Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Queen Bess and the Stranglers Scarf - Chapter 3

Fannie Gorelick – Otis Elevators – BP Cement Bomb Lot

Before reading the gripping drama below, please note Obama's unwillingness to prove up his status while Chips proves up Grapevine and she checks his status.

Then let's review some Uncool Women in Black Dresses:

MacDill tower had given Looking Glass a contact approach once Skymaster checked in with MacDill Air Traffic Controllers who are not part of the Serco Air Control system that needed Willie Card to be suicided after 9/11 around the time that the MIT Navajo speaker Dr. Thomas Hale also mysteriously perhaps from PSTD; Permanent Seditious Traitor Deactivation, and prior to Jamie ‘Fannie’ Gorelick's obstruction of investigation as chair of the 9/11 Commission report following her service to Otis Elevator which were involved in the fuel-air bombs of 9/11 and before, as Director of Schlumberger, a bunch of troops bailed off the Deepwater Horizon 6 hours before it blew. If they had been allowed to do their job i.e. record a Cement Bond Log (‘CBL’), the Transocean rig crew might have discovered that Gorelick sleeper cells had added aluminum powder to the mix intended to bind the casing to the formation and seal off production form the reservoirs below. With the undetected nano powder in the mix, the subsurface and BOP area was converted into a Cement Bomb Lot after Crown Agents’ Gorelick snuff-film crew, on the fishing vessel under the lip, triggered explosions with the AirPatrol (Pelsosi) wireless devices. Seems this Gorelick woman is fairly close to some catastrophic losses imperiling the United States of America. Let's take a break and google 'Gorelick Wall'. As the old Boeing flew past the Sunshine Skyway on final, from where in the late 50's a TV camera of Captain Mac's Adventure Trail captured live a B47 crashing into Tampa Bay which spawned the motto One A Day in Tampa Bay, Agent Chips commented to Corazon Dulce in fluent Spanish me gusta sus chichis magnificas y su cara mas linda del mundo as he stuffed the monster into his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Banana Leaf and adorned himself with liberal splashes of fu fu juice while he, thinking as a fighter pilot, was mentally planning to splash any liberals who might make it through the mid-term erection in November, 2010, when American voters plan to TAKE OUT THE TRASH first and foremost that limp wrist from Searchlight, Nevada. Because Corazon was a mind reader she immediately sought input, I say again, input from Chips regarding his mental malaprop when he thought mid-term erection versus mid-term election. As she removed her item of clothing in Pastel Banana Leaf, PBL not to be confused with VPL or LPR, she corrected the erect primate standing in front of the mirror not to be confused with the erect primate squatting at 1600 while the traitorous sissies who didn't vet him standby to get pink slipped courtesy of World Net Daily and Abel Danger as soon as World Net Daily edits Agent Chips' book review noting the Cheetah-Obama-Weather ( COW) connection at the hip not to be confused with the Corazon Chips connection 'in the hips', capeche?

Plum City WI – A recently released book untold aspects of President Obama's mysterious college years uncovered by OODA OOS Agents of Abel Danger London, Tripoli and Plum City offices tying the politician to associates of Weather Underground founder William Ayers and to radical groups operating at the time. KSM seems to be the connective tissue between Kellogg School of misManagement and Kenyan Squatter Muslim. The new book, "The Manchurian President: Barack Obama's ties to communists, socialists and other anti-American extremists," mirrors the research of Abel Danger into Crown Agents Provocateurs and charges Obama has deep ties to an anti-American extremist nexus at Kellogg School of misManagement that has been instrumental not only in building his political career but in crapping current White House policy.

Technology is rapidly making Tarzan's pal, Cheetah, seem pretty outdated. Perhaps Director Peter Jackson can bring Cheetah into the now with Japan's glow-in-the-dark technology being Inslaw Promised by Casolaro's Goat in Japan.

The book exposes an extremist coalition of communists, socialists and other radicals working both inside and outside the administration to draft and advance current White House policy goals and Abel Danger has determined that within their network Barry 'Mombasa' Soetoro is known as 'The Cheetah' and his handler is known as 'Sasquatch'.

"Chips, I think you thought erection when you should have been thinking election, capeche" as she assumed the position.

"Right you are my moistening and magnificent morsel" as Corazon freed the monster from one form of containment Chips entered it into another warm form of containment.

"Three miles out MacDill" came the PA from the cockpit as the seat belt sign went on. Corazon had given a 'sign' that a quickie was encouraged so Chips accommodated by thinking back to a night spent on Crash Boat Beach at Ramey AFB in September of 1965 just after Corazon had celebrated her 15th birthday, or quince, where proud parents were accustomed to celebrating the 'coming of age' of their daughters. Corazon was celebrating coming out but no more than Chips was celebrating 'going in' on a humid moonlit night as they listened to the rhythm of the WWII PT boat that had been converted to a crash boat as it was loosely lashed to the pier not far from the banana tree where Agent Chips was impersonating a banana and Corazon appeared to be shinnying up a tree similar to a giant redwood. The RECUERDO of that magic moment caused Chips to gain a Turgidity Index of 128% as Corazon's MI was exceeding 'anxious' but not quite 'frantic' as the air refueling probe made contact. As the Looking Glass tanker was rolled onto the runway at MacDill a simultaneous exploculation took place as USMCR KC130T from VMGR 234 landed lights out behind the brightly lit EC135. As Corazon was making herself presentable and Chips was caging the monster, Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun took an immediate call from Agent Stevie R. Gowray of the Fort Worth Abel Danger office. Chips knew who it was from the Little Deuce Coupe ringtone as when interested in a little romance Chips and Stevie would 'ring' each other with flashback songs based on their respective class pages of Ramey High School as published by , he the class of 67 and she the class of 71, further, Chips understood that a 'threesome' would be involved from the steganographic hint 'deuce' which indicated two females. Thinking of the work laid out, I say again laid out before him, Chips felt in his pocket for his emergency stash of Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters and found he had 6 remaining. Chips took advantage of a moment when Corazon was applying lipstick to snatch 3 tins of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters as he wondered who Agent Stevie R. Gowray had brought from the Texas FIELD office to do undercover work with herself and Chips.

