Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lesbian Cults, Pedophile Oaths and Guild of Patented Hits - Chapter 2

Did Hiebert Governor General take Harvard pedophile oath?
Rona Russ Bombardier Bomb – London & Olympics Underground – Come Home

Dublin Corrs Dundalk led Chips, April Cunning and SueLou from Bellevue below decks, Captain Ian Brute Astute blew ballast. Candidate Hamish clippered Chips on how Brucey Baby and Sis used 8(a) funds to keep Staub and Hiebert ignorant of Bombardier’s Olympic 911 bombs. He told him that the EW pilot and homicidal pedophile Williams, had been ordered by his lesbian-cult commander to stand down Canada's airborne defenders during the Winter Olympic Games. The team establishes the Crown Sisters’ MO; a Bombardier Trust re-routes Francophonie trigger signals to igniters or detonators per FLQ – Front de libération du Québec; same MO as with the London Underground Bomb. Agent Dwarf clippered Chips to check out Ronalee "Rona" Ambrose former Minister of State for Status of Women Canada and Minister of Western Economic Diversification. He was also told to look at Gordon O'Connor Minister of State and Chief Government Whip who turned command of Anglophones in the Canadian Forces over to Bombardier francophones in Operation Pig Phucer. Chips decided that these folks needed SNIPH security checks; more rigorous than those given Williams. April Cunning was showing willingness for a quick dénouement when her signature 5 cycle cervical squeeze caused an Oyster launch of epic volume and impressive pressure. Dwarf clippered Chips with gay reasons for Margaret’s night with the Rolling Stones in the NYC hotel. Chips tried to satisfy Agent SueLou of Bellevue but he launched a load early to a whisper of “Bis dat, qui cito dat” so she hunkered down with her auto-dilator to enhance performance of her tail gunner, to borrow a term from WWII bomber pilots.

As Dublin Corrs Dundalk led Chips, April Cunning and SueLou from Bellevue below decks, Captain Ian Brute Astute blew ballast, called ALL AHEAD FLANK and set course for Kittyhawk Rendezvous, in accordance with Operation SPADE FLUSH, Coronet CROWN VICTORY, and the Canadian DEAD STALLION / COOKED GOOSE which would probably create another vacancy at #24 Sussex. Pisser. As they we greeted by Ian Brute Astute, April Cunning gave Chips a status check finding the turgidity at 105% as Agent SueLou from Bellevue disappeared below the table as she apparently was going bobbing for something other than apples, capeche? She and the OTTAWA LEAKER had caucused in regards to PROVIDE PLEASURE, a distaff operation running concurrent to SPADE FLUSH and including an event in Branson, Missouri set for 21 May, 2011 if the BLOCKING TACTICS of Abel Danger Global were to successfully block the Airbus Widebody Event set for 28-30 April, 2011 to upstage the ROYAL PITA SNUB and also the Threat Window of 8-11 May, 2011 where the FEMA DHS Madrid Fault event was thought to be scheduled. Chatter purloined from a bedroom bug at #24 indicated it could be as late as Memorial Day in the US, 30 May, 2011. Chips turned toward April Cunning’s chair and saw a hand written note: “Excessive MI, CRF, 3 minutes, a hard man is good to find, let’s rock Chips”.

Chips thought ahead to his next trip to City of London and his potential targeting as a MAN IN THE MIDDLE of a complicated plan with no one to show him the signs.

He recalled how the perfect plan worked out poorly for Joe Kennedy, Jr. as he and his suck-up copilot in the BQ8 were shot down by Elliott Roosevelt, simply because Joe Jr. was the man in the middle between Eleanor Roosevelt, a Crown Agents Sister and Rebekah wife of an Odd Fellow, and the wife of a wanker in Scotland, pardon the redundancy, who did not want to ‘share’ with Kennedy, or any other yank, profits in the selling of Scotch Whiskey inside the continental USA which, since 1871, has been a Corporation owned and controlled by the Crown. Chips realized that if he were to travel to Milton Keynes again after the Royal Wedding he might be walking into an IMPERFECT PLAN just as Joe Kennedy Jr. did on 12 August, 1944. Chips had plans to go to Milton Keynes and Stoke on Trent for speaking events 31 March and 2 April but a ‘bluebird’ told him that if spoke at Stoke the Truth regarding the Evil Triad or the Co-joined Twin he would never leave England alive again. Bringing merit to that argument was the fact that Edge Media could not explain why the taped interview did not get broadcast at 8 p.m. on 21 April, 2011 as promised. Chips realized if he were to die in less than 2 months time he should not pass up a tempting 29 year old such as April Cunning, especially while her MI was beyond ‘splendid’, so he put saving the world on the back burner and slipped below to join Agent April Cunning in Operation Hard Man. Surely April would consider that a good find.

Chips’ 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini jar, 16 ounce Branson Barn Burner jars, Hamish mineral water/lime slice

Chips gave his signature knock on the CRF door, which was ajar, but not like the Ball jars from which Agent Chips prefers to drink his CSMs such as the ones stirred by Ginger Cookie, Atomic Betty or Agent SueLou of Bellevue. Due to his sense of heightened security as the FAA was dropping their silly color codes of domestic terror threat levels, he saw that April Cunning had draped her Pastel Nile Blue Item of Clothing over the TV rabbit ear antenna and next to it was her matching Pastel Nile Blue Clutch Bag Clipper Phone from the Smytheson Sale catalog ‘leather goods’ section. He understood she wanted to strike her favoured ‘Mustang’ position where she would place her tail wheel on his main strut, in aviation terms at least. Chips saw the empty aerosol can of Redi Whip so he knew she was good to go so no burdensome foreplay was required, so he set C240 and F4 on her Clutch Bag Clipper Phone and as the music started Chips assumed a mild 540 rpm synergistic security protocol to make sure this really was April Cunning.

