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The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 8

Abel Danger Info Enables FBI Pedo-dragnet @ SB
Turdi’s Charge, Obama Balls, Putin’s Spotted Pussy

Abel Danger Prayed Serco’s Cabal Would Fix SB To Expose 9/11
G-Spot: 43-8 + rigged

MUFF DVR Targets Punahou ’79 666 234
G-Spot: U S Marine 0116513 + Barry Soetoro Punahou ‘79

Abel Danger (S)Wordsman Targets Turdi’s Charge
G-Spot: pope francis + child rape + argentine junta + Holyrood agreement

Undocumented Gay Mulatto Falls To Abel ( S)WORDSMAN
G-Spot: James Woods + anti-Obama + Twitter+ abomination

Lesbian Psychopaths Intent On Disrupting SB Exposed in BADFINGER/Scarlet Muff
G-Spot: Sochi + Lesbian + Serco + georgetown professor + fox news + obama

Super Sex SLUT Bowl
G-Spot: swaine + last + underage + takeaway [ s l u t ]

Courageous Constitutional Judge
G-Spot: Orly Taitz + Field McConnell

Purple Reign Limo Official VIP Ride, Plum Plunge 2014
G-Spot: Watcher + Chips + Kilt + Plum Plunge + Abel Danger

Vibrance Red Dangerettes Crack Banker Suicides
G-Spot: target + $100 million + chip-enabled

Obama’s Plans Torpedoed By MUFF DVR
G-Spot: Obama + 666 234 + Georgetown

Orly Taitz, Field McConnell, Friday February 5th, 2010
G-Spot: Purple Reign + limo + field mcconnell

Guccifer Arrested, Little Smoke Down, BIG SMOKE Engaged
G-Spot: Field McConnell + SMOKE

Limp Gamecock Channels Chicken Little; McCain Hisses; Hillary Lights Fart
G-Spot: graham + mcCain + hillary + Benghazi + Field McConnell

Methane Man, Geriatric Goosestepper, Eaton Pussy
G-Spot: international pedophile ring + matt taylor + david compan

Way back in Chapter 7 of Book 13 of the 20 Volume set, Agent Chips had sent clues to New York, New Jersey and (redacted) FBI offices regarding the Serco Sex Bowl that went on behind the backdrop of Obama’s Fraud Bowl. Recall that Agent Chips had felt the low rumble as the s-duct engine was pushed up to 92% just as his TI was exceeding 103% in response to the digital repartee involving himself and the Blue Ring Agent he was probing, for security purposes. He had left a BFC for NYC FBI in his mis statement that he, Chips, shared the faith of Peyton Manning but was aware that Russell Williams was also a believer. That faith included a TRANQUIL SUPERBOWL knowing that Serco’s OCTOPUS GRIP was being loosed by a McConnell and not a wimp like Mitch or Brucey Baby. To celebrate the upcoming FBI dragnet saving many children from pedophile crimes against them, Chips took COMMAND AUTHORITY, dropped to his knees and peeled back the Pastel Kiwi IOC revealing the true identity of the Dangerette who, at least in Chapter 7, was identified only as Blue Ring Agent SA. As her Skene’s glad issued clover, Marine 0116513 recalled CRIMSON AND CLOVER, over and over. Thinking he might trigger a multiple, he selected F4 on his Clipper Squirt Gun as a tribute to Blue Ring Agent SA, Agent KKB, and [redacted] as she was three times a lady and he hoped their rainbow was not coming to an end.


Chapter 8

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 20:17, Ephesians 6:13-15

You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the LORD will give you, Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the LORD will be with you.

13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.
14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place,
15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.

Gospel: Where No One Stands Alone


Secular: Good Bye English Rose


Video: Obama Finally Gets Balls:


Putin McConnell in ‘the case of the spotty pussy’


G-Spot: Georgetown + Obama + 666 234 + Jesuit

G-Spot: pope francis + child rape + argentine junta + Holyrood agreement

Up in the cockpit Agent Stone had all three ‘turning and burning’ and had restored electrical power as well as the Green, Yellow and Blue Hydraulic systems in the Falcon 7x. Back in the cabin, Agent Chips said a simple prayer hoping that Serco would cower and the Octopus would be gaffed by the spewer of Smoked Oysters who had penetrated both layers of protection of Agent Blue Ring SA and seeing the second color, pastel [ redacted ] knew for certain which of the four Dangerettes he had just pleasured manually.

