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Rwanda Genocide - 'Pour Encourager les Autres' - Triangular Trade: Machetes - Francophonie-British Alliance - 'Sarko' in Balladur Finance

Source: Yahoo Group; Hawks Cafe; Abel Danger

Overview of Events: Rwanda genocide, carbon-offset to 9/11 [UN is manifestly dysfunctional - 'UN' in French is ONE]

The AGW issue is one of white-collar frauds as outlined below - properly dealt with in the civil courts - versus carbon-offset RICO crimes of extortion, mass murder for hire and genocide e.g. blowing up the Deepwater Horizon to force BP to cut its carbon footprint or killing nearly a million people in Rwanda.

We suggest that the principals in global carbon-offset RICO crimes are Crown Agents, using illegally delegated authority of the office of the Lord President of the [Privy] Council [incumbent Nick Clegg], and the head of the international trade law practice at DLA Piper [incumbent Mrs. Clegg].

If you follow the shipments of machetes for the Rwanda Genocide, you find they were procured by Crown Agents through Egypt and Boutros Boutros Ghali and the genocide was triggered with agents provocateurs hired through the BBC World Service Trust and moving on Crown Agent passports. It is alleged that Paul Desmarais Sr. (Canadian financier in Montreal and one of the ten richest [8th in 2008] persons in Canada) hired (Francophonie network) Nicholas Sarkozy ('Sarko') to launder money through Francophonie private equity and re-insurance groups which paid Hutus to kill nearly one million Tutsis and moderate Hutu allies during the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.

What was David Cameron's alibi in 1994 when he began working on carbon-footprint 'Wag the Dog' news stories for Carlton Communications?

Seems like SAS operatives working with Jardine Fleming bank - they employed Ravey Davey as a shipjumper in Hong Kong - got hold of some missiles to trigger a genocide which eliminated nearly 1,000,000 [Tutsis] carbon footprints.
"MADSEN. "James Lyons, who led the UN investigation, presented evidence to the International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda (ICTR) corroborating my proposition. The SAM missiles were seized during Desert Storm in Iraq and brought from Cairo to Kigali. The missiles were stored in warehouses of a Swiss company working for the CIA. Two RPF soldiers fired the SAM-16s from Massaka and the Gasogi hill. These soldiers were trained in Phoenix, Arizona to work with this kind of projectiles. I proved this, apart from Lyons’ investigation and from the French Quiles committee. Everyone comes to the same conclusion, Rwandan witnesses as well. But ICTR judge, Louise Arbor, closed the case when she felt Madeleine Allbright breathing down her neck."
Cameron worked with Nicholos Sarkozy - at the time minister of budget in the Balladur government - it is alleged to launder the Hutu contract hit money through the French state pension funds.

"Mr. Nicholas Sarkozy, as Budget Minister (1992-95) was "aware" of the Genocide financing scheme managed by President Mitterrand and a small clique of Military and political advisers. "Money from the budget was used to cover a hole in the state reinsurance company but the Minister (Sarkozy) kept quiet about these transactions" ..

Attempt asking Warmist vermin how much they would pay for carbon offsets on a million dead Rwandans and ask them to explain how such contracts can be triggered by this outfit ..

Then ask them where the world's largest sovereign debt trader and the Crown Agents biggest rival was on 9/11.

Big Bang Cahuhne Carbon Offsets and the Rwanda Genocide

The 1994 Rwanda Genocide is a text book example of murder for hire transactions allegedly financed by Big Bang Cahuhne's [Chris Huhne] carbon offset trade, brokered by Magic Circle law firms and laundered through City of London Corporation pension funds.

Rwanda genocide - 800,000 slaughtered (triangular trade in weapons [machetes], drugs and pedophilia/snuff films)

Follow the patent-pending RFID tags on the Egyptian-made machetes shipped to Hutu militias by former Egyptian Foreign Minister Boutros Boutros Ghali, and you hit Big Bang Cahuhne's Magic Circle and the City of London Corporation pension funds.

Follow the patent-pending DVD technologies used to build the BBC snuff-film archives of the damage done by the Ghali’s machetes and you hit Big Bang Cahuhne's Magic Circle and the City of London Corporation pension funds.

Follow the 'dead-peasant' life insurance claims filed by AXA/BNP Paribas through the French state pension funds and you hit Big Bang Cahuhne's Magic Circle and the City of London Corporation pension funds.