Chips recognized key phrases ‘Look Thru Any Window’, ‘Smiling Faces’, ‘driver’s, ‘Sly Ways’, ‘Little Children all around’, ‘Little ladies in their gowns’, ‘heavy load’. As he thought of the widely increasing girth of FLATUS 44 to delay premature exploculation he realized that April Cunning was acknowledging that Abel Danger IT at the Fargo Campus of MicroSoft, as opposed to Plum City’s Campus of LengthyTurgid, was signaling they could now watch ‘real time’ the networking of the “filthy fifty” women deployed by the Evil Triad intending to upstage the Royal Wedding and also trigger the New Madrid Fault. Smiling Faces was a reference to the banner of 50 women and one Marine at the home page of Abel Danger, a global leaderless intelligence force doing business at and and he realized April was reminding him to focus on the faces that were smiling in the run-up to Operation SPADE FLUSH.

As Chips was getting her message, she was also receiving the message that he was driving home still at the lower 540 RPM protocol as suggested by Royal Plum Metallic, the Abel Danger Agent who maintained the aerators at the Plum City Duck Pond across from Molly’s on Main in Plum City, Wisconsin. As Chips was considering ‘drivers’ he understood that she was encouraging him to commence the ‘pile driver’ technique and to trigger multiple responses from her prior to COL, concentrated oyster launch, not to be confused with the City of London who had deployed Barrack Hussein Obama and a wide-body woman to drive down the property values in the United States for benefit of a Rothschild ‘cradle robber’ married to and ‘old money’ wop, but not like doo wop, a form of music popular in the United States from 1948 to 1965 where groups black, white or mixed would stand on the street corners and harmonize such as this megahit from a group that still ‘get it’ in 2011 as well as they did 50 years ago.

When he reviewed ‘sly ways’ and ‘little children all around’ he understood she was referring to the linkage of evil and the SOS-CV talent pools located in 132 nations where pedophiles could custom order a disposable unit of pleasure to be discarded, after abuse, in manners similar to Jon Benet Ramsey or Maddy McCann, or Johnny Gosch of Nebraska or Jacob Wetterling of Minnesota, all to be investigated by Agent Chips of Plum City. He understood the SHAME OF SIN Children’s Villages, see also COMMON PURPOSE of UK, were to be exposed by Abel Danger so as to share the Hope and Change of Easter Morning’s arising with all the global little people, many vulnerable adults- GOOGLE HOLLIE GRIEG – and the least of the brothers of the First One Arisen. Chips thought of the Abel Danger Agent from Canada who had worked as an Air Traffic Controller at CYXX before moving to Central America to keep an eye on the ‘sparrows’ of Building 7.

Chips was thinking back to how Colonel Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams had looked through many windows at little ladies in their gowns and Chips was committed to proving that the reason why GLAMOUR BOY’S shrunken military had the clothing, kit and his vast collection of little girls undergarments burned by corrupt Canadian authorities intending to hide both the DNA of the Canadian Stallion from scenes of pedophile sex crimes committed by both The Canadian Stallion and the Harriman woman that lived at the same address with a pussy named Rosebud, capeche? Chips was just considering the steganographic significance of HEAVY LOAD when at the 30 minute point April Cunning blurted out Чипсы, переключатель и держать его с длительным часть which is Russian for switch although the Russians don’t share April’s economy of words.

As Chips honored her request and repositioned from ‘Mustang’ to ‘pile driver’ his thoughts regarding HEAVY LOAD were eclipsed by an incoming clipper, an Immediate which was received by both Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun and April Cunning’s Pastel Nile Yellow Clutch bag created by the former Rave Queen who like to do Tricky with the Bullers and Fishmongers and has a pair of tattoos, one a dolphin on her ankle and the other on her…..oh, perhaps I better not admit I have seen it due to its location adjacent to the TA.

Agent OTTAWA LEAKER Immediate Clipper to Agent Chips, Ian Brute Astute, Agent Dunroamin of Canada, and Pierre LePeu of 5th Wing, Goose, copy April Cunning and SueLou of Belleveue: “Our Lansdowne Technologies bug-emplacement snitch near #24 Sussex suggests we check out Russ Hiebert, Rona Ambrose and Gordon O'Connor re leaks via Onion Router encryption and Bombardier EW aircraft to the homicidal pedophile and fellow bombers of Kabul. The Schlumberger LEAKER suggests GLAMOUR BOY (Harper) appointed him parliamentary secretary to the Minister of National Defence, Gordon O'Connor in 2006 and he generated ‘positive headlines’ in January 2007 by delivering wheelchairs to a hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan. We suspect the wheelchairs were the first components of a Martec supply chain for improvised explosive devices from a Lloyd’s Register-owned company in Quebec. On October 10, 2007 Hiebert was appointed as the inaugural parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of Western Economic Diversification, Rona Ambrose. He was on the Standing Committee on Ethics, Privacy and Access to Information which held hearings on the Mulroney-Schreiber affair and deflected Parliament from recognizing that Mulroney took the bribes to set up the Bombardier EW capability to conceal francophone attacks with Parisien’s Blowfish, Queen Hornet’s Onion Router and Martec’s IEDs on targets in the Anglosphere such as BP and the Deepwater Horizon. Chips, The Schlumberger LEAKER suggests GORILLAWOMAN is not willing to take the fall regarding DEEPWATER HORIZON and the resistance by the Princeton Perverter of Justice has started a ‘catfight’ between Hillary and her Handler, Kristine Marcy. Abel Danger Global seeks permission to deploy Abel Danger BVR LEAKER. Standing by for deployment to Branson, Bond Street, Baker Street or Paris. OTTAWA LEAKER.”

Chips continued ‘operation pile driver’ on the tri-lingual April Cunning which made her a cunning linguist, I say again, cunning linguist, as he selected ‘dictate’ on his Clipper Squirt Gun to respond verbally to the OTTAWA LEAKER.

