Saturday, January 9, 2021

Arbeit macht frei 2.0

Source: Gates of Vienna

More Frothing Madness From the Coronareich
Hellequin GB has translated three new articles from PolitikStube about the latest COVID insanity in Germany. Whenever I contemplate the hellish situation in the USA right now, all I have to do is look at Germany to remind myself how much worse things could actually get. 

Article #1: And so it begins… No Jab, No Work, No Pay
Care facility: Those who do not get vaccinated will be thrown out

Michael Knobel, home manager and authorized signatory for the care facility of Clus gGmbH, is taking tough action. Any employee who dares to decide for himself whether he has a vaccine injected into his body will simply be thrown out.

"The vaccination is voluntary, but I would like to inform you that the employer generally has the right to exempt employees from work who refuse to be vaccinated. In this case, no further remuneration is paid, this also applies to social security," it says in an letter to employees.

This claim knocks the bottom out of the barrel. The employees will simply be blackmailed into getting the vaccine.
Article #2: Complete shutdown of the economy proposed

Translator's comment: "I wonder if he plans to lock people into individual rooms in their own homes, or will he empty the jails to make room for those 'disgusting’ people who manage to get infected with Corona?"
Leftist Ramelow wants to drive the whole economy into ruin with a complete lockdown

The Thuringian Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow calls for the economy in Germany to be locked down. "We just have to take a complete break now," he tells MDR Aktuell. "I don't see any alternatives. The mistake we made across Germany was that we didn’t use December to actually put the general economy on a break."

So far, restaurateurs, retailers, cultural workers and children have borne the burden of the lockdown. The left-wing politician added that infections with the coronavirus are particularly common in private life, where trust is greatest. He had misjudged this risk factor.
Article #3: No COVID test, no deportation
News from the insane asylum: deportation prisoner refuses corona test — GOES FREE

Thorsten WeiƟ:

Berlin 2021 — A drug addict and AIDS-infected inmate facing deportation refuses the Corona test, which is why he is not allowed to board the plane, which means that the judicial decision is nullified and the man is now at large and in hiding, because he has only been REQUESTED to go to a accommodation.

And all in the best Germany we have ever lived in. A country that sends police officers on toboggan runs to chase away children and fines issues €500 fines to pensioners on their way home with their grandchildren.

I can truly imagine a better Germany. 

Germany and Britain: Two peas in the same lockdown pod despite Brexit...

BoJo gets an earful from fed-up Brits as UK govt launches ad campaign urging compliance with 3rd national lockdown

...therefore, it should come as no surprise the Japanese are following their Covid lockdown cohorts in Britain and Germany...after all, this is global, right? In Japan, the government bureaucracy is paying hospitals ¥4.5 million (roughly USD$45,000) per hospital bed for Covid infected patients. And to intimidate the Japanese people even more, the government there has brought the police in to make sure that if anyone is "infected" with Covid they must go to a hospital and not stay at home. If that isn't enough to convince the average Japanese Covid is real (even if it was a tweaked coronavirus in a Wuhan lab) nothing will. How foolish would it look in the eyes of the world if say for example, just Germany completely locked down? This "Great Reset" has to be globally coordinated otherwise the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" that includes Covid vaccines, human bonds, IoT, 5G rollout now underway and China taking over control of the global economy just won't work.

Controlling the discourse/narrative including Covid...

Nope, no lockdowns in Russia...hmmmm....

Putin says Russia does not plan to impose national lockdown to combat COVID-19

No other country can handle Covid as well as China...hmmmm...guess China will be the new global model...

China's successful control of COVID-19


How the White House COVID Task Force sank the Trump presidency

Time for Americans to "break out of their jail"...

Tonight there's going to be a jailbreak....some of us won't survive...


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