Monday, October 4, 2010

Good Queen Bess and the Stranglers Scarf - Chapter 12

BBC Ascension Triangular Trade – Sohonet Splattergate
Crown Agents Sisters move drugs, guns and kids while Anna the Jackal sings

Twisted Sisters and Crown Agents going down. Chips pulls inflate cords on his Mae West as his feet hit the water in the English Channel. He goes to Texas; some things to exchange with FBI Houston and DNA-DAT. Captain Jam hands him amendment to plan signed off on by Uncle Ray in Rome; ‘travel via fastest method from Brize to Bergstrom pending OPERATION OOS. Agents SuzieQ and Dr. StainGlove prepositioned to block. Air-sea rescue Sea King from RAF LeconFIELD lands on the water at xx19, time now xx08. Execute, Banzai PacRim Hammer. Hamish asks Chips to check triangular slave trade by Crown Agents and City & Guilds livery companies. In the past, Master Mariners sailed to Barbados with lumber [Carpenters] and fish [Fishmongers] from Boston; vessel with molasses returned to Boston distillers for rum; then to Africa to bargain rum for slaves [Scriveners, Solicitors, Insurers’ bordereaux]; back to Caribbean for molasses [Arbitrators] and back to Boston for rum. Question: Dr. Thomas Barnett talked about FIRST LIVE MASS SNUFF FILM IN HISTORY; was he talking about a modern triangular trade in drugs and guns and pedophile snuff? Marquis d'Cartier tells Chips to check BBC spin on Gareth Williams re 'Male escort evidence' and porn planted at the crime scene; same with Maddy. Portuguese detective claims she died in family's holiday apartment. Warns that Ascension Island is used for man-in-the-middle attacks with BBC Atlantic Relay Station installed in 1966 and used to sabotage British forces in Falklands War aided and abetted by Tim Garden in Operation Black Buck. BBC and C&W posts there; check for links between Ascension, Boringuen CGAS Puerto Rico, Aruba and the SOHO PEDOPHILE TRIANGLE. Chips lays on top of SuzieQ in case ADT cameras were dual purpose as were many used by Twisted Sisters in Chantilly, Colorado Springs and Washington DC. Hamish inside COL OODA/SoHo Aviation Security, clippers Chips to check out Crown Sister Franny’s Splattergate – Sohonet Murder for Hire. Kids in snuff films. Disgusting. Send in fucking Marines, take no prisoners; sister's tip was timely. Chopsticks clippers Chips. Red flag over pink bag hit on Williams plus trip to Austin has shut down Crown Currency Exchange. Anna the Jackal is singing about 2007 Net1 transactions through Barclays pedophile accounts in Algarve just after Maddy was abducted. Chips briefs Houston FBI on Crown Agents’ Second Swallow; commits to never give up ‘til they get justice for Maddy and Stompie.

Twisted Sisters and Crown Agents going down as Crown Currency curtailed by Abel Danger, BEWARE THE 36 STUD:

Chips counted to three and then pulled the inflate cords on his Mae West as his feet hit the water in the English Channel. As the two reservoirs of the Mae West inflated with a whoosh of CO2 he thought how easy it was to make Al Gore go away and was amused to think that the words AL GORE plus SNUFF FILM was making its way into the cyberworld of the internet at the same time that Barry Soetoro is pre-empting the October Suprise with a little help from his NEW friends. Any enemy of Abel Danger's enemy is a friend; at least for a while. As Chips floating in the 3 foot swells he took out his cell phone and selected Clipper 4 and pressed 3572#. Moments later three flashes from an airline type strobe flashed from about 3 miles off barely visible to Chips due to the curvature of the earth's surface, in this case the water of the English Channel. As the S-4 minisub ran at periscope depth directly towards Chips he thought how the two chambers of his Mae West felt almost exactly like the two 40Ds that Agent Bean possessed and how kind she was to allow him to rest his head there occasionally. As the sub approached his thoughts were with Agent Bean and how they must now be ON THE WAY HOME to do some business in Austin, Texas before returning to England to nail shut the investigation of Gareth Williams, Maddy McCann and the Twisted Sisters working hard but ineffectively for the City of London.

