Monday, August 28, 2023

What the hell is going on in Maui and specifically in Lahaina?

Editor's note: The entire area around Lahaina is being sealed off by federal agencies and alleged outside foreign entities. There is a complete media blackout on what is going on in Maui with most people being confused and misdirected especially residents of Lahaina. Who is directing this? What is their authority? On what basis are they acting? Where is the money being sourced from to construct miles of this protective black fencing? Why is all this private property owned by residents of Lahaina being isolated and people being prevented from accessing it? To the good residents of Maui: Use Your "Town Hall" People Powers to Prosecute and Punish—Post-haste.

News update for 2 September 2023:


If  you are on the wrong side of the US corporate gravy train you are shit out of luck:

New Military Aid Package Unveiled for Ukraine, But Nothing for Lahaina Survivors

Catherine Austin Fitts describes what possibly might be going on in Lahaina on Maui: 

Is Florida going to be the next Maui?

Is this state set to become the next Maui?!

LIVE: Dangerous Hurricane Idalia strengthens as it heads for Florida

Update for 3 September 2023:

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