Follow Lionsgate [American Pyscho by Blair's old Oxford squeeze Mary Harron!] box-office take for movie ‘Hotel Rwanda’ and you hit Big Bang Cahuhne's Magic Circle and the City of London Corporation pension funds.

Boutros Boutros-Ghali - Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) - Fulbright Research Scholar - ex-Secretary-General of La Francophonie

"Boutros Boutros-Ghali .. is an Egyptian diplomat who was the sixth Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) from January 1992 to December 1996 .. His grandfather Boutros Ghali had been Prime Minister of Egypt from 1908 until he was assassinated in 1910. Boutros-Ghali graduated from Cairo University in 1946, Ph.D. in international law from the University of Paris, and a diploma in international relations from the Sciences Po in 1949 .. He was a Fulbright Research Scholar at Columbia University from 1954 to 1955 .. He served as Egypt’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs from 1977 until early 1991. He then became Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs for several months before moving to the UN. 

As Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, he played a part in the peace agreements between President Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. According to investigative journalist Linda Melvern, Boutros-Ghali approved a secret $26 million arms sale to the government of Rwanda in 1990 when he was Egyptian Foreign Minister, the weapons stockpiled by the Hutu regime as part of the fairly public, long-term preparations for the subsequent genocide. He was serving as UN Secretary-General when the killings occurred 4 years later .. From 1997 to 2002 Boutros-Ghali was Secretary-General of La Francophonie, an organisation of French-speaking nations [arranged by the genocidal psychopath Maurice Strong]."

Ghali's Egyptian-made machetes - RFID tagged machetes moving through supply chain - financed through Sarkozy while at Fianance in the Balladur Government

Nick 'Deep Green' Clegg earned the soubriquet after having served Christopher Hitchens as a shirt-lifting intern in New York and then working with Miriam in Brussels, David Cameron at Carlton Communications and Nicolas Sarkozy, Minister of Budget in the Balladur government to finance Les Génocidaires Rwandais.

'Deep Green' is based on a Fabian notion that peasant men, women and children create a carbon footprint so deep it destroys the ability of the planet to stay green and support the intellectual elite who therefore have a duty to eliminate the peasants.

The missiles which destroyed Habyarimana's plane were procured by Crown Agents' 8(a) businesses which now operate under the authority of the Lord President of the [Privy] Council, the aforementioned Nick 'Deep Green' Clegg, who now operates under the authority of Mrs. Clegg who has custody of digital data of Nick's S&M encounters with Hitchens' bath house friends.

"Some of the Kinshasans who turned out to welcome Kabila's [Kagame-backed] rebel forces became uncomfortable when they discovered their "liberators" spoke only Swahili, English, Portuguese, and Kinyarwanda, tongues as foreign to the Lingala speaking people of western Zaire as was Russian, Finnish, and Polish to Italians. The Congolese then experienced another language shock. Long a Francophone country, Kabila proclaimed English as an official language of the country. His ally, Kagame, had earlier made a similar pronouncement for French speaking Rwanda. Furthermore, Kabila's six bodyguards were said to be non-Zairian "tall, English speaking gentlemen." France's fears of an 'Anglophone conspiracy' did not seem to be totally without merit. In addition, most of Kabila's government ministers were foreign citizens. 

They carried passports from Germany, the United States, and Rwanda. Kinyarwanda-speaking troops posted outside the Finance Ministry in Kinshasa were unable to read the French ID cards of ministry workers. Never before in history had so many foreign citizens occupied the top government posts of an independent country." "Under the provisions of the structural adjustment program, government expenses were supposedly carefully regulated, both in amount and in intended use. To evade these regulations and escape supervision by foreigners, Rwandan officials diverted resources intended for civilian purposes to use by military or militia, such as buying military trucks with money allocated for civilian vehicles. Authorities at the Ministry of Health permitted Interahamwe to requisition vehicles from the ministry and to collect gas coupons each week for their fuel. Military officers imported luxury goods that escaped the high tax ordinarily imposed on such imports and sold them in special shops for profits that were used for the war effort.   

Authorities at the National Bank, under the direction of Habyarimana's brother-in-law, Séraphin Rwabukumba, reportedly hid deductions of foreign exchange used for arms purchases in a category of "errors and omissions." In addition, authorities apparently siphoned off funds from the government employees pension fund and other sources to fund military expenditures. Despite these various efforts, the Rwandan government was close to bankrupt by mid-1993 and desperately needed foreign assistance to keep operating. Although the nation suffered enormously from the costs of war, Habyarimana personally seems to have profited from the conflict. According to one banker, the president earned commissions on arms sales and deposited the money in European bank accounts held by several of his associates and their children."