Chips was thinking about making his way home to his birth state, Texas, and how he would be able to spend some quality time with some relatives as well as SuzieQ who would be his overnight security provider. Knowing Austin like the back of his hand he had arranged to meet some interesting people on the night of 26 September and his hotel was arranged accordingly so that when the meeting occurred with Agent MoLes, Midnight Merry, DNA-DAT and Dr. StainGlove they might be able to be covered by an activity the FBI office in Houston was monitoring regarding CCW permits and the advisability of allow them on college campuses. Chips really didn't care too much about that issue but he did have some things to exchange with FBI Houston and DNA-DAT. As the S-4 slowed for the recovery he heard the single screw go to neutral for a brief moment before backing down at ASTERN 1/3. At the green flash Chips swam to the conning tower as the S-4 surface and the cold water of the English Channel surged away from the Circle William fitting that was being opened by BAM Mad Bax. Chips placed a Garmin GPS with his ID loaded on a velcro attach portion of the Mae West and initiated the emergency locator device utilizing 121.5, 243.0 and 2828 before tossing the Mae West far from the S-4 so as not to take it down with the sub. As Chips made his way down the ladder Suky Slicer handed him a Grolsch and suggested he might wish to get ride of his wet clothes and slip into something warm. Chips understood what she wasn't saying as there was a coincidental up-spike in his TI commensurate with the elevation of her MI as Mr. Maytag was thinking about it.

Captain Jam handed Chips an amendment to the plan that had been worked out by Otto in Norway and Banzai in Sapporo, and signed off on by Uncle Ray in Rome:

Hammers 3 Immediate Clipper to S-4, Hoss, Hamish, Chips, Name Dropper, MoLes, Marquis d'Cartier and Bean, copy SuzieQ: “Urgent change in Ops tempo. Chips, Bean and Hoss to travel via fastest method from Brize to Bergstrom pending OPERATION OOS, Obama's October Surprise. Due to Foghorn Leghorn's demands at Marbella Queen Hornet has convinced Punahou 79 to join Punahou 67 and abandon the BANKSTERS. Plans are to cut 5 players in White House by THE BIRTHDAY and impose a moratorium on foreclosures that will initially involved 23 states and then include 49 states by ERECTION DAY. Queen Hornet and P79 have insisted Abel Danger expose the Twisted Sisters NLT 30 September in advance of the firing of P79's closest allies in the White House excepting Sam Kass the cook. In Austin TX a diversionary event will occur and Name Dropper has determined from the USMS that it is a trap for Chips. Agents SuzieQ and Dr. StainGlove are prepositioned to block. S-4 will have an air-sea rescue Sea King from RAF LeconFIELD land on the water at xx19, time now xx08. Execute, Banzai PacRim Hammer.”
Chips looked at his watch and saw that he had 11 minutes only before pickup so an enduro with Suky was out of the question unless he could get her on the chopper, so to speak. She apparently was having similar regrets as she mentioned "Chips, I have some dry clothes for you in AFTER STEERING and if we hurry you can be more comfortable for the flight to Brize, Pastel Strawberry Cream, capeche?"

As Suky Slicer led Chips but not by the hand towards After Steering, he noticed there were no VPLs below her shift like dress, and he liked that. As they got into After Steering she locked the door and leaned over the Navigation table as THE SWORDSMAN cleared his scabbard. With her right hand Suky pointed towards an ensemble arranged for his travel and she gushed "Quickie authorized, push it good, push it real good."

For the next three minutes and 29 seconds Chips was staying in time with Salt n Pepa but due to Suky Slicer's signature cervical contraction technique, CCT, not to be confused with CCTV or Jay and the Techniques who had the killer hit 'Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie', towards the end of the time allocated Chips finished her off with a rimshot at the buzzer in the proper order of ladies first as Chips was right and properly chivalrous. As he withdrew the refueling probe Slicer handed him an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Magenta Meringue.

"Suky, that isn't gonna work until the TI drops below 93%, capeche?"

"Chips, of course I capeche. Two words come to mind. Miriam Clegg."

As the lead was immediately removed from the pencil, Suky helped stuff the monster into the IOC as Chips was putting on an Abel Danger Austin t-shirt in a color the print shop called 'bone'.

"You look real good in bone, Chips" smiled Suky as she helped him into some tight fittin' jeans, tan deck shoes and a red scarf harvested from Shanksville, Pennsylvania where on 9/11/01 Capt Dean Eckmann of the 178 Fight Squadron watched as United 93 was vaporized without the expenditure of either an AIM 9 from Fargo or an AIM 7 or AMRAAM from Cape Cod. Chips knew that with the scarf and his PINK North Face holdall he would not be asked any stupid security questions. Suky had much better hearing as at the tender age of 24; she had not been around jets engines and big guns for 55 years as had her sharer of precious bodily fluids had. Thinking of his horn of plenty Suky asked "Chips, I hear the chopper coming and I'd like to travel to Brize with you if possible".