“Ottawa Leaker; I am knee deep in a security probe but suggest you contact Banzai Pipeline and Abigail Chopsticks seeking consensus that it is time to deploy BVR LEAKER simultaneously at #10, #24 and #1600. To determine the source of the leak include a CD of Tricky on #10, directions to a nearby hotel to #24, and a $50 bucket of KFC at #1600.

Agents James Crosby, Atomic Betty and Fanny Galore 4/29/11

If no response in the negative by Banzai Pipeline or Abigail Chopsticks, please have Umbrellaman signal “SPADE FLUSH LEAKER” to all Abel Danger Agents. The first 3 BVR LEAKERS will go as described in the Briefing Guide for Operation SPADE FLUSH, the ten additional addressees are alluded to in the youTube included therein. I will be debriefing for another 3 hours, Chips”

Chips had no sooner pulled the trigger on the voicemail to OTTAWA LEAKER than April Cunning cycled her cervix three times while saying, “Chips, kjør hjemmet ditt budskap, men la oss gå uptempo og høre på Sweet Talkin kvinne av ELO, bryter” which is Norwegian for ‘switch’. Apparently Scandanavians use more words so they can bask at the loveliness of the ladies of the north, capeche. As Chips went up tempo, still in Pile Driver, he selected C6 and C180 as the debriefing got more in depth.

April Cunning’s tattoo on her left shoulder was getting saturated with perspiration as the security debriefing was about ready to get real lethal, at least for the FILTHY FIFTY, the global female perverts who were about ready to turn on Jamie Gorelick, Kristine Marcy and Hillary Clinton for allowing an OODA INTERLOPER to look through any window, but in a different way that the woman in the orange bustier on the banner of homepage. Chips was focusing on THUNDER THIGHS to forestall exploculation when an Immediate Clipper came into his Clipper Squirt Gun from the Vancouver Public Library as Chips kept up his hammering of the message to April Cunning, the Cunning Linguist of Abel Danger Fargo.

KSM Witness Marquis d’Cartier Immediate Clipper to Agent Chips, copy Banzai Pipeline, Hamish and any Dangerette being probed by Chips: “I think it is time to update our verbiage and delete phrases such as ‘act of war’. That is OLDTHINK – war is a racket (Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler) with far too much 'collateral damage' (innocent civilian victims) – and what we wrestle against now is an international RICO involving a ‘legal-financial-commercial’ pirate class that blurs traditional boundaries as was the whole idea behind GHWB’s ‘thousand points of light’, capeche? The United States became a foreign controlled corporation when the Geddes Safe was removed from the scene of the crime of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. It was moved to David Cameron’s family estate in Scotland which is the home of the perverts who serially abused Hollie Grieg, a crime which will be adjudicated by THE JUDGE. In addition to the Corporation of the United States, Vatican City became a foreign owned Corporation in 1929 but went ‘unnoticed’ due to the engineered WALL ST CRASH just as the Royal Wedding will go unnoticed if Abel Danger cannot block the AIRBUS WIDEBODY HIT in threat window 28-30 April, 2011. Both Corporations (US and VC) were created by and for benefit of the third square mile (TSM) which is City of London which conceived the attack of 9/11 which would have succeeded if Abel Danger had not imputed a 41 minute delay in the departure of Captain Jason Dahl’s United 93 causing the second A 3 Sky Warrior to be sent to a watery grave in W386 airspace under GIANTKILLER control as directed by the Senior Executive Service ‘homo’ that was obstructing NEADS. So the 3 square miles of DC, VC, and COL effectively control the world and have from the Phoenicians became Venetians then moved to ORANGE (1600s) Amsterdam before infesting the City of London. City of London did 9/11, period. Of course they got some junior varsity Canadians to pull it off just like a short Frog pulled his BONAPARTE. Chips, when you pull your probe out of the receptacle, give me a call on Clipper 71, Marquis d’Cartier.”
William of Orange may have moved the Phoenician-Venetian-Dutch bankers to the square mile of evil in City of London, but it would be Williams of Orange, you know the THE CANADIAN STALLION in the orange bustier, that would help overturn the tables of the money changers as Operation SPADE FLUSH would simultaneously cause moving vans to be parked outside #10, #24 and #1600 when Abel Danger’s Master Swordsman announces:

1. Barry Soetero has a CUKC Passport and was positioned to implode America.

2. David Cameron’s Scottish Geddes bank safe held the ignition instructions for the GREAT CHICAGO FIRE in 1871 to allow the Corporation of DC to enslave all Americans through instruments of debt not backed by any cash or hard assets. See Banker’s Manifesto of 1892. When it comes to HARD and ASS SETS Abel Danger is at the top of the heap, not to be confused with Tight End Todd Heap, #86 of the Baltimore Ravens. Edgar Allan Poe was from Baltimore and penned the Raven long before Agent Chips of Annapolis gaffed the OCTOPUS.

3. Stephen GLAMOUR BOY Harper is protecting CANADIAN STALLION. This is being done to suppress Truth regarding Canada’s attack on America of 9/11.

While Hillary, Gorelick and Marcy throw hissy fits and act like belligerent bovines – admittedly disrespectful to bovines – some previously UNKNOWN RIDERS are trotted out onto the track as Agent Chips begins his run for the roses and his candidacy for public office as opposed to his occupancy of pubic orifice, in fiction, mind you. Chips was getting blurry vision as April Cunning cycled at 1000 RPM, the hi speed PTO setting on Chips’ 1984 IH 284 with the 28 horse Mazda gas engine not to be confused with the 3 cylinder Nissan diesel engine which put an end the IH 284 in 1984 as the Filthy Fifty began their attack on America’s industrial capacity for benefit of China and the pussies in the Francophonie, pardon the redundancy. Please review the fag flag of the Francophonie and see a self consuming circle of pastel on the standard French surrender white flag used in WWI, WWII, War in Indochina (Viet Nam) and the Somalia and Rwanda adventures engineered to enucleate the Canadian military, most notably the Parachute Regiment a.k.a. the Canadian Airborne.