Perhaps readers can work out the value of a million dead Hutus [la Francophonie sponsored] and Tutsis to Big Bang Cahuhne's carbon offset trade and ask themselves if the ConDems have come to Number 10 with clean hands.

Rwanda Genocide 

"The involvement of Uganda in the assassination tends to support the contention of the former French government ministers that the SAMs were provided to Uganda by the United States from captured Iraqi arms caches during Desert Storm. My own research indicates that these missiles were delivered to Uganda via a CIA-run arms depot outside of Cairo, Egypt. After the transfer, Uganda kept some of the missiles and launchers for its own armed forces and delivered the remainder to the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) and the RPF. Other evidence pointing to an RPF role in the attack includes COMINT (communications intelligence) picked up by military units and civilian radio operators in Rwanda. A Rwandan Armed Forces COMINT listening station picked up a transmission on an RPF frequency, which stated "the target is hit." 

This was reported to a Togolese member of the UN Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR). A Belgian amateur radio operator reported that after the attack, he heard someone on a frequency used by a Belgian PMC in Kigali state, "We killed Le Grand (Habyarimana)." The Belgian operator also stated that all Rwandan Armed Forces messages following the attack indicated the Rwandan army was in complete disarray n something that would not have been the case had the Rwandan government perpetrated the attack on its own president. Another source of COMINT was a French signals intelligence unit sent to Kigali from the French military base in Bangui, Central African Republic. According to French Judge Jean-Pierre, copies of French intercepts of RPF communications indicate, beyond a doubt, the culpability of the RPF in the attack on the aircraft."
Before his assassination in 2001, Kabila was also trying to transform Congo into an English-speaking country. The "Anglophone conspiracy" is outlined in this editor’s book. "Genocide and Covert Operations in Africa 1993-1999." "The term Genocidaires has come to refer to those guilty of the mass killings of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, in which close to 1,000,000, primarily Tutsi Rwandans, were murdered by their Hutu neighbors. In the aftermath of the genocide, those guilty of organizing and leading the genocide (the Genocidaires) were put on trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Those guilty of participating, profiting (eg through seizing Tutsi neighbors' property), etc. were put on trial in Gacaca courts. It is also used as a term to broadly describe anyone who commits a genocide."

Re: Dialog - A Baril of Deaths in Rwanda 9/11 [updated to reflect important connections]

Field, did Maurice Baril order Canadian Airborne Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Mathieu, to arrange a token (?) beating death of a Somalia teenager in 1993 and legitimize disbanding the Airborne in 1995 to recuruit paramilitaries for La Francophonie?

FM: That would certainly be in keeping with the historic willingness of these evil people to coldly waste anyone's blood to incite a false-flag slaughter such as USS Maine, Gulf of Tonkin, and Baril was de facto commander of Mathieu at that time being head of the Military Division of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) at the UN and military advisor to then under-secretary for peacekeeping operations Kofi Annan.

DH: Did UN's Maurice Baril send secret signals of the Mogadishu operation to bin Laden aides to ambush American fighters and pilots (cf. Black Hawk Down) in October 1993?

FM: It appears so. The U.S. lost 18 fighters and pilots that day with 77 wounded. The FBI found that CIA officer Aldrich Ames [later convicted of spying for Russia] had been feeding secret signals of the Mogadishu operation, probably to Baril and the U.N. headquarters in New York. After CIA agents in Mogadishu reported their findings to the Clinton White House, they were told to destroy all the papers. I note the military-hating Clintons have been sponsored by the French American Foundation since they became Young Leaders there in 1982/83. I think I can rest my case.
DH: Why did Maurice Baril allow Francophonie Egypt and its UN Secretary General, Boutros Boutro Ghali, to arm paramilitary Hutus prior to the Rwanda Genocide?

FM: In my humble opinion this Baril fellow is tied to numerous false flag deals favoring the Francophonie. I'd love to know who he studied under during his college years 1961-1964 and who was the PM of Canada when his loyalties were being steeled. Either way, he was in charge of the Military Division at DPKO during the Genocide when his Francophonie colleague General Roméo Dallaire was force commander of the UNAMIR (United Nations Mission in Rwanda).
The operation to claim Rwanda as a client state of the United States and its allies began when Rwanda’s current president was enrolled as a student at the U.S. Army's Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, before his Rwandan Patriotic Army forces invaded Rwanda from Uganda.
DH: Would Baril see Quebec or Rwanda as Francophonie states whose leaders are justified in separating out anglophones to be killed by hired francophone paramilitaries?