Chips was multitasking as Skymaster stopcocked the 4 engines as soon as the external electric was available and a green light illuminated. As he was taking a Marine Corps shower and reapplying a conservative dose of Fu Fu juice he enjoyed watching Corazon delicately place her casabas into a Pastel Banana Leaf cross your heart boulder holder in 40D which looked to be a tight squeeze and that combination of random words, tight squeeze, made Chips think fondly of Agent Stevie R. Gowray. He also looked at the LED TM portion of his Clipper and read the Immediate Clipper from Agent Stevie R. Gowray of Fort Worth.

"Chips, we are right behind you and I cannot wait until you are right behind me, capeche? We snagged a Hercules refueler from the VMGR at Carswell as BAM Mad Bax and some team members needed to be picked up at Duke Field after their 'swim' and their videotaping of the supposed 'crack' in the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. Mad Bax and Jam previously videotaped the departure of some Schlumberger folks six hours before the Deep Water Horizon was scuttled. Agents Grapevine, Name Dropper, Mad Bax, Banzai and I will be in the 72nd C4ISR Wing crew car waiting by Base Ops and that is not BO or BooBoo. Stevie, MI93”

As the 'front end crew' performed the shutdown and securing checks, Chips, Corazon and Skymaster walked down the portable stairs and met Stevie by the 1995 Ramey 1 staff car as a pair of QF4Ds made a low pass and a burner closed which made those observing hark back to the late sixties when F4 Phantoms had been assigned to several fighter squadrons at MacDill after the B47s had been sent to Davis Monthan where Agent Chips' sister was born in 1947 prior to Agent Chips being born at Carswell AFB, Texas where John Denver's father named Deutschendorf became the first Mission Ready B58A Hustler pilot in the USAF the same year Agent Chips' father became the first USAF B47 pilot to acquire 3000 hours in the Stratojet which was shortly after Jimmy Stewart starred in THE SAC STORY and Alan Ladd starred in THE MCCONNELL STORY but not the McConnell who would work for Clinton Rubin-SERCO and the Crown Agents trying to gut America from the inside out while hiding under the apron of the sissy at 1600. As Chips and Stevie settled into 1995 Fleetwood Stretch painted in Ford 1997 Royal Plum Metallic Chips thought how nice that Limo would look in Plum City Wisconsin at the same time as the Abel Danger Ass Set seated opposite him gave him a 'proving glance' of Pastel Sienna as Stone turned up the volume to a song he knew his dad loved.

Chips realized that Stone was signaling him that Agent Grapevine is the one who had just flashed him in Pastel Sienna which made him hark back to 13 September, 1963 when an older girl at the Ramey AFB Officer's Club pool had been wearing a Pastel Sienna bikini during a Water Safety Instructor training course that both Chips and Grapevine were enrolled in with Connie Mc-G as the WSI. As Chips got a second flash of Sienna he noted that this Agent who had a brown wig on was actually a blonde. He was intrigued by her mimicking a piano-player and understood she was telepathically indicatiing she was a PWA ( piano wire assassin ) as was the English Ass Set Babylon G-String of the Crawley office of Abel Danger near Gatwick Airport where in early June, 2010 Chips had attended a meeting with an Airbus equipped airline in Libya not far from the old Wheelus AFB where Senator Conrad of North Dakota was deployed in a capacity similar to Chips' deployment to Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. As Chips got a third look at a blonde item on the brunette he realized that DoD was calling him to duty again, this time in Tripoli where Muslims abound and the truth may be found if it involves the Truth of 9/11. DoD was not in reference to three sell-out senators, SoS, who had sweetheart mortgages [ Dorgan obama Dodd ] but rather the loyal branch of the US Government who along with Treasury had called Abel Danger to attend a briefing at MacDill with Gen-P and his XO Mc-C. As Grapevine showed Chips what appeared to be a key to a hotel he noticed it said VOQ-1 as Stone turned down the volume and headed for 12 Garden Drive on MacDill where a clandestine briefing was set to occur some 13 minutes hence.

"Stone, enroute to 12 Garden Drive which is near the Tinker Elementary school not to be confused with Tinker AFB or Agent Banzai who is a notarious Tinkerer, could you stop and drop me at VOQ-1 please. I have to make a secure call with NOFORN protocols from an AUTOVON phone" inquired Chips as a 4th glimpse of heaven caused a sleeping giant to awaken as Project Sienna Insert, PSI, not to be confused with pounds per square inch or presidential squatting imposter, seemed to be up next in the batting order.