Chips felt a good vibration so he pictured SASQUATCH, the first 300 pound FLOTUS since Rebekah Eleanor Roosevelt, to forestall an early exploculation as incoming immediate from Marquis d’Cartier, who was masterful at finding some of the leading ‘players’ in the French and French related banking houses, came into his Clipper Squirt Gun as he tried to keep another gun from doing likewise.

Agent Marquis d’Cartier Immediate Clipper to Chips and all Abel Danger French Speakers, copy Atomic Betty: “Chips, presumo tu hai il naso alla mola così sarò breve. Ho trovato un altro pezzo di merda francese, perdono la ridondanza. My recent 5 day trip to Venice resulted in discoveries concerning DRJdR who was born 15 December, 1942 in NYC. See Concordia BV (Holland) and Continuation Holdings (Swiss). He is a DeBeers discard. ‘Cradle Robber’ married an Aldobrandini in 1974. Follow the money. I presume you are also sniffing around. Keep it up, Agent Marquis d’Cartier PS I sent coded message in Italian so the Cradle Robber wouldn’t ‘get it’ while you are busy getting lots of it, in a manner of speaking.”
Chips indeed was getting it, as was April ‘the insatiable’ Cunning not to be confused with Major April Cunningham, USAF, who on 12-11-2006 worked for ADM Tim Keating USN and USNA ‘71, Commander of Northern Command or the Army April Gallop who was suing some people in high places over the French and Canadian attack on the Anglosphere for benefit of the Francophonie not to be confused with Barney Frank the gay phony who perverted justice as a member of the ever swelling PASTEL PERVERTS deployed to destroy America by the City of London, the Vatican and the Senior Executive Service which sprang up in 1979, enabled the corporatization of Washington DC in 1982 and would be trampled like a serpent head by Agent Chips of Plum City by 1 July, 2011, or sooner. See Psalm 91:13 if you don’t believe me. Happy Easter to #10, #24, and the home of the fifty-buck bucket.

13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.

As Chips continued laying the lumber to April Cunning, he noticed an ill-timed Immediate Clipper from Agent Hamish of the Vancouver BC office of Abel Danger that was running a candidacy against two other candidates who had no knowledge of the attacks of 9/11 or the obstructer of Whistler Olympic Flying Events arranged by the recently jailed CANADIAN STALLION whose DNA probably never tainted the Harriman person of interest as she plays on another team. Chips was trying hard to recall the relationship between another Harriman woman and Hillary Diane Rodham, who was handled by Kristine Marcy according to input from Jamie DEEPWATER HORIZON Gorelick.

Candidate Hamish Immediate Clipper to Agents Chip, copy Dangerettes proficient in ‘providing pleasure’: “Chips; here’s how Brucey Baby and Sis used 8(a) funds to keep Staub and Hiebert ignorant of Bombardier’s Olympic 911 bombs. I asked the two men, Hardy Staub, a highly-experienced Boeing pilot, and Russ Hiebert, former Parliamentary Secretary to a Minister of Defence, some questions related to your research into Bombardier's Master Trust and the Rothschilds procurement of a francophone EW capability to attack `Anglosphere' targets and leaders. Here goes the conversation; (Hamish to Staub) Were you aware of the Amalgam Virgo war games of June 1-2, 2001? (Staub) No. [N.B. Amalgam Virgo was staged for Bombardier's francophone investors by its homicidal pedophile and Electronic Warfare pilot, Russell ‘THE CANADIAN STALLION’ Williams, the master panty sniffer who, at the end of the last chapter, had been established as mister muster maestro of hijacked decoy and drone aircraft over Abbotsford for the simulated attack on the U.S. Capitol Building which was to be repeated for real on 911]. (Hamish to Hiebert) Were you aware of the procurement of a francophone electronic-warfare capability through Andrew Saxton Sr. and the Canadian Commercial Corporation to provide dual-use airborne protection for players, officials and visitors to the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games? (Hiebert) No. [Note that Bombardier's Olympic airborne EW facility was also tested for its francophone investors by Russell ‘THE CANADIAN STALLION’ Williams, the EW pilot and homicidal pedophile; Williams had been ordered by his lesbian-cult commander to stand down Canada's airborne defenders during the Winter Olympic Games and allow a francophonie airborne hijack attack on Anglophone-rich targets such as the men's hockey finals between Canada and the United States which the kick-ass Americans typically win]. Staub and Hiebert's replies – and also the manner in which they replied – told me that the two men were truly ignorant of the threat from the formerly-trusted man-in-the-EW-middle such as Colonel Russell ‘THE CANADIAN STALLION’ Williams, the pedophile pilot who was in the habit of executing a switcho-chango between anglophone and francophonie chains of command during Olympic events or war-game exercises. More evidence of spoliation; the Bombardier Trust investors plan in French and use patented PKI and Onion Router encryption devices, carried by Bombardier aircraft, to conceal the ultra vires delegation of Anglophone authority and eliminate any incriminating paper trails; good thing you have the electronic logs at D2 Banking, Canada Square. Chips; can you get the US Marines to take their heads out of their collective asses and give Stephen Harper an ultimatum? Remember I gave him a dossier on the Bombardier EW threat to the Winter Olympics in August of 2009 in front of an estimated 20 witnesses. We now know the Crown Sisters’ MO; their Bombardier Trust re-routes Francophonie trigger signals to igniters or detonators per the FLQ – Front de libération du Québec; same MO with the London Underground Bomb (Chapter 3). Over to you. Agent Hamish”
Chips was taking it all in, as was April Cunning, when Chips felt the low rumble of the prop shaft of the mini sub slow to idle. He saw in April’s blue Norwegian eyes and felt in her tight Norwegian thighs a willingness for a quick dénouement as apparently the mini-sub was docking with the Kittyhawk. As Chips up-tempoed his pounding of the TA, April Cunning gave her signature 5 cycle cervical squeeze which caused an Oyster launch of epic volume and impressive pressure. As Chips disconnected and handed April Cunning a purple Minnesota Vikings T-shirt with the number 7 on it, he turned to the moving map on the wall and saw that they were not docked with the Kittyhawk but were in the center of W386 Airspace where Giant Killer Control, NEADS, had protected the sequential destruction of AA11, UA175, AA77 and N874RS…in that order….on 9/11 while Brad Derrig, Craig Borgstrom and Dean Eckman were taken off intercept solutions of the Raytheon A 3 Sky Warrior that cost the life of MIT’s Thomas Hale, ATC’s Willie Card, Captain Gerald DeConto and the 5 duped Raytheon Execs who enabled the cowardly Canadian attack on America, pardon redundancy of coward and Canada. Just because Canada is subject to the City of London does not give them immunity from prosecution of Wrongful Death, 2800 counts, or misleading the Bush, I say again, Bush administration into the promulgation of two errant and unauthorized wars. Hey Harper, can you smell the coffee? GLAMOUR BOY, do you need an ultimatum to do the RIGHT THING?