FM: It may not be more than coincidental but Baril's 'al-Qaeda' attacking red team on 9/11 was capable of engaging in English, as per the briefing, and French, Arabic or Navajo. I went to USNA with Capt Gerald DeConto, duty officer in the Penatgon on 9/11. DeConto and I were not then trained to defend ourselves against an ambush by attackers using these languages. I note that Belgium and France divided Rwanda into ethnic identities by force and that they pitted self-invented francophone Hutus against anglophone Tutsis. Baril must have known that words "Tutsi" and "Hutu" on ID cards would allow murderers set up check points on streets and find their victims through ID check. He must also have known that France was giving intensive military training to Hutu militias and soldiers.
And further notes from 2008 - -- The admission of Rwanda to the Commonwealth of Nations, headed up by Queen Elizabeth II, caps off a campaign engineered by the intelligence services of Britain, the United States, and Israel to transform Rwanda from a Francophone country with close ties to France into an English-speaking country with close links to Washington, London, and Jerusalem.
DH: Why did Maurice Baril transfer the black box or flight data recorder from the plane in which then-president of Rwanda, Juvenal Habyarimana was killed, into a locked filing cabinet in the UN's (coordinated through ICOA, Montreal) air safety unit in New York?

FM: Baril has used this same methodology twice this year (2007). In Adam Air 574 the black box "timed out" of its 30 day battery/emergency beacon before Baril's "dream team" from Canada, Boeing, GE, etc., could arrive on scene. Kenya 507's black box was shipped to Baril's Quebec for review (adjustment?) and returned to custody of the Francophonie Cameroon. The dates of vaporization were 1/1/07 Adam Air and 5/5/07 Kenya Airways. I note that Habyarimana's black box had been lying at the UN office untouched after being sent in 1994 by diplomatic pouch from the UN assistance mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR) to Baril at the UN Headquarters in New York!
DH: Why did Maurice Baril sign the August '99 agreement for CANUS forces to conduct COMBINED operations to maintain security of the CANUS region?

FM: He had the power or was following orders. In September 1997, he was appointed Chief of the Defence Staff by Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. He seems to have retired from the Canadian Forces on July 18, 2001 to secure an alibi for 9/11, as did his co-signer Henry Shelton (en route to Europe), and Al Gore (plush hotel in Austria) and Bill Clinton (Australia). I note that my college classmate SA Fry signed changes into ROE on 1 Jun 01 which allowed Baril to stand down the US Air Force through his subordinate NORAD officer Rick Findley in Cheyenne Mountain.. The "Baril" history is not good; on his watch in Rwanda there was a genocide and this 1997 document appears to facilitate a Francophonie coup d'etat attempt called Global Guardian on 9/11. It failed because UA 93 left too late (41 minutes) to catch and kill Congressmen and Senators "inside the building".

DH: Why did Maurice Baril lead the Canadian board of inquiry into the "friendly fire" incident on April 17, 2002 near Kandahar, Afghanistan after he had previously set up a friendly fire attack on America during the bogus Global Guardian war game of 9/11?

FM: I presume that Baril wanted to set the Americans up to be seen as the trigger-happy bad guys but it looks to me as though he was using the RADARSAT ground moving target indicator (`GMTI') [moving target indication] service in Gatineau, Quebec to feed our pilots false coordinates and trick them into killing the anglophone Canadian troops. Nasty stuff!

DH: Did Maurice Baril resign as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) in January because he knew the Adam Air crash resulted from use of a weaponized Boeing plane by ISTAT racketeering groups?

FM: It would seem so that a francophone friendly result would be achieved or maybe he just wanted to distance himself from the Francophonie murder for hire services in Quebec and its global life insurance frauds. Perhaps Baril thought that we were getting too close for comfort with our research. These types of people are not courageous, in fact they are cowards. Cowards don't want to look someone in the face and answer a tough question. It is also possible that he himself could see the carnage in his personal history and had come to a time of personal repentance.

DH: Did Baril arrange to move Francophonie Quebec troops from his former regiment (22nd) into Afghanistan, to help the Taliban ambush Americans in the same way as La Francophonie helped the Viet Cong during the '70s and thereby sabotage support for the war back home?