"With GoD anything is possible, let's went" replied Chips who as Global operations Director for Abel Danger since 1 August 2009 he was 'cleared for wierd' hence his hurried exit to Austin.

Chips opened the passageway as Suky's passageway was pre-moistening must to her delight. As they passed the conning station Captain Jam and BAM Mad Bax wished them well as they looked forward to some time alone together on the S-4 which had a lovely vibration when the diesel was running but the screw wasn't turning. The chopper was floating with its right pontoon up against the S-4 so Chips and Suky carefully stepped aboard the pontoon and into the open hatch behind the HAC, helicopter aircraft commander. Once inside the chopped lifted off with the Crew Chief making a laconic statement to Chips and Suky. "One brief stop to pick up Hoss and we will have you at Brize before sunup."

Chips noticed the GMCC signet ring on the crew chief's right pinky as the helo was settling into a hover near the ditched Boeing Vertol floating under a pair of collapsed rotor hub chutes.

"Chips, nice outfit, what's she doing here?" asked Hoss as he placed his 280 pound frame delicately on a web seat as the Brit HAC pulled up on the cyclic and collective and rotated toward the west.

"Suky needs to be in her garden by Wednesday and she has her friend with a Jawa picking her up at Brize. She will not be aboard the 'Happy Trails' jet that awaits us for the switch. The travel arrangements were hurriedly made by Banzai Pipeline and Otto Pilot as Uncle Ray is out in a horse pasture near Rome". As Chips had been talking in the pre-dawn darkness Suky had been providing manual pleasure to Our Man Chips who was providing manual pleasure to Suky Slicer. As the whirlybird headed west at 180 knots Hoss went up to the flight deck where he sat in the left seat to become familiar with the Westland Sea King HAR.3A helicopters deployed by Air Sea rescue at RAF Leconfield. Suky Slicer leaned forward as if to monitor the flight deck whereupon Chips plugged in for the duration of the flight to Brize.

As the helo droned on and Chips impersonated Derrick Pumper, Suky Slicer needed to think of something beside the purple tipped red champion or she might embarrass herself with an early exploculation. She harked back to her copy of the the GENEVA BIBLE that her family had had in their possession since 1567 long before Eric the Flaccid had become known as THE PINK KNIGHT not to be confused with Richard the Black Night or William Fitzurse the Blue Knight. Eric the Flaccid would provide THE SEED for a future Attorney General in the New World. Suky recalled how between 1560 and 1599, The Geneva Bible was providentially unleashed upon a dark, discouraged, downtrodden English speaking world very much like the United States prior to the fine tuning of the OCTOBER SURPRISE. Just when it looked as if the Machiavellian, Divine Right kings, such as the Tudors of England, were about to drive Christendom back to the days of Caesar worship, a Bible appeared that set the stage for a Christian Reformation of life and culture the likes of which the world had never seen. By the time of the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, just 28 years after the first printing of the Geneva Bible, it was already being said of the English that they were becoming a “people of the Book" as in Austin people would be encouraged by Agent Chips to become PEOPLE OF THE SWORD ( Ephesians 6:17 ). The results of a people reading and obeying the Word of God were the explosion of faith, character, the first missionary movement in history, literature, economic blessing, and political and religious freedom all of which was to be crashed and crushed by ERRAND BOY prior to his dialogue with Queen Hornet and Abel Danger which was precipitated by Miriam Clegg's heavy handed abuse of Michelle in Marbella. The Pilgrims brought the 1599 Geneva Bible with them when they arrived in the New World in 1620. All but forgotten in our day, this version of the Bible was the most widely read and influential English Bible of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and a copy of it will be delivered to Eric Holder on 2 October, 2010 if Agent Chips gets the word from the Houston FBI by midnight, 26 September.

