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Mainstream Media Is Getting Its Ass Kicked by the Alternative Media (Free Media) - The New Mandate: Throw Off the Tattered Tasseled Layers of Horseshit - Washington Post Is a CIA/Neocon Leading Instrument of Fake News™ - Mainstream Media Reports of "Fake News"™ Is Fake News - Pumping Billion$ Into Fake Terrorism™ - Google Aiming at Alt-Right By Tampering With Algorithms - Only Our Masters Can Approve Thoughts - We Actually Have to Deal With This Sh*t - McCarthyism 2.2

Source: Russian Insider

BUSTED! Supposed Syrian Activist Group Feeding News to Big Media Exposed as a British-Run FAKE NEWS Factory

Western media has been getting its stories from a clandestine British government propaganda plant paying out salaries of up to $17,000 

December 9, 2016

Darn! Don't you just hate it when a major "Syrian opposition" media outfit that is a frequent source of information for Western media turns out to be a western government front?

A story in Alternet yesterday exposes the media offices of something called the "Revolutionary Forces of Syria" is actually run by westerners based in Turkey and paid for by the British government.

The outfit gave itself away when it tried to recruit a managing editor. The guy in question turned down the job despite the eye-watering offer of $17,000 a month and blew the whistle on them instead:
"I would have been talking to opposition people on the ground and writing news pieces based on statements from media activists who are affiliated with the armed groups in places like Aleppo," the reporter later explained.

The salary offered for this task was an eye-popping $17,000 a month.

The reporter ultimately decided not to pursue the RFS position because he felt it would be journalistically unethical.

"The idea that I would work for the government of a country that's intimately involved in the Syrian conflict is one that’s incomprehensible for me as a journalist," he told AlterNet.

"This was far beyond working for state-owned media in my opinion. It was to actually be a mouthpiece for specific armed groups that are backed by a Western regime with a long history of disastrous interference in this region. That doesn't mean I don't have sympathy for people who are against the Syrian government. I am not pro-regime. At the same time, I am a journalist and would like to maintain my integrity at that level."

The reporter declined to recommend others for the job, saying, "I'm not going to facilitate some dubious relationship between a reporter and what is obviously a propaganda outlet," he said.
This clandestine propaganda operation is only one of many undertaken by the British government which has pumped $3 million into into pro-rebel propaganda outfits based out of Istanbul alone.

"Revolutionary Forces of Syria" has been the go-to source for the western media:
RFS's videos and hashtags are regularly picked up by major Western media outlets. One of its videos has even been cited by human rights groups as evidence of Russian war crimes.

Among its most viral campaigns is #AvengersInAleppo, which featured photos of children living in East Aleppo holding up signs calling on Marvel comic book superheroes to save them. (East Aleppo is controlled by a number of extremist groups led by Al Qaeda's renamed offshoot, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham.)

Prior to that, RFS capitalized on the popularity of Pokémon Go to sell a pro-interventionist message to Western audiences with photos of children in opposition-controlled areas of Syria holding up photos of Pokémon characters with messages calling for intervention.

The campaign garnered favorable media coverage from major outlets, including the Guardian, the Washington Post, CNN, the Independent, Reuters, and the BBC, none of which have bothered to question the origins of RFS or similar pro-opposition outlets.
Please go to Russian Insider to read the entire article.

Source: Jon Rappoport

We are the real movement to destroy fake news

December 9, 2016

The new mandate is: throw off the tattered tasseled layers of horseshit.

The bottom line: we are the real movement.

We're the people who have the job of exposing big-time mainstream news as the frauds they are.

Along the way, we've encountered some strange ghouls and goblins. Just to sketch in a few recent editions:

Scott Pelley (CBS) is careful to watch himself. His tendency is to shove the message down the viewer's throat like a pro surgeon making an incision without bothering to administer an anesthetic. Pelley's been working to correct that. He's a high-IQ android who's training himself to be human. It's not going well.

Diane (formerly of ABC) "don't cry for me, America" Sawyer wandered into sloppiness. She poured syrup on her words, as if she'd had a few cocktails before breakfast. She affected a pose of "caring too much" and "refusing to apologize for it"—"I'm suffering for humanity and I won't cover it up." Sniff, sniff.

Before being put out to dry for lying about being shot at in Iraq, Brian Williams (NBC) was head and shoulders above his competitors. You had to look and listen very hard to spot even a speck of confusion in his delivery. He knew exactly how to believe his act was real. He could also flick a little aw-shucks apple-pie at the viewer. Country boy who moved to the big city.

Of course, Brian is now back. His bosses let him sneak in the side door at MSNBC, the only major news channel with ratings lower than Howdy Doody reruns.

Brian just let loose with a sober reasoned criticism of "fake news sites" the other day, claiming the real news has a responsibility to shoulder the load of truth. He neglected to mention he was kicked out of the news business for spreading fake news about himself—but no problem, the past is dead, and he's a new man thanks to the love of his family and his deep reflections on character, mission, devotion, fidelity, and shilling for his masters…

Those are a few ghouls among many.

