Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lesbian Cults, Pedophile Oaths and Guild of Patented Hits - Chapter 4

Rabbits on the Run from a Fat-Fingered Lena Trudeau
Operation HUMPTY DUMPTY Exposes Obama/Entente Bestiale on Al Jazeera .tv
Umbrellaman Escalates to Operations BONER and WET BEAVER as Syria is Next

Agent Fox joined Braveheart to keep Cameron-Harper-Obama as ‘rabbits on the run’ on MayDay, 2011 while the world saw HAARP in a different light Fukushima for what it was, odius debt as property of the cabal and a young lady prepared to BLOW TAPS for the TUNA TRAP. Chips was told not to respond because the SKYCAM showed he had a lady in waiting and Greg Dyke had just phoned from Richmond Hill regarding the Hutton-David Kelly Intelligence fiasco where he had been FAT FINGERED by Lena Trudeau. He wonders why the United States DoD was contracting with Brits for both the Humvee and Black Hawk parts and equipment. Agent Vani presented a rear aspect replete with high moisture conditions as Agent Chips was resumed yeoman’s work in the Piledriving Jackhammer series. An immediate Clipper came in to Lil Red, you know, one of those Fergie dolls with electronic features unrevealed until the Dimona Dozen were fingered on Abel Danger Radio by Jim Strong, a freelance from Project 661 which revealed that Agent Baker Street had noted OODA-interlopers reminds us the Fed won't go be bankrupt and Rothschild's will be the world central bank - and gold rather than federal reserve notes will be the money base for all credit unless Abel Danger’s OPERATION WET BEAVER can stop them. They remind us not to turn our back on humanity to worship the golden calf and if you would enjoy some good sax, come to Baker Street, capeche? Agent Ginger Cookie understood the thrust of Chips point but refused to be redressed, at least not in the ensuring 4 hours as Operation BONER and Operation WET BEAVER replaced Operation HUMPTY DUMPTY. Chips thought a little country music would help keep him from an early exploculation and got into the groove in a manner most welcome by an Agent who was EASY AS PIE, although Chips would never be so crass as to rub it in. World’s most lethal google search revealed as [ Stuxnet + Dimona + Twisted Sisters + Obama + Field McConnell ] Field McConnell re-sent a copy of allegation of treason by Senator John McCain against the United States in the form of an open e-mail April 6, 2008 for attention: In the State of Minnesota: Governor Tim Pawlenty, Chief Justice Russell A. Anderson, In the State of North Dakota: Governor John Hoeven and Chief Justice Gerald W. VandeWalle with copies for reference: US Vice-President, Richard Cheney, Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper and Kristine Marcy, McConnell International LLC amongst others. Jamie Gorelick’s future became tied to the Deepwater Horizon and her promised ascension to Director of FBI was cancelled to lure Patrick J. Fitzgerald out of Rezko’s Chicago to protect Rahm’s teleprompted puppet and Fukushima’s al Jazeera .tv as Agent Chips announces Souris River flood designed to stress Calhoun NUC will be stopped by Abel Danger or GOATBOY may ruin the Christmas Recital planned for (redacted) in December, 2011.

Agent Fox had joined Braveheart in scanning the audience as a young lady was preparing to BLOW TAPS for the TUNA TRAP which had been set in Tuvalu cyberspace and had netted Lena, Laureen, Rona, Michaelle Jean, Jamie Gorelick, Kristine Marcy and Agent Q.

AMAZING GRACE Sung by 4 Men Beautifully!

Braveheart spoke into his lapel mic with a sense of urgency while overhead Duxford N007HT orbited with Agent Crusher flying the jet as Banzai Pipeline and Tango Whiskey operated Defensive and Offensive weapons systems aboard N64QS flown in ‘fighting wing’ by Agent Skymaster. Mods to N007HT were not dissimilar to the array of weapons available for the two Skurich-Raytheon Sky Warriors registered as N870RS and N874RS according to wiretaps on some encrypted messages monitored at Tuvalu by the young woman assigned to the Teskey-Trudeau file,, code name TUNA TRAP, which would shake up some things at NAPAWASH, Number 24 Sussex and MI5 where an outbreak of Cressida dick was reducing turgidity to pre World War II levels as faithful Muslims waged their war of procreation over both England and France causing the Cabbage Patch Twins to bend over and accept ‘shorty’s’ Entente Cordiale which many believed would evolve into Entente Bestiale. Chips was recalling Bonapartism and the Auld Alliance when he felt a tap on his left shoulder and it was Dr. Nano al-Umina pointing Chips towards a dowdy looking woman with a frumpy face who was standing by the side exit. Chips understood that this woman was older than Cressida Dick so he ambulated in an erect fashion to join the dour party by the side exit. As they stepped into the cool air a heavy mist was evolving into a light rain causing ‘frumpy’ to open her MI5/QineticQ umbrella and select ‘record’. Chips felt the monster go completely flaccid for the first time since he had reviewed a Navy Intel photo of Thunder Thighs Rodham in a swimsuit, thankfully a one piece.

“Agent Chips, security code please” asked frumpy with a tentative gaze towards an idling Rover sedan with parking lights illuminated and smoke wafting from the driver’s window which was cracked a bit not to conjure up thoughts of Prince Phartingham who though a German from Greece had once dazzled the Queen by playing the first two stanzas of Minuet in G or his rectal-flatus-phone before fouling himself on the second bridge.

Prince Phartingham, Worshipful Company of Methane Minstrals

Pastel Manly Mocha” responded Chips while adjusting himself so that he dressed right “Agent Q sends her greetings from Camp Harriman, Gatineau Que.”

“Chips, I need to be back at the Campanile Hotel near Bletchley Park very soon. The Tuna Trap has netted Lena Trudeau, Laureen Harper and Dick Bent’s peer inside. The Tuvalu Tuna Trapper has gotten the messages that loyal oath keepers in the United States have sought regarding the three locations in Ottawa frequented by the Harley Hogs trying to manipulate Glamour Boy, a rather staid economist easily hoodwinked by Charles ERRAND BOY Bouchard who is protecting Maurice ‘Seahorse’ Baril and Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams. Fairmont Chateau Laurier is 1.3 miles from Harper’s Hangout, same distance for the Westin where the woman from ‘out west’ enjoys a position she and her girlfriend call ‘chainsaw’. But when Lena joins for a threesome they gather at the Hilton Lac Leamy which is 3.044718842 miles from the PM residence where this song is the most played by the Staid Economist.

Hilton Lac Leamy is in the area where Tomoye’s unhappy heterosexual female has been keeping Abel Danger informed of ‘goings on’ involving Lena Trudeau, Kristine Marcy, Laureen Teskey, Rona Ambrose, Michelle Jean and THE UNHAPPY HARRIMAN WENCH, not to be confused with Nancy Pelosi who lost her private 757 to Boehner or Jamie Gorelick who lost her promised Directorship of FBI to Patrick J. Fitzgerald to keep a lid on Rezko in Chicago regarding the OBAMA DELUSION. I need to be off, but fax Agent Q at +001 819 790 6408 and simply leave the message CHIPS 715 307 8222. She wishes to cooperate now that Kristine Marcy has been removed from NAPAWASH. Cheerio, Chips, Cressida Dick is not the one you seek.” Eliza M-B, which does not stand for Mercedes Benz, pressed the stop button and folded her umbrella as the Rover sedan in Pastel Rosewood Metallic approached to take her away ha ha, ho ho, he he.

The taillights of the 2003 Rover shimmered as the exhaust and the rain created an eerie effect and then they were gone as they passed the FRESH FISH lorry hired by the caterer, but not the caterer who placed the items aboard the Bombardier jet that departed Bangor, Maine on the morning of 20 June, 2011 nor N64QS that was parked by the German fighters and the two C17s from Dover and Charleston. Chips opened the note that Eliza Manningham Bueller, or her body double, had placed in his hand and it had the FAX number 819 790 6408. Chips dialed the North America international code followed by the FAX line and heard the FAX tone so he realized this was not a faux number. He noted Alberta Darling + Glamour Boy + D-Day 6 6 11. Chips knew that Alberta Darling was a legislator in Wisconsin involved in the fiscal fiasco but he realized that 6 June, 2011 was the 67th anniversary of the D-Day landing so he ruled out the Badger State Darling while connecting the mental dots intended for him and probably not understood by either Eliza M or Cressida Dick. Chips placed a call to the Gatineau Hotel and made a reservation for himself and a PWA for the night of 6-6-11. He asked for a Suite overlooking the Ottawa side and requested two cases of London Pride beer, 8 ounces of KY jelly, and a large shoe horn. Appearing to light a cigarette Chips burned the note and turned towards the side exit.