"Be there in two minutes dad and the other limo is parked out behind VOQ-1 not to be confused with the VOQ PorterFIELD house on Ramey AFB named for Colonel Porterfield who died in a B52 crash in 1960 when a life vest or raft inflated behind the co-pilot forcing him forward and therein pushing the yoke forward causing the Buff to fly into the water or VQ1 which at one period in aviation history operated A 3 Skywarriors such as the two modified by Skurich at Loveland, Colorado just in time to target both the Pentagon and the US Capitol althought some B team disinfo pros might suggest a Global Hawk painted in American Airlines livery. Chips was anxious to get to VOQ-1 and debrief Grapevine and Stevie R. Gowray on the history of VQ-1 which operated as the World Watchers in A3 Sky Warriors from 1955 to 1985 including the period when Chips was at NAS Agana and Midway Island in support of Operation Pony Express. At one point in their history they were referred to as Detachment Able from where Abel Danger took it' name after Clinton and Cronies shut down the US Army SIGINT Able Danger prior to the "Gorelick Wall" enabled Global Guardian Attack on America known to the MSM fed sheeple as 9/11. Abel Danger had delayed UA93 for 41 minutes therein obstructing the Global Guardians. Nine years later Gorelick would bubble up like a bad burrito when 6 of here employees bailed off the Deepwater Horizon, allowing it to explode. While Thunder Thighs, Sasquatch and Nanny Piloti thought themselves the COCKS OF THE WALK it really boiled down the Chips' relative or Gorillawoman as to who the final contestants would be in the Summo Wrestling Match to determine winners and losers in the London deployed campaign to take down America for benefit of the 10 families who continue to hide behind the mask called Federal Reserve which was crammed down the throats of the American sheeple during a Christmas recess of Congress in 1913 after it had been planned at Jekyll Island, Georgia. Chips intended to pull down that mask as soon as he was done pulling down an IOC in Pastel Sienna and the determine the true color that awaited him but not on the shelf as in the song Tinman by America which refers to Tax Identification Number. One block from VOQ-1 Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun indicating an Immediate call from a man who carries a Purple Crown Royal bag as he goes about his duties at Abel Danger.
Crown Royal Agent Name Dropper Immediate Clipper to Chips FYEO: Chips, Gen-P just briefed us on something Jam and I already knew from our subsurface surveillance of the Deepwater Horizon after being tipped the Schlumberger sleeper. This hasn't seemed to have gotten much circulation yet, and I think it really needs to. Seems that a crew from Schlumberger, on contract to BP, hightailed it off the platform at their own expense 6 hours before the blowout because BP refused their recommendation to shut down the well. This lends more credence to Thom's suggestion that corners were cut because the bigwigs were coming for a vist. "BP contracted Schlumberger (SLB) to run the Cement Bond Log (CBL) test that was the final test on the plug that was skipped. The people testifying have been very coy about mentioning this, and you’ll see why.
SLB is an extremely highly regarded (and incredibly expensive) service company. They place a high standard on safety and train their workers to shut down unsafe operations.SLB gets out to the Deepwater Horizon to run the CBL, and they find the well still kicking heavily, which it should not be that late in the operation. SLB orders the “company man” (BP’s man on the scene that runs the operation) to dump kill fluid down the well and shut-in the well. The company man refuses. SLB in the very next sentence asks for a helo to take all SLB personel back to shore. The company man says there are no more helo’s scheduled for the rest of the week (translation: you’re here to do a job, now do it). SLB gets on the horn to shore, calls SLB’s corporate HQ, and gets a helo flown out there at SLB’s expense and takes all SLB personel to shore. 6 hours later, the platform explodes." Chips, the name Gorelick is now tied to 9/11 and Obama's Oil Slick [ OOS? ] and our predictive software has her tied to a known future operation that WE WILL OBSTRUCT with Operation TRIUMPHANT RETURN. See Habib in London ASAP. Name Dropper.

Stone had just pulled up to VOQ-1 when Agent Grapevine's Clipper, a Sears TV Remote, went off with a ringtone that signaled the call was for Chips. Chips answered Grapevine's Clipper but too late to take a voice so it 'auto-rolled' to AV and Grapevine, Chips and Stevie R. Gowray read a brief intro from Banzai Pipeline who was communicating from the spacious trunk of the 95 Fleetwood where he and Dwarf ran the comm and control center for Abel Danger during the brief visit to MacDill to get their marching orders.
Banzai Badger Immediate Clipper to Chips via Grapevine: “I found the file you requested. This is from the meeting between Hot Air Al and Gadget Bent when they competed to see who would be POTUS and who would play second fiddle as VPOTUS while in truth the Bilderberg CFR families would be pulling the strings and calling the shots just as Obama is inerted currently by the Triad of Poppy Bush, Road Hog and Rammer. Request a face to face in 30 minutes if possible. Banzai, Abel Danger Hammer”

Agent Stevie R. Gowray pointed to the door of VOQ-1 and then to her pirate Rolex and gave the HEFOE signal for push it up. Stevie led the way with Grapevine just in front of Chips who, for security purposes, was observing NEGATIVE VPLS on either target area. The monster strained as Chips withdraw a pair of RB NDSU EOPs and washed them down with his own saliva, one of nature's natural lubricants and he observed two areas that were certain to be lubricating also as the trio of Abel Danger Pros looked forward to the upcoming debriefing while the others in the Purple Reign Limo would be doing a little face time with the Commanders of Central Command, CCC, not to be confused with the Civilian Conservation Corps or the Continental Can Company. As Stevie R. Gowray shut, bolted and chained the door, Chips checked windows, the back door, the rope fire escape and the location of Limo 2 with the Ramey 1 license plates with Homi and Duke in the front seat and Sluggo and Diehard in the trunk.

