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Apps Now Being Developed for Global Vaccine Passport

Editor's note: The normalization of biometric passports is being stepped up and without mincing words this is all related to digital chattel slavery. When you look at the evidence what other conclusion is there? Does anyone seriously think for one second the stakeholder capitalists who run Davos are concerned about your welfare and you can use this technology to make your life better so you can self-actualize? Automation, artificial intelligence, ubiquitous surveillance, big data, cloud computing and synthetic biology are what is being planned. Track and trace apps will be replaced with injectable nano-robotic biosensors. The BioNTech and Moderna Covid vaccines are one component of this. Digital stepping stones to your data collection link. Look at the company Profusa (military biosensors) that collaborates with DARPA and what Moderna refers to with their Covid vaccines: the "software of life."

The Davos and WEF-directed "Fourth Industrial Revolution" and Klaus Schwab's "Great Reset" (these lunatics get to push the green button) is about the consolidation of power. The induced trauma all over the world caused by these technocratic fascists when they "pushed the green button" is now immeasurably causing companies and businesses to close, hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs, shut down of supply chains including food, cynical and abusive lockdowns, forced "social distancing," increased suicides all over the world and the absurdity of wearing "mandatory" masks to identify the disenfranchised and slave class. Global capitalism represented by the people at Davos under cover of this global fake Covid pandemic and their vindictive Covidcrats in respective countries are paving the way for the concentration of wealth and ever more power. Life is being digitally reengineered on a huge scale to further serve the global technocratic elite. 

The reason why Moderna was capable of engineering a Covid vaccine in just two days as was being reported, is because the vaccines were likely developed using advanced algorithms based on data that was collected way in advance. How would it have been possible without well thought out plans in advance of the coronavirus that was alleged to have been originated in Wuhan, China on or around 30 December 2019? We are supposed to think the Moderna Covid vaccine was ready on 13 January 2020? And that was only because of "China's generosity" by releasing the genetic code of the coronavirus strain for researchers? That story is false. Where is that data? And now we are being reassured the Moderna Covid vaccines are entirely safe by the approving agency the FDA?

The Davos and WEF-directed 4IR and the "Great Reset" includes social impact investing (commodifying human life), pay for success finance programs being initiated and the development impact bonds. These are all aligned to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Fourteen of the seventeen SDGs relate to Covid vaccinations (injectables) that are a central feature of the technocratic cybernetic program being built.

Biometric passports discussed below in the Mercoal article, will set up digital identities to aggregate data that will "justify returns in human capital bond markets." The "smart" environments with sensors as small as dust will transmit information about our activities from the cellular level to our social relations in real time. The Covid vaccines are part of this technocratic buildout under cover of this global fake Covid pandemic even if a coronavirus was tweaked in a lab in Wuhan.


Source: Mercola

by Dr. Joseph Mercola | January 5, 2021


Vaccine passports are here and expected to become "widely available" during the first half of 2021

The passports will be attached to cellphone apps that track and trace your COVID-19 test results and vaccination status

The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum created the Common Trust Network, which developed the CommonPass app that's intended to act as a health passport in the near future

The app allows users to upload medical data such as a COVID-19 test result or proof of vaccination, which then generates a QR code that you will show to authorities as your health passport in order to travel or attend certain events

Getting health passports to become a new normal has been part of the plan all along for the Commons Project, which began developing software that tracks medical data well before the COVID-19 pandemic

Now partnered with the World Economic Forum, CommonPass represents the beginning stage of mass tracking and tracing, under the guise of keeping everyone safe from infectious disease; it is part and parcel of the Great Reset and the fourth industrial revolution

Vaccine passports, hastily ushered in as a byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic, are expected to become "widely available" during the first half of 2021. "Rest assured, the nerds are on it," Brian Behlendorf, executive director of Linux Foundation, told CNN Business.1

The Linux Foundation has partnered with IBM, the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative and CommonPass, a digital "health passport," in order to develop vaccine credential apps that will be applicable globally.

