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#2023: Marine Links Obama to Serco Red Switch Tort and Sandy Hook DMORT Morgue

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Barack Obama to Serco’s tortious use of the Red Switch Network to coordinate the transport of dead bodies and live ammunition through a DMORT morgue allegedly set up near the Sandy Hook Elementary School to support Obama’s defamation of Adam Lanza and citizens with guns.

McConnell claims that Obama and his Vanguard Group investees including Serco, Service Corp International and Correction Corp of America, used Red Switch communications to authorize the deployment of pre-positioned triage teams to disrupt first responders, destroy evidence, expedite the removal and cremation of shot-up bodies and spin the Sandy Hook libel of the already dead.

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Sandy Hook Massacres Were Planned Dead Child Resurrected 
for Obama

Obama - Full Auto AR-15 Used At Sandy Hook By Adam Lanza

Has Adam Lanza Even Been Alive The Last 3 Years?

“5.) - [link to] This site was very intriguing, if not downright scary, with so much information it can boggle your mind. It mentions a portable morgue, not a hospital, but it makes more sense this is what was used since this is the Medical Examiner's forte, and he did seem to be excited when he spoke of the "...THING!" This response seems most correct for the "what" answer. This site also mentioned that there was a clue within the article. After gleaning through all the posts I think I might have figured out what the Sandy Hook "clue" is, even though the article did not spell it out, because they left it a mystery - which is for you the reader to figure out. I think they are implying the clue has something to do with another drill coming up this May 14-17, mentioned at the end of the piece, below:

"These are the official training dates for an upcoming DMORT WMD Team full-blown, hands-on practical exercise in Winston Salem, NC. For original team members, this is the refresher we need and for those who have never participated in one of these exercises, expect to be exposed to a tough training session. This should give those who are newer team members the awareness they have needed to understand what is expected while working in PPE for extended times under some realistic conditions."

"The last exercise in Winston Salem allowed our WMD Team to work hand-in-hand with the NMRT/SORT (medical) Team from that area and utilize their equipment. Since those days, we have been designated as a stand alone team and provided with our own equipment. This will be a first so it is definitely going to be an eye-opening and learning experience. As soon as more information becomes available you will be updated.””

“Building a State-of-the-Practice Data Communications Network To create a state-of-the-practice data communications network required Serco to engineer different solutions for each of the AFSCN’s unique locations. Each ground station around the world had to be surveyed in order to develop detailed installation plans, project support agreements and testing plans. Furthermore, to assure communications reliability between the ground station and the operational control nodes, Serco also had to conduct a complete circuit testing exercise.

… In developing this enhanced voice and data communications network, Serco’s team engineered and implemented an ATM backbone and secure voice system for each of the AFSCN ground stations. The installed network was based on a Wide Area Network (WAN) architecture utilizing IP based network capabilities and proprietary secure communication technologies such as KG-75s, KG-84S and KIV-7s. In addition, Serco ensured Defense Red Switch Network connectivity and operations throughout the AFSCN”

“Defense Ammunition Center (DAC)
Contract Type: Fixed Price
Period of Performance: 10/1/2008 to 9/30/2013

Project Overview:

Since 2008, Serco has assisted DAC with the analysis, design, development, implementation, management/ administration, and evaluation of integrated, enterprise-wide and component-specific training, learning, knowledge management, and strategic human resource management interventions that are critical to achieving their mission.

Most recently, Serco proposed the inclusion of mobile application tools and games to reinforce training and provide continuous and “in the field” performance support. To date, Serco has developed six mobile apps which have been distributed for both the iOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play) environments. Together, these apps have reached over 15,000 soldiers and have allowed DAC to become a center of excellence in this burgeoning training environment.

Intended or Achieved Result:

Through the design and delivery of customized instructor-led, web-based training and distribution of mobile performance supports, Serco has increased the number of DAC learners by 10–15% year over year. Serco has increased the number of DAC learners reached annually by 10%–15% via varied modalities. In 2011 alone:

110,000 Soldiers took a Serco-authored DAC Distance Learning course 15,000 Soldiers participated in a Serco-developed, DAC-sponsored ILT course 15,000 people used the Serco-administrated DAC Ammunition CoP to discover information, references or collaborate with other ammunition professionals”

“Serco reports 123,000 US government employees' personal information stolen
by Chester Wisniewski on May 25, 2012 | 2 Comments
FILED UNDER: Data loss, Privacy
The Guardian has called Serco "probably the biggest company you have never heard of." It's on the FTSE 100 (Big!), has 100,000 employees and operates everything from railways in the UK and Australia to driver licensing in Ontario, Canada to retirement accounts for US government employees, members of the armed forces and US Postal Service workers.

Perhaps taking advantage of the holiday weekend in the United States, Serco announced this morning that hackers had compromised systems at its Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) operation.

After extensive forensic investigation it was determined that 43,000 members' names, addresses and Social Security Numbers had been accessed by the intruders, and the Social Security Numbers of another 80,000 may have been involved.

Consistent with the findings presented in this year's Verizon Data Breach Incident Report, Serco did not even realize they were compromised until they were contacted by the FBI in April 2012.

Individuals whose information may have been accessed will receive a letter from the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB) in the coming days. Serco claims that there is no evidence of any financial fraud or identity theft related to the incident, but that does beg the question... How would they know? They haven't notified the victims, so if these poor folks had noticed any funny business on their credit report, why would they report it to Serco or even suspect it is related to the company?

As I mentioned in the article about the data breach in Utah, Social Security Numbers aren't disposable. They are a permanent identifying number that can be used to wield enormous power over victims' lives.

The other thing that bothers me about this case is that the press release from Serco makes no attempt at apologizing or admitting that it has not lived up to its responsibilities.

"It was crazy, sophisticated, relentless hackers. It happens all the time. Nothing we could do about it. They stole your personally identifiable information, but we don't think they wanted it."

Shame on you, Serco. If it weren't for the FBI having contacted you, data would still be leaking off of your network. A little data encryption goes a long way toward avoiding this type of situation.

Let us hope Serco is correct and the stolen information will not be used for nefarious purposes.

Victims of this incident should still be on the lookout for any strange activity on their credit reports and may wish to put a "security freeze" on their credit reports with the major agencies.

Update: Further information has been published that shows the original intrusion into Serco's system occurred in July 2011. Information that was accessed has been available to criminals for nearly a year before Serco was notified by the FBI.”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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  1. Who were officers shooting at between 9:46-9:47, and who did officers fire at in the north hall at 9:46:54?


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