“Hello Heavenly Father, it is me We are getting older and things are getting ....bad here. Gas prices are too high, no jobs, and food and heating costs too high. I  know some have taken you out of our schools, government and even 
Christmas, but Lord I'm asking you to come back and re-bless America . We 
Really need you! There are more of us who want you than those who don't! 
Thank You Lord, I Love You. Field McConnell”

Chips had been on his knees probing security and as he rose from the floor and became fully erect, he saw four identically disguised Dangerettes. He expected to see only three until he realized that when Shabatt ended, Agent Sphinx would have returned to the mission briefing anticipated at 15W. They were soon joined by the 5th who had just been snorkeled by Agent Chips whose diving boat, the Neverdock, plied the placid waters of Troubled Guy Lake, Wisconsin 16 miles north of the Little House on Plum Creek if any of you are aware of 1937’s ON THE BANKS OF PLUM CREEK.

As part of our ministry, the Lord has granted me favor with the NFL where I consult on player engagement--anything that touches the player off the field. Much of the work I do is associated with life skills, character development and professionalism. There are many strong Christian men with whom I work. They are former players who have dedicated their service to mentoring younger, current players and to assisting youth and others in their communities across the country. Whatever you may believe about the NFL, one thing I know from first hand experience is that the organization is all about excellence and building character and leadership. Like all things, though, it takes both parties to succeed.

Agent 99 spoke first.

“Chips, your arbitrage of Serco and Senior Executive Service DHS was effective as you invoked the power of Christ to block evil. I received this message from my Brother and will read it in its entirety. Here goes: On the set of NFL Player Engagement TV over 60 players were interviewed by former players such as Aeneas Williams (just selected to the Hall of Fame), David Tyree (the "catch" in Super Bowl XLII), and Keith Elias (former running back for the Colts). One thing they all have in common is their love of the Lord. They all either pastor churches or run ministries. Their interviews brought out the best in spirit from the players--a more interesting, helmet off, kind of approach that stress how these men attained success, the role their faith played, their message for today's youth, and some great anecdotal stories about their youth, other players they know and their lives in general. These are real people. Interesting that as we walked around Met Life stadium before the game on Sunday, inspiring readings from the Declaration of Independence were being announced over the stadium broadcast system. Within the NFL-controlled environs, there was great salute to service and patriotism--real God and country kinds of stuff. This was in stark contrast to getting to the stadium and leaving it.

Logistics were advertised as the first "public transit" Super Bowl. Everyone was supposed to take the mass transit trains to the stadium. Trouble is, they were totally unprepared for the tens of thousands who used the system. Thousands were standing body to body on train platforms waiting to get through "security." It was dangerous and volatile. People were treated like criminals going through security--"raise your hands" in surrender position. New Jersey police (not military) were lined up with assault rifles. Others were in their dress uniforms that looked like a version of the SS--no smiles, no courtesy, plenty of intimidation. Leaving the stadium was the same picture--not enough trains, thousands waiting for hours and propaganda on the loudspeakers encouraging people to enjoy the stadium experience and stay in their seats until transportation was available. People were angry. There was pushing and shoving. And some 29,000 people were funneled through four doors of about four feet each to get to the train platform.

New Jersey totally misjudged the numbers. They finally had to call an armada of busses to come pick up people around 1:00 am--three hours after the game finished. I was thoughtfully stricken with the contrast of private enterprise and government. Further, how America has become a police state using Islam as the excuse. It is amazing how openly people are aware and discuss it when they are in close quarters. If we want our freedom, we are going to have to take it back because it is already gone. One dared not criticize the police or DHS personnel out of concern they would never make it to the game. It was soft tyranny, hard intimidation reserved for a time when Americans just wanted to enjoy a game. All in all, it was the tale of two systems--the private enterprise system and the government system. The NFL was customer friendly, the government was citizen adverse. I know that many disagree here and there with the entertainment choices made by the NFL, but I know first hand the character development and the examples that are intended. I also see first hand the police state of the government and how inept it is at serving the people. It is a stark contrast.