We are in the middle of the death throes of the old guard, and we need to recognize that. They’re going away. Independent media are taking over. It's called decentralization.

Blackouts and censorship are the only weapons they have left. And guess how they're trying to make that happen? They're appealing to social media—Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Google (which through its rankings is a form of social media). Amazing. Social media numbers are far higher than those of major newspapers and television news.

On the Fade to Black show (twitter: #f2b) with host Jimmy Church on Jimmy Church Radio last night (I have a regular Thursday slot, 10:30 – 11:00pm ET), I discussed the death-rattle of major media. Host Jimmy Church made an interesting point. When CNN started out as the first 24/7 all-news global network, they were the "rebels." They were the new faces and the interlopers, and they were hell-bent on muscling into the game. (Of course, their predilection for honesty was just another con.) Eventually, they turned into the media giants they purportedly hated. And now, with their ratings in the tank, they can't go back. They're trapped. They can't reinvent themselves as new kids on the block. They're slow, they're Clinton fellow travelers, they're racists accusing other people of being racists, they're basically a bunch of miscreants who—if they didn't have their jobs—would be lucky to land gigs pumping gas in Death Valley. It's a sight to behold.

For the most part, FOX, another upstart, became a parade of young blondes who, one after another, rose and then fell. Remembering their names was like remembering winners of the Miss America pageant. Megyn Kelly, the latest edition, thinks she's immune from that fate. Watch out, M. A few years from now, you could become just another tired face on one of the major network's morning gab shows, listening attentively to some tattooed teen rocker talk about the drop of his latest album, his interest in wildlife sanctuaries, and his love of brisket sandwiches from some NYC deli 300 million Americans have never heard of.

It's all going away. Bye, bye.

Please go to Jon Rappoport's blog to read the entire article.

Source: Miles Mathis

A Few Comments On Current Events

December 5, 2016

Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder. . . .

I just visited Infowars and NaturalNews for the first time in a long time, and boy have they changed. Although I used to read articles at both places, I have to say that I can now see they were just controlled opposition from the start. They were obviously instructed to tell a lot of truth for a few years, to snag readers like you and me, but then they slowly tried to shift our focus away from Truth and toward all the new fake events. Now the shift isn't even slow. Now you have very little truth and a whole lot of misdirection. NaturalNews is still fighting Monsanto, which still seems like truth to me, but most of the rest of it is just propaganda. Mike Adams supports Trump? He has been selling himself as a smart guy for years, but we are supposed to believe he can't see through Trump? And where he used to show you current events were hoaxed, he now just sells them to you like the mainstream. I always wondered why Adams looked military, with his crewcut and so on, and why he was always attacking “liberals, and I guess now we know. Same with Alex Jones. He used to devote a large percentage of his sites to countering mainstream propaganda—hence the Infowar—but now he just sells the same events as the mainstream, with perhaps a different spin. He used to tell you events were staged, but he doesn't do that anymore. Remember how Mike Adams originally ran high-profile articles about how the Boston Marathon event was staged? Not only does he not do that anymore, he took down those old articles.

I pointed out several years ago how strange it was that Jones simply republished mainstream science announcements, with no effort to despin them or even comment on them. He ran no Infowar against them. Well, it is the same with most stuff now, which he simply republishes. With each new story that arrives on the World Stage, there are two major spins on it, and he usually publishes the “alternative” spin. But since I have shown you both spins are false, and that most new stories are faked from the ground up, he is misdirecting you just as much as the mainstream. All his fights with CNN and the mainstream are manufactured, to keep your eyes off the real world.

What is this real world they are keeping your eyes off? Simply notice the difference between their overall message and mine. Jones and Adams admit that some small portion of the news or media is faked, but I have taught you it all is. They question limited points of history and propaganda, but mysteriously miss all the big stuff. Dave McGowan and Mae Brussell and other researchers do or did the same thing: they take you into "conspiracy" events, but then miss all the main clues. They tell you a few small things you hadn't seen before, a few juicy facts, but then fail to use those facts to read the overall event in the correct way.

Plus, they consistently keep you away from the big picture—which I am always pushing you toward. I haven't figured it all out yet, but I always try to push you past the minor players and to the biggest fish. They do just the opposite. They always keep your eyes on the frontmen like Trump and Clinton and Obama. Their analysis is always a Hollywood-style analysis, heavy with spins and lots of glitz and prominent use of touchwords. Mine never is.

For instance, today Mike Adams is leading with a story entitled Kellogg's financial ties to money man for cop-killing HATE groups. That is in his yellow banner at the top of his page. Not only is that transparent emotionalism, trying to spin you with touch words like "cop-killing", it is probably bullshit. Like everything else, those cop-killings were probably staged. I have shown you all or nearly all the front-page stories about murders, including murders of cops, never happened. I haven't studied each and every one, of course, since there are thousands. But every high-profile murder case I have studied has turned out to be staged. Every single one. If all the biggest ones have been staged, the smaller ones probably are, too.