"Chips, long time no see, I have a surprise for you but to cancel any listening device let's listen to America reprise their monster hit from 1974 when you were flying A4 Skyhawks at Naval Air Station Chase FIELD not far from where George Strait has his ranch and his fire engine red, T-Bird automobile, and those A4s had J-52-P8 engines like the one that shed a turbine wheel at Wedge one of the Pentagon killing Fish" as she removed an IOC in Pastel Sienna and Chips realized the significance of SISTER GOLDENHAIR SURPRISE. "You must have been well respected by Chief Kelly and Airman Dardis in maintainence for all the Post Maintainence Check Flights you flew in the Douglas Sky Hawk and never crashing once unlike your hot-headed Shipmate from USNA '58 who pranged 5 jets and started the Fire on the Forrestal while the only fire your ever start is in thongs across America. Whereas Chief Kelly and his men gave you a Silver Tailhook, usually only given to departing commanders, the heterosexual reproductively sound women of America [ HRSWA] will be giving you a 'Ticker Thong' parade in Chicago and Plum City when your are given the ALPA award as most safety conscious airline captain in America, or Captain America for short even though your Abel Danger job may take you to Tripoli to fly Mr. Gaddafi around safely after locating and disabling any Strangler Suites on his jet."

"That's not a surprise to me Grapevine as I got the message back in September, 1963 two months before Mo Strong, LBJ and the Hunt guy did in JFK prior to their doing of Robert and after having done Joe Jr. in the BQ-8 over the English Channel while the Mosquito pilot in trail triggered the explosives prematurely before Joe and his Co could bail out over the channel in hopes that the remotely guided Liberator could penetrate, I say again, penetrate the defenses surrounding the prize deep inside Germany but not before the assassination was 'proven up' by a Bell and Howell gun camera like the one in my father's B24 'Sweepy Time Gal' not to be confused with the kickass F4 Phantom 66-7478 "Sweet Talkin' Woman in which I took 40% of the trophies in WT 86 even though I only flew one flight before being grounded for being too good at your craft, protecting America."

As they assumed their positions the girls gushed "Pretend we are Germany, Chips" as Chips dimmed the lights and goose stepped over to a pair of golden triangles which made him hark back to Laos, Cambodia and Thailand from where the Crown Agents shipped narcotics inside body cavities of fallen US serviceman in Flag draped coffins during the Viet Nam air war while General Hunter H. Harris IV commanded PacAF and got Chips into Annapolis on 28 June 67 after commissioning him in the 'intel FIELD' on 14 Feb 67 and encouraging him to never compromise his integrity and keep his eyes on Arkansas. He thought back to a Nursery Rhyme that seemed similar to the lovely presentation being offered up by Stevie and Grapevine as the man from Plum City plotted a bi-labial attack.

Little Jack Horner
Sat in the corner,

Eating of Christmas pie:

He put in his thumb,

And pulled out a plum,

And said, "What a good boy am I!"

"What a good boy you are" moaned Stevie as her undulations settled at about 540 rpm the low speed PTO setting of Chips' IH284 utility tractor.

"What a large thumb you have Chips" gushed Grapevine as Chips had settled on her as the first target of his affections.

"That's not my thumb, Grapevine, my thumbs are both grasping your shoulders my well-moistened maven of side saddle bliss." To keep from exploculating Chips harked back to Agent Bean's motorcycle that they'd taken to Bobby G's and Eli's on the night of 27 Feb 2010 in the City known as CIA-FBI retirement central where Biltmore, Bronfman and Forrestal wet start are currently kicking back a Bud while Abel Danger endeavors to kick some Brit Bums, pardon the redundancy, as Lord Pearson refuses to act on intel suggesting the City of London is behind the attacks of 9/11 assisted by Stephen Harper's Canada, with America's saving force, Royal Crown Agents, as outside 12 Garden Drive, MacDill AFB the Global Operations Director keeps an eye on His Purple Reign Limo and considers the timing of Operation TRIUMPHANT RETURN.

Subject: Standard Motorcycle Seat in Arizona
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2010 14:43:39 -0500

Agent Grapevine found spy work to be almost as enjoyable as going 'over the fence' was directly across from FO3 Cliff Road where she and Chips first got to know each other in September, 1963 as a Sienna Bikini bottom dangled from an 'off limits' sign that ensured their in depth debriefing would not be observed by any uninvited guests as Grapevine instructed the young and inquisitive Chips two years her junior. As a courtesy to Agent Stevie R. Gowray Grapevine was about to nervously call switch when she saw 3 amber lights blink on Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun. Chips' called 'switch' and rolled inverted without disconnecting while Grapevine took the highground and leaned back with her hands on her hips giving Chips a good view of some headlights rivaling a 57 Cadillac such as the one Elvis bought for his mother.

