DL sticking a Chorizo in Reggie Love’s cornhole." If Chips doesn’t have his nose in someone else’s business perhaps one of you could remind him he promised to bring his fetching purple back to the MORNING AFTER show 12 hours after Superbowl ends in tranquility. Umbrellaman signaled he is online so, Umbrellaman, over to you.”

“MacCheese, thank you, for Operatives in BADFINGER and SCARLET MUFF we know have the word of Brad King, Kristine Marcy, Michael Scheuer and Thomas J. Smolich that Serco has been STOOD DOWN. We also are aware of the significance of the Purple Sac that will be hanging from the rear view mirror in the 1966 Imperial Crown Convertible when Atomic Betty drives it through Plum City with a man who may be 64 and may have a kilt. The man in question, THE WATCHER has been watching Pierre Wauthier (born 1960, French and British Citizen) a member of the Group Executive Committee and Chief Financial Officer of Zurich Insurance Group Ltd (Zurich). Mr. Wauthier joined Zurich in 1996, the same year Marcy, Reno and Gorelick re-invented government ( read Lesbian Treason ) as Corporate Credit and Investment Risk Manager, served from 1999 to 2002 as Head of Investor Relations and Rating Agency Management and became Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Zurich’s wholly owned subsidiary Farmers Group, Inc. in 2002. In 2007, he became Group Treasurer, and in 2010 also Head of Centrally Managed Businesses. He assumed his current role in October 2011. Mr. Wauthier started his professional career in 1982 with KPMG who in 2005 would pay Kristine Marcy $456M to settle some ‘chicken shit’ in the year before Eric Holder and Kristine would ‘skim’ $615M from Boeing and Chief Counsel Doug Bain according to Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC), After that he worked for two years at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs before he joined J P Morgan in Paris where he held various senior positions.  Prior to Murrah and Waco he joined JP Morgan’s London office as Vice President working with others responsible for the Insurance Product Group whose relationship to FBCA and Wells Fargo as relates to master servicer of pass through certificates on WT 1,2,6,7 is becoming clearer as Donald Trump KO’s the AG in NY. At this point I will call for a sociable and entertain any questions via text, sociable! As you drink please enjoy a suitable BADFINGER offering”.


The Scarlet Muff next to Chips whispered “I’m open wide and I think neither Sherlock nor James Bond could deliver the colors you bring”.

“Thanks Scarlett, I just wish I knew the color of the IOC I am inside of right now, it feels doubly thick?”

“Your digital analysis is accurate, Umbrellaman had all of us Dangerette where an outer IOC over our inner IOC to frustrate enemy operatives trying to penetrate our group.

I can tell you all four of the Dangerettes at the table are wearing Pastel Kiwi Fruit on the outer layer but for security purposes none of us can disclose our inner layers although they can be discover, capeche?”

“Folks on BADFINGER, got a question which I will read verbatim. ‘I'm curious how you guys might break down the spin on this one’ and the gentleman sent this link:” “It comes from the Bay Area, a gentleman named Bart and to Bart I offer this suggestion: Chips is only a musical asset and pastel palate organizer so your question was sent by him to the brain trust. Marquis, Hamish, Rooster Cogburn and Atomic Betty agree that one cannot prove a negative. This New York ‘talking head’ may not remember 9/11 and if there was a known threat to 9/11 which according to Sibel Edmonds, there certainly was. That is why she was fired from FBI as was Coleen Rowley as was Field McConnell, The ladies worked for Hoover’s FBI while Field McConnell works with Abel Danger’s FBI, Field’s Boeing Investigation. While Abel Danger did not produce this video, watch for a tip of their hat as at the beginning and end of this Field McConnell’s signature quote Ephesians 5:11 appears twice. In the video Masonic and Serco have their fingerprints all over it. The brain trust understands that Ephesians 5:11 is God’s command to Chips to expose evil including enemies of the United States Foreign and Domestic. We offer one foreign, and a covey of domestic LGBT pedophiles to consider. Next question.”