As Christians in this country, we have a lot to overcome to live up to the standard of culture that Christ has called us to. As in 2 Thessalonians 3:13, "But ye Brethren, be not weary in doing good." We have challenges ahead. Chips, it appears that your suggestion that the Lesbian Psychopaths would cower was accurate, and if I heard the radio show on the Friday before the Superbowl, I think you suggest that ‘Serco’s Psychos’ would have no choice but to ‘rig’ the game to cover their lost revenues with God’s Hand was revealed in Coach Carroll’s 9/11 Truth Bowl. Once again, the letter was from a Brother of mine not to be confused with Agent Pete Moss who is also My Brother or the CAT LADY in Hawk Springs who is our Sister. Chips, over to you.”

“Thank you Agent 99, and as we still have 11 minutes before Umbrellaman gives us our final pre-arrival briefing I will read a letter from the 50 year old fellow who you may recall from Operation SPICE RACK. He was in Neighbors working UC when the Muslim torched the gay bar. He witnessed three ‘big wigs’ from Investment Houses in the Puget Sound AOA. His comments to me included “Chips, I was indeed hanging out in the chat room yesterday.  I normally download your broadcast from YouTube and listen to it with my wife each evening prior to going to sleep. I’ll continue to keep in touch and help out anywhere I think I can.  But, you guys seem to have things covered pretty well as evidenced by the FBI moving on your Super Sex Bowl exposure. Although I’ve done a small amount of research on the child kidnapping and sex slave aspect of the global elite…I never dug too deep.  I have a beautiful daughter and it’s such a disgusting area of research…well, I just never wanted to know that much about it.  The sorry motherfuckers do so many other evil and destructive things that since I had a plethora of other areas to research, that’s what I’ve done. I’ve done mountains of research in the following areas:  Financial; Legal and Illegal drug and weapon sales; 9/11 and false flags; Media manipulation and social control; How our court system has been hijacked; GMO’s, and a lot more that just isn’t popping into my head right now because I turned 50 this year and my research indicates that I can now start using that as an excuse for not being as sharp as I once was.  Thanks for all you do.  Keep Fighting! KS, aka Spice Rack” OK, any other comments before Umbrellaman briefs continuation of BADFINGER and SCARLET MUFF?”
Atomic Betty raised her hand and Chips asked her to keep it brief as he recalled that the PPUC of this dainty morsel was Pastel Mint Green not to be confused with Pastel Jade Green ( Agent Bean ) or Pastel Kiwi Fruit ( all 5 Dangerettes aboard Falcon 7X KNIGHTSHADE ).

“Agent Chips, I was thinking about how Abel Danger had “smoked the octopus” in Operation BADFINGER/Scarlet Muff so to kill time while your were under the table on your knees I googled these random terms: pot head + obama + choom gang + farting and I think you should make them a google G-Spot as according to the Georgetown Professor BO should go down for the count as expressed in 666 234. On a serious financial and legal fraud note I offer these key quotes: take a look at Par Pharmaceutical and the abnormal primary part of their fraudulent plea…Par defrauded billions from government and got a very much Rosemary M Collyer-esque handslip of $100 million. DoJ’s mental midgets Holder and Marcy have effectively “legally” creating a fascistic cooperative relationship between our government and I’d assume any company or corporation that the shadown government run by the Gorelick-Reno-Marcy-Cliton lesbo quartet wishes control. And Par will have a difficult time opting out of this totalitarian agreement by just throwing in the towel after they sign their get out of jail free card.  They are not allowed to file bankruptcy for 5 years….and I don’t think the CEO or any of the board members are allowed to resign. (That was a bit unclear but I think it was a veil threat). I see that the OmniGlobe is in the 3 minute countdown so the rest you can read at the link on these 3 by 5 salmon index cards. One last question, if I want to be in the pool tournament at JR’s corner bar in Plum City do I need to bring a long wooden thing and balls our might yours be available? I got a text from Agent Pete Moss that he likes your taste in Dangerettes and considers it a great honor and heterosexual pleasure to have once been ‘behind’ the Plunge cracking ass sets of Agents such as KKB, 99, Sphinx, 80W our myself. He asked me to let you know that on July 17th, he will be toasting several of Guiness Black lagers to the entirety of Team AD, as he will attend the Plum City PLUNGE, "dans l'esprit".  Bottoms up!” I sent him a photo of last year’s pool tournament and now he thinks he may come. Over to you, Chips, Sociable.”