RCA Babylon G-String Immediate Clipper to Moose, BTO, Chips, Hamish, Namedropper copy Umbrellaman, Banzai and BAM Mad Bax: “Taliban Hang 7-Year-Old Allegedly Spying for Allied Forces The Taliban rebels in Afghanistan have reportedly caught and hung a 7-year-old boy on Tuesday. The boy had allegedly been providing allied forces with information on Taliban movements not to be confused with the Loose Movements that have afflicted Al Gore since his AGW bullshit was torpedoed by Abel Danger. Afghanistan, the 11th of June 2010 [PDN]: The execution, which has seen the Taliban thugs being branded internally as “inhuman” allegedly executed the boy after a hurried kangaroo court where the boy, allegedly the grandson of a village elder, was found guilty. He was killed in the lawless Helmand province, heavily populated with allied soldiers, by being strung up on a tree and hanged. President Hamid Karzai has called the act a wicked murder and a crime against humanity, a full investigation into the matter is expected to be initiated. “I don’t think there’s a crime bigger that even the most inhuman forces on earth can commit. A seven-year-old boy cannot be a spy. A seven-year-old boy cannot be anything but a seven-year-old boy,” stated Karzai. British Prime Minister David Cameron, who arrived in Afghanistan yesterday to hold talks with Mr Karzai, added: “If this is true, it is an absolutely horrific crime. “As the president said, it is a crime against humanity and, if true, says more about the Taliban than any book or article or speech could ever say.” A spokesman for the governor of Helmand province confirmed that the execution took place in the village of Heratiyan on Tuesday. An unnamed source stated that the boy had not been a spy but had been informing local police and allied soldiers of explosives that he found planted in the roadsides. The Taliban have been known to carry out killings on spies or suspected spies in the past. Three years ago a 70-year-old woman and a child were executed following very similar allegations. The Helmand province, notorious for daily bombings and acts of violence against foreign soldiers and local citizens, saw another bomb blast kill 40 people at a wedding party in a housing complex this week. A further 77 were injured as the bomb ripped through the predominantly male gathering.” Babylon G-String, inside Ovary, City of London.Agent Grapevine continued her topside pole sitting duties but had a rather puzzled or discouraged look on her face almost causing Chips to reach for more Smoked Oysters and EOPs but then he realized that Grapevine had just been recalled for Operation Oil Slammer and it's sub-surface coincidental Operation Oil Rammer where Agents Jam and Name Dropper had maneuvered the S-4 mini-sub in support of BAM Mad Bax's swimmers who videotaped the condition of the ocean floor directly below the sea level coordinate set where once BP execs engaged in various sorts of disgusting behavior with the oil rig workers although compared to intentionally blowing the rig and trashing the Gulf bizarre sex games were less harmful to the environment, which the totally BS Green Team use to tout as their greatest concern until Tipper and Abel Danger proved to those few assembled in Oslo on a cold day in December, 2009 the only Green Al Gore ever treasured was cash; enough to buy a not so efficient $9 million shack in LA to live alone after Tipper showed him who wore the pants in the Gore family. Apparently Hot Air's 36 year old progeny also wore the pants, as did Mrs. Cheney, as did Hillary, as did Nanni Piloti as did Mrs. Bronfman-McCain as does Kal Penn, as did Larry Sinclair, as did the dead choir boy and perhaps Robert Wone as the DNA results are not in to Abel Danger yet from Camelot Cleaners on M Street in Georgetown as a 'furious' BHO cancels a foreign trip so he can glare like a sissy at anyone who may wish to throw some truthful information into the Trial of Wone's alleged killer who may be taking a wrap for a Kenyan Squatter Muslim. Good thing the 'sheeple' of America are watching the staged event in the Gulf of Mexico between reruns of America Idle and before the gripping America's Got Talons which Sarah Palin, Gen-P, Gen McC and BTO are sharpening in the cramped quarters of 12 Garden Drive, MacDill AFB, Florida, capeche?
Agent Grapevine was just started to 'auto-cycle' when Chips saw an Immediate TM come into his Clipper Squirt Gun as he was keeping his other gun from firing early by playing replays of Helen Thomas and Madeline Not-so-bright in his cranial entertainment center.
Chatterbox Rico Gambolino Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Marquis d'Cartier, Chips and Name Dropper, copy Banzai and Uncle Ray: "Canada is governed as a drug-trafficking colonial hub through Crown Services, you must get the Cleggs in court where Lord Pearson and Stephen Harper can no long protect them. Note Crown Services arranged a MindBox mortgage for the dance hall and ran the Pickton pig farm as a Liberal charity - Piggy's Palace Good Times Society - for strangler oath taking and snuff film production. Probaby Colonel Russell Williams flew in VIPs into the LGBT traps. Here is typical M.O. ‘Andy Bellwood testified that he was sitting in Pickton's trailer, watching TV, when Pickton asked if he would like to get a prostitute. "C'mon, I'll give you a couple of hundred bucks. Let's go get a prostitute," he recalled Pickton saying. "I kind of shrugged it off," Bellwood said. Pickton then asked, "You know what I do with these prostitutes?" he said. The accused killer then reached under his bed and pulled out what appeared to be a set of chrome-plated police handcuffs, a brown leather belt and a piece of wire with loops on both ends, Bellwood said. Pickton then proceeded to demonstrate on his bed, the witness added, showing how he would have sex with a prostitute, clamp the handcuffs on her wrists and then stroke her hair, saying, "It's okay. Everything's going to be all right." "As he was telling me this, it was as if he had a woman on the bed, as if it was a play," he told a B.C. Supreme Court jury. "He was kneeling on the bed and proceeding to stroke the hair of a woman who wasn't there," he recalled. Pickton said he would kill the women by strangling them with the belt or the wire, Bellwood said. The Scots who abused Hollie Grieg for years are similar to the Pickton and represent an ABOMINATION to God who loves His Little People. Bring up Babylon G-String and Grapevine G-String to assist Name Dropper, now. Please route Babylon to London Gatwick and Grapevine to Chips. Rico
Chips continued to hammer away at the target area of the 63 year old agent from the Ramey Class of '64, which, like the Class of '57 had it's dreams however those of us kids who grew up in the 50s and 60s thought we'd change with our good works and deeds but we never knew about the Bilderbergs, the CFR, the Federal Reserve and the Sidley-Austin, FCI and DLA-Piper sellouts to the Crown Agents and Jamie Gorelicks MO which now includes Otis, UA, 9/11 Commission, Fannie Mae and Deepwater Horizon. Thank God that He has his Royal Crown Agents who may step in at the 11th hour and save America so that this Nation, one Nation Under God, does what God Himself created the USA to do; care for, make safe and feed His Little People as He instructed in the Books of the Gospel, which cannot be trivilialized by a misleading musical.

