Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lesbian Cults, Pedophile Oaths and Guild of Patented Hits - Chapter 6

Boris’s Wife in Case of Folded Spook and Norwegian Ecocide
2083 = GCHQ ultimatum to Middle Temple before 911 victory in the King’s Arms

Segue: The Fast And Furious cutout plan lay dormant in 8 in boxes aboard Plum Dandy on River Thames. Ginger Cookie emerged from under the blue green kilt after Chips had reviewed Keith Whitley lyrics chronicling battle against alcohol and depression. Dirty Driveway harked back to days when as a first year student at Oxford he found the Bullingdons reminded him of oddballs at Yale who had a secret club, the Skullboners, whose mantra was ‘give me skull til I’m dull’. Chips was earlier at Tyndall AFB in Florida to lay a trap for Charles Bouchard, the ham-fisted helo pilot from Canada, the same Canada that had launched the ACT OF WAR on 9/11/01 that killed Chic Burlingame, Classmate of Agent Chips and Shipmate of Gerald DeConto. Royal Crown Agent NAPAWASH Ninja clippered Chips ‘Thank you for snatch’. The Red Headed Petri-Dish 'sang like a Blago-canary' re cowardice in canceling Frankfurt and moving operation to Oslo. A Tomoye lurker near White House suggested Chris Moran be added to ‘regrets’ list with Chistopher Shale, Robin Cook, David Kelly, John Parsons Wheeler and Danny Jowenko in re Oxford Event. Global Hammer sent Weinergram to Abel Helmsman aboard Dandy re throwing body bag off fantail because Hoss in Chopper N406EA would be rendezvousing in 3 minutes from Cutty Sark Pub in Greenwich. Agent Camel Toe briefed Chips on thoughts regarding Murdoch hacker backer which led to Cressida Dick; she felt they needed to get Moose Knuckle to talk to Tony Farrell regarding police procedures and why it is that no young police officers in England are aware that their oath of office has been modified to eliminate loyalty to the Crown to be replaced by loyalty to the EU. Agent Stone Kohl gave three short Abel Danger Knocks on the hatch to the back as Agents Kneel and Good Copper exited the left side of the RHD Land Rover Ambulance. Chips handed Agent Atomic Betty another 3 NAPAWASHes in honor of Lena Trudeau, Jamie Gorelick and Laureen Harper while she prepared for ‘night moves’ with Chips in Operation Top Cock with a cyber OODA infiltration through a PricewaterhouseCoopers PKI OODA intrusion. A 38 year old South American female with a hot burrito pointed towards the 4 amber lights on Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun; Hamish said he was lost in Pub near Fields of Lincoln and couldn’t see Agent Chips or Moose Knuckle, his protectorate. In the back of the Range Rover ambulance, Asswipe called switch. Chips saddled up and transmitted over voice in the clear, “Hamish, wrong Pub, it is to be at King’s Arms in Oxford, tell your ambulance driver Dwarf to ‘punch it’ while I do a little punching on a little heifer from the tip of Chile”. Global Hammer Banzai Pipeline clippered Chips; PwC Ecocide was D2 key to Boris Femme Comp wife and account named ‘Andrew Berwick’ used to finance Unabomb attack on Norway; they should execute Operation Top Cock. As hyper humping restarted with Agent Camel Toe, Chips missed Clipper re Glamour Boy’s copy of Case of Folded Spook and Middle Temple Ecocide; he noted planners of bombing of Norwegian Oil and Energy Ministry Building arranged torture-murder of Gareth Williams and that GCHQ ultimatum of 20 August (8) at 3 pm pointed to 2083, Middle Temple Ecocide, 1425 K Street Northwest / 1455 Pennsylvania Avenue and Strangler’s Suite of illegally modified weapons on 911.

As Hackgate was overshadowed by PwC Berwick Ecocide, Christopher Shale placed Cameron-Obama on the Pelindaba ‘short list’ as John Parson Wheeler became Obama’s Christopher Shale and Mary Elizabeth Harriman became excess baggage for Glamour Boy.

The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority for forty-two months. Revelation 13:5

Abel Danger on 9-11-11 will declare God’s Victory over the Beast as we await the 42 month deadline and a second Victory Celebration on 20 July, 2012. As we patiently await Him, every heart should listen close to the voice of a soul that was called home on 24 July, a Sunday:

Why we find the exposure of Squaddies and American GIs to City of London repugnant:

Agent Dirty Driveway harked back to his younger days when as a first year student at Oxford he found the behavior of the Bullingdons reminiscent of the behavior of the oddballs at Yale who had a secret club, the Skullboners, whose mantra was ‘give me skull til I’m dull’ and as those critical of GW Bush are quick to point out, it must have been accurate. However, as Michelle Bachman is about to teach Americans, we are not all asleep at the switch and the implosion of the Murdoch Mafia will soon be followed by a vacancy at #10 Downing hopefully not to be filled by a Khazar married to a Spanish attorney with a ‘padre muerto’ whose untimely death involved BOSTON BRAKES as did Princess Di’s death but not used in the hits on Christopher Shales, Robin Cook, David Kelly, John Parsons Wheeler or Chris Moran, Agent Chips’ RAF Harrier buddy who had been at MCAS Cherry Point flying Harrier’s as Chips was at Tyndall AFB in Florida laying a trap for Charles Bouchard, the ham-fisted helo pilot, pardon the redundancy, from Canada, the same Canada that had launched the ACT OF WAR on 9/11/01 that killed Chic Burlingame, the Classmate of Agent Chips and the Shipmate of Gerald DeConto. See message here sent to Stephen Harper and an Alberta Darling on 22 July, 2011, the day the Bullingdons moved the Berlin False Flag to Oslo as brokered by Abel Danger Global and our first ever “Man in the middle attack on the Man in the middle” as we had hacked City of London and knew the Rothschilds wished to have Norway in debt as they had previously wished to have Libya in debt. This just in from Abel Danger Amsterdam; “add Danny Jowenko to the list of Adrian Messenger and note manner of death consistent with Princess Die and Miriam Clegg’s padre muerto”.

Alberta Darling was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the eldest of three children. Her father’s job as a national parks administrator took the family to twenty-three homes and ten schools throughout her childhood; Alberta has credited this experience as the foundation for her interest in helping children without a stable home.

Meanwhile, back aboard the Motor Vessel Plum Dandy, Ginger Cookie was communicating with Banzai Pipeline on Dirty Driveway’s strap-on which was configured very much like a b-flat clarinet without the bell at the discharge end but considerably smaller than the Dutch strap-ons that are everywhere in Holland according to our Abel Danger Dutch BVD double agent Sonny Spanner who serves as a night clerk at the NH Hotel Grand Krasnapolsky where he frequently probes female assets for intel such as he...

gathered regarding the Berlin-Oslo swappero of 22 July, 2011 which was scheduled after Abel Danger exposed the twin hits of Berlin and Yellowstone originally scheduled for the weekend 22-25 July, 2011 in the riveting Chapter 5 of Book 7. On 15 July, 2011 Agent Chips had mentioned to a few close people that AMEC had an 85 kiloton device 1200 below the ground near Old Faithful. To keep it cool, AMEC has one building and several towers directly above the nuclear device that had a transponder tuned to 569mHz suggesting that an electronic signal can cause detonation whenever the TWISTED SISTERS feel threatened and need to cause a domestic False Flag to rationalize Martial Law. Russian government under Putin, fearing first the SR91, then Aurora and then the X-37B, do not want a nuclear exchange to be triggered by an ill-timed AMEC False Flag nuc first strike so they worked closely with APFN and Abel Danger to ensure the security of the Imposter in Chief. After working all night as a nightclerk Sonny Spanner drives a Snap On truck around Holland and France selling strap-ons but not like the kind Hillary’s Weiner woman was forced to don during her ten year tenure as ‘duty punch’ to Thunder Thighs prior to WEINERGATE which allowed the Pakistani Muslim the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ from the Haggard one not named Merle.