Chips took a long pull, I say again, LONG PULL, on his CSM as the count down timer passed 90 seconds to go. Agent Julie Shirts passed him a 4 by 6 salmon colored index card with coordinates 41° 47′ 5″ N, 104° 15′ 50″ W and Operation BUNNY SWANN on one side and G-Spot: BADFINGER + scarlett muff + serco written sloppily on the reverse. Chips understood it was Julie Shirts was of suggesting Agent Orange known to some as DIRTY DRIVEWAY had snatched a handwriting analysis of one of the four foul Lesbo’s who on 22 October, 1996 got Gore’s Hammer award not to be confused with the hammer award Obama’s drug dealer ‘gay ray’ got in 1986. As Umbrellaman’s briefing was set to go live, Chips looked in Julie Shirts’ eye without blinking and uploaded her 29 comments utilizing the 87B29 channel of Abel Danger FESTUS software.

1. She is highly intelligent with excellent mental processing skills
2. Here main interests are geared toward projects that don’t directly involve people.
3. She is most comfortable working by herself on her own schedule.
4. Very observant and prefers to be able to devote full, uninterrupted focus on work.
5. Doesn’t like to be interrupted.
6. Strives hard to obtain recognition and is vulnerable to criticism of her work.
7. Recognition is enjoyed most when it comes from others in her own FIELD.
8. High ideals but unrealistic dreams, like trying to out think her brother.
9. Big ideas that are mostly in the abstract realm; focuses on the big picture of 9/11
10. Education used as a source of security.
11. Is uncomfortable in the emotional realm
12. Tries to dominate and be authoritarian, FFC.
13. False superiority complex to compensate for her logical inferiority complex.
14. She more important than collective McConnell family; 3 Christian Patriots
15. Unresolved sexual anxiety, compulsive.
16. Has select group of friends; generally treason practitioners
17. Tenacious
18. Interest in female anatomy.
19. Hidden prejudices and fear of opposite sex.
20. Difficulty with normal physical expression
21. Unusual sexual behavior
22. Fears intimacy and emotional commitment
23. Can be a boner, excuse me, loner
24. Mathematical ability
25. Black/white thinking
26. Keeps lid on her conscious awareness, suppresses her subconscious
27. Needs emotional space
28. X between K and r indicates thoughts of ending life, death, depression.
29. In late 20s, early 30s found out something disturbing about here beard.

Chips missed the 29B comment as the sober voice of Umbrellaman was heard even though the image in the OmniGlobe was of Rooster Cogburn at Global HQ at the Crown Royal Revival Office in Plum City.

“Agents engaged in Operation BADFINGER/Scarlet Muff. Received message from DIRTY DRIVEWAY that the Tugboat Twins has seen scads of Thugs dressed in New Jersey State Police Uniforms on the tarmac at Manchester. If everyone can turn to page B29 of the SMEAC briefing for Scarlett Muff I will give you three minutes to review option 25 or 6 to four. Pay attention to the Google G spot there lifted from a White Hat in Bluffdale. [ G: pope francis + child rape + argentine junta + Holyrood agreement ] appears that Operation Spade Flush, Operation Yew Tree Operation Spade and Elm House have revealed Prince Charles as Jimmy Savile’s ally regards OBE. Sociable”

“Welcome back to the pre landing brief. You should see on your screen what they have planned for N007HT upon arrival Manchester They are using the RON BROWN PROTOCOL once you get with 50 miles of Manchester Serco and NSAWW will perform a Hillary Marcy ‘snatch’ of your jet. MacCheese has sent Stone an EMERGENCY reroute. Standby for MacCheese. Pray. Umbrellaman.”