Chips had just taken a Marine Corps shower and applied a loading dose of foo-foo juice when another Clipper came in, this an Immediate from Agent Dwarf of Plum North who had been in the service of Canada from the early 60’s until they threw him to the wolves of the international court in a manner not dissimilar to the treatment Richard ROGUE WARRIOR Marcinko received for being ‘too good at his job’. Even wolves have natural predators and for the pussies in Canada, study Great Pyrenees dogs and see if you pussy-wolves want to tangle with a real canine. Glamour Boy, if you wish to engage, bring more help than THE CANADIAN STALLION, Seahorse Baril, ERRAND BOY Bouchard, and Barney Fife impersonator Rick Findley. Game, set, match you hapless perverts.

Agent Dwarf of Plum North Immediate Clipper to Chips, copy Hamish, Banzai Pipeline and Ginger Cookie: “Check out Ronalee "Rona" Ambrose, PC, MP as one of your Crown Agents’ Sister’s Sister; she was the Minister of Public Works and Government Services for Canada, Vice-Chair of the Treasury Board Cabinet committee, Minister of State for Status of Women Canada and Minister of Western Economic Diversification. She must have piped Equity of Canada and Bombardier Master Trust funds into the Cascade EW converted Boeings to bomb the Olympics. She speaks Spanish, Portuguese and French so let’s check her linkage to AF447. A member of the Trilateral Commission, she may have overseen Rothschild investments in Bombardier supply chain to bombers of Kabul. On January 4, 2007, Rona Ambrose moved from environment to become Minister of Western Economic Diversification, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs as well as President of the Queen's Privy Council. She would share some whipping authorities with Russell Williams and, perhaps, The Honourable Gordon O'Connor Minister of State and Chief Government Whip whom Harper appointed Minister of National Defence in February 2006 and Minister of National Revenue in August 2007. O’Connor served Canada as a military officer for over 30 years. He joined the Regular Army as a Second Lieutenant in the Armour Branch, and he retired with the rank of Brigadier General after turning the command of Anglophones in the Canadian Forces over to the Bombardier francophones in Operation Pig Phucer. These folks may need a SNIPH security checks; more rigorous than the one given Williams, THE CANADIAN STALLION, the pedophile panty-sniffing pilot who flew the Parisien francophone bombers to Kabul in the Bombardier combat support aircraft. Too bad for Canada that the panties he sniffed were worn by little girls instead of grown women. What a pervert, see also Trudeau, Blair, and the Geddes descendant. Perhaps none of the testicles descended. Dwarf”
Agent Chips plays the Rona Card

Chips sensed that like April Cunning time was tight so he hastily sent a FLASH CLIPPER to the Divine Driveler, Hamish Charles Watson.

Master Swordsman Chips FLASH CLIPPER to Hamish FYEO: “Could Russ 2’s virtual floating matrix have triggered Rona's Olympic bombs? Suggest Abel Danger French speakers investigate the roles of Russ Hiebert and Russell Williams in the Bombardier development of a virtual floating matrix for alleged use in triggering bombs in various buildings destroyed on 911 or – more recently – in Winter Olympic targets selected by Rona Ambrose, the former Minister of State for Status of Women, Canada. Stewart Bell of National Post and A. E. Rothman of Bloomberg are in dialogue with AD Global, Plum City. I am stuck in the middle of April and May, if you get my drift. Chips.”

Evidently the all-seeing Hamish in the Sky thought that Chips wasn’t paying attention and sent him a stern admonitory Clipper to stop dicking around and start work on the Grand Jury.