Global Hammer Banzai Pipeline Immediate Weinergram to Weinerettes aField, Dangerettes aBroad, Umbrellaman, Namedropper and Hamish, copy Kui Longboard and Fanny Galore: Chatter at the Murdoch Mafia indicates our concentrated energy beam has struck a nerve and Scameron knows the Squaddies want his head on a plate as they have learned that they have been sent to die in Afghanistan in exchange for Opium profiteering to prop up the News industry which is flat on its ass as people go to the internet for the Truthful news and the US housing market which is on pace to have 37% defaults by 31 October, 2011 according to data planted in Murdoch’s in box by the Red Headed Petri-Dish. Watch for Murdoch and Scameron to ‘circle the wagons’ as they both have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and I refer not to Ginger Cookie’s generally moist target area(*). We see some unrest within our own network and Umbrellaman is concerned for the welfare of Agent Chips so he has ordered Kui Longboard to report to the RAF Hospital at Brize Norton, England as soon as possible to meet Agent Wendy Dong at Scameron’s legal office Dong, Weiner, Wang and Woody, PLLC. Use of lethal force authorized for Weinerettes aField. Banzai Pipeline, Plum

Aboard a ferry flight from KPHX to EGKK via Bangor, Maine (BANGME) which once boasted a B52 Wing during the time Agent Chips was at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico starting up the 72nd C4ISR Wing but now is a refueling and catering stop for Wells Fargo private jets and Luftwaffe fighters aircraft translanting such as Agent Chips did for 17 years before Northwest Airlines caved into USDOJ in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) and constructively discharged the World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot, Agent Kui Longboard was among the first to be advised of Operation Camel Toe-Moose Knuckle where in a stunning blonde, Agent Atomic Betty, from Gatineau would be joining Chips aboard the Benjamin Isherwood, AO-192, while Agent Asswipe of New York City would assume the identity ‘Moose Nuckle’ Jones, former Twinkie Taster at River Forest, Illinois, and frequent audience staple at Oprah’s BS show and pose as a body double for Cressida Dick as Abel Danger was being loosed to ‘wrap up Scameron’ as discovery was made of Nick Clegg’s wife and her relationship to 1994’s Rwandan genocide where Bhoutros Redundant Ghali obstructed messages for benefit of Clintons and the machete hackers while Belgian troops stood off due to compromised communications made possible by Sun Micro Systems and Foghorn Leghorn the Spanish attorney married to the Khazar second fiddle in England. Does anyone in England know who is ruining your country?

Kui Longboard knew that he would be going in harm’s way so before he crafted a response to Global Hammer Banzai Pipeline, he reached into his medical bag and took out a 16 ounce bottle of Humphrey’s Witch Hazel Astringent knowing that his duty as body double for RAF Dr. Fahmy Malak, ME, who had treated the death of Chris Moran in the same manner he once served the interests of Thunder Thighs limp husband-traitor, would be tuff duty as he may be required to do OB-GYN work on Cressida Dick’s body double, Abel Danger’s Agent Moose Knuckle, from the Queens New York Abel Danger Office on Canal Street. As he thought of the danger of replacing Dr. Malak, an Egyptian Muslim friend of the Clinton family, he drained the 16 ounces of clear solution and regretted the fact he had no dry vermouth nor two stuffed queens. As the Absolut Vodka began to warm him, he realized that there must be two body doubles; the Abel Danger spook from Queens on our side and the useless eater from Chicago, pardon the redundancy on their side. Kui Longboard went back to his medical bag and found a bottle marked ‘Rubbing Alcohol’ and tapped the Captain of the A319 ferry, Skymaster, asking him if he had any stuffed queens and vermouth. Skymaster put down his own Captain Sherlock Martini, and opened his flight kit which looked a lot like a portable bar replete with Smoked Oysters and a pastel parade of IOCs, and delivered the items to Kui while in the copilot seat Agent Buck Naked snored as he dreamed of someday being a Captain Sherlock himself.

After eating the two stuffed queens, Agent Kui Longboard repaired to the forward CRF to get a wee nap while thinking of his upcoming rendezvous with Agent Fanny Galore a medical professional from Glasgow that once worked at RAF Brawdy and who had a penchant for lollipops and all day suckers, capeche. As he fell asleep to dream of Fanny Galore and their upcoming mission aboard AO-192 Benjamin Isherwood, his woody awoke and readied itself for battle as in his dream Kui reviewed the dossier he had read regarding another Alberta Darling in Agent Chips’ rearview mirrors as he recalled Miss Gordon was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the eldest of three children. Her father’s job as a national parks administrator took the family to twenty-three homes and ten schools throughout her childhood; Gordon has credited this experience as the foundation for her interest in helping children without a stable home, such as Barry Soetero et. al.

Mena Murders in Arkansas

As Kui Longboard fell into REM sleep and his lancelot reduced to TI 83%, he dreamed of his youth when, as a teenager in love, he had a young girlfriend who had a penchant for lollipops, he missed an incoming Clipper from the NAPAWASH Ninja who had helped orchestrate the removal of Kristine Marcy from the head job after the execution of the Tuvalu Trudeau Tuna Trap which is driving lots of traffic at For you doubting Thomas’s not to be confused with Pelosi look-alike Helen Thomas, go to Abel Danger, hit the stats icon and search for ‘countries’. Tuvalu just joined the circus after Chapter 4 revealed that a Punahou graduate in Tuvalu was ‘one of ours’ and had arranged our Tuvalu website which will come on line when Hillary, still furious from the removal of her favorite Weiner, retires or is arraigned, both will come in time, see Psalm 27:14.

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

Royal Crown Agent NAPAWASH Ninja Immediate Clipper to Kui Longboard, Banzai Pipeline, Agent Bean, Body Double Asswipe copy Hamish, Crusher, Fox and Chips: Thank you for the ‘snatch’ indicating that the Red Headed Petri- Dish has 'sung like a Blago-canary' regarding their cowardice in cancelling Frankfurt and moving the operation to Oslo. See if Petri Dish has any similar 'feelings' regarding AMEC detonation in Yellowstone. Watch for news of both the BEAST and the BREAST as Abel Danger expedites writing in advance of Victory Celebration 9-11-11 at King’s Arms Pub in Oxford and the just announced second coming celebration at Vino in the Valley set for all night, 20 July, 2012. A Tomoye lurker near White House suggests we add Chris Moran to the ‘regrets’ list as he, Chistopher Shale, Robin Cook, David Kelly, John Parsons Wheeler and Danny Jowenko cannot attend Oxford Event as they were all taken out to protect Twisted Sisters, MITRE and Phosgene Phemmes including Thunder Thighs, Sasquatch, and Foghorn Leghorn. Ninja at NAPAWASH.