The sites were always heavy with annoying ads, but now they link to those same "also popular on the web" sites you see everywhere else, which not only take up huge amounts of prominent space on the site, they link to fluffy propaganda, most of it concerning sex. Half the pictures are of slutty-looking females—this while they are publishing articles on sex scandals, perversion, and pedophilia. My take on this is that those huge ads and sites are produced in Langley, and they are published on most major sites to divert your attention and to track your interests. No doubt your clicks are registered — with your name on them — and they are added to your personal profile at the NSA. So before you click on those scantily clad teens, think about that.

Not that there is anything illegal about looking at 16-year-olds fully dressed, but still. That is what they are doing, so just be aware of it. Plus, when you click on those images, you are taken to sites where your computer suddenly slows down. Coincidence? I doubt it.

It's all a grand diversion, folks. Both the "mainstream" sites and the "alternative" sites are paid to create circuses, where your attention can be pulled away from real and important events. This is how real history is hidden and rewritten, in real time. This is why I have written about so many big events from the past, so that you can see how it works. You were supposed to take that knowledge into the present moment, so that you could see through current events. Some of my readers are doing that, but many aren't. They see that all of the past was faked, but they still believe in the present.

Or, maybe all my readers claiming to believe in Trump or Pizzagate or Flat Earth are just planted, to waste my time.

I will be asked, "What about Standing Rock? That's real, right?" I don't know. Normally, I would be on the side of the Natives, of course, and if the event isn't staged, I am on their side. However, I have to admit I am skeptical. I smell smoke. Why? Because Leo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, and Robert Redford have gotten involved. Those people don't get involved in anything real, as far as I can tell. It occurs to me the event may be staged to draw off attention from other things. The governors know young people and activists are looking for something to do, and this just begs for their involvement. But it is too perfect. It seems big without being too big to comprehend. It concerns Natives, to appeal to "bleeding-heart liberals" like me. And it concerns oil. The only thing we don't have yet is dead babies, but I expect that will be coming soon. Plus, the same people that were involved in the Occupy Wall Street thing a few years ago seem to be involved in this. That whole thing was manufactured to control the opposition, and this probably is, too. One other thing makes me smell smoke, and that is the location. Standing Rock is a Sioux reservation, which has given the mainstream press the opportunity to mention Custer's Last Stand. Whenever you go to background on Standing Rock, you are schooled on Custer's Last Stand. See the Wikipedia page on Standing Rock. Since I have recently blown that whole event open as a false flag, it seems a bit suspicious to find this Standing Rock project reselling it so conspicuously.

Another thing that makes me smell smoke is the prominence of this story among my peers and in my circles. The hippies are eating this thing up like cake. But just ask yourself this: is Standing Rock really the most important environmental tragedy threatening the world? The truth is—even if this Dakotas pipeline is real—equally dire, illegal, and ill-advised projects are going on all over the world. One is probably happening in your own backyard. I live near Los Alamos, an ongoing tragedy of epic proportions, and yet no one is protesting over there. The local hippies feel they need to drive all the way to the Dakotas to protest the possible future destruction of water supplies, when our water supply here is being ruined day to day. The water here isn't even safe to drink, although they don't tell you that. The local hippies don't even know it, and won't listen when I try to tell them—although the information is available with a few clicks of the mouse. The local paper here has published articles on Standing Rock, but will not publish letters to the editor I have written warning local residents their water is tainted. Instead, it publishes articles making its readers think that providing water fit to drink will double their rates. So these dopey local hippies are protesting the possible destruction of someone else's water supply, while ignoring the completed destruction of their own.They drink and bathe in this polluted water every day, and don't even know it. Or maybe these local hippies aren't dopey. Maybe they are fake hippies, paid to dress like that and pretend to activists. Maybe in their wildly painted busses they are drinking purified water supplied to them by the CIA.

You may think I am joking, but unfortunately I'm not. In now declassified documents they have admitted to creating and schooling fake hippies in the FBI and CIA. See the book Acid Dreams. Does this mean all hippies are fake? Probably not. I assume some of them are just dodos like I was a few years ago. I used to bite on these mainstream projects. I went to Chomsky lectures and read Peter Matthiessen's In the Spirit of Crazy Horse. Let's see, what was that about? Oh yeah, it was about incidents at Sioux reservations. And who was Peter Matthiessen? Oh yeah, they now admit he was a CIA agent, and that the Paris Review was created as his cover.

The false world has gone into overdrive, and for the most part I suggest you simply turn it off. Or, watch it only to deconstruct it for fun.

"But what will we do for entertainment?" I will be asked. "You have shown that even the old books were faked." Try entertaining yourself. Learn to paint and paint your own pictures. Learn to play an instrument and make your own music. Learn to write and tell your own stories. Go on a hike, ride your bike, take a swim. Find a lover and make whoopee. Or protest and educate locally. There is plenty to do in your home town, without driving to Washington or the Dakotas. Take control of your own life, including your own entertainment.

Up next: Mark Twain.

Warning to Woo-Woo! Google's War against Words!

The Truth About Fake News | Russia Hacked U.S. Election For Donald Trump?

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