KSM Witness Hamish Priority Clipper to Chips, copy Banzai and Boink du jour: “Chips stop dicking around: ask yourself if Hiebert’s Governor General took the Harvard pedophile oath? Check out Johnston – Russ Hiebert’s alleged co-conspirator in a whitewash of Brain Mulroney in the Airbus [in fact, it was the Bombardier Virtual Floating Matrix] bribery affair – for his apparent role in Harvard pedophile oath-taking ceremonies. Note that Johnston is the only non-American citizen to chair the Harvard Board of Overseers! Remember that his bum-boy mate and fellow Canadian privy councilor Maurice Strong has been using pedophile oath-taking ceremonies to extort Harvard faculty and alumni into supporting the goal of global governance by world bankers and a pedophile Crown Agents Sisters’ elite. Remember also that Harvard has archived Strong’s writings dated 1954 with a speech he gave on the Mau Mau and his description of Mau Mau pedophile oath ceremonies. Strong’s description of what these people did back in 1954 looks pretty much like what the Bombardier SWAT team – piloted by the Stallion – did to poor little JonBenet in 1996. This pedophile oath-taking crap goes back a long way; during one mission in the bamboo forest a Kenyan Mau Mau tracker captured a 50 or 60-year-old insurgent named Obama who spoke perfect English; this was presumably the pedophile oath-taking grandfather of U.S. President Obama POTUS 44 who is, presumably, the pedophile oath-taking Harvard alumnus recruited for Global Governance by David Johnston, the former Chairman of the Harvard Board of Overseers! We need to get the rights to a Grand Jury extended to ‘We the English Speaking Peoples’; we can then force them to give us access to pre-trial evidence, including any spoliation of crime scenes and distinguish between the victims of murder-for-hire or wrongful deaths as in JonBenet and Beverley Eckert”
Chips saw that April Cunning was putting on her underpinnings so to grant her a modicum of privacy he turned away from the pleasant visual buffet of a pair of 44s and a delightful whisker biscuit and stuffed himself into an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster thong in Pastel Nile Blue as he thought back to the briefing guide to Operation SPADE FLUSH. As he made his way to the con of the mini-sub he could see that Agent Ian Brute Astute had the vessel dead in the water and on the surface. Chips looked around thinking he’d see the USS Kittyhawk, rumoured to be destined for India where the none Chinese part of the tainted steel from the thermate and thermite cut steel beams of 9/11 were sent by GPS tracked dump truck as the perps wanted to spoliate the evidence of what really brought down the Rockefeller twins that had too much asbestos to rent and too much height, 1362 and 1368 feet, to bring down in an intentional controlled demolition, hence the faked terror demolition. Agent SueLou of Bellevue was standing next to the periscope wearing only a Pastel Nile Blue Thong and matching 44D over the shoulder boulder holder. Chips noticed the circuit breakers were popped. She handed Chips a torso harness and donned one herself. Chips gave a confused look to which Ian Brute Astute commented:

“Chips, Banzai Pipeline smelled a rat. Rather than have the Cigarette Boat painted to look like the USS Kittyhawk, Banzai and Umbrellaman requested that Agent Hoss get the B17G set up to take you on a quick trip to the mothership. Hoss was off on schedule and is due overhead in 7 minutes. We must get you and Agent SueLou of Bellevue in position immediately for the snatch”.

Chips thought the word was so lovely his TI started to increase past his ‘resting’ TI of 93% and when he noticed an apparent moistening of a panel in Pastel Nile Blue he felt like things were going well. Agent SueLou went up the ladder to the deck of the mini-sub and as Chips followed, close behind, he detected the scent of a woman, and he liked that. On deck April Cunning helped Chips launch an orange target balloon that would allow Hoss and his copilot from Kent, England line up the azimuth for a Fulton Extraction of Chips and Agent SueLou prior to a turgid insertion by Chips of SueLou, something that would please her a lot and not be at all unpleasant to our man Chips not to be confused with Our Man Flint or Larry Flint or Larry Sinclair or Obama’s Dead Choir Boy. Agent SueLou heard the thunder of the B17G and she thought of Balls and Chips, as in Captain Sherlock Martinis served in 32 ounce Ball jars. She made a mental note to pack CSM ingredients for Operation Branson Zipline, the distaff meeting set for the weekend of 21 May, 2011 if the HAARP quake on the New Madrid fault line had been obstructed by Agent Chips’ delivery of a Stuxnet bug with a DEADF007 delay in his 11 March, 2011 photocopying of the HAARP energy logs not to be confused with Jamie Gorelicks modified CEMENT BOND LOGS from Deepwater Horizon. Chips and Agent SueLou were both torsoed and tethered to the cable leading to the Orange Balloon, not to be confused with Gay William of Orange or Pedophile Pervert Williams of Orange, THE CANADIAN STALLION, who looks ‘stunning’ in an orange bustier, see homepage of

Agent Hoss had the B17G slowed to 140 knots for the ‘snatch’ and as he approached the cable, dead center, Chips and Agent SueLou tightened their grips on each other as she went into pre-lube. Agent Hoss’ ‘snatch technique’ was flawless and as the old bomber was slowed by the snatch of 330 pounds of Abel Danger Agents, Hoss increased the manifold pressure while pushing the props forward. As Agent SueLou found herself breathless, Chips performed a brief digital exam to ensure all was in order ‘down below’.

As Agent Hoss increased airspeed and turned direct to a rendezvous point at northeast corner of W386 Airspace, his English copilot from Sevenoaks, Kent, England, asked if he should energize the winch to hoist Chips and SueLou into the cavernous bomb bay of the B17G which looked a lot like SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY. In fact SueLou’s father Chuck had been a WWII bomber pilot before duty at Ramey AFB where SueLou and Chips were pressed into service with the 72nd C4ISR Wing. Chuck’s WWII leather bomber jacket was destined for a museum and the Ramey AFB Historical Association museum might just get it. Because of the nose art on the Sentimental Journey Agent SueLou always wore a similar shade, Pastel Nile Blue although it had a lot less material than the Betty Grable lookalike on the front of the Sentimental Journey.

Jacqueline Anthony’s question was answered by Agent Hoss after Hoss had engaged an automatic pilot harvested from a QB7 used in Operation Aphrodite in wartime England, see also RAF Glatton, after Hoss took a strong pull on the third Grape Nehi he had taken from his Idaho State University athletic bag.

“Negative Tony, we are just giving Chips and SueLou a lift to get them out of this airspace and they will be transferred to a C130 from Hurlburt Field to complete the journey to RAF Duxford. In about 7 minutes a special C130 SPOOKY 71 will snatch the two dangling agents and reel them into the back of the C130 so that they can conduct security briefings and debriefings in a VIP CRF like the one that was in the only C130 the Marine Corps ever had, 149806. When an auditor finally figured out that the 3rd Marine Air Wing had a non-tanker C130 VMGR 352 lost the plane and it served as FAT ALBERT with the Blue Angels until it was retired in favor of a KC130………”.

Agent Hoss was interrupted by a call on 303.2 UHF “Cowboy 47, Spooky 71, 20 mile trail, low, will call for the ‘separate’ at 3 miles dead astern”.