Banzai Pipeline was at Plum City Global on secondment from his PacRim Hammer job at Sapporo, Japan from where he had monitored the seismic activity in the period 26 Feb 11 to 4 April 11 and compared this with the HAARP activity logs purloined from the Arecibo control facility in Puerto Rico by Agent James Crosby, Nikita Ninja, Chips and Atomic Betty on 23 March, 2011, during the dual reunion at Ramey AFB where Chips found it odd that a Dutch airline, Martinair, would rationalize utilizing an MD11 freighter to haul drugs when surface vessels seemed more efficient. Chips recalled that a certain Martinair ‘check airman’ with a horsehit attitude and a paltry resume had once caused him angst during an Amsterdam checkride during his deployment to Kazakhstan to pose as an Airbus Captain with an Aruba (AOSIS) Authority. Dirty Driveway had just pushed down on the back of Ginger Cookie’s head to indicate an incoming clipper causing Ginger Cookie to place the clarinet shaped strap-on in her oral cavity and place her fingers on the unconventional keyboard which was not a big deal to the WMPOM from Bangor, Maine where she observed the comings and goings of private jets owned by Wells Fargo and military jets owned by the Luftwaffe from the country where Merkel calls the shots at least until 22 July 11. If Berlin suffers a False Flag to take the focus of Scameron’s ties to the Murdoch Mafia or the threat jumps over to Norway or to America and Old Faithful is triggered by AMEC, the same AMEC who did the Pentagon upgrades and WTC7 downgrades as well as the North Vietnamese tunnel network to render USAF programs Linebacker and Rolling Thunder ineffective during Viet Nam, Ginger Cookie knew that Banzai Pipeline would take over as Global Hammer as Chips may appear to be ‘missing in action’. There were several nasty sows who thought the Chips’ ‘blabbermouth routine’ needed to be curtailed or the relationship between NAPAWASH, U S Senior Executive Service, City of London and Murdoch might find it’s way into the Lame Stream Media not to be confused with Carol Stream, the Abel Danger lurker who twice has allowed Abel Danger to block tac nuc events at the Willis Tower in Chicago which would have slowed the revelation of the relationship of Rezko’s Renter, the German Royals of Windsor, and the Vatican, the same Vatican who, scared shitless of Abel Danger, has recalled a bunch of ‘red coats’ to Vatican City in time period 10-24 October, 2012, capeche?

Prior to leaving the Garden Isle, Kui Longboard arranged for a neighbor to keep his garden weed free and watered as he changed credentials, grabbed his E-Trust passport indicating he was Colonel Rama Dongthru, Pakistani Air Force, and took his red North Face Holdall to wait for a Vauxhall police car to take him to a private airstrip near the filming site of South Pacific, the 1958 blockbuster from Rogers and Hammerstein, while under a green and blue kilt halfway around the world Agent Ginger Cookie monitored the progress of his outbound flight to Hickam AFB where in 1966 Agent Chips lived at 105 Beard Avenue not to be confused with Glamourboy’s Beard who has a penchant for camping trips ‘with the girls’ especially her main squeeze the RCMP wench with a Harley hog not to be confused with the Sidley Sows or the DLA Piper Dogs. While the author fetches a Grolsch widebody and supports Alberta Darling in Wisconsin, you folks reading this 6th Chapter of Book 7 on eKindle may wish to amuse yourselves by googling [ NAPAWASH + Senior Executive Service + McConnell ] to see what loyal oathkeepers at FBI and Navy Intel are following whilst aboard the Plum Dandy Agent Grapevine, in Pastel Yellow Rose of Texas, is fetching a brewski for Agent Chips whose Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster FCT is draped over the rabbit ear antenna of the communications suite disguised as a 1963 Sears TV or would that be Willis TV now that Larry Silverstein has adequate insurance coverage for the tall (1451 feet) building in Chicago that is to come tumbling down when a large sasquatch appearing wench with a ‘punched’ JD sings Stumblin In, out of key, and with a bad attitude that would make anything Rock Hard become limp immediately not to be confused with the Parliamentarians in England who are set to give Murdoch a free pass if Abel Danger cannot get GCHQ to do their job, capeche?

As Agent Grapevine draped her Pastel Yellow Rose of Texas IOC over the bedside lamp in State Room #2 aboard Motor Vessel Plum Dandy, on the Bridge Agent Brendan B. Hand went bananas as his Clipper Guinness mug took a series of Flash Clippers from Banzai Pipeline, Agent Bean, Uncle Ray and Otto Pilot, all indicating that the Plum Dandy may be in Peril upon the sea, or to be precise, upon the Thames just off Canary Wharf where the three bloated D2 Bank deployed swimmers were now floating face down with 7 seagulls and one pelican using them for rafts, and leaving large piles of seabird dung on their exposed bums not to be confused with the exposed bum of a royal recently seen on an airport tarmac in Alberta, sans knickers.

Global Hammer Banzai Pipeline FLASH Weinergram to Abel Helmsman aboard Motor Vessel Plum Dandy, copy James Crosby, all hammers, Umbrellaman and Weinerettes aField: Joint Stars out of Robins indicates subsurface encroachment from Canary Wharf. Agent Crusher and Fox to engage, M/V Plum Dandy needs to do a runner to the east at flank speed and if the D2 Bank submersible gets within weapons parameters throw the body bag off the fantail as Hoss in Chopper N406EA will be rendezvousing in 3 minutes from Cutty Sark Pub in Greenwich. Banzai out.

As Brendan B. Hand called up turns for flank and positioned the M/V Plum Dandy in the center of the navigable channel of the Thames, he turned the helm and the con over to his assistant, an Agent KJ from Portsmouth, who had been a tug captain when the USS Guadalcanal LPH7 made a port visit to Portsmouth in July of 1970 while Chips was XO of NATRON 2 under Joe Johns and David Gates had a number one hit prior to retiring to his ranch north of Los Angeles.

Brendan B. Hand stopped in the galley to get a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini with two stuffed queens so that if the body swap failed, at least Chips would smell like Vodka which according to some light weights has no smell at all. As an afterthought Brendan grabbed a four pack of Harp Lager in case Chips decided drinking alone was the sign of a problem. As he approached State Room, he heard Agent Grapevine yelling ‘Giddy up’ and the sound of a whip cracking and Chips always enjoyed anything capable of cracking, capeche?

Brendan B. Hand heard what sounded like a dual, closely spaced, sequential exploculation and then counted to ten before giving a signature Abel Danger knock while Agent Grapevine grabbed a large down filled pillow to cover her Texas sized knockers and Chips became erect and ambulated to the door to SR 2 tossing a NAPAWASH to Grapevine for the ‘after action protocol’ standard in all Abel Danger debriefings. Because he was still rigged for duty aBroad he couldn’t get within 13 inches of the door without hurting himself so he turned 90 degrees to the left, unlocked the door and jumped back in the rack with his satiated fellow Agent who thought that Pastel Robin Egg Blue was a lovely color, especially when quivering.

Brendan B. Hand used his foot to close the door behind him and handed Chips the Captain Sherlock Martini as Agent Grapevine put her head under the covers to allow Brendan and Chips privacy to discuss tactics out of her earshot not to be confused with an unobserved BVR shot. Brendan B. Hand thought it odd that the covers where moving up and down near Chips’ midsection until he harked back to Larry Sinclair’s limo, Donald Young the dead choir boy the dear queer in Chicago, and Robert Wone the dead queer in DC, all of whom, like Barry Soetero of Punahou Class of 1979, loved Tootsie Rolls Pops.
As Agent Chips was enjoying the gracious Grapevine from Tarrant County, Texas, Brendan got a IM from KJ on the bridge of the Plum Dandy.

“Skipper, the D2 submersible is at our dead six, range 3000 yards and closing at 8 knots of overtake. The 4 man sub just went over Fox and Crusher and they are now tethered to the keel and in weapons parameter to halt the sub. Suggest Option A when GQ sounds. KJ.”