As he reached for the door handle, a ringtone of HAWAII 5-0 sounded and Chips stepped back towards the curb as a curvaceous red head in a London Fog trenchcoat approached from the shadows, not to be confused with Bobby Vee’s band from Fargo, North Dakota, original home of Abel Danger Global, not far from the Papal items stored in the basement of the St. John’s University ‘archive’ which is just outside of Bobby Vee’s retirement home in St. Cloud, Minnesota. As Chips answered his phone, the woman opened the trench coat revealing the fact that her trench coat was the only thing she was wearing excepting a smile an a quivering vulva, or for our Brit agents; twadderish. It also proved to Chips’ satisfaction that she was a natural red head very much like the Lil Red ‘doll bomber’ of 9/11 renown who was willing to sell the influence of her wanker helicopter pilot x-husband while she was half in the bag. As she covered up and stood patiently indicating that love would not pass him by, Chips heard Hamish dictate a brief message concerning Greg Dyke and Q-Minus.

“Chips, don’t respond, I see from the SKYCAM that you have a lady in waiting. Greg Dyke just phoned from Richmond Hill and has suggested that a former BBC governor was the opponent he fell victim to regarding the Hutton-David Kelly Intelligence fiasco realizing now he had been FAT FINGERED by Lena Trudeau. Andrew Gilligan’s reporting was excellent and the expertise of Dr. Kelly was above reproach. We need to see what DPNJ was doing in the time frame 1998-2004 which was the three year final prep for 9/11 and the 3 year coverup led by Jamie Gorelick and the PRINCETON PFer who has a ‘killer of a job’ according to the Georgetown gnome who has hobbled FBI. Further, why would the United States DoD be contracting with Brits for both Humvee and Black Hawk parts and equipment. Contact your man at Midwest Aviation in West Fargo and follow up on the helicopter issue, I can get my friend in Oshkosh to handle the Humvee caper. Please call back from the Limo, good luck.”

“Agent Vani, what brings you and your quim to Duxford?” asked Our Man Chips as a second courtesy flash was delivered and TI approached 100%.

“Glamour Boy has taken the bait, Lena Trudeau, Laureen Harper and the FATBOY HARLEY MOUNTIE have been ‘outted’. Let’s get into the truck for a briefing with Umbrellaman and Banzai Pipeline.” Agent Vani turned and headed towards a delivery van painted in HUMPTY DUMPTY CHIPS livery, not to be confused with the American Airlines livery that the Pentagon Sky Warrior was painted in according to our lady friend at FBI in Washington who has seen the 3 missing frames. Chips was hoping that by taking out Clegg-Soetero-Harper and Pawlenty in Operation HUMPTY DUMPTY no more grieving young women in the UK would have to place flowers on hearses carrying Squaddies lost protecting Opium profits for the Rothschild Bankers who as recently as 1996, when a Rushbrooke arable farmer hung himself, had committed suicide over what their families were involved in.

Inside the van Chips adjusted his eyes to the green tinted darkness backlit by the screens of 7 monitors, all of them 24 inch Dells not to evoke memories of Del Shannon, the Del Vikings, Wisconsin Dells or the Van-Dells, recognizable by their reddish-orange letter sweaters emblazoned with VD in white. Chips and Agent Vani understood that VD had been epidemic earlier than when OSS became CIA in 1947 and virtual deception was deployed against the British Colony known as the Corporation of the United States. As Agent Vani removed her trench coat and Chips saw the red whisker biscuit his turgidity increased past 107% when a warm hand embraced his battle standard a cooing voice reminiscent of Julie London cautioned Chips to ‘stand easy’.

Chips recognized the morse code gripping of his lower unit and the “ dah-dah / dah dit dah dit” indicated the naked woman wearing only a Pastel Ginger Snap colored Burkha was Agent GC of Abel Danger’s BANGME office within the sound of WXME 780, the AM radio station that hosts the Aroostook Watchmen Radio Program and the same radio station that would break the news Huma a cuisiné Bernache du Canada et des banquiers OCTOPUS in English which would cause the Clintons to become furious with Weinerman and a Pakistani Weinerette who is PG.

As Ginger Cookie and Agent Vani assumed their positions at the European Hammer consoles slaved to the orbiting N007HT and N64QS overhead Duxford, Umbrellaman announced ‘in the clear’ that the briefing would be delayed 30 minutes as he was monitoring an announcement regarding ‘shift change’ at NAPAWASH as an E4B was departing Offutt AFB near Bellevue, Nebraska, call sign NIGHTWATCH 623 not to be confused with the Kick Ass “Night Shift” by the Commodores whose former lead singer married Dodie Durrah’s girlfriend from Tuskegee, capeche? Umbrellaman suggested Abel Danger Assets google [ NAPAWASH + Lena Trudea + Laureen Harper + Michaelle Jean ] to determine who was ‘leaking’ on Glamour Boy in Ottawa, a staid economist with a pushy wife who enjoyed CAMPING TRIPS WITH THE GIRLS. Chips noticed that GC still had a firm grip on this purple tipped red champion and so he pointed to a CRF kiosk in the right rear corner of the Humpty Dumpty Chips Van. GC held an index finger up to her lips as she led Chips away for a ‘debriefing’. As Chips locked the kiosk door behind him he approached the prepositioned Ginger Cookie from a rear aspect and put his ‘skinny wingman’ exactly where she wanted it, reprising their Beaver Lick Technique.

As they achieved synchronicity at 540 rpm, she cooed “Pile Driving Jack Hammer” to which Chips increased to 1000 RPM which was the same as the High Speed PTO setting on his International Harvester 284 with the 28 horse Mazda 4 cylinder. Chips was enjoying Ginger Cookie’s single cylinder and the demure and shy Agent Ginger Cookie was pleased by the stroke and bore of a powerful piston, to keep this out of the gutter. Chips noticed that the LED eyeballs of the Lil Red Doll overhead the nav table were blinking in green, indicating a routine message in queue.

Royal Crown Agent Hamish Routine Clipper to Agent Chips copy Banzai Pipeline, Dirty Driveway and Baker Street: Chips, regarding the STUXNET HIT on Japan we need to see what Neville-Jones is doing with US Humvees and Black Hawk Helicopters. Mid West Aviation in West Fargo, North Dakota is reviewing Moonie’s approval of the sale of QinetiQ which profited Graham Love and John Chisolm as well as putting $500M in the coffers of Carlyle whose Canadian branch had Martec, Tomoye and Radsat contractors attack America on 9/11 with Baril in Colorado, Bouchard at Tyndall, and Hapless Harper left holding the bag. Suggest whilst in England you have Dirty Driveway brief you on the STUXNET-City of London-Dimona dynamic. I expect Marquis d’Cartier to be communicating directly regarding chatter in Gatineau involving Huma, Hillary, and Weiner. Mdc sends word of this French link ( "Destruction de Fukushima à l'aide d'armes nucléaires?") , not to be confused with a sausage link or a shrimpy weiner. Hamish, aboard PLUM DANDY.
As Chips was slamming the sausage to Ginger Cookie he pictured the Twisted Sisters in the banner at and focused on the wench with the wide open mouth reminiscent of NAPAWASH’s ‘beligerent cow’ to forestall an early exploculation as Ginger Cookie was hunkering down in her signature climatic WMPOM technique. As Ginger Cookie reached for the Minnesota Vikings tube sock, Chips blocked her retrieval attempt and briefly disconnected to allow her the opportunity to ‘compose herself’. As she nodded that premature exploculation had been arrested, Chips reengaged in Pile Driving Jack Hammer as an Immediate Clipper came into the Lil Red Doll like the one BIG RED had placed in the WTC days before City of London’s Financial attack on NYC while her limp helo pilot arranged x-husband was cavorting with the billionaire pedophile in New York City.

Former Crown Agent Dirty Driveway Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Banzai Pipeline, Umbrellaman, Fanny Galore, Baker Street, copy Fish and Chips: Abel Danger Agents in the Colonies, check Francophone stand down on 911 accomplished by Maurice SEAHORSE Baril, Charlie ERRAND BOY Bouchard and Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams; it points to Governor General treason. We have evidence attack was conceived, developed and rehearsed by francophone paramilitaries, fraudulently rehired from the Canadian Airborne Regiment after it was disbanded in 1995 by the treasonous Canadian Governor General Roméo-Adrien LeBlanc. You can make a spoliation inference to conclude that the then-Canadian Governor General Adrienne Clarkson switched Entrust public key infrastructure and war-game authorities away from Anglophone officials and over to Crown Agents' francophone Sisters so Clarkson and Kristine Marcy et al. could authorize a stand down of the US Air Force and allow Bombardier-controlled drones to take out U.S. command centers. I am not the only Crown Agent to retire early over this act; there are four of us married to US citizens who SEE WHAT WE SEE. Suggest PLUM DANDY deploy M/V Minow from Nautica as Agent Fox is wet. DD

Victory in Northern Ireland - Fluoride removed from the water supplies. Mainstream media once again not reporting what's happening. Please watch this four minute film and find out the truth about the poison/medication that the UK government wants to put in all England's water supplies!

