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#2024: Marine Serco Red Switch to White’s Club Tagger, Cameron’s Underground Bombs

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s operation of the Red Switch Network to Tom Stacy, the White’s Club tagger who founded the Offenders’ Tag Association (OTA) in 1982 and allegedly helped David Cameron prep crime scenes so that the 7/7 London Underground bombings could be blamed on Islamist patsies and the victims' bodies could be bagged and tagged to bypass the forensic autopsy process.

McConnell claims that Stacey and his erstwhile White’s Club colleagues, including David Cameron and Nicholas Soames, used Serco’s Red Switch to coordinate the movement of patsies and paroled members of the Offenders’ Tag Association through the phony 7/7 exercise which resulted in the wrongful deaths of fifty two citizens whose un-autopsied bodies ended up tagged in a refrigerated DeBoer morgue in the grounds of the [Dis]Honourable Artillery Company.

McConnell alleges that the White’s Club taggers used the Serco Red Switch to coordinate the bombings of the London Underground and the underwater explosive attacks on the New Orleans levees, apparently triggered 23 hours after Hurricane Katrina had passed the city 80 miles to the east!

7/7 - London bombings - Terrorist exercise Peter Power - Cover up

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Mortuary Solutions
 Handling an emergency situation such as a major fire or terrorist attack in which there may be casualties or even fatalities, is one of the most demanding situations central and local governments can be faced with.

Local Emergency Mortuary Arrangement -- Under present regulations it is the responsibility and obligation of a local authority to deal with disasters in its area. The Local Emergency Mortuary Arrangement means the local government must be prepared to receive casualties within 24 hours at a nearby location.

This can be a very difficult task, particularly at a time when there would be so many other demands on local authority officials such as public order, caring for bereaved relatives, security, and forensic science issues.

Quick delivery of fully functional facilities -- De Boer can provide all the essential facilities which may be required and amenities such as electricity, specific temperature control equipment, as well as special flooring to deal with chemicals and water.

Our extensive experience in handling disaster situations have enabled us to create a unique, affordable solution to provide requirements that can be operational anywhere at anytime, twenty four hours a day, every day of the year.

Previous assignments include: 

Mortuary Extension in London for tsunami repatriation casualties 
- Emergency Mortuary in central London after the 7/7 bombs (click here to download HAC-video wmv 20MB)  [Temporary power supply, courtesy of Rupert Soames, former CEO of Aggreko and now Serco CEO!]

- Emergency mortuary in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina  [Temporary power supply, courtesy of Rupert Soames, former CEO of Aggreko and now Serco CEO!]- Forensic facilities in the Midlands after warehouse fire. 

‘’Amongst the visitors were [extorted] members of the Royal Family, Government Ministers, Faith Leaders, senior officers and planners from the emergency services and many Category 1 and 2 agencies under the Civil Contingency Act . The Lord Chancellor who attended described the facilities as setting a “Gold standard” in the care of victims and the pursuit of forensic evidence [Bullshit! – they shipped 400 body bits to Bosnia for a spot-fixed body scam]’’. 
(London Regional Resilience Report on events of 7 July 2005, page 47 )”

White's is a gentleman's club in St James's Street, London. It is the oldest and most exclusive gentleman's club in London.[1][2]It gained a reputation in the 18th century for both its exclusivity and the often raffish behaviour of its members. Notable current members include Charles, Prince of WalesPrince William, Duke of CambridgeConrad Black and Tom StaceyBritish Prime Minister David Cameron was formerly a member for fifteen years but resigned in 2008, despite his father Ian Cameron having previously been the club's chairman, over the club's refusal to admit women.[3][4][5][6][7] White's continues to be a men-only establishment; the only exception being made during a visit by Queen Elizabeth II in 1991.[7] White's is a member of the Association of London Clubs.[8]

Tom Stacey FRSL (born 11 January 1930) is a British novelist, publisher, screenwriter, foreign correspondent, and penologist.
Born on 11 January 1930, in the Manor House, Bletchingley, Surrey, he is the younger brother of Nicolas Stacey. He attended Wellesley House School (1938-43), originally atBroadstairs, Kent, but from September 1939 was evacuated to the Scottish Highlands.
At Eton College (1943-48) Stacey became a fourth-generation successive Stacey pupil at Eton, where he was a solo treble, the founder of Wotton’s Society in the field of philosophy, editor (with Douglas Hurd) of the weekly Eton College Chronicle, winner of the Essay Prize, and House Captain.

At Scots Guards (1948-50), in which he received his commission as Second Lieutenant, on active service in what is now known as peninsular Malaysia, spent his leave with theTemiar aborigines in the jungle, and wrote his first book (The Hostile Sun).

At Worcester CollegeOxford, England (1950-51), he founded and co-organised the controversial students’ tour operation, Undergrad Tours, during the 1951 Festival of Britainyear.

Journalistic career[edit]

He was staff writer at the Lilliput Magazine (1951-2), as a colleague of Patrick Campbell and Maurice Richardson. He then became feature writer and foreign correspondent forPicture Post (1952-54). During 1954 he became a Daily Express (London) ‘Express Explorer’ in which he crossed Africa overland from the Atlantic to East Africa, accompanied by Ugandan University of Cambridge graduate Erisa Kironde, and lived with the Bakonzo people of the Ruwenzori Mountains.

He was then reporter and roving correspondent for the Montreal Star (1955-56) before rejoining the Daily Express in 1956-60 as foreign correspondent and diplomatic correspondent, including as America columnist in 1957. He joined The Sunday Times as roving correspondent and chief foreign correspondent (1960-65), with a worldwide brief and covering the dismantling of British Empire globally, and major conflict zones of the period, and interviewing many heads of state (including Nikita KhrushchevMorarji Desai,Ayub KhanHarold Macmillan, and Éamon de Valera).

He then moved to the London Evening Standard (1965-67) while standing for Parliament, where Stacey was a columnist and roving correspondent. Subsequent freelance assignments for contributions to The Times, The Sunday TelegraphThe Daily TelegraphThe ObserverDaily Mail, and The Spectator. In all, Stacey has reported from over 120 countries, many of them several times.
In 1974 he became a prison visitor, following his own imprisonment (as a foreign correspondent) in India in 1965. He continued in the role ever since.

In 1981 he conceived the electronic tag for (appropriate) offenders, as an alternative to imprisonment, and in 1982 formed and launched the Offender’s Tag Association [allegedly used to assemble mobile hit and triage teams at crimes scenes including Murrah Building and WTC 1993 and 9/11] as a pressure group for the adoption and exploitation of the tag (a term adopted by Stacey from the inception of the scheme). Offender tagging has subsequently become widely used in penological reform in Britain and throughout the world. Stacey remains Director of the OTA.”
“Building a State-of-the-Practice Data Communications Network To create a state-of-the-practice data communications network required Serco to engineer different solutions for each of the AFSCN’s unique locations. Each ground station around the world had to be surveyed in order to develop detailed installation plans, project support agreements and testing plans. Furthermore, to assure communications reliability between the ground station and the operational control nodes, Serco also had to conduct a complete circuit testing exercise.

In developing this enhanced voice and data communications network, Serco’s team engineered and implemented an ATM backbone and secure voice system for each of the AFSCN ground stations. The installed network was based on a Wide Area Network (WAN) architecture utilizing IP based network capabilities and proprietary secure communication technologies such as KG-75s, KG-84S and KIV-7s. In addition, Serco ensured Defense Red Switch Network connectivity and operations throughout the AFSCN”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation


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