Brendan looked at his watch and realized they had to move fast.

“Chips, terminate Skull and Bone, we need to make haste to the galley. I will brief you as we go forward and up”. Chips removed himself from Grapevine’s oral cavity and adorned himself in his Pastel Manly Mocha IOC after kissing Grapevine goodbye as she gave him a ‘parting shot’ of something For Chips’ Eyes Only not totally dissimilar to Dr. Evil’s cat.

That's Dr. Evil's Cat. I Never Forget a Pussy Cat

“Be careful Chipsy Doodle, I want another chance to toot on your noodle” gushed the recently satiated Agent Grapevine as she swallowed hard as Chips and Brendan shut the hatch and went forward and up in the passageway. Entering the galley Brendan said “Option A calls for this frozen body double of Osama Bin Laden to be tossed overboard from the fan tail when the sub gets to 1000 yards. They will think it is you as they placed an EVL woman (Bienen, Sandor, Sherrin, Rodham?) from Chicago aboard to take you out. We fed her to the fishes 20 minutes ago and we hope that does not offend PETA. When we see on both SKR and sonar that they take the Osama-sicle bait like the US viewing audience did in late April, 2011, Agent Hoss will hoist a second body bag aboard the N406EA double chopper for a quick trip to Brize Norton AFB Hospital. There Dr. Fahmy Malak, no relation to Fred Malek of NWA, will be waiting to perform a ‘Kervorkian procedure’ on you. If we get him taken out and replaced with body double Kui Longboard, Kui will place your coffin in the back of a black MB hearse with a British Flag on it so you can egress to Oxford to check out the King’s Arms Pub site of the Victory Celebration scheduled for 9/11/11.. If we don’t get Kui Longboard swapped in, the sedative I just gave you in your Martini will make you appear dead and the moronic Egyptian Clinton Shill will sign your DC and you will be sent via MB Hearse to #10 Downing where Sam Cam will verify your stiff. Any questions?”

"None, I already know I am going home someday, perhaps today’s the day. Let ‘er rip”

As an A318 was rolling out at Brize Norton to be met by Group Commander Phartingham, the SKR man on the bridge began a countdown to 1000 yards as Brendan gave 3 short blasts on the ship’s whistle causing Agent Grapevine to wish she had a wet

"Ten-fifty, ten-forty, ten-thirty, ten-twenty, ten-ten, 1000 yards”.

Brendan hit the General Quarters alarm as the sled was increased to a 60 degree down pitch posture. The frozen stiff in the body bag hit the Thames and was picked up by Optics in the nose of the 4 man sub launched by D2 bankers to try and get the body of Agent Chips who they believed to have been taken out by EVL Chicago woman, pardon the redundancy regarding Sasquatch, Thunder Thighs and the fat woman on TV.

Brendan B. Hand called, “Rudder hard left, CORPEN 90.” After 15 seconds on the new course he ordered KJ to resume course and all ahead one third. As the Plum Dandy slowed on an easterly heading the sonarman reported that the mini-sub had bit on chaff as Agent Hoss hovered his chopper N406EA over the fantail of the Plum Dandy which had been reconfigured to look like the Benjamin Isherwood, AO-192, christened on Pearl Harbor Day 1991, one year to the day before Agent Chips’ retirement flight in the F16.

USNS Benjamin Isherwood (T-AO-191)

As Agent Chips’ body bag was attached to the cable below the hovering chopper he wondered if the jilted women whose ugly hump had humped a Baena Hyena would settlefor less than the $300 divorce crafted for The Bowels women ditching Prince Phartingham’s long earred and low brow progeny. The wave from the deck ape was all that Agent Hoss was waiting for as he pulled up on the collective accelerating at 40 feet AGL as he set a course direct to the Cutty Sark Pub where he would be joined by Agent Good Copper who would brief him on Cressida Dick which is not a veneneal disease capable of being remedied with SYGADYL. Chips thought to himself how proud the Queen and her German Greek husband must be of the telephone conversation hacked by Murdoch in which Prince Charles suggests he would like to be a Tampax to be used by The Bowels woman. Gee, $300 million for the discard of a brigadier, I’d say you have been used, young Phartingham.


As the chopper hovered above the Green at Greenwich, Agent Good Copper leapt into the open left door of the helo whereupon Agent Hoss lifted off and struck a heading direct to Brize Norton where during the Coronation of a German Royal in 1953 Agent Chips’ father had a B47E hot-cocked with a Nuke aboard sitting at Brize Norton AFB in the days before the 1957 Nuclear presence at Sidi Slimane in Morocco, Ben Guerir in Spain and Wheelus in Libya, capeche? Hoss signaled to Agent Good Copper to hoist Chips aboard and moments later Chips was released from the body bag that was larger than the red North Face holdall that Gareth Williams was folded into in late summer, 2010, after he broke the code on the Twisted Sisters who had had an emergency meeting at Marbella to plan their TWISTED SISTER defense and continued revenue flow from the Kew Gardens Opium guarded by Brit Squaddies and US Troops no longer including Pat Tillman who was whacked by persons known only to McCrystal, Petraeus, Kenslinger and God. Agent Good Copper and Chips discussed Hillary’s Weinergate, Redhead’s Hackgate and envisioned the rollout of Operation Camel Toe as the only logical remedy. As Agent Hoss approached the transient alert facility at Brize, Chips could see the Alberta Darling from Gatineau was ready for action as Agent Asswipe of New York City was in her disguise to be a body double for Cressida Dick, or would that be double body of Cressida Dick, regardless both Chips and Good Copper agreed that Agent Moose Knuckle violated the “No muff too tuff” slogan of the Muffler Shop in Fargo, North Dakota that once, in 1983, converted Agent Chips 1969 Camaro to dual exhaust.

Pictures From Our Readers: Ill-Advised Business Names

Agent Good Copper looked forward to briefing Agent Chips on the apparent linkage of Rebekah Wade to the 1973 Supreme Court Case Roe v. Wade as Rebekah shared Barry Soetero’s lack of history and unclear lineage similar Vicky Huhne nee Price, the love child of Prince Phartingham. Little is known of either Rebekah or Barry during their pre-adolescent years. Who was her mother, who was his father. Imposters two? As Chips was thinking that his mother country America was close to falling to a teleprompted imposter her realized he must act or his children and grandchildren would grow up in the martial law that Indonesian Muslim Barry Soetero had been ordered to impose on the former Republic which has been ruled as a colony of City of London dating back to 1871. As Chips thought back to a Fleetwoods song he could see that Agent Camel Toe was pre-moistening as she took his hand and led him towards a waiting ambulance.

As Agent Camel Toe removed her IOCs and settled on the gurney in the back of the ambulance, up in the driver’s seat Agent Stone Kohl put the ambulance in gear and drove slowly towards the base hospital. Camel Toe knew the drive was short and the purple tipped red champion was long so she whispered “Quickie authorized, pile driving jackhammer, capeche?” As Project Insert was accomplished Chips was demonstrating to her satisfaction that he did, in fact, capeche, regardless of the improper spelling. To prevent herself from a premature exploculation, Agent Camel Toe briefed Chips on a current thought regarding the Murdoch hacker backer:

“Chips, in 1968 the Roe woman thought to have had an abortion had a child who grew up to be a living abortion with flaming red hair that comes straight out of a bottle. Robert Wade was a spitting image of his petri dish DNA donor as Rupert Murdoch had sold his 'essence' to a sperm bank in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Ellsworth sold a batch to Juana Wade, she had it inserted and 9 months later out came a fat red haired male with a sea horse sized penis, similar to Maurice ‘Seahorse’ Baril who along with Russell ‘the Canadian Stallion’ Williams and Hamfist Errand Boy, had attacked America on 9/11. Juana was humiliated and sent the child to Malmo, Sweden for a gender modification and now we have the fat red head known as Hacker 2, which leads us to Cressida Dick. We need to get Moose Knuckle to talk to Tony Farrell regarding police procedures and why it is that no young police officers in England are aware that their oath of office has been modified to eliminate loyalty to the Crown to be replaced by loyalty to the EU…..”