Chips saw that they had just 4 minutes until Umbrellaman so he started ‘pulling for China’, much to the (eventual) satisfaction of the World’s Most Potent Office Manager. As Ginger Cookie ‘backed up’ indicating she was ready to receive a batch, Chips harked back to Splendor in the Grass in view of Kazakhstan’s GOLDEN BALL which was the back drop for Operation BONER ( barak obama needs early removal) on September 11, 2008 when Chips and Richard Dreyfus discussed a movie to be shot in Russia or a former Soviet State. The beautiful Russian girl from Astana who provided splendor in the grass looked somewhat like Burton Cummings and made Agent Chips’ turgid ‘soldier of love’ stand tall, much to the pleasure of young Agent Fox who respected Astana’s Golden Ball but loved the Brass Balls much more, as did Agent Ginger Cookie it is alleged.

September 11, 2008 ‘Splendor in the Grass’ Agent Fox, Eurasian Film Festival, Richard Dreyfus

Thoughts of Agent Fox and her ‘freshness’ caused Chips to hit TI of 123% and Ginger Cookie suffered ‘blastoff’ causing Chips to sympathetically exploculate. Chips offered a NAPAWASH to Ginger Cookie as he doused himself with Jade East, stuffed the monster into the Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha and EHP (extra humongous pouch) causing Ginger Cookie to think more like manly marsupial than mocha. As she donned her Pastel Ginger Snap FCT she and Chips returned to the command console where Agent Vani had also donned her Full Combat Thong in Pastel Lemon Wedge causing Chips to wonder what the introduction of a banana into a lemon wedge would create other than immense pleasure for both parties. Chips and Ginger Cookie noticed that the Humpty Dumpty Control Console had been reconfigured to look exactly like the Arecibo HAARP control panel photographed by Chips on 23 March, 2011 while Atomic Betty, James Crosby, Nikita Ninja and Chips had deployed to Puerto Rico in PROJECT INSERT 2011 wherein James Crosby and Chips were to photograph the ‘energy logs’ including DTG, elevation, azimuth and authority codes of the STUXNET ATTACK ON JAPAN.

Arecibo HAARP control room 23 March, 2011-Agents Chips and Atomic Betty Project Insert

As the voice of Umbrellaman performed a MIC CHECK, Chips noticed two additional PWAs were manning 2 additional consoles. Umbrellaman sought to update Abel Danger on the Military Industrial Complex that was being moved from America to England and France as the twin fairies brought the Auld Alliance into the 21st Century which was exactly what Abel Danger was sent to block in Operation HUMPTY DUMPTY. Chips noticed the two additional PWAs were naked but wearing Pastel Scottish Heather and Pastel Strawberry Cream Burkhas, an indication that the Stoke on Trent event of 2 April, 2011 was paying rich dividends as Edge Media and Captain Sherlock Solves 9/11 was rebroadcast numerous times in period 22 May, 2011 to 22 June, 2011.

Agent Q is not in this picture with Laureen’s mother, capeche? In the interest of security and in keeping with DoD ‘cocked pistol’ protocols, Chips uncaged the monster and approached Pastel Strawberry Cream. She squeezed the Morse Morsel and signaled dit-dit-dit, dit-dit-dit, indicating she was Suky Slicer. As Chips and his purple tipped red champion walked in a double erect fashion towards Pastel Scottish Heather, WEE ONE harked back to the Morse Code chart that hung, pardon the expression, on the wall of her clinic at NAS Keflavik where she had engaged in Operation PROVIDE COMFORT with Agent Chips long, long, WAYLONG, ago.

WEE ONE grabbed the monster and coded ‘dah-dit-dah-dit, dah-dit-dit-dit-dit to which Chips’ turgidity index reduced to 102% as he understood he was to ‘check six'. As he turned around he saw what concerned Fanny Galore while she IDed herself as ‘dit-dit-dah-dit, dah-dah-dit’. Knowing that the WEE ONE was indeed Fanny, Chips sat down on a chair next to Fanny, who then moved to sit on Chips’ lap during the briefing by Umbrellaman. Chips stabilized Fanny with his vertical post.

“Abel Danger and former Crown Agents including DD, we have information indicating that Operation BEAVERHEAD is on schedule to give City of London full license over the United States of America as Barry Soetero, CUKC passport and all, is loyal to the monarch of the UK. Note in the picture displayed on your CRAY CONSOLES that Beaver 1, Kid Kenya and Prince Phartingham are all walking by bayonets. Recall that Kid Kenya refused to allow Naval Academy Midshipman to deploy bayonets on their M1 Durands during his (faux, treasonous) Inaugural Parade in 2009. Knowing that time is tight regarding England’s events of 11 Nov 11 and 12 Aug 12, on authority of Global Operations Director I hereby invoke Operation WET BEAVER to block the City of London BEAVERHEADS intending to destroy the United States commencing with RED EAGLE 6/23. Agent Chips will be bringing up a 9th server, to STUXNET the snuff film files in Tuvalu, now under the control of Abel Danger’s TUNA TRAPPER pictured on your screens. This is the young woman who cyber infiltrated the Canadian Agents known as the Trudeau Tunas; Lena Trudeau, Michelle Jean, Laureen Harper, Rona Ambrose, the RCMP Agent who likes Harley FATBOYs and ‘defendant 6’. Agent Chips, over to you for tactics.”

As Chips stabilized Fanny Galore, he handed Suky Slicer a voice splicer and a profile of his rich baritone as he recalled similar voice splicing devices deployed on United 93 on 9/11, then he withdrew from Fanny’s fanny and grabbed Agent Vani’s left hand and pointed to the CRF door. As Agent Vani followed him towards a debriefing enduro, Suky Slicer’s voice was manipulated to sound exactly like Agent Chips and Agent Vani was recalling the Dangerettes signature song involving wet beavers.

Agent Ginger Cookie impersonating Agent Trance Dancer

“Abel Danger Assets in the Field, this will be brief. DoD and ave suckered the Kid into Puerto Rico. While Kid is in PR, where Treasury and IRS are HQed, we deploy Operation WET BEAVER. All Agents will receive SMEAC briefing via Clipper 6 within the hour. Abel Danger will be giving the BEAVERHEADS a licking they will not soon forget, including the revelation that the Stuxnet Virus that passed thru Dimona enroute to Japan was sent to Dimona from Blechtley Park where Gareth Williams was killed to protect identity of DIMONA DEPLOYERS and the Twisted Sisters who enabled it. By 11 Nov 2011 a google of [ Stuxnet + Dimona + Twisted Sisters + Obama + Field McConnell ] will be ‘in play’. More to follow but I need to debrief Agent Vani regarding the Lemon Wedge Persuasion that enabled Mahwah-Paramus to impute a 41 minute delay in Captain Jason Dahl’s United 93 departure from Newark’s Liberty International Airport while the second Raytheon Sky Warrior was launched from the George Washington with target coordinates Latitude: 38-53'23'' N, Longitude: 077-00'30'' W loaded in all three FMGSs. Chips out.”

Barck boy inspecting British mercenary Scotland Yard Shellack, Prince Phartingham, Lord Beaverhead, Worshipful Company of Beavers

Suky Slicer hung up her mic and Fanny Galore and Ginger Cookie gave her a thumb’s up. As Ginger took over the Hammer position, Fanny Galore and Suky Slicer were doing ‘rock-paper-scissors’ to see which Dangerette would get an Operaton BONER briefing from Chips next.

BONER = Barak Obama Needs Early Removal

FIELD MCCONNELL, Punahou 67 v. BARRY SOETERO, Punahou 79 is Civil Case 1:11-1111 (RMC)

Fanny and Suky both had a win and were about ready for the tie breaker when an incoming Clipper from Marquis d’Cartier in Toulouse lit up the Clippers with an Immediate message.