Chips and Suky were doing what they do best when an incoming Clipper from Hamish lit up Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun with an Immediate:

Royal Crown Agent Hamish Immediate Clipper to Chips, Name Dropper, MoLes, SuzieQ and Dr. StainGlove, copy Bean and Hoss: “Chips, Marquis and Corazon suggest you check out Crown Sister Clegg’s use of Net 1 ePassport and smart-card payment systems by pink-bag pedophiles; hit on Gareth Williams after they found him tracking Maddy’s abductors by eavesdropping into Maurice Strong, his Net 1 pedophile clients and the City & Guilds’ Leathersellers etc. Queen Hornet suggest you also check Crown Sisters Ship-Jumper Dave - Pedophile Triangular Trade.. They seem to have developed a South African Net1 e-payment system to procure credit for pink-bag pedophiles to operate a triangular trade in commodities such as drugs, fish, guns, explosives and kidnapped children. Gareth Williams was eavesdropping; they had him snuffed out in a pink bag triangular trades between Net 1 clients such as Winnie Mandela and sexual extortionists hired by City & Guilds livery companies including The Fishmongers. We have a friend on Ascension who is not British. We have a friend in Aruba who is not Dutch. When you board N007HT at Brize we can have a face to face unless Agent Bean needs your face elsewhere, capeche?"
Chips looked forward three feet and saw that Suky was placing the Minnesota Vikings tube sock in her mouth signaling an imminent exploculation. Ever the accomodating gentleman, Chips went up tempo to 1020 rpm to finish her off in the fashion she preferred, a rimshot at the buzzer. Ladies first with the horn of plenty a nose behind as the helo started descending into Brize Norton's approach corridor. In N007HT Agent Stone had the engines running and the checklist complete while Agent Bean was icing down the Grolsch after she had finished waxing for the trans Atlantic enduro. Diehard, Sluggo and Homi were deployed in a TRIANGULAR array each with a BAR but not the British Accredibility Registry or a Browning Automatic Rifle. As the RAF chopper settled on the grass next to 'Happy Trails', a Jawa motorcycle came to collect Suky as Hoss and Chips ran to Happy Trails where Hoss took the left seat as Bean and Chips closed the forward boarding door which did not possess the explosive devices that Boeing Counsel Doug Bain was worried about in Orlando after Chips filed Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 exposing the illegal modifications to Boeings that triggered the $615M bribe to USDOJ that has not been accounted for TO THIS DAY. Boeing Bain had worked with Chips to craft a 3-3-07 announcement in London concerning the Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot which was the only part of the STRANGLER'S SUITE that was patented 8 years after it was deployed and 2 years after BUAPs flew AA11, AA77, UA175 and UA93 to their fatal ends after both the crews, passengers and hijackers had all been GASSED. Not the type of gas that Hillary and Nancy are expelling as they learn that their GOOSES ARE COOKED.

As Hoss turned the corner and pushed the power levers up to about 85% and stable he mentioned "Show me what you got, kid" as Bean passed Hoss a Grape Nehi and Chips was stirring a CSM after having poured a 32 ounce Ramey Rimshot for Agent Bean. As Happy Trails became airborne and the FMGC reset Hoss transmitted "8 hours 54 minutes enroute, good night" as he moved his seat back fully and reclined. He placed a blindfold over his eyes so he could rest up while Stone monitored the technology flying this NPR JET, that's a footstomper. Stone had copied the over-water clearance that Banzai and James Crosby had created in Sapporo and Joint Stars. As the Happy Trails rolled out direct 50N15W at FL340 Stone reached for a Grolsch frosty as the auto throttles maintained .92 for the crossing. Stone watch as the ACT started to transfer fuel for optimal CG. Stone looked at the security camera monitoring the galley and cockpit door and saw his father and Bean repairing to the CRF. As the CRF door was closed and 'locked' annunciated on his monitor, Stone removed his seat belt and went back to the galley to bring a cooler of Grolsch up to the observer’s seat so he didn't have to do his Sudukos 'sans brew'. As Stone was strapping in, Chips was strapping on, in a matter of speaking, as two IOCs in Pastel Magenta Meringue adorned the twin lamps on either side of the Queen bed in the CRF as Chips turned them low and selected F4 and C240 on his Clipper as he whispered to Agent Bean "I guess as a lover, I have a ways to go".

As he penetrated she gushed "When someone wants you, they should just say so".

As Chips did his routine, Agent Bean was thinking that if there was a PILE DRIVERS HALL OF FAME that Chips should be listed first and third for his consistent effort to satisfy, much to her pleasure. She dreamed back to May of 1966 when as a girl of 15 she had first come to work with Agent Chips at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico some 27 months after formation of the 72nd C4ISR Wing that would be the only Intel Unit left to monitor and bring down the GLOBAL GUARDIANS of Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 which would be delivered to US AG Eric Holder by high noon on 2 October. As Chips was exceeding her expectations, they both saw a Clipper Priority come in from Hamish.