“Switch” said Chips as he withdrew in a manner dissimilar to how Huma Weiner had withdrawn from her ten year tenure with the haggard and furious Hillary Diane Rodham Rockefeller. As Camel Toe positioned for doggy style, Agent Chips gave her a milkbone worthy of her begging. As Chips was driving her crazy, on the River Thames a minisub was floating upside down with it’s single prop and rudder both jammed, dare I say fouled, by 300 feet of barb wire that had been wrapped around the axle, in a non-nautical figure of speech. As the prop had stalled the 27 horse Yanmar diesel engine taken from a John Deere 748 garden tractor, the minisub had been darkened by a localized EMP that shut down the batteries and the oxygen generator. Agents Crusher and Fox repaired to the Motor Vessel Plum Dandy which now was alongside a sistership, but not a TWISTED SISTER ship, see Cherie Blair, Miriam Clegg, SamCam Snowy and Lena Trudeau but don’t include Kristine Marcy in that horrid lot.

Two never-used Navy “ghost ships” sent for scrap

Stone Kohl double clutched the ambulance to let his father know that time was tight as was the camel toe. Chips doubled his stroke to finish Camel Toe off with a rimshot at the buzzer as the willowy blond from Gatineau’s Lac Leamy Hotel collapsed into a quivering heap of satisfaction as Chips looked forward to Round Two, an endure sure to include her favored position ‘Amsterdam bicycle'.

As the ambulance came to a halt by the staff entrance to the Brize Norton Base Hospital, Stone indicated to Colonel Rama Dongthru that the client and the prize were in the back of the ambulance from Brize not to be confused with Belize which became a refueling base for cocaine traffic in the early 80’s when Chips was asked to fly a Howard 500 from the former British Honduras to NAS Jacksonville, Florida hauling $75M worth of coke for a paltry fee of one million dollars. Adler Barriman Seal may have worked that cheap but not Agent Chips, capeche? Besides, Chips had better things to do like fly Gordon Kahl’s dental records from Bismarck to Little Rock in an F4D 64-0949.

Gordon Wendell Kahl

As the medical examiner, Rama Dongthru, put on his latex gloves and prepared to apply KY jelly, Chips held Rama’s hand down and quipped “she lubed and I have given her a brief digital exam, it is, in fact, our Agent Atomic Betty posing as the Alberta Darling”. A disappointed Kui Longboard removed his gloves as he noticed the target area was still quivering and devoid of follicles. If Hillary can say Huma Weiner we reserve the right to say Rama Dongthru, both being Muslim names of Pakistani origin.

“Chips and Betty, I went through the records and determined that Chris Moran's death was announced on the evening of 26 May 2010 stating that he had collapsed following a triathlon at RAF Brize Norton that afternoon. He was taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford by air ambulance, but was pronounced dead on arrival. Moran was survived by his wife Elizabeth, Lady Moran, two daughters and a son. We have not yet determined if the MD who signed the DC was an Oxford-Bullingdon moron but we think so. The more I read today, the more convinced I'm becoming that Murdoch's Minions were at the heart of David Kelly's murder in 2003 and I am comparing those documents to what we are finding in the Moran case. Murdoch's media was instrumental in selling the march to war with Iraq that Kelly was threatening to derail and Moran perhaps knew too much. Cameron blew off the notion of a Metropolitan Police investigation into Kelly's death so we now have Moran, Kelly and Madeleine McCann on our radar, capeche?”

David Cameron rules out further inquiries into death of Dr David Kelly

Rama Dongthru went on to explain how Sir Peter Tapsell, a back bencher not to be confused with a shirtlifter, wanker or tosser, had asked Ship Jumper Dave, who is all three, “Now that there is to be an investigation into the abduction or murder of Madeleine McCann, isn’t there a much stronger case for a full investigation into the suicide or murder of Dr David Kelly?”

Snowy Sam Cam’s husband knew that they had too much down side in the Dr Kelly death so he squelched a second investigation of Dr Kelly just as in the colonies Jamie Gorelick and Kristine Marcy hoped to squelch a second look at 9/11, Waco, Murrah, Deep Water Horizon, Katrina, Ruby Ridge, the Haiti Harp and the upcoming tac nuc at the Willis Tower in Chicago which is insured by Larry Silverstein, not to mention the recently aborted AMEC strike at Yellowstone as Abel Danger suppressed a transponder signal ‘569’. Phew, that was a close one!

Chips, Betty and Kui Longoard felt the ambulance begin to move and it appeared that Stone Kohl had been recalled to the transient alert at Base Ops where a radio personality from Scotland was set to join the crew. Agent Kneel was waiting with Agent Good Copper for the ride to King’s Arms Pub in Oxford. Once at Base Ops the ambulance stopped and Agent Kneel from Glasgow Abel Danger joined the multinational crew of Meat Wagon One as Agent Atomic Betty went into prelube as she thought about Meat Wagon. As Agent Good Copper joined Agent Kneel in the front bench seat, Chips secured the hatch as Betty presented the prize which looked like Paradise in the Dashboard Light. A mini enduro began as the ambulance repaired towards Oxford where a Peronie’s Syndrome malcontent had been kicked out of Oxford for drugs, rape and lip biting which postured him well to become POTUS 42.

As Chips was laying the lumber to a Canadian camel toe, Good Copper and Kneel were boring Stone Kohl to death as he drove the Meat Wagon at 88 kph to stay out of trouble with the CCTV speed cameras that were 100% reliable except when Gareth Williams was being followed by a Mediterranean looking couple prior to his being snatched, as was Chips in the back of the ambulance.

"Agent Kneel, Sam Cam’s limp husband said while he welcomed the Metropolitan Police review into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, he was not supportive of a similar move in the case of Dr Kelly, apparently due to details discovered by Cressida Dick and Eliza Manningham Buller on tips from Abel Danger. Snowy’s boy toy said the Hutton report into the Government weapons inspector's death had been “fairly clear”, adding: “I don't think it's necessary to take that case forward.” The remarks appeared to catch the office of the Attorney General off-guard, with officials suggesting that nothing had changed. A spokesman for Mr Grieve’s office said he would announce “in due course” whether he will ask the High Court to order an inquest. That is as likely to occur as for Hollie Grieg’s case to be given fair treatment in Scotland which is now running England into the ground as the Auld Alliance between Scots and Frogs has been given new life. Sam Cam and Cherie Blair are really good housekeepers, see also Christopher Shale. I suggest that a good google trio would be [ Christopher Shale + Portable Toilet + David Cameron ] and it may well lead to a reappearance by Gordon Brown, as renown an inventor as was Thomas Crapper .” As Agent Good Copper had ripped off quite a spiel, Agent Kneel thought of those in authority in Scotland who continue to suppress Justice in the Hollie Grieg case and how Gordon Brown and Speedbird 38 are related.