Royal Crown Agent Marquis d’Cartier Immediate Clipper to PacRim, Europe, Global, Assets aField in HUMPTY DUMPTY and BONER, copy Chips: Crusher and Baker Street join me in the knowledge that CSIS has been infiltrated and via the Trudeau Tuna Trap we have evidence that the content broadcast on Tuvalu .tv satellites is the “cat bond virtual news network” used to trigger the frauds on Lloyd’s. We now have OODA pene-traitors in dialogue with both the ‘issuers’ and the ‘calculation agents’ of each of the issues and will determine if the earthquake was a triggering event. The issuers are exactly who Lena Trudeau had ‘fat fingered’ and it looks like the TUNA TRAP was hoodwinked by the bait and switch that cloaked the fraud on Lloyds. I expect Agent Chips will give them a lickin’ they won’t soon forget. BEA, Air France, Airbus and SNPL thank Abel Danger and Chips for the intel regarding AF447 and ALPA’s foreknowledge of the Strangler’s Suite as early as 11 December, 2006. Marquis d’Cartier
Chips was involved in keeping Agent Vani happy with her desired ‘hipwaders’ technique and was admiring her CLING PEACH TANDEM as they jiggled at approximately 540 RPM. As Chips saw a ‘flash’ Clipper coming in on the Lil Red Clipper Doll like the one Fergie had placed in the ‘target area’ of both Cantor Fitzgerald and AON on 11 September, 2001 he thought back to a recent pleasant trip to Kentucky as he prepared to get a BVR shot on the Trudeau Tuna Trap Tremblers in Ottawa and Gatineau, Quebec where French is the language du jour, capeche?

Pleasant trip to Beaver Lick, Kentucky
Beaverlick Trading Post
Abel Danger Global Consulting
2009 Beaver Road
Union, KY 41091-9648

Chips could see on the IP trace that the incoming FLASH was copied to CREECH and FARGO, as he began to read the Flash Clipper Agent Vani called ‘switch’ and a vertical roll ensued with Agent Vani on the high ground initiating her second favored position stump puller. Chips pictured the ramp at Fargo where his beloved Phantoms and F16 Vipers had been replaced by ‘technology’ which, unlike humans, has no soul and like the NPR airliners revealed to ALPA, FAA and USDOJ in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) cannot be taken off evil missions by compassionate humans.

As Agent Vani and a pair of 44DD Cling Peaches continued to jiggle, Chips saw in Immediate Clipper from Rico Gambolino in the Ottawa Office arrive.
Weinerman RICO Immediate Weinergram to Agents Chips, Hamish and all Weinerettes: Please remind your 'A' list that KPMG set up abusive tax shelters through the racketeering use of Entrust PKI certificates allegedly issued by Crown Agents' Sisters Kristine Marcy, Vicky Huhne, Laureen Harper and Lena Trudeau to launder money through the 911 attack. Entrust certificates in re contract hits with Stuxnet and Deadfoot 007, are presently issued by Thoma Bravo partners in Chicago to provide plausible denial for Matrix 5 and its Femme Comp insiders, including Kristine Marcy (Chip’s sister), First Lady Michelle LaVaughan Robinson, Valerie Jarrett and Samantha Power. “Leaker in Ottawa sends”Do you get the impression these people have lost the keys to the KPMG OODA loops? Agent Dwarf reports WET BEAVER ALERT south of Winnipeg and Arcola-Estevan as floodwaters sent south to stress Minot, North Dakota and Calhoun NUC in Nebraska. RICO
Agent Vani called switch and gushed “Quickie authorized” as Chips hammered the target area while noting a Flash Clipper he was hoping for a flash of Scottish Heather or Strawberry Cream after FERTILE-CLIMAX, alluding not to the towns in west central Minnesota.

OODA Interloper Banzai Pipeline, Sapporo Hammer FLASH Clipper to Umbrellaman, Agent Bean, Dirty Driveway, Hamish, Atomic Betty and Baker Street,copy Chips: Japan SDF Intel suggest Operation Osama-sicle where a frozen stiff was dropped off the Carl Vinson was a cover to take attention off the STUXNET DIMONA DOZEN who murdered the FUKU 50. Stephen Harper of Canada has done nothing to disclose and to the contrary has deployed the same flunky chopper pilot who played ‘shortstop’ at Tyndall on 9/11 to increase the stature of ‘shorty’ in France. The Fukushima Fraud on Lloyds will fall apart on review of Harper Carbon Disclosure Graphics, built by Laureen Harper, a Twisted Sister, with which virtual news was generated to support insurance frauds on Lloyd’s of London. Poland will join in waving the BULLSHIT flag at the Carbon Fraud as they grieve the SMOLENSK SANCTION. Harper’s graphics and editing skills enabled .tv [ Dot TV in Tuvalu ] virtual news to cloud the tsunami induced explosions at Fukushima and Osama-sicle 9/11. Due to heightened tensions in Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Poland, Libya and Blechtley Park, Umbrellaman invokes WEINERETTE PROTOCOL during prosecution of Operations HUMPTY DUMPTY and BONER. Agent Chips and the Dangerettes now assume IDs of Weinerman and the Weinerettes. Banzai.
Chips and Vani are quite pleased that Thunder Thighs and Lip Biter are Furious

Chips honored Vani’s request for a quickie and went up tempo to an EYE POPPING 1000 rpm as he hit C6 on his Clipper, selecting a song by BCC that would help Vani imagine what would happen when Abel Danger pushes EGG HEAD off the wall. And the EGG HEADs manipulating England, Canada, France and the USA will never be able to “put humpty dumpty together again” after Chips has the perps broken down in tiny pieces, capeche?

Agent Vani responded to the lovesong reminiscent of Elvis but sung by a fellow 4 years younger, just as Vani was 4 years young then Chips as she ‘multipled’ seven times before falling flat faced into a quivering heap of ‘glowing’ womanhood as Chips provided a finishing shot from Beyond Visual Range, i.e. BVR.. Meanwhile in Washington, Gatineau, and Winsdor the Twisted Sister’s were getting the distinct impression that the Truth would convict them before the Bilderbergs could pull the plug on the internet or send even more Squaddies in harm’s way causing more black MB wagons to haul off more ‘genocided squaddies’ to their early graves. As a MASS EXODUS FROM UK FORCES commenced, Field McConnell Punahou ’67 sent an open warning to Barry Soetero Punahou ’79: Not on my watch Soetero, en garde!

Agent Vani presented a rear aspect replete with high moisture conditions as Agent Chips resumed yeoman’s work in the Piledriving Jackhammer series. Vani had just passed him back a riding crop from Smedley Darlington Butler’s 1937 retirement party as an Immediate Clipper came in to Lil Red, you know, one of those Fergie dolls with electronic features unrevealed until the Dimona Dozen who Phuced the Fuku 50 were fingered on Abel Danger Radio by Jim Strong, a freelance from Project 661 assisted by Hamish C. Watson and the ever affable, never flappable, Agent Chips.

Agent Baker Street Immediate Clipper to Abel Danger US especially Mitch Stack, Trance Dancer, Agent Telstar, Dr. Les Libideaux, Piers Gaveston Society and Chips, copy Courtly Stonewall: The Lloyd’s Register CA OODA-interlopers reminds us the point is that the Fed won't go be bankrupt. Lloyds can be found by googling LAUREEN HARPER + ABEL DANGER. It owns all of those securities it has just purchased. What happens to those? I will tell you. When the Fed is dissolved the big banks -- Chase etc. -- that own it will get all of those securities distributed to them. Furthermore the national banks that own the Fed, but only the biggest ones, will get the power to create money, as in the old days before the Fed. There will be no central authority, public or private, overlooking how the monetary economy is working -- except for one! The dollar will be again pegged to the gold standard and the amount of credit in the system will be determined by the Rothschilds or as ‘shorty’ refers to them: bites satan crevettes adoration qui asservissent les gens ordinaires. They will secretly control national monteary policy and world monetary policy. Rothschild's will be the world central bank - and gold rather than federal reserve notes will be the money base for all credit unless Abel Danger’s OPERATION WET BEAVER can stop them. Americans would be making a very big mistake in supporting Ron Paul or his wirehaired progeny. Ron Paul was put in charge of the banking committee for a purpose. The Rothschild's want his program. Americans, swallow your pride and check your assumptions. I tell you -- the well being of 6 billion people depends on the difference between libertarian-Austrian economics (which is an intellectual front for Rothschild interests) -- and populist social credit (which is your interests out in the open for all to see) endorsed by Canada’s reform party and the Presidential contenders from Minnesota/Wisconsin which does not include Tim Pawlenty due to his Misprision of Treason of 6 April 2008. Don't turn your back on humanity to worship the golden calf. If you would enjoy some good sax, come to Baker Street, capeche?”

Chips realized he must have been slacking off as Agent Vani repossessed the leather riding crop to spur on the purple tipped red champion causing the 61 year old love meister to redouble his stroke while maintaining her bore. To keep his mind of Agent Vani’s loveliness, Chips visualized a flying song involving key words straight, fly right, monkey and brother. As Chips selected D8 on the Clipper, Chips was tickling Vani’s fancies which Nat King Cool was tickling some ivories, as another burdensome Immediate lit up the eyes of Big Fergie’s little doll while Chip’s horn of plenty was making Agent Vani’s eyeballs pop.