Agent Grapevine was new to the Abel Danger FIELD Operations so she failed to called 'switch' at the 30 minute point, risking premature exploculation which was not covered by a CatBond protecting both sides such as were in place when WTC 1 and 2 came down in an 'explosion' to quote England's #2 to Cameron, boy-toy to the Spanish lawyer who insists on wearing scarves and bristles when referred to as Mrs. Clegg so to accomodate her Abel Danger refers to her as Chicken Legg, in a speech he gave to the token Brits soldiers creating the illusion of a coalition in the Crown Agent Military force in Afghanistan just 'over yonder' from Kazakhstan where Chips flew after filing Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 and prior to filing Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) or contracting to fly in Labia, no strike that, Libya; Tripoli to be exact just like in the Marine Corps Hymm and for Numbnuts please update your teleprompter to read CORPS not CORPSE like your dead choir BOY friend not to be confused with your live and discarded x-boyfriend Larry Sinclair, Robert Wone or the ever stimulating Pal Kenn, capeche?

Agent Stevie R. Gowray called 'switch-switch' indicating that Chips was to take the high ground and that Agent Grapevine would be replaced by the insatiable and to soon to be saturated Agent Stevie of Abel Danger's Fort Worth Lone Star HQ. Chips was glancing at her IOC in Pastel Yellow Rose and harking back to the Officer's Club Pool at Ramey AFB when an Immediate Clipper caused him to look off her IOC and glance at her great bounty of the mammary persuasion. After getting an eyeful of 1957 Cadillac headlights he looked at his Clipper Squirt Gun LED and read the Immediate TM from the Abel Danger Agent assigned to Norwich, Norfolk not far from the CRU at East Anglia University.
RCA Slade Lane at Ovary Law in Magic Circle Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Mattress Thrasher, Corazon Dulce and Name Dropper copy Chips: In 1824, Nathan Mayer Rothschild founded the Alliance Assurance Company in opposition to the Gentile companies, particularly Lloyd’s. Sir Moses Montefiore was his Jew partner in the venture which actually is more Khazar like than Jew like. Now, after 100 years we find both the companies, Alliance and Lloyd’s, united in one racket reminescent of how Cantor Fitzgerald got rolled into Blood and Gore's AGW enterprise one day after 9/11 and 9 years before Tipper got tough and Gorelick got fingered. BEWARE THE HUNDRED YEAR MARKER OF 12/23/1913 that Charles Lindberg Sr. warned the Minnesotans about and watch for Minnesota's Aviator to deploy to Tripoli so as to fly into London for 'research' with Team Royal Crown. Slade, Norwich
Chips was pleasuring Stevie and noticed Grapevine take a treble G piano wire from her cosmetic bag. He thought it odd that at both ends of the 30 inch wire there were pistol grips from a 1961 Cushman Super Eagle then he recalled that Agent Slicer from Taldykorgan also used a G-string as did Babylon G-String of Sussex, England and often in Tripoli, Libya at the old Wheelus AFB building where Base Ops had once been during B47 Reflex missions to Sidi Slimane, Brize Norton and Zaragoza, capeche? He was considering the facts that Grapevine was a former WSI and had a NAUI card and was putting 2 and 2 together and getting the distinct impression that Grapevine was one of BAM Mad Bax 'swimmers' who could also be trusted to 'topoff' enemies of Abel Danger and USA just as Crown Agents, SES, FCI, Schlumberger's Gorelick and other effluence attempted to TOPOFF 2001 America on 9/11 obstructed only by the Abel Danger 41 minute delay imputed to Jason Dahl's United 93. As he was recalling the Abel Danger block and parry to the sissy like attacks of the LGBT crowd he saw another Immediate Clipper light up his Clipper Squirt Gun with 3 amber flashes. As Stevie once again insisted on demonstrating her dextery by placing her stilleto heels behind her ears Chips harked back to the time she posed on top of his 454 Corvette in Warbonnet Yellow not much different that the Pastel Yellow Rose IOC with a 28 inch waistband that was hanging next to a similar IOC in Pastel Sienna.
RCA Name Dropper Immediate Clipper to Chips, Jam, BAM Mad Bax copy Umbrellaman and Uncle Ray: Our USMS friends routed Obama's motorcade by a billboard put up by World Net Daily while he was trying to fake some leadership in the Gulf area today. The billboard on Highway 98 asked WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE and out intel is that this is the first time the Kenyan Squatter Muslim has had to 'face the music'. Those we oppose, including the Kenyan Squatter Muslim have thoroughly succeeded in sacking America's cultural institutions- and, today, the political establishment is sitting there like an overripe PLUM waiting to be HARVARDSTED, no, strike that, harvested. Deploy Operation TRIUMPANT RETURN. Name Dropper