Chips excused himself but not before Agent 99 could access his TI finding it uncharacteristally low at 92% so she handed him three tins of his favorite brand of Smoked Oysters before he ambulated in erect fashion to the cock pit, with a sense of purpose and a big woody. He glanced at his new watch with Vibrance Red center and a pastel pale pink O ring. He saw it was 2019:29 so he expedited his movement towards the cockpit as he knew who was assigned to his PWA mission by the position of the SSH [ sweep second hand for you alphabet agency guys ].

Once in the cock pit before Chips could speak he saw a blanket over Hoss in the left seat and thinking Hoss was dead he thought he might have to do some “pilot shit’ for just the second time in 13 books about the pilot “Captain Sherlock” who single handedly solved 9/11 and exposes Serco in both 9/11 and the Super Sex Bowl. Stone spoke first.

“Dad, don’t worry he is not dead, he was awake for 5 minutes at 30W, had three Grape Nehis then went back to sleep. MacCheese just diverted us to RAF Brawdy after a low pass at Piel Island. Serco was going to do a “Ron Brown Wellstone” on the jet remotely so I have the autopilot off, the autopilot CBs pulled, the autothrottles off, their CBs pulled, passing 10,000 feet I will dump the cabin and if anything goes wrong at our new ETP, Piel Island, we will let Serco have this fucking jet and hop out, any questions Dad.”

“None, press on, you are a son in whom I am well pleased. Treat yourself to these two Grolsches. But the way, did MacCheese issue a new Mission Call Sign?”

“Sorry, yes he did but it is covered on page B29. If we drop onto Piel Island we are still BADFINGER/Scarlet Muff. If we defeat Serco’s technology with AQWB ‘burn through” we are redispatched to RAF Brawdy and roll over into Operation STARCHED SHEETS. It’s on page B29.”

Chips took a LONG PULL on his CSM with two stuffed queens and counted his blessing that he’d be the McConnell baby with a kickstand instead of a donut. Lesbians are not attracted to kickstands and that is how for the last 20 books, oh, excuse me, this is only Book 13, Chapter 8, don’t want to let the cat out of the bag. Chips arrived back at the conference table just as Agent Sphinx was sharing her intel regarding OBAMACARE.

“Chips welcome back, Marquis d’Cartier left you another Captain Sherlock Martini for your successful exposure of Coach Pete Carroll’s Victory in the 9/11 Truth Bowl. Before I brief the Obamacare murder that has the administration another black eye, how did you know that if Serco’s Lesbos cowered that the game would be rigged with only three players on each team, three Broncos and three Seahawks, aware of the ‘fix’?

“Elementary my dear Mycroft, it was the clue left in the coach’s jock, capeche? When the red dot agent was in Grand Cayman, Antigua and Aruba with Agent Chips she was protected by Reef Boy and Pete Moss of MI6. You may be aware she was seen dancing on the table with Hammer MacCheese. She will reprise that image with Hammer MacCheese on Saturday night, July 19th while Chips is blowing ‘safe sax’ during the Oldies dance at the American Legion Park while the band Midnight Special is playing “Poor Side Of Town”. Chips stopped talking for a LONG PULL on his CSM.


Agent Chips continued explaining after taking his LONG PULL on his CSM with two stuffed queens. “When I refered to the clue in the coach’s jock, I was talking about a lady coach and the clue appears at 0+20 in Johnny’s song, notice the white arrow pointing up at the lady coach’s jock equivalent and thing of what young people refer to as ‘gap’ not to be confused with Pine Gap or Alice Springs. The clue is obvious lacking of balls, see also Eric Holder, Barry Soetoro, Courtney Banks, Hillary Clinton, Kristine Marcy, Jamie Gorelick, Janet Reno, Lyn Sherlock and Gina Farrisee. Oh, and don’t forget Jay M. Cohen, collectively THEY ALL LACK BALLS. Field McConnell expects that this google below will be ‘hot’ by sunrise. Any questions?”