Royal Crown Agent Dwarf, Plum of the North, Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Marquis d’Cartier, Atomic Betty and RICO Gambolina, copy Chips and Agent Q/RCMP: Check Canadian Governor General and Bombardier pilot for dial up murder of JonBenet; GG David Johnston and the former Bombardier EW pilot Russel THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams appear to have dialed five Bombardier-financed communities of practice to match their assets to the JB crimes scenes. Johnston is a CAI Private Equity investor in Bombardier’s EW systems and he and Williams, appear have set up a pedophile snuff-film and extortion racket with Bombardier’s five communities of practice – BAFLP – which we can match to the JonBenet crime scene with the wording of the ransom note (see below) 1. Banking (Ransom of $118,000 equals father’s bonus from Lockheed Martin) ... 2. Anglophone (English description of a ‘small foreign faction’) ... 3. Francophone (French word ‘attache’ used for briefcase) ... 4. Lesbian ( ‘Victory’ used in same sense by Quebec Lesbiennes Radicales) ... 5. Pedophile (Homicidal pedophile Williams was GG 1996 Bombardier EW pilot but I don’t speak pilot talk so when Chips comes up for air, hopefully he will respond. The plot thickens as BEA, SNPL, Airbus, Air France and ‘shorty’ all want to know why ALPA suppressed the STRANGLER’S SUITE in ALPA’s FRAUD UPON THE COURT, Civil Case 1:08-1600(RMC). Chips mentioned earlier he was with Pastel Lemon Wedge, is she the one from ALPA? Dwarf, but not as Dwarfish as Huma’s Weinerman, photo attached.
Chips was laying the lumber to Agent Vani, whose MI was 99% and rising, just like the floodwaters by the Calhoun Nuclear Plant in Nebraska and the Souris River that flows by Minot AFB home of the MISSING NUC and LT Kelly Flynn, which are next on the HAARPoon hit parade according to the Nuclear Expert in Hudson, Wisconsin as well as Freelancing Jim Stone from Project 661. While the invasions in Pakistan and Libya needed to wait for cooler fall weather, Brits were warned to leave Syria and Iran as the Global Guardians planned several more FEMA false flags on the New Madrid Fault, Calhoun Nuc, and two major cities with high rise apartments that get hot when the electrical grid is ‘tampered with’. Chips was getting into the short strokes when the first Weinergram arrived after Umbrellaman had invoked the WEINER PROTOCOLS . Chips could sense a scenario emerging that would require him to save the day again.


Weinergram 1from Abel Danger Weiner 08, Priority Weiner to Chips, copy Rico Gambolino and Dwarf:. Chris Mathews was right; Weiner’s one year marriage to an absent wife [the constant companion of lesbian "Hilly" for 10 years now; a Paki from Saudi Arabia] is also to blame. Happy at home and things would have been different. Women need to get it, we men like sex. The power marrying lesbian woman perspective is foreign to us weiner-slingers, we have huge pink tools that need attention and servicing...for cryin out loud, they are responsible for every egg ever fertilized in the history of the ovary. If Huma prefers an old hag over her young stud husband with a photo fetish perhaps she’d like to reveal to the world the DNA that has caused her to become “with a bun in the over” noting she doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen. Weiner 08, Fresno area, give or take.

Chips was brought back to the here and now as Vani called switch and assumed the combination position missionary-rabbit ears. Knee caps on his shoulders, Chips kept his appointed rounds as another nation was heard from. Strangely, the same extreme localized portion of England. A 1.12 square mile sovereign portion, code COL, where Agent Chips performed ‘touch and goes’ in N007HT in livery disguised to look like BA whose Speedbird 38 was electronically tampered with during BROWNIE’S ROLLBACK.

Airbus A318 British Airways landing at London City Airport

Weinergram 02 from Weinerette Pastel Strawberry Cream to Agents aField in Operation HUMPTY DUMPTY or Operation BONER: Dear Weiners and Weinerettes, regardless the fact I am English I must remind our team that City of London has 5 times stuck it to the colonies on 11 September. Forget about Obama, forget about campaign 2012, look at what’s planned for September 11, 2011 in Australia, Operation FERAL CAMEL. That is just a distractor so Americans will not see the influx of malevolent actors swarming America in run up to 11 November, 2011 just as the Japanese did not notice the 300 Israeli relief trucks that showed up on Japanese soil prior to the STUXNET DIMONA MURDER which triggered some Cat Bond profits for the planners, and some flatline EKGs for the Japanese victims of City of London’s Banks and Insurance Houses. 11 Sep 1776 COL lied regarding a Peace Treaty on Staten Island; 11 Sep 1812 COL broke the peace treaty and burned the White House while sparing the US Patent Office the contents of which are now in COL; when the COL Wanker-Bankers could see their contrived Civil War was not killing enough ‘colonists’ they burned the capitol of their greatest competitor, Atlanta, on 11 September, 1864; 11 Sep 1912 COL Wanker Banker, Tossers and Shirtlifters taxed us with the Rhodes Scholar subterfuge that COL PFers have Ron Paul deployed to replace with a gold based world monetary system run by the same old PFers; perhaps those at 1 Canada Square underestimated the forensic sleuthing ability of Abel Danger and thought no Americans would see the Act of War that was deployed out of Canada against America on 11 Sep 2001 for what it was, chaos created to cover the transfer of insurance and sovereign debt trading from New York to COL as the 101st Livery Company was brought up in the after math of the Flying Attacks against America on 9/11 planned, it appears, by GAPAN and Lord Timothy Garden who in strange coincidence was then married to the initial Governess of the Worldshipful company of World Traders, Mrs. Timothy Garden. Actually Abel Danger is alert, engaged, informed and without weakness. Please remove your CUKC passported blight from our shores. In New York they use garbage scows and barges, perhaps your subject could get a middle seat in the back of coach on the next BA departure from KIAD. Greg Dykes poor timing in BBC’s SNAFU reporting of WTC7 20 minutes before it fell should not be used as an excuse to surrender England to France. Get cracking City of London, Operation Humpty Dumpty just pushed your Egghead over the wall and all the the Queen’s horses and all the Queen’s men can never stick a Kenyan in the White House Again. Weinerette 02, Nottingham.

Chips understood the accuracy of the Pastel Strawberry Cream rebuke directed towards the City of London and made a mental note to send Barry Soetero a copy of a recent interview that typical American Ted Nugent recently had put out with code KMA as in KISS MY ASS as patriot and student of the Constitution Ted Nugent got the better of the faggy Brit BBC liar with a great big old American ‘Howdy Piers’ bit not the piers at Canary Wharf.

'You're So British' - Ted Nugent Schools CNN's Piers Morgan On Gun Control.

Up front in the Humpty Dumpty Chips van both Ginger and Fanny could sense the van a-rockin’ as Agent Vani had gone uptempo to allow Chips to debrief a fellow Weinerette before the next briefing time with Agent Dirty Driveway whose brick house on Richmond Hill a stone’s throw from Kew Garden overlooked the river where Japan may blame Operation BLOWBACK on some hapless Muslims in a vacant cave where the Osama-sicle was kept frozen until Kid Kenya needed to elevate his stature above ‘shorty’ from Frogland. It was Dirty Driveway’s colleagues at MI6 who had met with Agent Chips and Dirty Driveway at the Campanile hotel near Blechtley Park on Wednesday night, 4 May, 2011, to share chatter relating to a PMI scheduled to take out some P3 aircraft at Pakistan’s secure Naval Aviation base located at (redacted). Dirty Driveway, Chic Burlingame, Col Ted Westhusing and Agent Chips had all studied the dangers of PMI, privatized military intervention, t the cost of two lives. Dirty Driveway suggested that the Clinton’s were furious with WEINERGATE as it revealed Hillary’s 10 year secret regarding a Pakistan national thought to be from Saudi Arabia who didn’t spend much time with the World’s second most easily recognized Weiner just as Hillary Diane Road Hog Rockefeller didn’t get much out of GADGET BENT.

Karachi attack 'embarassing for Pakistan'

As Agent Vani ‘let go’ she screamed at the top of her heaving lungs. Chips buried her head in a pillow both to silence her and also as he wasn’t quite finished up. Hurrying up his application of the piledriving jackhammer technique it was a scant 14 minutes lately that Chips launched a batch from the banana into the Lemon Wedge which further soothed and quieted the Abel Danger Dispatcher from the Mahwah-Paramus Abel Danger Officer. Chips handed her a pre-moistened NAPAWASH and stuffed the monster into his Slingshot Rumpmaster in Full Combat Black with the initial XE on the outside of the EHP and the initials AD on the inside. As Chips reached for the Kiosk door to accept another PWA in for a debriefing an Immediate Weinergram came in from the Vancouver Office routed remotely out of Toulouse by a sweet young lady named Andrea of Bloomberg news. To soothe Agent Vani as well as himself, Chips selected C6 on his Clipper as the Lemon Wedge faded to Crystal Blue.