Royal Crown Agent Hamish Charles Watson Priority Clipper to Chips, Name Dropper, Marquis d'Cartier, Abilgail Chopsticks, copy Queen Hornet the First Quadroon: “Chips, Corazon and TRIPOLI, check evidence for centuries’ old triangular slave trade financed by Crown Agents and City & Guilds livery companies. "Slaves from Africa to Work on Sugar Plantations. Lucrative trading scheme known as the triangular trade, which involved mainly molasses, rum [Distillers], and From Barbados to Boston with Molasses To enter this trade, a merchant might, for example, arrange for a vessel [Master Mariners] to sail to Barbados with a cargo of lumber [Carpenters] and fish [Fishmongers]. Lumber was valued in the Caribbean, where land had been stripped of trees to expand sugar fields. Cheap fish from New England was valuable as food for slaves. In exchange for the fish and lumber, plantation owners on Barbados stuffed the vessel with barrels of molasses, the sweet dark sticky byproduct of sugar manufacturing. From Barbados, the shipmaster then returned to Boston and delivered up the molasses to distillers in exchange for rum. The holds that brought in barrels of molasses now carried away barrels of rum. From Boston to Africa with Rum Now the vessel, laden with rum, crossed the Atlantic to the west coast of Africa to places where Africans had been captured and collected in sweltering prison camps. The shipmaster then bargained with the Europeans and Africans who controlled the captives: so much rum for so many slaves [Bordereaux agreements between Scriveners, Solicitors and Insurers]. The deal struck, the slaves were crammed into the vessel's hold. The ship then sailed for the Caribbean. Now the shipmaster traded slaves for molasses [Disputes settled by Arbitrators], and then returned to Boston. This trade evolved over decades, making many merchants rich [Bankers]. Boston merchants weren't alone in this trade. Traders from Britain and from other American ports also competed. By the 1760s, most Boston merchants had abandoned the slave trade to merchants in other ports, especially those in Newport, Rhode Island, which by then was the center for slave trade in the northern colonies and the city from where Dr. Thomas Barnett created THE FIRST LIVE MASS SNUFF FILM IN HISTORY. Question: Did he mean there was a modern triangular trade in drugs and guns and pedophile snuff? Sorry I missed the flight to Austin, I will be at the Park Inn, Bath Row, Heathrow, Middlesex UB7 ODU, tele:+44 (0)208 759 6611 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +44 (0)208 759 6611      end_of_the_skype_highlighting [] Hamish”
Chips had just saddled up from the stern after Beanie's empassioned 'switch' at the 90 minute point and selected C6 which offered an uptempo change up in Chips' hydraulic jack-hammer performance. As the first few strains of HEARTLAND set the pace, Chips found his rhythm and Beanie reached for her riding crop, an Immediate Clipper came into the Clipper Squirt Gun as up in the cockpit Stone drained Grolsch #4 and Hoss continued to dream of being just like Chips someday.

Royal Crown Agent SuzieQ Immediate Clipper to Chips, MoLes, StainGlove, Mitch Stack and Courtly Stonewall, copy Queen Horent and Hamish: “Chips and AUSTIN POSSE, suggest you check Crown Sister Lucy Adams for apparent use of Ascension Island and BBC transmission towers to authorize e-payments for a contract hit on Gareth Williams who had hacked those who had M-O-W to snatch Maddy in Portugal on 5 March 07. Also broadcast propaganda as news, to protect a Pink Bag Triangular Trade in drugs, guns, kidnapped children and sexual murder (Lustmord). She’s using LGBT diversity quotas to control triangular trades; Ascension/BBC transmitters serve as online apex to broadcast spin the abduction of Maddy and contract killing of Williams. Crown Sisters were generating intellectual property, copyright and propaganda material to depict sexual murder and extortion before WWII. Lucy Adams is the director / sponsor of LGBT quotas and 'Diversity Dividend' in Serco and its Security Professionals and BBC on Ascension. Alison Woodhams is BBC World Service COO since 2004 was BBC Group Financial Controller 2001-04 and used AT & T Istel and Net1 to reward SWAT and propaganda teams through BBC World Service on Ascension Island in 43 languages. Jana Clemmow’s husband is owner of Juniper peer to peer media production company and Oxford buddy of Blair. She controls BBC Fiction, Knowledge, Children's and Entertainment, in-house TV and multi-media content through BBC Vision Productions. She claimed 4,862 in expenses for taxi fares in 3 months to make confidential calls "in private". We are inside Ascension, SoHo and Chantilly and I will DELIVER THE GOODS in Room 316 as per Banzai's arrangements. Texas should GO BANG shortly after our meeting at the 36 Stud at 300 E. 4th St, Austin. See you in Champions at the Marriott. SQ