FM: I expect RADARSAT and Baril's double agents will help the Taliban target the 22nd Regiment from Quebec and ambush American and U.K. Anglophone forces. That way they undermine public opinion even further against the Afghan mission. Apparently Quebec's anti-war activists are already urging soldiers in Baril's 22nd to refuse their deployment. Baril seems to be using the same tactics for his private paymasters in Iraq except this time he sets up ambushes through the Francophonie Bulgarians and various corrupt sub-contractors such as CIDA out of Gatineau and AMEC out of Montreal.
FM: Join in this analysis - call or e-mail one of us below. Tell us what you see in terms of an ONI DET role in the 9/11 war games. When and what is the next game? (David plays red-team attack roles - Field McConnell plays defense)

Source: Embassy Magazine

July 7, 2010

Newly released international cables highlight Canada's absence during the Rwandan genocide

In the face of mounting evidence Ottawa knew more than it let on, Canada may want to consider changing its "acknowledgment" of the massacre of 800,000 Rwandans to a full apology.

It was early summer, 16 years ago, that the world was slowly waking up to the horrifying realization that, for the previous three months, a massive genocide of Tutsis and moderate Hutus had taken place in Rwanda.

There has since been significant ink spilled about the failure of the international community to stop the genocide that by July 4, 1994 had claimed an estimated 800,000 civilian lives. But now, thanks to recently released documents, we know more about Canada's role.

Sixteen years after the tragedy, information is only now beginning to trickle out of Ottawa. Interviews, research, and access to information requests are starting to show a number of revelatory cables and other information that the Department of National Defence and the Department of Foreign of Affairs (then External Affairs) received about human rights in Rwanda before and during the genocide.

What did Canada know? What could we have done? Collectively, the information now on the public record shows that Canada knew about an organized slaughter, but did not do what it could to try to stop it.

Last month, in response to access to information requests I made last summer, the Department of Defence released situation reports that its Ottawa headquarters received during the 100-day genocide. The records show that DND was receiving regular cables about what was going on in Rwanda from Canadian military and diplomatic officials in Nairobi, Kenya, and from the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR). They also offer a unique time capsule into the official thinking during the genocide.

The bottom line is, they show that Canada's interests were remarkably in line with the UN Security Council's supreme will to avoid intervention. The reports show that even during the early part of the genocide, Ottawa, or at least DND, remained well-informed of the killings. Despite this, there was no substantial effort to depart from the prevailing will for inaction or to do something about the situation.

Help never came

April 1994 was a critical month. It marked the period during which the Rwanda genocide started and the key point at which the international community had an opportunity to do something about it.

Following the outbreak of the Rwandan crisis on April 6, the United Nations Security Council faced a choice to reinforce UNAMIR with thousands more troops and a Chapter VII "use of force" mandate to stop the massacres, or withdraw from Rwanda.

Maurice Baril, who in 1994 headed the military division of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations in New York, told Concordia University's Will to Intervene Project (of which I was a part) that he believes the genocide could have been stopped if UNAMIR had been reinforced with just an additional army brigade.

But on April 21, 1994, the Security Council voted to reduce UNAMIR's forces from 2,539 troops to 270 (in reality the force remained at about 450). Those troops, commanded by Canadian lieutenant-general Roméo Dallaire, went on to save tens of thousands of lives, but served, more or less, as a token force and witnesses to the genocide.

Although official Ottawa was well apprised of the slaughter, diplomatic reporting during the month of April demonstrates that the Canadian government's priority was not saving civilian lives.

It's not surprising that, immediately following the eruption of violence in Kigali, the Prime Minister's Office created an inter-departmental task force to react to the crisis—which focused almost exclusively on the evacuation of Canadian nationals.

Jacques-Roger Booh-Booh, the UN's special representative of the secretary general, reported daily from Kigali, but nowhere in his reports is there an effort to estimate the civilian body count or evaluate the scale of the tragedy. Booh-Booh's reports are instead focused on what were the UNSC's priorities.

According to the 1999 Independent Inquiry into the Actions of the United Nations During the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda, the Security Council did not turn its attention to the devastating massacre of civilians during the critical month of April, instead training its efforts on a cease-fire.

The Canadian situation reports show a similar focus. During April, both the Canadian reports from Nairobi and the UN reports from Kigali show a strange disregard for the massacres, which are acknowledged but treated as a kind of back story to the priorities of securing the Kigali airport, protecting two Canadian C-130 Hercules transport aircraft delivering supplies, working on a political solution to the fighting, meeting the needs of refugees, and safely evacuating foreign nationals.

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