Weinergram 03 Immediate Weiner from RICO Gambolino to Abel Danger Canada, OODA interopers at Gatineau, Washington and Brussels and Agent Chips, Ginger Cookie and Suky Slicer, copy Baker Street: I'm told by a knowledgeable source that the riot perps were the same group of anarchists who hit the 2010 Olympics. That is a key clue IMO because as you know the Vancouver 2010 Olympics were set up to be a target of the Bilderberg Bankers group and probably were thwarted by Abel D! One wonders if somewhere someone has an al Qaeda-style database of provocateurs, saboteurs and other undesirables just waiting to be told where and when to strike even right here in B.C. ! One surmises they are aligned with people-smuggling networks that deal in abductions of young girls and boys and hit squads that snuff targets like Wendy Ladner. RICO, 34 Ford ready to deploy to Abbotsford.

Chips was adjusting himself to dress left as he noticed Agent Vani was wearing a Full Combat Thong in Pastel Crystal Blue indicating that the Weinerettes were on DEFCON 1 also. Seeing she was having a bit of trouble getting her over the shoulder boulder holder snapped he walked up behind her, lifted and separated the 44DDs then as she took charge of the melons he snapped all six of the pesky little metal snaps that were so difficult with just one hand at the Warner Theater at Ramey AFB in Sept. 1963 where Chips had first plied the trade. As he harked back to Sandy DeLynn another Weinergram came in on the Lil Red Clipper, a Priority from Marquis d’Cartier who was in France feeding Abel Danger information to BEA and Air France while fingering ALPA and ALPA attorneys and the POS paid mouth Peter J who once referred to Whistleblower Field McConnell as a TROUBLED GUY.

Abel Danger Agent RIMCHEESE in Urumqui, China AD Office

Weinergram 04, Immediate from Marquis d’Cartier to Baker Street, Banzai Pipeline, Hamish and all Abel Danger Canada, France and Belgium, copy Chips, Fanny Galore and Sonny Spanner: Chips delights in all things tight and the Stuxnet/City of London/Dimona noose is settling tightly around their skinny little necks of Rothschilds, AIG, COL and Citigroup. I note with delight the intentional mis-spelling of Alberta Darling’s true name so that Laureen cannot sue on behalf of Lauren as in Bacall. Here’s looking at you, kid. Also Michaelle Jean probably will get her Barbara Boxer shorts in a bunch if you leave out the A in her first name or the really cheesy umlaut not to be confused with a Cheese Omelet or our Chinese Military Agent Rim Cheese in Urumqui. If you want more ‘google baiting’ you will wish to use Laureen Harper and Michaelle Jean, with or without the cheesy umlaut. I’d like to know who moderated the 3 hour show on 15 June, 2011 archives up at It sounded much like Chips but was surely someone more moderate, pensive and with less ego. Jim Stone and Hamish both brought much insight to the table: despite their different tones, each had a plummy role. We seem to have a fresh, fruitful collaboration on our hands; one with reverberating, expansive dynamics. Marquis d’Cartier, umlaut coneisseur
Chips and Agent Vani noticed the Clippers were coming faster and faster which gave Vani a gutter like idea. As she manipulated an item in its EHP TI increased as both Weinerman and Weinerette Lemon Wedge read an incoming Priority from the Duck Pond in Plum City.

Weinerman 09 Priority Weinergram to Weinerman: Chips, hope you had a wonderful Fathers Day. As I was scattering the ‘chipper shredder remnants’ into the duck pond and glancing through the manual, Zen and the Guide to Aerator Maintenance, I realized the connection that I have to the Aviary Nation brings into perspective the importance of the vital role the Pelican plays as a bellweather to Nuclear tsunamis and Spilt Oil, not to be confused the the spilt oil you love to share with the weinerettes. The code for the upcoming briefing will be Peli-ticals. Legal authority via Code Gomez Agent RPM ps, wire on Rahm indicates Red Eagle wounded. Agent Royal Plum Metallic/RPM
Agent Suky Slicer brought Chips a bowl of fresh strawberries as Vani led Chips out of the CRF and placed a Pastel Lemon Wedge Burkha on her head. Suky cooed as she asked Agent Chips if he knew where she might find some cream for the Fresh Strawberries picked on Wednesday in her garden. As Chips took her hand to lead her to the debriefing stirrups she latched the door and removed her Burkha. Chips selected F4 on Suky’s Clipper Strawberry Basket and came to full battle strength as GUESS WHO sang while GUESS WHO ELSE penetrated the target area, much to the gushing satisfaction of the shy lass from near Northampton and Kelmarsh.

As Chips was standing in her garden, Suky prayed he would not throw his cards in prematurely as Operation BONER was set to push EGGHEAD off the wall. Suky harked back to a premonition she had had while dreaming of Agent Chips and his PTRC. As Chips was taking a long, long way she wondered if it had really been a dream, or something reported by BBC as she dozed dreaming of a debriefing by the WMPFP.

"These NBC scumbags purposely left out 'one nation, under God' in the delivery of this montage by flashing away to another scene, in both cases the military," wrote WND reader Keith Hendrick. "There is no question these executives at NBC who hate God, and at the same time, hate America, pushed this message through. I presume this message will be taken as legitimate enough to call NBC out on this injustice, in NBC's never-ending objective of destroying America's principles."

Read more: NBC dumps 'under God' from Pledge at U.S. Open

Chips brought Suky into the here and now as he called switch and she selected ‘doggie style-slow poke’ for her 30 minute session while she thought of the history of the Moors while Chips dished out all she could hope for while reading an incoming that made no sense to Chips as he spoke only English, Arabic, Navajo and Urdu.

Weinergram 5 from Weinerette AB in Gatineau to Marquis d’Cartier, Hamish, Agent Dwarf and Andrea with Bloomberg in France: Abel Danger Francophone has intercepted a communiqué entitled SMEAC-Soetero-Sinclair; attached here:Erreurs fréquentes lors de l'utilisation d'un préservatif Complètement Déroulez le préservatif jusqu'à la base du pénis, et s'assurer que le rouleau est à l'extérieur. Assurez-vous que il ya une petite quantité d'espace vide à gauche à l'extrémité du préservatif. L'air peut se retrouvent piégés à l'intérieur d'un préservatif et pourrait provoquer sa rupture. Ne jamais utiliser deux préservatifs à la fois. Utilisez la lubrification pour éviter les frottements. Manque de lubrification peut également causer une rupture du préservatif et est généralement la principale raison de ce qu'ils font. Alors lubrifier. Tenez le préservatif à la base pendant le retrait pour éviter le préservatif glisser tout en tirant. L'éjaculation peut fait le côté in-de préservatifs très glissante. Larry Sinclair et Rammer Rahm hâte de Red Eagle, Clintons still furious at Huma as photo below frustrates Glamourboy’s wife. Beard in Gatineau
Barack Obama and David Cameron Kissing with Tongues

Agent Chips thought back to Old Mother Hubbard’s which was just east of Plymouth, England when he visited last in May, 2011. The poem was quite touching :

Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard,
To get poor old Rover a bone,
But when she bent over, old Rover drove her,
And gave her a bone of his own.

Suddenly it came to Chips what Agent Jellyfish-Q had meant in a Clipper received before Weinerette protocols were commenced as the Clintons were still furious with Huma over the Weinergate exposure of a 10 year relationship that was THRUST UPON a 22 year old Pakistani by a much older and high mileage Thunder Thighs, yuk !

JELLYFISH Q routine Clipper to Agent Chips, Banzai Pipeline, Atomic Betty and Dwarf, copy Hamish and Tiny Dancer: Chips, Banzai and Q in Gatineau , Check Marcy’s use of HSBC – a preferred lender to the U.S. SBA 8(a) program and sponsor of SOS Children’s Villages Canada. She seems to have used HSBC loans to procure contract hits through including the May 1 snuff-film murder of Osama bin Laden, fraudulently attributed by Barack Hussein Obama to Navy SEALs. Check for phony online recruiting of Marcy "wannabes" to mobilize an attack on the Homeland while the legit guys are deployed protecting America from its enemies. was launched in 1997, and incorporated in 2001 as a Veteran-owned business authorized to participate in a phony continuity of government exercise of 911 by SBA then-Chief Operating Officer, Kristine Marcy. With over 100,000 members and growing, is a secret army which extrorts a tax on breath as in Sierra Club and Adirondack Council, The Navy League, and others. Am I correct in recalling EDGE MEDIA had this information on 3/31/11 when Jesse Ventura and Field McConnell appeared on the same TV show?I will review the TV show and see if Louise Arbour has any relationship to both the Prison for Women in Kingston and the upcoming PANIC ATTACK on the OCTOpus banks to cloud the fact that the Clintons are still furious with Huma Weiner’s friend ‘shrimpy’. Louise Arbour, Louis L’Amour and Desert Pete need to meet. Request update from Desert Pete or Baker Street. Jellyfish Q

Having primed the pump, Chips was pumping like there’s a fire, which there was in fact according to the moaning of Agent Suky, Agent of Abel Danger Kelmarsh. Chips passed her the Minnesota Vikings tube sock to muff the moaning while he saw that Desert Pete was a man with a quick trigger finger which reminded Chips to put his finger on her trigger as urged by the Beatles before the Long and Winding Road ended for we Baby Boomers and Ramey Bombers.

