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It's a Legitimate Question: Were Americans Ambushed? - What Does it Feel Like to Be Jerked Around? - Sheldon Adelson's "Trump Illusion" - Demoralized American People - Breaking Down Resistance to Agenda 2030 - When Will Americans Stop the Humiliation?

Editor's note: This editor was ridiculed and complained about for not being a "Donald Trump supporter", a QAnon promoter and for not being "patriotic enough." When it was announced way before 2016 that Donald Trump was going to run for the presidency and CEO of the US corporation, this editor suggested to others it was "an ambush." Americans don't really vote for the presidency and the CEO of the US corporation. The electoral college does that. That's why the electoral college was created: to "steal" elections. The oligarchs who own and run America made sure they wouldn't lose control of their power. Americans are "polled" at polling booths when they vote.

What did Sheldon Adelson say? Didn't Adelson say he would have "preferred the Israeli IDF uniform over a US military uniform" when he served in the US military? In fact, he regretted not serving in the Israeli IDF. Adelson is a Jewish oligarch who had easy access to magic money to become a casino-owning billionaire. His combined donations to Trump and the republicans of over $100 million (likely more) have paid off. There is no telling how much Sheldon Adelson with his alleged control over $30.5 billion has sent off to the City of London's "forward fire base" Israel, now the "impact nation."

When you read articles about Trump and Adelson having "heated calls," it's cover. You don't initiate "heated calls" when you get more than $100 million deposited into your reelection coffers. Good luck, Adelson, we hope you get over your cancer. Information and articles are appearing more frequently on how Trump was "parachuted into a position of power" by those who have done this before: those who control the system of magic money with ruthless cunning. As far as Israel is concerned, it doesn't matter who is in office, Trump or Biden, there is no difference. 

Trump's magic show is almost complete. His final act: install the long prophesied gold standard (the central bankers trick).  Once the American population have been demoralized and exhausted, Agenda 2030 will force total compliance. Just as Trump leaves office look who else is leaving but not before his task is completed:

Friedman drove the radical overhaul of US policy on Israel-Palestine

Is Donald Trump a Conman?

January 10, 2021

"The truth is that Trump is a conman - a confidence trickster in the purest form. Remember, the real trick of the conman is not just tricking and embezzling people with fast talk, it is selling people their own ideals, dreams and passions."

How could he be so ineffectual? In a Twitter Poll, 87% of readers agreed with statement: "Under no circumstances should Donald Trump have accepted the outcome of the rigged election. Could have cited foreign interference; invoked insurrection act or martial law."

How could Trump surround himself with so many disloyal people? (Unless he was in on the plot.)

by Chris B

The gripes of so-called 'red America' are all too real. They're anger is justified - despite the self-defeating naivety of their actions - having been betrayed continuously by successive administrations over many decades.

Despite their strong ethics, solid productivity and servile patriotism that helped make American great in a long dead distant past, middle American has been sold out, silenced and now left to rot. It's not only whole towns and communities that have been gutted and fleeced, an entire way of life is in its final death throes.

That's what those confederate flags are meant to symbolize, and that why Trump's MAGA mirage has resonated so intoxicatingly. And so the loyal dupes answered Trump's call to descend on the nation's capital in the misguided belief they were there to defend their country against a coven of treacherous Satan worshipping child killers who had rigged the election and stolen the presidency. The god-fearing, decent folk of America's heartland are embarrassingly gullible and were easy targets for a master conman like Trump.

In a cruel parody of 'patriot pride', the rapturous cavalcade of revolting Trump loyalists casually wormed its colourful way through the nation's most secure real estate with the ease - and apparent official cooperation of gay pride rally.

Let there be no doubt that this was clearly more carnival than insurrection, though they were apparently unaware the joke was on them.

The frenzy of colour and quixotic ideologies was strangely evocative of the long lost Grateful Dead cavalcade, an irony not likely recognized by this altogether 'other' America whose death is equally assured.