Agent Kneel waxed philosophically as he suggested linkage concerning the upcoming removal of a Vickers in cybersecurity as Abel Danger continues to effect the timing, location or cancellations of False Flag revenue generating occurrences such as Air France 447, 7/7 or the Berlin FF Event of 22 July 11 that was relocated to Oslo to give the Norwegians a taste of the Twisted Sisters and another opportunity to consider adding some Rothschild debt to the nation within striking distance of the Shetlands. As Agent Kneel and Good Copper thought hard, a Clipper came in on Stone Kohl’s six-pack cooler.

Royal Crown Agent Fanny Galore Immediate Clipper to Umbrellaman, Global Hammer Banzai Pipeline, Kui Longboard, Agents aBroad and Dangerettes aField, copy Corazon Dulce in ICE: “Based on our review of Miriam Clegg and Ruwanda as well as Chris Shale and 1994, we expect some changes at DHS involving a Vickers who is making both Camerons and both Cleggs nervous. If we see a sudden departure from DHS expect Hillary to continue to be furious with the Weiner removal as her relationship to Bhoutros Redundant Ghali, Mogudishu, UN and Rwanda is made clear by Abel Danger on Sovereign Independent Radio. ARMSCOR and SGL. As the hacking of US Senior Executive Service, NAPAWASH, and D2 Bankers continues, Camerons, Cleggs, Obamas, Clintons and Stephen Harper sans wench will be shitting bricks. Bricks as in large hard packed bowel movements not BRIC as in Brazil, Russia, India and China, capeche? The Rwandan Genocide, the Mogudishu hack involving Clintons and Bhoutros Redundant will float to the top.”Fanny Galore enroute Oxford.

In the back of the ambulance Chips had missed the Clipper call as a very wet Atomic Betty had called ‘switch’ just as her Clipper Barrilito Rum pint bottle had vibrated, causing her to auto drench. As Chips drove home the message he wondered if the moronic Princeton grads, pardon the redundancy, would be able to figure out who has hacked the shadow government in the US leading to upset stomachs at #10, #24 and where the ‘ladies of the house’ meet their dates off campus, in a manner of speaking.

The Perils of Pelindaba were soon to visit #10 as the Truth of 9/11 was set to cause Glamour Boy to wish he had hired better help than the Ham Fisted helo pilot who had helped Maurice ‘Seahorse’ Baril attack America on 9/11 while the queer married to the Harriman lesbo, pardon the redundancy (see also Hillary’s sponsor), flew his little white jet in proximity to both UA 175 and UA 93 being captured on film and also by three individuals in Pennsylvania including Susan McElwain, the gentleman farmer and the worker at the auto salvage yard. What a bonehead move by the future Commander of Trenton, Mirage and his garage attic that he called PANTYLAND, an oblique reference to the Norwegian Rock group that Agent Chips had inspired on a visit to the Grand Hotel in Oslo in September, 1999, while flying the retirement flight of Captain Will Tannehill, former F101 and C130 pilot prior to his days at Northwest.


As Chips continued his campaign of pleasure in the target area of the willowy blonde from Gatineau, his Clipper Squirt Gun illuminated 3 red lights indicating an incoming Immediate Clipper from Agent Styx in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin.

Abel Danger Maiden Rock, Wisconsin Agent STYX

Royal Crown Assassin STYX Immediate Clipper to Agents Chips, Hamish, Banzai Pipeline, Bean copy Dwarf and Marquis d’Cartier: In 2010, at a 47-nation nuclear security summit in Washington, President Obama praised South African President Jacob Zuma and South Africa for successfully abandoning the nation’s nuclear arsenal. What Obama did not mention was that part of the arsenal was successfully abandoned to the international arms black market, a fact known by the CIA’s counter-proliferation division, which was also aware that Obama was aware of the temporary storage of the South African weapons in Chicago and the involvement of Argonne National Laboratory in their disposal during the early 1990s, while Obama was working at the Hopkins & Sutter law firm and later as a visiting fellow at the University of Chicago Law School. So we in DHS Cybersecurity need to make a decision; reveal Chris Shale/Cameron’s link to South African nukes and Rwanda; Miriam Clegg’s 1994 linkage to Rwanda and suppression of Belgian forces enabling the genocide, and Obamas (plural) and Clintons (plural) linkage to Rwanda, Mogudishu and Bhoutros Redundant Ghali as it connects the BLACKHAWK DOWN to NATO relay of military orders to rebels who slaughtered US Army soldiers put in harms way by Clinton. Cameron’s Chris Shale is Obama’s John Parsons Wheeler. Abel Danger to declare Victory prior to 9/11/11. STYX, White Plains.

Chips sensed a vibralto contracting in a cervical muscle of a certain anonymous willowy blonde, Agent Atomic Betty, and he noticed her reaching for the Minnesota Vikings tube sock so he executed a non-lesbian weiner withdrawal to save his fellow security debriefer a modicum of dignity as she narrowly avoided a premature exploculation.

As an appreciative Atomic Betty rolled over but did not play dead, Agent Chips harked back to the Babe in New York called Agent STYX as another Clipper came in, this a priority from Agent Suky Slicer with Abel Danger Kelmarsh/Canary Wharf.

Royal Crown PWA Suky Slicer Priority Clipper to all Dangerettes assigned to Operation RED ROOSTER and and concurrent OODA effort Top Cock, copy Hamish, Banzai and Bean: Dangerettes need to standby for escalation to WEINER protocols as Hillary is furious that Weiner has found a new girlfriend. And Irish radio show turned the flashlight on the COCKroaches in OODA exposure of TOP COCK hacks in Berlin, Norway (aka Pantyland), Femme Comp Inc, NAPAWASH and US Senior Executive Service PKI linkages to D2 Banks and the Royal Wanks (Phartinghams, Camerons and Mrs. Clegg): Last night's Independent Radio contention that the ISLAND SHOOTING aspect of the Norway disaster was a good-guy infiltration of THE BAD GUYS digital network was a genius ooda stroke by Abel Danger’s Chief of Assymetric Cyber Tactics deployed out of Plum City. As NSA, MI6, MIT, ISI, BVD have said before, your content is some of the most lethal material out there on the conspiracy scene. The Mossad even was wire-hacked and their comment was OY VEY. The Sovereign Independent broadcast was reportedly referred to as the Vickers Bombshell and Soetero and the Weiner-less soon to be x-tired Secretary of State now know that their goose is cooked, their ass is grass, and Abel Danger is the lawn mower. Suky, Cutty Sark Pub, Greenwich.

Atomic Betty sensed the short strokes and figured an exploculation was imminent so she hunkered down on the purple tipped red champion, however Agent Chips hit the ‘drive 20 more minutes’ signal to Stone Kohl in the driver’s seat and selected F4 on his Clipper Squirt Gun as he played a slow one from Dicky Doo and the Don’ts not to be confused with Dicky Loo Cooter and the Liner Diner Potlickers, an all girl chorale group from the Lazy R ranch in Borinquen, Puerto Rico.

Chips appreciated the fact that Atomic Betty enjoyed crossing her ankles behind her own ears and while he maneuvered to deliver, he saw an incoming come into his Clipper Squirt Gun from Global Hammer Banzai Pipeline from the secure bunker beneath Molly’s on Main in Plum City. Wisconsin.