Because reality is someone else's dream

“I see we have a question from Agent RPM of Maiden Rock, Wisconsin regarding security at the Vino in the Valley Dinner scheduled for 1900 on 17 July, 2014. I have already shared the fact that a Plum City local is INSIDE MEADOWLANDS and has been all week. During the Vino in the Valley Dinner security will be directed by Hammer MacCheese who will be driving a 1942 Studebaker. He will also be driving a 1940 Studebaker known as Tillman’s Ghost. Our security is tighter than Superbowl because we are in a village of 590 people and we don’t rely on law enforcement to handle civil matters, nuff said. MacCheese will ensure Chips, James Crosby and the Blue Ring Agent SA are also ‘in the area’ during Plum Plunge 2014. For disambiguation will show Blue Ring Agent SA as she appears today and how she look at 19 in 1977. I see that I have just received a post from Global HQ so have a sociable while I place the post in a format you can read, copy and save. During the sociable, notice the pastel parade that was inspired by the exchange of nutrient rich DNA between Chips and Blue Ring Agent SA when he endeavored to determine how deep was her love in 1977. Sociable.”

During the Sociable the Dangerette whispered to Chips “how deep is my love, Chips?” Try as he might he couldn’t quite determine an answer but he continued his attempt to give her a definite answer. However, the sociable was terminate as Umbrellaman determined that the KNIGHTSHADE aircraft was suddenly at risk, just like Hillary’s plans for 2016 had been suddenly endangered by the CRISP FOURPLAY deployed by Field McConnell to expose the two parties most responsible for the murders of Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Christopher Stevens. Seems Hillary got her lack of tit in a wringer with these words “ at this point, who gives a shit”.

A series of ‘faults’ were being downloaded from KNIGHTSHADE to Hammers Otto Pilot and Rooster Cogburn. In the flight deck Agent Stone disabled the auto throttles, setting 87% N1 with ignition in override and engine anti ice on, wing anti ice off. He quickly review both loss of all generators and loss of all engines while seeing Agent Hoss was still dozing for dollars in the left seat. As the sky darkened heading east, Umbrellaman called for U2S 80-1076 to turn down track to monitor Knightshade as Hamish’s most recent post went into queue as N007HT suffered a loss of all generators.

Chips immediately took emergency authority, dropped to his knees and peeled back the Pastel Kiwi IOC revealing the true identity of the Agent who at least in this chapter, was ID only as Blue Ring Agent SA. He detected a hint of clover which caused him to recall that the Marine Corps colors included Crimson. Thinking he might trigger a multiple, he selected F4 on his Clipper Squirt Gun and offered the lady a pair of iPod ear buds.


#1835: Marine links Carslon Obama Pedophile Summit to MI-3 Preferred Pride Sabre, BBC Sherlock’s Beslan, Sandy Hook

Plum City – ( – January 30, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the Carslon Obama Pedophile Summit hotel network apparently launched during the Mau Mau false flag by the late Lord Boothby at the 1954 Bilderberg conference, to the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company’s use of Sabre/Travelocity booking systems for Preferred Pride guests allegedly including BBC script-kiddies acting out Sherlock Holmes’ story-board murders of children at Beslan and Sandy Hook.
McConnell claims that while Boothby and Greg Dyke protected the BBC's pedophile matrix, Serco director Maureen Baginski procured Summit hotel tracking devices for the alleged use of Marilyn Carslon Nelson and Barack Obama's Preferred Pride Sherlock actors to add or subtract clues and triage child witnesses at or near the MI-3 Innholders’ crime scenes.

McConnell invites key word Googlers to read excerpts below and ask why “The List of Sherlock Innholders – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed” book has a new title at

McConnell suggest google-sleuths may enjoy hearing of Eric Holder’s FIELD TRIP. In can be found by googling:

[ FIELD + trip + cotton + racist holder ]


Chips sensed the deployment of the ram air turbine, so to keep from getting lost inside her love, he mentally recalled Peyton Manning’s Testimony as he was certain that Agent WATCHER would be keeping the Port of New Jersey Authority AOA safe from Serco, CAI and others who may wish to scare America, and the world, so Whale Vagina, Piers Morgan and Bloomer Pudding might get gun control in America. Hey Whale Vagine, three words from a Marine: fat fucking chance.