The tragedy they've suffered is all the greater for the astonishing speed of the decay, with thriving, socially, religiously and morally secure communities decimated in a single generation. But as much as their betrayal and suffering is real, Donald Trump is sure as shite not 'their president'.

He's just the latest bankster-backed, silver-tongued East Coast establishment liberal whose to swindle them. And he scammed his loyal followers in the most disgracefully cynical fashion imaginable.

The real Donald Trump is everything these people hate. The truth is that Trump is a conman - a confidence trickster is the purest form. Remember, the real trick of the conman is not just tricking and embezzling people with fast talk, it is selling people their own ideals, dreams and passions. It is identifying the target's greatest hopes, fears, aspirations or laments. then painting themselves as like minded and, more importantly, able to deliver on making those dreams come true - or vanquishing even the most fearsome of threats.

A conman makes his targets' lives great again. This is why conmen are able to scam even the most astute, switched on of people - because he targets their greatest dreams. So when we hear Trump promising to make America great again, we are not listening to a man who shares the pain, the sense of loss and betrayal of his 'supporters'. He doesn't share their social conservatism, humility, religiosity and small town decency, nor their proud Southern traditions and peaceful world view.

What people see in Trump is not Trump at all. It's a mirror. A carefully crafted camouflage facade mimicking the mannerisms, opinions and aspirations of his targets, the long-suffering conservative 'middle America. But all of America - a much of the world - was conned.

The Republicans, Tea Party, Q Anon etc. humiliatingly so, But then, Trump's been conning people all his life and he's made fools of even the most cautious and cynical of people. After all, Trump learned from the master of con, Roy Cohn, with some extra sparkled and polish thrown in by Roger Stone (credit to Steve Bannon who filled Trump in on the conspiracy realm that would form the back story to his presidency, and the Koch brothers for providing the hard right policy settings essential to giving Trump some semblance of Republican intellectual legitimacy).

But the biggest shout out must surely go to Sheldon Adelson, whose flood of money and vision made the whole Trump illusion possible.Take a bow Sheldon.


First Coment from CW via Glenn

I remember working in a Denver Slaughterhouse/Meat packing company in the spring of 1972. On breaks, we'd sometimes go out and watch the freight trains drop off their captive cargo of sheep into a carefully designed fenced-off area right next to the processing plant. Upon arrival, the wooden or metal doors of the cars would open and the animals, usually 70+strong, were allowed to walk down a plank and onto the dirt for one last time...

Because what greeted the sheep in that fenced-off area was Death, in the form of a small, off-white colored, horned goat, with a tiny grey bell hanging around its neck. When all of the sheep were assembled in the yard, he would simply make that bell of his ring a few times, turn, and then slowly lead them all to The Killing Floor. What an incredible sight to behold-a real 'judas goat' in action! But it all seemed to be just 'another day at the job' for the goat; after all, he too was just making his way as best he could in the world, right? He actually looked bored.

How like the goat and the sheep we are...and for what, for what? Most of us have been literally taken over by the Black Magicians, Petty Tyrants, and other assorted (((Dark Forces))) [brackets mine] pushing in on us at this very moment. But always remember -- the moment will change and the Divine Light will always prevail in us, come what may, if only we can gather together the requisite energy, individually and collectively, to strategically take on these parasitical, pitiful demon-fiends who delight in our every suffering. This time is truly the TEST of our mettle!" 

We haven't really analyzed it in great detail but as we've watched the US decline in global stature with the US now focused on its own social and internal political upheavals, this has greatly benefitted China. When Trump declared a "trade war" with China, relations between Israel and China grew stronger. As it stands right now, China is Israel's second largest trading partner. There should have been aggressive diplomacy exerted by the US to continue trade on more equitable terms with China to work together with Russia so all three countries would have benefitted. This is no longer the case as America's allies including Japan, know the US is no longer "not-agreement-capable" and are going to restructure their respective militaries accordingly. Japan takes this incredibly seriously and when Biden starts residing in the White House they know they will be dealing with a China sellout. 

News sources supporting the above:

This is encouraging. Decent Israelis need to dump these medieval maniacs. 


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