Molly's limo

POS Banzai Pipeline Immediate Weinergram to Agents Chips, Hamish, Abigail Chopsticks copy Agents KJ , Good Copper and Kneel on Top Cock: Just hacked an outgoing from GCHQ linking Shale, Cameron, Obama to Korean Nucs. Here is the recent hack and past quote: “During the 2008 presidential campaign, a CIA source who worked on the agency’s nuclear non-proliferation activities said “You have no idea what the fuck you’re getting with this guy [Obama]! With Shale “going wobbly” on the Conservatives, it was feared that he might reveal the dark past of Tory involvement in nuclear weapons smuggling, something that helped seal his fate. The Tory connection to nuclear weapons smuggling is so sensitive, British intelligence insiders believe that, when revealed by Abel Danger of Plum City, Wisconsin, Cameron will be forced to resign and his deputy prime minister, Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg married to the ‘beaner bimbo with the padre muerto’, will move into Number 10 and drive down the property values just has been the case at 1600, capeche.” Banzai, Global, The Plum

Atomic Betty knew that their 20 minute play time was nearly done so she dialed down her aperture adjustment causing Chips to accelerate from 540 rpm to the 1000 rpm of his IH284 with the 28 horse Mazda engine, gas not diesel, capeche? As Chips was pulling for China, Atomic Betty cooed “hit me with your best shot” to which our affable man Chips, the laconic opiner, fired a rimshot at the buzzer as Atomic Betty collapsed into a hyperventilating pile of natural woman. As the ambulance pulled up in front of the King’s Arms Pub in Oxford, Chips handed Atomic Betty a NAPAWASH so she could ‘freshen up’ as his stuffed his junk into an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster full combat thong in pastel desert camo as he prepared to prosecute Red Rooster as ordered by Umbrellaman.

Agent Stone Kohl gave three short Abel Danger Knocks on the hatch to the back of the Ambulance as Agents Kneel and Good Copper exited the left side of the RHD Land Rover Ambulance. Chips handed Agent Atomic Betty another 3 NAPAWASHes in honor of Lena Trudeau, Jamie Gorelick and Laureen Harper as the willowy blonde from Gatineau attached her Pastel Passionfruit Pink merkin on her still quivering vulva to prevent the outline of her camel toe from being visible thru her full combat thong. In keeping with Abel Danger vaginal protocol 2366, she wore a Merkin configured with a 300,000 candlepower lamp for ‘night moves’ with Chips in Operation Top Cock, the cyber OODA infiltration through a Price Waterhouse Cooper PKI OODA intrusion that would be used to block the 14th attempt on the president’s life and cause the pope to realize that all catholics that were not Roman Catholics were well aware that the Vatican had sold their immunity back in 1929 but that the Russian Orthodox Church had not which is exactly by the pope is calling all cars to Vatican City from 10-24 October, 2011 as the Jesuits, Knights of Malta and some other bad guys were going down hard.

As Chips exited the ambulance and held the door open for Atomic Betty he was regaled of a BVR shot of a Pastel Passionfruit Pink Merkin causing his resting TI of 93% to challenge the tensile strength of his extra humongous pouch in Pastel desert camo.

Atomic Betty walked ahead of Chips to give him a good stern shot presentation. As Chips followed towards the doors held open at the King’s Arms a large black woman tapped on Chips’ broad linebacker like shoulders and as he turned to engage her visually she whispered “Asswipe, Pastel Taupe”. Chips knew this was Abel Danger Agent Miss Prision from New York City on secondment to Metropolitan Police to be a body double for Cressida Dick during the passing of the baton, as it were.

Chips knew that Cressida Dick wore depends so he felt the monde Venus of Asswipe and indeed she was wearing a depends so he didn’t have to take time for a visual ‘prove up’ of an IOC in Pastel Taupe. Chips had hoped to have a pint of cheer with his mates while he awaiting Hamish who was to meet at King’s Arms to plan the dinner for 9/11/11 where Agent Good Copper and a guest would be among the 30 diners to get their official Abel Danger Molly’s shirts. ( Marine Offensive Lesbo Lawyers Yearn for Sherlock). However, before he could get in the door Agent Asswipe, disquised as Moose Knuckle, forced him back into the Ambulance for a ‘quickie’ debriefing. As she dropped the laundry and assumed her favored ‘cucaracha’ position Chips readied his hot pepper for duty in the interest of saving the United States of America. Contact was made and the 38 year old south American female with a hot burrito pointed towards the 4 amber lights on Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun as a Flash message came in from Hamish.

Royal Crown Agent Hamish Flash Clipper to Banzai Pipeline, Umbrellaman, Asswipe, Atomic Betty, copy Agents Kneel, Good Copper and KJ: Abel Danger folks in Operation Red Rooster. I am at the Pub near Fields of Lincoln and I don’t see Agent Chips or Moose Knuckle, his protectorate. I think Cameron’s must have added him to the list of Adrian Messenger along with David Kelly, Christopher Shale, Chris Moran, Danny Jowenko and I don’t see any of the other 29 diners. Please advise status of Top Cock. Hamish, Fields of Lincoln.

In the back of the Range Rover ambulance Asswipe called switch and assumed a position she loved called “vaquero loco”. While Chips dutifully saddled up from behind, he transmitted over voice in the clear to Hamish “Hamish, wrong Pub, it is to be at King’s Arms in Oxford, tell your ambulance driver Dwarf to ‘punch it’ while I do a little punching on a little heifer from the tip of Chile not to be confused with my chili-hot tip, capeche? Please have Dwarf estimate ETA and communicate back to myself and also Abigail Chopsticks, Fanny Galore and Brendan B. Hand who have the clients in the pub. I will await in the business end of the other ambulance in the car park. Chips, duty aBroad.”

Chips continued to dish out all the young Asswipe desired and as he continued at the 540 rpm setting she desired during enduros, a single green light on his Clipper Squirt Gun indicated a routine Clipper from Dwarf who hailed from the hometown of Buddy Knox, aka Party Doll, just south of Winnipeg hear where the Gimli Glider landed in 1982.

Royal Crown Agent Dwarf of the North routine Clipper to Agent Chips, copy Banzai, Umbrellaman and Mount Tacoma: Hamish screwed up the Operation Red Rooster briefing guide, we are in hot pursuit, ETA Oxford 0+48. Dwarf, punchin’ it

Agent Asswipe saw they only had 40 minutes to boink so she whispered in his good ear “Chips, ya que sólo tenemos 40 minutos para el placer uno al otro, rapidito está autorizado y el paseo, como si usted está siendo perseguido por el jinete pálido del Apocalipsis, entender. darle un golpe”

Chips immediately went into his hyper vibrato pile driving jackhammer as a pair of 38 year old chalupas started cycling like grapefruits in a hurricane while not far away a second Range Rover ambulance careened around a corner doing 132 in an 88 kph zone as Agent Dwarf had had an EMP from Joint Stars shut down all CCTV speed camera in the south of England as they had on the day of Gareth Williams’ abduction. As Dwarf sped Hamish to the rendezvous at King’s Arms with Good Copper and Kneel, Agent Asswipe fired of so many multiples Chips thought it was a string of fire crackers. As he returned volley with a rim shot at the buzzer he heard the wail of an approaching siren as in the Vatican the Black Pope was recalling the Cardinals to give them the bad news that in 1929 the Vatican had sold their diplomatic immunity for a few pieces of silver while the Orthodox Church in Russia had not been so faithless and that now in the summer of 2011 non-Roman Catholics wanted their heads on plates for pedophile crimes deployed in 134 nations by the SOS-Children’s Villages inadvertently exposed in Marbella by a wire tapped Sasquatch in August, 2010, the 7th of August at 1933 local.