Weinerman 11 Immediate Weingram to Weinerman, MdC, Skymaster, Banzai Pipeline, Mitch Stack, Courtly Stonewall and all Weinerettes excepting Suky: If our blockage of Red Eagle and Calhoun NUC succeeds, R&R will counter with this, according to 221B Baker and 1 Canada SQ:OCTOPUS banks - three from the US and five from Europe - are being targeted for capital surcharges of 2.5 per cent of their assets, adjusted for risk, on top of the 'Basel III' minimum of 7 per cent set by global regulators last year. The list is an informal effort to forge a global compromise and has not been formally circulated awaiting Abel Danger review and linkage of Louise Arbour to the Trudeau Tuna Trap If the ideas are adopted, ¬Citigroup, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, BNP Paribas, Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays would have to maintain core tier one capital ratios of 9.5 per cent, according to three people briefed on the discussions whilst Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Plum City Federal and Credit Suisse would be in the next category down, facing a surcharge of 2 per cent and total minimum ratio of 9 per cent. Preliminary SNIPH of Lima Alpha is negative pending French language research by Agents MdC in YVR and Atomic Betty in Gatineau/Lac Leamy steamy creamy. Desert Pete.
Suky Slicer passed Chips an opened tin of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters indicating she wanted a force multiplier when the Oyster Transfer would be completed, some 3 plus hours hence, which would communicate outside of the Onion Route Authority and with no VPN Virtual Floating Matrix trace or exposure to Matrix V or Stuxnet monitoring according to MIT, ISI and BVD. Suky reversed course and turned the tables on Chips as she was driven mad and needed to BOB FOR APPLES as she preferred calling it not being a twadderish inhabitant of the gutter. As Chips allowed the change, an incoming routine Weinergram arrived from the Man who Likes Mineral Water.

Weinerman 2 routine Weingram to Weinerman: Chips, Check Marcy’s use of ‘Navajo Code Talker’ through sub-contractor Nova on 911 and the OBL contract hit. NOVA Corporation is 100% tribally owned by the Navajo Nation. Recognized by the Small Business Administration (SBA), it is certified as a tribally Owned 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business with headquarters offices located on the Navajo Nation reservation in Window Rock, Arizona; Chambersburg, Pennsylvania; and Albuquerque, New Mexico. NOVA Corporation provides unique, custom solutions to meet its customers’ communications needs, including multi-purpose systems that gather information from dozens of different sources. NOVA plans and executes the installation, operations and maintenance, and removal of CISCO and Juniper network switches and routers, and associated equipment to provide network access; it provides touch-labor support for network staff for troubleshooting network connectivity and scheduled network outages; it installs network hardware and associated cabling; performs network design reviews for new projects; develops scripts for processing network data (IP addresses, ACLs, etc.); applies regular maintenance; and system configurations on CISCO and Juniper network switches and routers, and associated equipment; maintains Fluke Network cable/fiber test equipment and Inductive Amplifier (Fox and Hound) to ensure working condition. Its employees have CCNA certification and Security + certification; Solaris System Administration, Cisco ACL and firewall configurations and Top Secret/SCI. Marcy makes sure they get set up for Matrix 5 hits by giving NOVA advantages of Navajo Preference in Employment Act. In as much as Dr. Thomas Hale is DOA, if the shit hits the fan can we set up at the WISC tunnel complex again? This shit is so predictable that I believe I will play scrabble and have a double mineral water with three lime slices not to be confused with the THREE BLIND MICE” Hamish

While Suky continued in her headmistress role Chips harked back to Viet Nam where Chico, Stormy and Gunsmoke had ensured there were no blind mice when it came to killing the rats in the MIGS. After Viet Nam, Chips changed his callsign to SMOKE as it saved a syllable and hence gave him more time to hammer home his message to lovely assets like Fanny Galore, Agent Vani, Suky Slicer, Ginger Cookie and even Agent Bean. He looked forward to debriefing Atomic Betty at the Lac Leamy Steamy Creamy or Agent Bean in the Bat Cave at WISC in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin. Needless to say, when they get rocked in Wisconsin they are no longer maidens, if you know where my heads at. And if the BROWN SHIRTS ever try and come to Wisconsin, they will be met with 400,000 BROWN BATS now eating mosquitoes near Maiden Rock, Wisconsin where Agent Chips had 4 cars in the Summerfest parade on 18 June, 2011 according to Weinerettes covering the event and determining that the CLINTONS ARE STILL FURIOUS AT HUMA. Agent Chips has been leaving SMOKED OYSTERS on the shore of Lake Pepin and now the bat flights has swollen from 100K to 400K during Abel Danger’s Operation BATWING 3572.

Suky Slicer came up for air and Chips rolled her over and commenced Old Mother Hubbard’s ROVER technique as another Clipper came in, this one from Ginger Cookie at the wheel of the HUMPTY DUMPTY Chips Van.

Weinergram 13 from Weinerette BANGME to Weinerman: Chips Check Obama’s visit first to 9/11 families then SEALs who allegedly took out Bin Laden. Didn’t happen; Marcy or Lena Trudeau used a Francophonie hit team infiltrated into the legits. Obama visited Fort Campbell, Kentucky home to 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, but they were not part of wannabe 8(a) team hired by Marcy to produce live video of execution-style killing of OBL. Obama met Vice Admiral William McRaven, thought to be the man in charge of the Bin Laden raid. Bullshit it was SES and the Canadian Stallion. The certificate authority to kill Osama bin Laden on May 1 was delegated to Marcy and her 8(a) sub-contractors to through Matrix 5 Entrust public key infrastructure in the custody of Canadian Governor General David Johnston. are ready for the 12-12-12 London Olympics; you must unplug from Suky Slicer so I can come back for Operation PRTC Topoff: just google [Arrow Air Flight 285 + Tuna Trap + Accuracy + Chips] to verify Abel Danger can, and must, stop the 12 August 12 attack at London Olympics. Recall that Fort Campbell was the destination for the Arrow Air passengers involved in a previous virtual deception and they got SMOKED: Arrow Air Flight 1285 was a McDonnell Douglas DC-8-63CF jetliner, registered N950JW, which operated as an international charter flight carrying U.S. troops from Cairo, Egypt, to their home base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, via Cologne, Germany and Gander, Newfoundland. On the morning of December 12, 1985, shortly after takeoff from Gander en route to Fort Campbell, the aircraft stalled, crashed, and burned about half a mile from the runway, killing all 256 passengers and crew on board. Pastel Ginger Snap, hop to it.”

Thinking about Goose and Gander he realized that the Ottawa Leaker, Agent Q, had cooked the Gooses of those caught in the Trudeau Tuna Trap just as Weinerman had made the Clinton furious for exposing the true relationship between Hillary and Huma, who then cooked Anthony Weiner’s goose if you take the time to take a gander.

Chips understood the urgency in Ginger Cookie’s transmission. He also had a urge to add some fluid to her transmission as his dipstick was primed to be pumped. In the interest of global piece, I say again PIECE, he asked Suky if she’d authorize a quickie. No verbal response was required as she auto-dilated down to the circumference of a pencil, number 4 lead, and exploculated, falling into a quivering heap under the PRTC which 7 cycles later offered a voluminous reward for a job well done. As Chips handed Suky a NAPAWASH he referred back to Operation WET BEAVER, BONER, and HUMPTY DUMPTY briefing guides to determine how best to Climax Red Eagle while Calhoun NUC was already blocked. Chips wondered aloud if the CLINTONS WERE STILL FURIOUS AT HUMA.

He was quite certain he could create some angst with the City of London if he would release his letter of 6 April, 2008 which caused Sarah Palin to replace Tim Pawlenty on the faux McCain ticket as Abel Danger succeeded in fauxing both McCain and Pawlenty, capeche? It had been suggested to him by those loyal oath servants in DNI and Naval Intel who had twice honored Chips and Captain Sherlock. To any doubters, simply google [ chips + navy intelligence magazine ] or [ captain Sherlock + us naval war college ].