Holder + Soetoro + Cohen + THEY ALL LACK BALLS + Field McConnell

“Agent Chips, back to the ‘red dot lady” is she one of ours in fact or fiction?”

“Excellent question Agent Sphinx, she is one of our, she is in this KNIGHTSHADE jet with us now disguised as a Scarlet Muff, she is the Dangerette who knows the name of the 5th Plunging Banker and she and Hammer MacCheese will be dancing on the table during my ‘smooth sax’ rendition of Poor Side of Town which I will follow with another monster hit from 1969 by Junior Walker and His All Stars not to be confused with Junior Walker Bush and his scapegoating in 9/11 by Clintons, party of two, Gore and his Hammer Lesbos Gorelick, Marcy and Reno. Let’s have a social while we listen to ‘smooth and safe sax’. And as it pertains to Tenor Sax and Evil, my sax causes more wet mouthpieces than Slick Willy’s ever did Sociable:


 The Plunge
“Our Red Dot lady has effectively placed ‘red nooses’ around the BIG PLAYERS in the Super Bowl Fixed Superbowl after Abel Danger caused Serco, CAI and US SES to cancel the false flag planned to pick up where the Boston Marathon left off. You may recall our message to Chris Hook [] we sent Thursday, January 30th. It included this text #1838: Marine links Serco MI-3 pedophile Onion Router to Sherlock Mycroft Boston bomb Plum City – ( – February 3, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s alleged use of onion-router patent pool devices to conceal communications with blackmailing pedophiles in the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company to BBC script kiddie roles of a Sherlock Holmes and his brother Mycroft in the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15, 2013.

McConnell claims that for decades, Serco and root companies: The Electric Telegraph Company; Marconi and RCA GB (1928), have been equipping staff at the MI-3 Innholders’ Langham and Sherlock Holmes hotels in London with encryption keys to a pedophile blackmail racket which allowed Serco to place extorted BBC script kiddies in Boston and relay Onion Router trigger signals to bombs falsely attributed to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his late older brother Tamerlan vetted through USAID networks in Chechnya.

McConnell invites key word Googlers to read excerpts below and ask why “The List of Sherlock Innholders – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed” book has a new title…..truncated ]


“It is obvious from UK Column exposure at 1 PM on Tuesday, 4 February, 2014 that the pedophile issue that will take don’t Prince Charles faster than a prom dress has spilled over to the colonies as FBI acting on the message US Marine Field McConnell, 0116513/7556 sent to coerced action by Hoover’s Humpers to get busy and arrest pimps and protect children before Agent Chips gets pissed. After all, it was the two clues left in the coach’s jock that allowed FBI to execute the Chips Dragnet as is written at 0508/5Feb14 in the Abel Danger Coffee Chat, it was our Chapter 7 that allow FBI ‘white hats’ to follow our leads. Now let’s turn the floor over to Agent Sphinx for the briefing on the suicide of the 46 year old actor who had been willing to play in the upcoming BLOCKBUSTER move “Captain Sherlock Solves 9/11” All attending the 2014 Plum Plunge will get autographed copies of the DVD, capeche?

In the Fox News story linked on Page B29 of SMEAC, note that when FBI says “The FBI and our partners “ they are referring to Delta Airlines and Abel Danger. Delta had 8000 employees trained to monitor appearance of human trafficking while Delta’ retired pilot at Abel Danger Global Private Intel Agency is the source of the intel. Agent Sphinx, can you brief the suicide of the Obamacare patsy murder victim?”

SUPER BOWL FBI STING Missing children rescued from sex trade in NJ

Agent Sphinx stood up but before she could address the New Jersey Thug gangland suicide of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and his whackers, she was handed a 3 by 5 salmon card by Marquis d’Cartier?  She realized she would have to wait for Chapter nine to answer the question about the actor who was working on a number of films including the wildly successful film franchise The Hunger Games owned by Lionsgate Films. The films are largely responsible for Lionsgate breaking the 1billion mark in profits for 2012 and again in 2013, but in doing so they have exposed Serco’s Octopus which result in the 5th banker plunge as well as the removal of Serco’s dummy at 1600 for his failure to achieve gun control, or heterosexual orgasm for that matter. Agent Sphinx tapped the conference table three times and spoke in a sober fashion.