”Like my dad, I make it a point when I speak to groups to talk about priorities, and when it’s schoolkids, I rank those priorities as: faith, family, and education, then football. For me generally it had always been the big four: faith, family, friends, and football. And I tell all of them that as important as football is to me, it can never be higher than fourth.

My faith has been number one since I was thirteen years old and heard from the pulpit on a Sunday morning in New Orleans a simple question: “If you died today, are you one hundred percent sure you’d go to heaven?” Cooper was there and Eli [Peyton's two brothers] but it didn’t hit them at the time the way it did me. It was a big church, and I felt very small, but my heart was pounding. The minister invited those who would like that assurance through Jesus Christ to raise their hands, and I did. Then he invited us to come forward, to take a stand, and my heart really started pounding. And from where we sat, it looked like a mile to the front. But I got up and did it. And I committed my life to Christ, and that faith has been most important to me ever since. Some players get more vocal about it—the Reggie Whites, for example—and some point to Heaven after scoring a touchdown and praise God after games. I have no problem with that. But I don’t do it, and don’t think it makes me any less a Christian. I just want my actions to speak louder, and I don’t want to be more of a target for criticism than I already am. Somebody sees you drinking a beer, which I do, and they think, “Hmmmm, Peyton says he’s this, that, or the other, and there he is drinking alcohol. What’s that all about?”

Christians drink beer. So do non-Christians. Christians also make mistakes, just as non-Christians do. My faith doesn’t make me perfect, it makes me forgiven, and provides me the assurance I looked for half my life ago. I think God answered our prayers with Cooper, and that was a test of our faith. But I also think I’ve been blessed—having so little go wrong in my life, and being given so much. I pray every night, sometimes long prayers about a lot of things and a lot of people, but I don’t talk about it or brag about it because that’s between God and me, and I’m no better than anybody else in God’s sight. But I consider myself fortunate to be able to go to Him for guidance, and I hope (and pray) I don’t do too many things that displease Him before I get to Heaven myself. I believe, too, that life is much better and freer when you’re committed to God in that way. I find being with others whose faith is the same has made me stronger. J.C. Watts and Steve Largent, for example. They’re both in Congress now. We had voluntary pregame chapel at Tennessee, and I attend chapel every Sunday with players on the team in Indianapolis. I have spoken to church youth groups, and at Christian high schools. And then simply as a Christian, and not as good a one as I’d like to be. How do I justify football in the context of “love your enemy?” I say to kids, well, football is most definitely a “collision sport,” and I can’t deny it jars your teeth and at the extreme can break your bones. But I’ve never seen it as a “violent game,” there are rules to prevent that, and I know I don’t have to hate anybody on the other side to play as hard as I can within the rules. I think you’d have to get inside my head to appreciate it, but I do love football. And, yes, I’d play it for nothing if that was the only way, even now when I’m no longer a child. I find no contradiction in football and my faith. Ah, but do I “pray for victory?” No, except as a generic thing. I pray to keep both teams injury free, and personally, that I use whatever talent I have to the best of my ability. But I don’t think God really cares about who wins football games, except as winning might influence the character of some person or group. Besides. If the Colts were playing the Cowboys and I prayed for the Colts and Troy Aikman prayed for the Cowboys, wouldn’t that make it a standoff? I do feel this way about it. Dad says it can take twenty years to make a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it. I want my reputation to be able to make it through whatever five-minute crises I run into. And I’m a lot more comfortable knowing where my help is. (Manning, pp. 362-364)

Chips felt the low rumble as the s-duct engine was pushed up to 92% NI just as his TI was exceeding 103% in response to the digital repartee involving himself and the Blue Ring Agent. He shared the faith of Peyton Manning but he was aware that Russell Williams was also a believer so he very much looked forward to a Tranquil Superbowl knowing that Serco’s OCTOPUS GRIP was being loosed He was has the most power in the word. He wondered if people like Tricky and Sam Cam Wham Bam Thank You Man were aware the Scottish name McConnell means “the son of the most powerful person in the world.”. Just in case some did not, has signaled for Rooster Cogburn to post the salvation message while he attended to Dangerette enjoying his skill set.

 6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

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