Chips was multi-tasking with two golden triangles, 4 casabas and a Clipper Squirt Gun that seem to be autofiring like his favorite weapon when going in harm's way, the AA12 and that is not a 12 step program for alcoholics such as those who cower in the Halls of Congress long thought to house our government prior to the revelation that America and therefore American Foreign Policy where both controlled by the Crown Agents prior to the Triumpant Return of culture to America and homage to God. Chips could see that both of his co-Agents were enjoying the debriefing and he was about to call switch when his Clipper lit up with 3 amber blinks indicating an Immediate message awaited him as the Texas Twins were awaiting his exploculation much like the Schlumberger humps had bailed off the Deepwater Horizon after BP refused a safety related suggestion from 'the experts' as they knew there would be an explosion that might rival one of Chips' much ballyhooed exploculations.
Crown Royal Agent Nano al-Umina Immediate Clipper to Umbrellaman, Hamish, Uncle Ray, Banzai and Chips, copy Name Dropper: Here's how Crown Agents short-seller investors tracked the movement of their kami-kaze SWAT teams used to destroy the Transocean rig in the Information Technology Magazine "CHIPS' from The Department of the Navy:CHIPS - The Department of the Navy Information Technology Magazine Using versatile RFID technology, this custom-developed system simplifies hospital administration, reduces medical practice errors, provides better medical care, tracks common injuries and analyzes long-term trends by transferring patient information stored on RFID tags. Linking to a wireless local area network, unique data are exchanged, further eliminating manual re-entry at a computer workstation. While high cost components deserve the supply chain tracking benefit of RFID, it is notable that the DON found among its first applications, a solution to care for its most valued assets: Sailors and Marines. Each patient admitted into Navy Fleet Hospital Three in Iraq is tagged with an RFID-enabled wristband. U.S. military personnel and other patients, including prisoners of war and the indigenous populace, are tracked by unique ID numbers embedded in the RFID tags. Medical staffs use RFID readers to scan the bracelet to confirm identity and enter information on diagnoses and treatments. Consider please that RFID giant Alien is in Chips' backyard [ Fargo ] and the Department of the Navy could have named their magazine anything but chose to honor CHIPS of Deep Blue/Deep Crimson. Consider also the prescient beauty of the RICO action in the lawsuit filed by Chips is that back then (May 2007), we had an unincorporated abstract noun 'Global Guardian" to run against but now do to Abel Danger's OODA infiltration of Alien, the Polymer Lab at NDSU and DLA-Piper we have the Crown Agents Bank and its office here in the United States is just 9 blocks from the US Marine Barracks at 8th and I in DC. It appears that Crown Agents hired Barry' Gramps, Barry's Dad and Barry himself and controlled all three with some Mau Mau snuff films and kiddie porn. Nano.
Crown Agents USA Inc.
1725 I Street, NW
Suite 400, Farragut Center
Washington DC
United States

Chips was starting to lose his focus on the ladies as his Clipper seemed to be hyperactive, causing Our Man Chips to wonder if something big might be afoot but not like Bigfoot who has a lookalike living at 1600. As he again pictured Nancy Pelosi prior to he 37th facelift a Priority Clipper came in from Mitch Stack in the Chicago CAT Bond office not to be confused with the Chicago Cat House that Rezko financed with through Northern Trust.
Crown Royal Agent Mitch Stack Priority Clipper for Marquis d'Cartier, Hamish, Banzai and Mattress Thrasher, copy Name Dropper and Chips: Regarding tax shelters, Clegg carbon offsets skim BBC/BP pensions. Mrs. Clegg is head of international trade law at DLA Piper. She provides a virtual (online) carbon-offset tax shelter service to crony clients like Huhne and her husband, Young Nick. Her clients at DLA Piper skim UK pension funds (e.g. the BBC Pension Trust) by shorting targets such as BP and then hiring Crown Agents to 'hit' the target with a catastrophic (cat bond) reduction in its carbon footprint - in BP's case 11 deaths. Chris Huhne has a Hypocritical Personal Share Portfolio he promotes a green, carbon-neutral platform and tax for the wealthy, which would include himself, but his shareholdings include, or have included, mining companies, oil companies, and tax shelters a la Sidley and KPMG Cobra and Son of BOSS. Suggest greater scrutiny of Mrs. Clegg, aka Chicken Legg, to see what is hidden below her ersatz silk scarves of which she has many. Stack, Chicago
Immediately following Chips saw a reply from Marquis d'Cartier to Mitch Stack.
Marquis d'Cartier Priority Clipper to Mitch Stack at Sidley Chicago: You'll need a court injunction to block Mrs. Clegg’s carbon-offset trade pending an examination of 11 wrongful deaths on the BP rig that occured less than 30 minutes after the Schlumberger rats deserted the scuttled ship.. DLA Piper announced today that it has been advising the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) in relation to a €71 million syndicated loan to Eólica Bulgaria E.A.D., majority-owned by the Spanish Enhol Group, to finance the development of Suvorovo Wind Farm, situated in the north-east of Bulgaria with a VAT Facility. The DLA Piper team in London advising the banks was led by Finance and Projects partner Costanza Russo and senior associate Dimitri Papaefstratiou and supported by solicitors Paul Shields and Darius Saifnia. The Sofia and Madrid offices provided local law advice. Repeat, you need a court injunction to block the carbon-offset trade pending an examination of 11 wrongful deaths on the BP rig and how Chicken Legg and Gorillawoman are related to this dynamic. Suggest Name Dropper and Chips call you IOUs at DEEP BLUE and Quantico”
Stevie called 'switch' to get on the low side of the equation signalling her willingness to 'fire solo' and let Chips then finish off with Grapevine. A very noble act on her part and one that Chips appreciated a great deal as Grapevine, though a blond of some 63 years with a brunette wig, was sort of new and therefore tentative in this three way debriefing and her innocence reminded Chips of those splendid days at the Ramey O Club pool in the fall of his freshman year in high school when he started the first 10 or 15 notches on his six-shooter, as Grapevine called it back so many years.