“Agent Stone has just awakened Captain Hoss as MacCheese and Rooster Cogburn agree with Hammer Otto Pilot that our burn through of Serco’s “4 minute facility” was unsuccessful so we are in a descent now for our escape maneuver. We will take the plunge in 3 minutes from my hack. Hack. God speed, Atomic Betty and Hamish will be the last to jump. Chips and Stone will be the first. Swimsuits now, executive BADFINGER.”

In his haste to recall where his bathing suit was, Agent Hamish struck the wrong key placing his ‘most excellent post #1839 in queue so that USDOJ Pride Chris Hook and Governor “Flannel Dannel’ Malloy of Connecticut would not get their customary courtesy notice before their exposure hits the internet. Tuffski, shitsky. And now we protect Sochi in Operation SNOW LEOPARD, or perhaps STARCHED SHEETS.

Chips and Stone were standing by the open exit as Hoss slowed KNIGHTSHADE to VmC for the escape. Chips looked again at his new TIME PIECE and saw there was a chance to improve the dreams of the girl on the second floor, but instead of playin WELCOME ME LOVE by Brooklyn Bridge, he harked back to the live show in 1992 where they witnessed Phil Collins talk about an invisible hand, just before another invisible hand selected a pool cue to penetrate her Pale Pink ring, in so many words.


Marquis d’Cartier was watching the ‘jump’ countdown and was readying Chips and Stone to jump first when he heard Agent Hoss scream from the cock pit “Abort, abort, abort, BURN THROUGH achieved, Abort, remain seated and place your Oxygen mask on first before helping others……….” before his voice was silence and a thick black smoke enveloped the cabin. As Stone repaired to the cock pit, Agent Chips gave a quick MI accessment to one of the Scarlet Muffs in a swimsuit as his turgidity index elevated to 113% as Agent 99’s generous offering was about ready to some starched sheets somewhere tonight.


What are the odds that Agent Chips and the lady vocalist lived just miles apart in Hawley and Glyndon, Minnesota. She’s wishing I’d blow her way again, dud!

#1839: Marine links MI-3 Langham onion cipher key to Mycroft Lincoln hit, Serco Boston bomb 

Plum City – ( – February 4, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Langham Hotel operations of onion-router cipher keys for the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company to the alleged use of the imperial brain (‘Mycroft’) in the Langham’s telegraph office for the 1865 contract hit of Abraham Lincoln and the script kiddies who relayed Serco Wi-Fi trigger signals in the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15, 2013.

McConnell claims that in 1865, The Electric Telegraph Company - a Serco root company - equipped the Langham telegraph office with devices patented by Sir William Fothergill Cooke and Charles Wheatstone, including a device to encrypt messages with the Playfair cipher and allegedly used by Paul Julius Reuter to tip off insiders banks, finance houses and personal friends about a likely fall in the stock markets following news of the Lincoln hit.

McConnell claims Serco’s Mycroft imperial brain relayed onion router signals via Langham Wi-Fi systems and the mobile devices of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his late brother Tamerlan, so that the two script kiddies could be set up as chief suspects for the Boston bombing.

McConnell invites key word Googlers to read excerpts below and ask why “The List of Sherlock Innholders – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed” book has a new title at

Prequel 1:  #1838: Marine Links Serco MI-3 Pedophile Onion Router to Sherlock Mycroft Boston Bomb

Chips was enjoying pleasuring the lady, he just wished he knew who it was. He also realized if Obama and Holder ever thought they could run with the big dogs, they were foolish to believe in the Eaton Pussy shown in the link between Abel Danger’s Big Dog who penetrated Arecibo’s HAARP. Ruff, ruff.

Methane Man, Geriatric Goosestepper, Eaton Pussy


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