Suky Slicer had used three NAPAWASHs to ‘freshen up’ and donned her pastel strawberry cream Burkha to return to CONSOLE 3. Meeting Agent Ginger Cookie in the narrow door to the CRF she halted so as not to create a BOOB overload of the CRF doorspace as two sets of 44DDs exceeds the SAE specifications of the CRF door in the DHS Humpty Dumpty Van deployed to England at same time the 300 Israeli Nuc accident trucks had been ‘prepositioned’ near Fukushima which was a BONEHEAD move by the City of London perverts, pardon the redundancy.

As Ginger Cookie lubed up, Chips at 117% TI removed her Burkha and propped up an 8 x 11 glossy of the City of London nominee to replace SWAN at the FBI. Chips knew that one glance at Jamie would cause a flaccid attack if necessary. As Ginger Cookie backed into position for her favored ‘pushback’ option, she verbally briefed Chips on a dream she had had regarding a Star Trib article as it might appear in October, 2012 if Tim was even on the radar by then.

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is running for the GOP presidential nomination and will announce his bid Monday in Iowa unless Agent Chips 'dusts off' the Treason Charges against John McCain filed on 6 April 2008 which caused Treason Timbo to be replaced by Sarah Palin in April, 2008. That's according to an adviser with direct knowledge of the plans but no knowledge of the Treason charges delivered to Pawlenty, then governor, and his (then) Chief Justice Anderson. The adviser tells The Associated Press Pawlenty will declare his candidacy at a town hall style event in Des Moines, Iowa. The adviser disclosed the information on condition of anonymity fearing illumination by Wisconsin's Abel Danger who is set to illuminate Agent Q; is it Louise Arbour? Pawlenty will make the announcement in the state with the leadoff nominating caucuses and then head to Florida, New Hampshire, New York and Washington, D.C. The move was widely expected. The 50-year-old Pawlenty has been laying the groundwork for a run for more than a year. He took the first step in March by setting up an exploratory committee and he has built campaign operations in several key states, but not in Wisconsin where he 'fears to tread'. He has also requested MI6 to arrange an accident for Agent Chips who was supposed to be aboard OMEGA 2 on 19 May, 2011 at NAS Pt. Mugu.

After recounting her dream she assumed the RABBIT EAR posture and encouraged Chips to google [Tim Pawlenty + Stink Bugs] to learn which two Presidential hopefuls would have the wind taken out of their sails by Abel Danger by the end of this chapter.

Tim Pawlenty goes after Mitt Romney, part two

Chips kept his mind on his mission of boinking Agent Ginger Cookie in the interest of Global Peace and told her that any googling would have to wait until the cessation of the Tuvalu Bugaloo that had compromised Hillary-Huma-Kristine-Lena-Rona-Laureen and Michelle Jean, the leaking machine, capeche?

Agent Ginger Cookie understood the thrust of his point but refused to be redressed, at least not in the ensuing 4 hours as Operation BONER and Operation WET BEAVER replaced Operation HUMPTY DUMPTY as the Trudeau Tuna Trap had accomplished the mission for which it was deployed in accordance with Isaiah 55:11. Chips thought a little country music would help keep him from an early exploculation so as he propped up the glossy of the Queen of the Deepwater Horizon with honorary degrees from Waco, Murrah, 9/11, Fannie Mae etc he got into the groove in a manner most welcome by an Agent who was EASY AS PIE, although Chips would never be so crass as to rub it in. As Agent Crusher blocked a HAARP-tone Chips kept up his end of the bargain brokered by the BANGME Agent monitoring the German Air Force assets in and out of Bangor International on 19, 20 and 21 June, 2011, along with C17s from Dover and Charleston and N64QS.

Agent Ginger Cookie thought back to the time which she had to prop Chips to get his Beaver started prior to a hasty escape from TROUBLED GUY LAKE in Pierce County, Wisconsin.

Field McConnell USNA ’71, alleges treason by
Senator John McCain against the United States

Text of open e-mail sent April 6, 2008 for attention: In the State of Minnesota: Governor Tim Pawlenty, Chief Justice Russell A. Anderson, In the State of North Dakota: Governor John Hoeven, Chief Justice Gerald W. VandeWalle,

From: Field McConnell, USNA '71, Astana, Kazakhstan 28 year airline and 22 year military pilot, 23,000 hours of safety Forensic Economist at Hawks' CAFE

Copies for reference: US Vice-President, Richard Cheney, Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper Rodney Stich, International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI LA1206) Kristine Marcy, McConnell International LLC Dr. Jack Stockwell

To: Governor, Judge and/or Justice in State(s) of Reference:

Alleged treason by Senator John McCain against the United States

I, Field McConnell USNA '71, believe that John McCain, the Senator from Arizona and a former commander of the Replacement Air Group 174 and second-in-command of the U.S. Navy's Senate liaison office, committed a treason against the United States with an attempted coup d’etat during the 9/11 war game "Global Guardian" in which I allege, Senator McCain directed a Skywarrior attack on Wedge 1 of the Pentagon with the intention of destroying the U.S. Naval Command Center and killing its staff, including duty officer Captain Gerald DeConto, and thereby disrupting the presidential chain of command and communications with U.S. Navy assets around the world.

As evidence of Senator McCain's alleged treason, I ask you to examine the images above which I am ready to swear before the courts are to the best of my knowledge and belief, images of the Skywarrior with which McCain intended to destroy the U.S. Naval Command Center.

“In his book, The Nightingale's Song, Robert Timberg .. wrote, "in the fall of 1974, McCain was transferred to Jacksonville as the executive officer of Replacement Air Group 174 .. A few months later, he assumed command of the RAG, which trained pilots and crews for carrier deployments .. While Executive Officer and later as Squadron Commander McCain used his authority to arrange frequent flights that allowed him to carouse with subordinates and "engage in extra-marital affairs.” . . . In early 1977, Admiral Jim Holloway, Chief of Naval Operations promoted McCain to captain and transferred him from his command position "to Washington as the number-two man in the Navy's Senate liaison office. It wasn't long before the "fun loving and irreverent" McCain had turned the liaison office into a "late-afternoon gathering spot where senators and staffers, usually from the Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees, would drop in for a drink and the chance to unwind." In 1979 at a military reception in Honolulu, McCain met Cindy Hensley, an attractive 25-year-old woman from a very wealthy politically-connected Arizona family. Cindy's father, Jim, founded the Hensley and Company, the nation's third-largest Anheuser-Busch distributor. .. While still married to Carol, McCain began an adulterous relationship with Cindy. He married Cindy in May 1980 -- just a month after dumping Carol and securing a divorce. The newlyweds honeymooned in Hawaii. McCain followed his young, millionairess wife back to Arizona where her father helped catapult McCain into politics, Today, Cindy Hensley McCain is chairwoman of Hensley's board of directors. Hensley and Company financial reports show assets worth a minimum of $28 million for the McCains”

TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 115 > § 2382 Misprision of treason .. Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

I advise you that this open communication by e-mail is intended to discharge obligations under § 2382 Misprision of treason to disclose my knowledge of the commission of a treason against the United States by John McCain and I believe that on receipt of this communication you are obliged to do likewise or arrange for me to be sued for libel.

The above allegation as to information and belief is in addition to what was provided to US AG Mukasey on 3 October, 2007 in the form of Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 "Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians" also filed in Clerk's Office, Federal District Court of North Dakota 655 1st Ave. North, Suite 130, Fargo ND 58102

Yours sincerely,

Agent Chips
Abel Danger Global
Plum City WI

Agent Ginger Cookie was sudsing like a Maytag and had it not been for an urgent call from Agent Chips the gunfire she mistook for hail could have been on target.

“Switch” called Chips and as the two impassionate lovers wrestled as one three shots from a grassy knoll, a book depository and a storm drained missed Ginger Cookie as three other nude Dangerettes wearing Burkha’s stormed the CRF to share in some of the essence of Chips.

As Agent Chips worked on the four lovehungry ladies he wondered if Hillary Diane Rodham Rockefeller and the Oxford Rapist would eventually fall victim to WEINERGATE. Chips smiled to himself as he thought “I like my odds” and doubled his stroke to finish of Ginger Cookie with a rimshot at the buzzer as he looked forward to another lapdance from Agent Natalya Antonov of Krakow, Poland as soon as Poland throws the BS flag at Al Gore’s Carbon-fraud and the Souris River floods setting off the Calhoun NUC fraud during Operation RED EAGLE if Abel Danger cannot stop USCG, North Command, DHS and FEMA from doing the bidding of COL, SES and Vatican.

Sheikh al-Faqir yur-Buti

Notice to Bombardier, FAA, FBI and USDOJ: The illegally modified Bombardier jets are busted:

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