Now in the long hot summer that would challenge Camilla’s bowels, Baena’s Austrian hyena, Congressman Wu’s teenage boinkmate, Christopher Shale’s heart and Hillary’s Weiner, the road that previously led to Rome now lead to City of London and a Hackgate vacancy at #10 Downing whilst Pravda and Putin battle Satan himself to protect Obama from engagement #14. While Chips handed Asswipe a bunch of NAPAWASHes and stuffed his purple tipped red champion into his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Desert Camo, all 4 red lights on his Clipper Squirt Gun illuminated showing a Flash message from Banzai Pipeline at Global and simultaneously from Agents James Crosby and Nikita Ninja orbiting the E8C Joint Stars in a race track pattern at FL260 just over Brighton, England, where on numerous occasions between 1990 and 2006 Chips had had an ankle with a dolphin tattoo wrapped around his ears as he performed his gobblenasty procedure with the assumed name Chef Field, a gourmet, if you will.

Global Hammer Banzai Pipeline Flash Clipper to Umbrellaman, James Crosby, Asswipe, Chips and Hamish, copy Dwarf and Stone Kohl: Pravda is reporting that Congressman Wu was taken out to ‘protect the client’. Watch for reports that Rothschild’s did Norway as Norway, like Libya, was not in debt to the Elitists bankers who are falling victim to the Oxford Bullingdon wankers. PwC Ecocide’s D2 key to Boris Femme Comp wife and Berwick Unabomb indicates to Pravda and MIT/Istanbul that PwC opened Ecocide public key infrastructure (‘ PKI ’) accounts for Matrix 5 D2 bankers at Canary Wharf and Boris Johnson’s Femme Comp wife, Crown Agents’ Sister Marina Wheeler, used an Ecocide account named ‘Andrew Berwick’ to finance the recent Unabomb attack on Norway’s oil and energy ministries. Pravda has requested assistance from APFN, Abel Danger and a man called IAW Psalm 94:16. Joint Stars indicates MI5intends to snatch Chips. We know what PKI is and it is old hat but the redundant PwC refers to Pussy whipped Cowards in the second reference, Execute Operation Top Cock. Banzai, Molly’s

As Agent Hoss lowered his chopper N406EA in front of Cressida’s Dick’s unmarked Rover sedan causing her driver to stop, Agent Homi with his wolf-dog Duke blocked her car from behind with the Harley Fat Boy with golden sidecar and the snatch was made. Homi drove off with Duke firmly in control of Cressida Dick while in Oxford her body double prepared to ‘strut her stuff’ as Abel Danger Global’s key players laid the plans for Victory celebration #1. As Agent Moose Knuckle entered The Office in the back of the King’s Arms Pub which was the last all male bar in Oxford before the Bullingdon poppycocks were forced to admit women in 1973 opening the door for wankers, shirt lifters and tossers to be deployed enabling the Octopus to get its 8 tentacles around the globe. In August 1991 Danny Casolaro and Agent Chips enjoyed a few beers at two different bars in Martinsburg, West Virginia while surveilling Weather Mountain and the IRS as it pertains to Puerto Rico. They talked of the IRS, the SES, and the City of London thinking they may be three of the 8 tentacles. While Chips was ‘delivering pleasure’ to the wife of a Beltway Bandit, Danny Casolaro died of a self inflicted set of 37 lacerations from an Old Milwaukee beer can but as a courtesy to the chambermaid he had done it in the tub. Seems like the Shadow Government/OCTOpus wanted to lay low for another decade or two.

In the same summer that would cause Furious Hillary to resent being jilted by the Weiner Withdrawal, Lyndon LaRouche came up with a triangular attack on the trio of douche. Chips knew that if the LaRouche camp could keep the AMEC transponder from creating mayhem in Yellowstone, that would be a sign that the white hats in Faction 3 were ready to support the immediate jailing of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and President Barack Obama/Soetero/Davis for their role in a massive theft of taxpayers money, in the 2008 bailout of Wall Street and London, and the ongoing pledge to continue the bailout of the hopelessly bankrupt European Monetary Union and Wall Street. LaRouche made the demand after reviewing the July 2011 Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit of the Federal Reserve, which is the first installment of a larger audit to be completed by October of 2011.

The preliminary audit revealed a trail of criminal action on the part of Bernanke and Geithner.

As Moose Knuckle impersonated Cressida Dick, the real Cressida Dick had been chloroformed and folded into a Blue North Face Holdall, taken to a Menzie’s cargo drop at City of London Airport, and shipped to CONUS to testify in the upcoming Grand Jury that would not be welcomed by the Camerons who have been exposed by Christopher Shales, the Glamour Boy exposed by the Canadian Stallion’s wife Mary Elizabeth Harriman or the undocumented imposters at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue exposed by the Phosgene Phadeout of John Parsons Wheeler following the silencing of Beverly Eckert in Colgan Flight 3407. The last time he was arrested Putin set him free in Perm, Siberia. This time he will face We The People of the Republic he was sent to destroy.

Moose Knuckle’s grand entrance had provided the opportunity for Agent ‘Camel Toe’ to exit through the Bullingdon bathroom window to meet Agent Chips in the second Land Rover Ambulance where Agent Dwarf had prepared a Silver Screw for 2. As Camel Toe slipped out of her Canadian competition Swimsuit, Dwarf set off for Stoke on Trent when Chips and Camel Toe planned to set their strokin’ tent. As Chips and Camel Toe had hit their sychronicity at 540 rpm they felt the ambulance lurch to left in response to a EMP transmission monitored by Joint Stars. Behind the wheel Agent Dwarf reached for another Moosehead being thankful it was not a Moose Knuckle while 18 miles back in the rear view mirror another Land Rover Ambulance was reportedly the target of a Global Hawk attack directed by Creech in Nevada. As Joint Stars watched for an ignition plume from a Hellfire missile Agent Dwarf stopped the mobile ambulance in a tunnel where any air breathing flying vehicle could not target it. As the hyper humping restarted following a panting ‘switch’ call from a delirious Agent Camel Toe aka Alberta Darling, Agent Chips missed an income Immediate Clipper from a Tomoye lurker to Glamour Boy who was about to be pounced on by a Puppet Piano Wire Assassin Atomic Betty.

Royal Crown Agent Lurking Hacker Immediate Clipper to Agents Marquis d’Cartier, Atomic Betty, Rico Gambolino, Dwarf and Tango Whiskey, copy Asswipe: Would one of you canucks ensure Glamour Boy receives a copy of our Case of Folded Spook and Norway's Middle Temple Ecocide? FBI-CSIS-MIT-BVD and Cressida Dick have had it since we leaked it to them 15 July, 2011 in Chapter 5, capeche? To summarize; the people who planned the Oslo bombing of the Norwegian Oil and Energy Ministry Building are the same people who arranged the torture-murder of GCHQ/MI6 folded spook, Gareth Williams. Gareth's online screams upset his friends in GCHQ; they sent an ultimatum to the perpetrators on 20 August (8) at 3 pm. Welcome to 2083 and the Middle Temple world of Ecocide ( ) Agent Lurking Hacker, 1425 K Street Northwest/ 1455 Pennsylvania Avenue

And one last reminder to ALPA President Lee Moak, FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt , the ALPA attorney in the FRAUD UPON THE COURT in Civil Case 1:08-1600(RMC):

The Strangler’s Suite of illegally modifications enabled 9/11. I won’t mention it again.

Update from Clinton Camp, Hillary still furious regarding Weiner Withdrawal, capeche?

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