If the initiative is successful, you'll likely be required to pull up a vaccine certificate on your phone showing when and where you were vaccinated, along with which type of vaccine, in order to get on a plane or attend an indoor event, such as a concert, for starters.

"If we're successful, you should be able to say: I've got a vaccine certificate on my phone that I got when I was vaccinated in one country, with a whole set of its own kind of health management practices … that I use to get on a plane to an entirely different country and then I presented in that new country a vaccination credential so I could go to that concert that was happening indoors for which attendance was limited to those who have demonstrated that they've had the vaccine," Behlendorf said.2

The notion of having to present proof of a voluntary medical procedure in order to travel or attend public events is unprecedented in the U.S., but is being presented as a measure to protect public health. In reality, your freedom to go about your normal, daily life is being threatened, unless you consent to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. And this may only be the beginning.

What You Need to Know About CommonPass

The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum created the Common Trust Network, which developed the CommonPass app that's intended to act as a health passport in the near future.

The app allows users to upload medical data such as a COVID-19 test result or proof of vaccination, which then generates a QR code that you will show to authorities as your health passport.3 The proposed common framework "for safe border reopening" around the world involves the following:4
1. Every nation must publish their health screening criteria for entry into the country using a standard format on a common framework

2. Each country must register trusted facilities that conduct COVID-19 lab testing for foreign travel and administer vaccines listed in the CommonPass registry

3. Each country will accept health screening status from foreign visitors through apps and services built on the CommonPass framework

4. Patient identification is to be collected at the time of sample collection and/or vaccination using an international standard

5. The CommonPass framework will be integrated into flight and hotel reservation check-in processes
Eventually, the CommonPass framework will be integrated with already existing personal health apps such as Apple Health and CommonHealth. If you want to travel, your personal health record will be evaluated and compared to a country's entry requirements, and if you don't meet them, you'll be directed to an approved testing and vaccination location.

The groundwork for CommonPass was laid out in an April 21, 2020, white paper by The Rockefeller Foundation,5 and is part of the rollout of global surveillance and social control known as "the Great Reset." 

According to CNN, "Airlines including Cathay Pacific, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic, as well as hundreds of health systems across the United States and the government of Aruba," have already partnered with the Common Trust Network and their CommonPass app.6

The CommonPass App, Smart Cards Are Coming

CommonPass is just one example of apps being developed to track your personal health information and convert it into a digital health ID that you'll need to scan just to go about your daily life. IBM developed the Digital Health Pass, which companies can use to assess everything from coronavirus test results and vaccination to an individual's temperature.

If you don't have a cellphone, you won't be exempt from the need to show your health credentials. Companies that are part of the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative are working on a smart card that acts as a digital health credential that can be easily presented even if you don't have a smartphone or stable internet connection.7

August 28, 2020, Ireland was among the first to begin a national trial of their new Health Passport Ireland initiative8 to track and display results of COVID-19 testing — and facilitate increased COVID-19 testing for businesses and the public, plus display COVID-19 vaccination status.9

The initiative has since been renamed Health Passport Europe,10 and states the system will soon be used worldwide for international travels. Aside from travel and tourism, Health Passports will be used for health care purposes, events, factories and offices, and even in schools and child care centers.

So, in order to achieve the "freedom" you need to go about your normal, daily life, you only need to get tested or vaccinated for COVID-19, have a health administrator create a Health Passport account in your name, download the app on your phone, receive your COVID-19 test results on your phone (and get retested as required), then display your COVID-19 status and vaccination history whenever it's requested.

For those who haven't been tested, Health Passport Europe states that you can still immediately use the technology by downloading the Health Passport Scanner app and using it to scan others whenever needed.

By scanning others to get their COVID-19 status, "It gives great security for you and your family throughout or daily lives, for example when availing of services, whilst traveling, at events, at work and much more."11

Please go to Mercola to read the entire article. 



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