Stevie exploculated in a very ladylike fashion and as she 40Ds heaved in the after glow Grapevine replaced her as the pole sitter in NASCAR events, capeche? Chips and Grapevine had just gotten in sink when a FLASH Clipper came into Chip's Clipper Squirt Gun from BAM Mad Bax.
BAM Mad Bax Flash Clipper to Chips: Gen-P advises his VC137 will be leaving on a flight plan for Brize Norton in 45 minutes. He has asked that you accompany him, Mother Moose and Bachman Turner Over on the flight to Brize. However he has a coded suggestion for you. AFB near Clinton, Maryland. Mad Bax.
The Clipper had been audio also as it was a FLASH so both Grapevine and Stevie heard that the time was tight. Grapevine gave Chips a look like she was being cheated out of some of her 'hid the salami' entitlement, and her lips got a little pouty.

"Not to worry my succulent morsel with funbags aplenty. The AFB near Clinton, Maryland is Andrews. I think Gen-P is signalling that the long anticipated Coup is in progress or soon to go off, as am I." A reenergized Agent Grapevine hunkered down and got the job done in the interest of national security and her own raging libido. As Chips followed her lead, Agent Stevie noticed a pair of shadows on the wall opposite where the Ramey 1 Limo had been parked. As Stevie turned off the lights in the room for a better look, a routine Clipper into Chip's Squirt Gun went unnoticed as he and Gravevine wrestled as one wishing it never had to end.

Royal Crown Agent Mattress Thrasher Routine to Name Dropper, Chips, Uncle Ray, Mitch Stack and Hamish, copy Slade Lane: Former Clinton and Obama budget adviser Franklin Raines owns a key carbon-emissions patent he developed as CEO of the government-sponsored mortgage giant Fannie Mae, positioning him and his partners to make millions of dollars if it is used in any carbon-capping scheme implemented by the Obama administration. Suggest we look at Raines and Gorelick as a pair of Crown Agents as Queen Hornet suggested in 2007, capeche?

KSM They didn't just make it up; Nick Clegg, the Lord President of the [Privy] Council is illegally delegating Crown Agents' authority to use patent pool devices to ambush Brit -and Allied - soldiers in Afgahnistan and Iran.

Then he blames the top officers so he can replace them with corrupt ones.

The job of coordinating the ambush or destroying the target is given to a law firm which is licensed to use the Clegg patent pool for a defined period.

That's what they did at Guernica, Pearl Harbour and 9/11; each law firm acts independently, uses a particular configuration of patented devices and collects the vig on the phony insurance contracts.

The RCMP would have called this a virtal floating matrix.

Serco keeps track of the patents; Clinton Rubin keeps track of Serco, Kristine Marcy's lesbian Justice, Prisoner and Alien assassins keep track of Clinton Rubin...

One millionth Patent Application in US Date : 20 May 2010 Serco has recently processed the one millionth patent application for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) under a contract awarded in 2006. The Serco team has processed an average of 350,000 applications annually - or about 1,350 application on a typical day.

“KSM 3 – we have the MO Elihu Yale (April 5, 1649 – July 8, 1721) was a British merchant, philanthropist, governor of the British East India Company, and a benefactor of Collegiate School of Connecticut, which in 1718 was named Yale University in his honor. As soon as Elihu Yale took over the administration of Fort St George on July 26, 1687. It was around this time that Yale's three-year old son David Yale died and was interred in the Madras cemetery. He ran a flourishing slave trade in Madras; British merchants kidnapped young children and deport them to distant parts of the world, very much against their will. The administration of Fort St George eventually stepped in and introduced laws to curb the menace. As governor of Fort St. George, Yale purchased territory for private purposes with East India Company funds, including a fort at Tevnapatam (now Cuddalore). Yale imposed high taxes for the maintenance of the colonial garrison and town, resulting in an unpopular regime and several revolts by Indians, brutally quelled by garrison soldiers. Yale was also notorious for arresting and trying Indians on his own private authority, including the hanging of a stable boy who had absconded with a Company horse”

“KSM 3 We are up against the Crown Agents who have two centuries plus of experience in altering our perceptions of the battlefield (virtual deception). Crown Agents technology for the 9/11 FC-KU crime scenes where the BBC World Service produced the first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history. PERSONAL INFORMATION DEVICE: Through reconfigurable hardware that can be voice activated, it becomes possible to develop a handheld personal information device that can serve a multitude of functions including communications, GPS, weather/environmental monitoring, miniature radar, personal physiological monitor. They have developed Blackberry for Obamanoids which perform the functions of three, four or more previously independent devices. Reconfigurable computer hardware with customized nano-materials and nano-manufacturing. Disruptive § Business Model: changes completely how the soldier will interact, communicate and function within their military environment. As well, it would change completely the current command and control doctrine for Search and Rescue, Reconnaissance units, JTF leading to complete architectural change in military operations. CONSULTING AND AUDIT CANADA with Crown Agents and DLA Piper”

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