“Roger that Spooky, slowing to VMC for the drop and snatch.” As Hoss pulled the props back and reduced the manifold pressure he called for Flaps 24 as the airspeed decreased to the ‘separate’ target of 105.

Chips was monitoring the comm. with his mini-headset slaved to Hoss’ radio head and he whispered in SueLou’s left ear “we will be dropped and snatched in about 3 minutes”.

Agent SueLou hunkered down and whispered “Quickie authorized” in Chips’ good ear. Chips finished her off in right proper fashion as the Hurlburt Field AC130 spread it’s Fulton Extraction guides as Chips removed his ‘boom’ from the receptacle of his fellow Abel Danger Agent, who was quivering.

The crew of Spooky 71 was calling off separation in half mile increments until at 1 mile the co-pilot called “3, 2, 1, ‘separate’”. In the right seat of the B17G Agent Jacqueline Anthony pushed the ‘red button’ and a second balloon was inflated below the B17 at the same time the cable was cut, but not with a box cutter like those supposedly wielded by 23 hapless Muslims who had been patsied on 9/11 by the Senior Executive Service during Hillary Clinton’s Trojan Horse ‘dog and pony show’ that would spell the end of the Gorelick-Marcy-Clinton Evil Triad.

As the cable was cut and the second balloon inflated, Agent SueLou felt the rush of a brief digital exam and Chips was very concerned regarding the reproductive health of his fellow agents, and she liked it. As the balloon was inflated, arresting their free fall SueLou commenced PROVIDE PLEASURE techniques knowing that the Spooky snatch was just seconds away. She had restored Chips to full battle strength as the AC130 with the Fulton mod caught the cable and pulled them in trail at 130 knots.

"Cowboy 47, nice snatch, RTB Quantico, Spooky has the clients, ETA Duxford 6+53, Happy Trails”.

“Cowboy copies, so long pardner” as Agent SueLou of Bellevue ached to be impaled by her ‘so long’ pardner, capeche?”

Chips whisper in SueLou’s ear “We will have over 6 hours once we are in the Herkybird so we can do a full enduro at that time. Request ‘airstart’.”

Agent SueLou of Bellevue, daughter of a SAC bomber pilot complied with the airstart request knowing that she’d get her turn in the CRF. As SueLou was working low, Agent Chips heard an Immediate Clipper come in a relay from Cowboy 47.

PM CA Candidate Hamish Immediate Clipper to Agents Chips, SueLou and Hoss, copy April Cunning: “Chips, I just determined how Hieberts (???) Thics and Mulroney brides hid Bombardier murder for hire. I need to email BEA, SNPL, Bloomberg, FAA and ALPA immediately. Our colleagues in Ottawa have launched an investigation into Russ Hiebert, the former leading government member of the Standing Committee on Ethics, Privacy and Access to Information which held hearings on the Mulroney-Schreiber bribery affair; Hiebert appears to have hidden evidence that Mulroney accepted the bribes in exchange for his help to Bombardier in setting up a global murder for hire service, It appears that THE CANADIAN STALLION directed it for benefit of off-book investors in Bombardier Master Trust. We need to get this info to Airbus and Air France reference their efforts regarding ALPA. Hamish, enroute RAF Duxford.”
As Chips considered the incoming Immediate from Hamish, Agent SueLou completed PROVIDE PLEASURE and returned to a face to face posture with Chips as they were retrieved by the loadmaster of the AC130, Spooky 71. As the Load and his co detached the tethers from Chips and SueLou they seemed somewhat taken aback at their collective state of undress.

“Traveling light, due security issues” explained Chips as he led Agent SueLou into the CRF after entering 17577 on the touch pad on the CRF door. As they closed the door behind them the Slingshot Rumpmaster was removed by Agent SueLou as the other IOC was draped on the rabbit ear TV antenna by Chips.

Agent SueLou was mixing a 32 ounce CSM for Chips while he was stimulating her to soften up the target area. As Chips was at 113% TI it was imperative that she mix the martini with great dispatch lest he should suffer an overpressure on his primary unit. As Chips gratefully accepted the Martini from a wet and willing Dangerette, Agent SueLou struck her signature pose, WATER BALLOONS, and Chips honored her gambit and completed operation moist insert. As the security briefing was arriving at 540 rpm, another incoming Clipper distracted Agent Chips from hammering home his message to the daughter of a career SAC pilot.

Mission Position Artist Atomic Betty Immediate Clipper to Agent Chips: “If you get this message, Chips, know that Hamish has gone missing after transmitting this sequence from his Clipper Sherlock Holmes Pipe from a meeting involving Elders of the Native Tribes. “My election campaign includes a proposal to re-instate Grand Jury rights in Canada which were abolished by the late Right dis-Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau in 1984; Canadians need these rights back in order to collect pre-trial evidence to determine whether Russ Hiebert, Brian Mulroney and Canadian Governor General David Johnston, conspired to hide evidence of Bombardier murder for hire services in instances such as the murder of JonBenet Ramsey on Christmas Day 1996 and the wrongful death of Beverley Eckert on February 12, 2009. Chips, recall that Beverly Eckert (May 29, 1951 – February 12, 2009) was an activist and advocate for the creation of the 9/11 Commission. She was one of the members of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Commission. Eckert's husband, Sean Rooney, died aged 50 in the attacks of September 11, 2001. She pushed for a commission to investigate 9/11 and to establish a memorial. Eckert died at age 57 in a commuter aircraft accident on February 12, 2009 when Colgan 3407 was taken down with a flash of blue light. She was travelling from Newark Liberty International Airport to Buffalo Niagara International Airport aboard Colgan Air Flight 3407. The aircraft crashed in the Buffalo suburb of Clarence Center, not to be confused with Clarence Carter, New York, She had met with President Barack Obama just a few days before her death in her role as an advocate for those affected by 9/11 and she thought that the HUSTLER OF HOPE might deliver her more than the Clarence Carter ‘strokin’; she was wrong. Barry Soetero ‘stroked Beverly” and now the time had come for Abel Danger to Smoke the Stroker, capeche?” Atomic Betty, Sec Code PMG"

Chips was doing the boy part much to the satisfaction of Agent SueLou from Bellevue when another Immediate Clipper came in from Agent Vani in the Mahwah/Paraumus Abel Danger Office in New Jersey from where the 41 minute delay to United 93 was imputed while the Raytheon A 3 Sky Warrior N871RS was replacing Captain Chic Burlingame’s B757-200 in the radar track inbound to P5606 airspace on 9-11-01 as Maurice SEAHORSE Baril and Charles ERRAND BOY Bouchard attacked a defenseless America on 9/11 as directed by the Frogs and City of London.

New Jersey AD Office Vani Immediate Clipper to Banzai Pipeline, Uncle Ray and Otto Pilot, copy Braveheart, Fanny Galore and Chips: “Would it be accurate to describe Abel Danger’s mission statement as: “Abel Danger is a leaderless global network of passionate and committed advocates for the vulnerable, seekers of Truth and Pursuers of Justice, we have been assembled by God and we do His bidding as expressed in Ephesians 5:11. Happy Easter Agent Vani, Paramus”
Chips was hammering home the message while considering what it must look like if Errand Boy, Seahorse, and Glamour Boy were ever to take a leak during the Grand Jury that would eventually deliver justice to the 2800 lost souls of 9/11:

Multitasking Video

As Chips was driving SueLou to the brink of exhaustion, an incoming Clipper from Agent Dwarf at Plum North interrupted his ‘high intensity security technique’ as he had to pull back the full measure of his hammering to take the incoming Clipper.

Blabbermouth Agent Dwarf of the Plum Immediate Clipper to Banzai Pipeline, Hamish, Atomic Betty, Agent Ginger Cookie and that slough-off Chips, wherever he is and who-ever he’s doing: “In 1973, my woman owned a high end boutique in the Four Seasons Sheraton Hotel in Toronto and she had a lot of gays and lesbian customers. I stopped in one afternoon and a gay guy stopped in and breathlessly informed her that "he and a few friends had been invited to meet Pierre at a massage parlour that night and he could hardly wait to get there. He said soon as he got there he could toss his clothes on the bench and get in the tub." Once I knew this it was easy to understand why Margaret divorced him, likely found him in their bed entertaining when she came home from shopping. Her spending the night with the Rolling Stones in the NYC hotel was revenge. My woman had many gay friends as she knew their ways as she grew up with two gay cousins famous in clothes design. Wherever we went in Europe or Asia we met Jesuits out of the habits and she informed me "that 85% of priests are gay. Where else can a young gay man go?” she asked. “He is out of place in a small town or farm, where else is it safe for him?" Agent Dwarf, aka Buddy Knox of Plum North”

As Chips was keeping his mind on his mission of satisfying Agent SueLou of Bellevue in an errant moment he launched a load early and was feeling terrible. She turned to Chips while un-dialating and whispered in his good ear: “Bis dat, qui cito dat.”

Chips knew that, like the ALFALFA CLUB IN DC, in Latin she was suggesting that ‘he gives twice who quickly gives’ and he doubled his stroke as she hunkered down with her auto-dilator to enhance the pleasure and performance of her tail gunner, to borrow a term from WWII bomber pilots not to be confused with Barry Soetoro, Tony Blair, Barney Frank or other notorious tall gunners in the effort to DESTROY AMERICA. FUCK OFF.

Chips recalled the 20 pound note he’d been given by a member of the Constitutional British Government Group as he tried to forestall another SPECIMEN delivery into a wet and willing Agent from Bellvue and I allude not to the psychiatric hospital where Columbia non student Barry Soetero sought counseling in 1981 at the insistence of Zbigniew Berzerski. He wondered if all leaders of England were gays like William or Orange, B-Liar, Brownie But and the non-descended Scot who was floating the idea that Catholics should be allowed on the thrown to consolidate leadership to Vatican City and City of London as dreamed of by Poppy Bush, or is it Scherff?

Chips presumed that Tony Lynton B. Liar would convert to Catholicism in hopes of ascension to the throne. Hey Tony, here’s your thrown:

Chips had just responded to SueLou of Bellevue’s ‘switch’ call when simultaneously all electrical was tripped from the four Allison T56 turbos powering Spooky 71 and a FLASH INCOMING was received from Braveheart, Otto Pilot and Banzai Pipeline. Chips kept up the delivery of his ‘windmill’ technique as SueLou from Bellevue reached for the Minnesota Vikings tube sock.

Global Hammers FLASH Clipper to Agent Chips and SPOOKY 71 EWO: “Arecibo indicates HAARP EMP on Spooky 71. If this proves correct restoration of electrical impossible, see BOEING UNINTERRUPTIBLE AUTOPILOT. Am sending video instructions for BEACH LANDING now ordered for LAND’S END. God Speed, and if this works we will have Super Puma hovering for seaside snatch of the clients”

Chips knew that time was tight, as was SueLou from Bellevue. He contacted the aircraft commander and suggested an RAF Herc with a straight probe, like Chips, should land three times at Land’s End to ensure any landmines would not affect Spooky 71. A quick response by the RAF proved the beach landing site safe for Spooky 71 and Chips went back to boning SueLou of Bellevue just has he had in October of 1963 when they reviewed a BEACH LANDING of a B36A at Ramey AFB.

Chips fired of a large batch of smoked oysters immediately following the Viking Tube sock insertion by Agent SueLou. As they collapsed into a heap after the six hour security briefing they heard 4 chimes, and the red flashing crash alert as GO AROUND was heard on guard just before the lesbian ‘Guild of Patented Hits’ tried to relay detonation signals via Bombardier’s virtual floating matrix for live tests of the R2B2s before the wedding.

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