Chips noticed his TI jumped about 28% when the thought of SuzieQ entered his mind, so in order to reduce his TI to a non-lethal index he briefly thought of Hillary Diane Rodham and lost 26.37% TI in a nano-second so Bean wasn't stretched out of shape, perish the thought. Apparently Agent Beanie could sense the change in thrust as she reached down and dialed her dial-o-episiotome index to 'tight x 3' and the smile returned to her face as some lead returned to the pencil in a manner of speaking. Abel Danger manner that is. Chips noticed that Bean's angelic face now had closed eyes so as long as she was dreaming of someone else anyway he decided to throw her a curve and he went side-saddle without a switch command, much to her surprise and delight. As she laid on her right side Chips reached over her with his left hand and was amazed at the firmness of her left 40D mammary. He wondered if the set wasn't nearly the 8th and 9th wonders of the world as another incoming Clipper, a Priority, lit up his Clipper Squirt Gun as his lower unit was lighting up Beanie's face.

Royal Crown Canada Honcho Marquis d'Cartier Priority Clipper to RCMP, FBI Houston, MI6 Crecida and Hamish, copy Chips and Name Dropper: “Chips and the AUSTIN POSSE need to check BBC spin on Gareth Williams Bondage gear found at MI6 flat - but was it planted? And 'Male escort evidence' and porn planted at the crime scene; same with Maddy where Portuguese detective is claiming she died in the family's holiday apartment, according to Agent Suky Slicer of Nottingham. Note how Ascension is governed as part of the British overseas territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and can serve as man-in-the-middle for attacks on commercial airliners back to flying boats, World War II and antisubmarine warfare bases in the Battle of the Atlantic and throughout the war. Ascension Island was garrisoned by the British Admiralty on 22 October 1815 .. The island is the location of Wideawake Airfield, which is a joint facility of the United States Air Force and the Royal Air Force and the BBC World Service Atlantic Relay Station. The island was used extensively by the British military during the Falklands War. Ascension Island hosts one of five ground antennas (others are on Kwajalein, Diego Garcia, Colorado Springs and Hawaii) that assist in the operation of the Global Positioning System (GPS) navigational system. Ascension Island, as a part of the wider overseas territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, does not yet have its own flag or coat of arms. The Union Flag and Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom are used instead. A garrison of Royal Marines was based at Ascension from 1823. In 1898, the Eastern Telegraph Company (now part of Cable and Wireless) installed the first underwater cable from the island, connecting the UK with its colonies in South Africa. Ascension Island is known as "Wideawake", after a nearby colony of Sooty Terns (locally called 'Wideawake' birds because of their loud, distinctive call, which would wake people early in the morning). The airbase, which was under construction by the 38th Combat Engineer Battalion of the Army Corps of Engineers, was unexpectedly visited by two British Fairey Swordfish torpedo planes on 15 June 1942. According to one of the pilots, Peter Jinks, the planes were fired upon before being recognised as allies .. The only action during World War II occurred on 9 December 1941. At around mid-day, the U-boat U-124 approached Georgetown on the surface with the intention of sinking any ships at anchor or shelling the cable station. A two-gun shore battery at Cross Hill, above Georgetown, fired on the submarine. The guns scored no hits but the U-boat submerged and retreated. The battery remains largely intact to this day, together with its guns, BL 5.5 inch Mark I naval guns removed from HMS Hood [sunk in WWII!!] during a refit in Malta in 1938 .. The US Air Force uses the island as part of its Eastern Test Range. Ascension Island continues to serve as an important link in American space projects. NASA established a tracking station on the island in 1967, but has since abandoned it. The BBC Atlantic Relay Station was installed in 1966 for short-wave broadcasts to Africa and South America. In 1982, Ascension Island was used as a staging post for the British Task Force during the Falklands War. The opening shots of the British offensive were launched from Ascension by Vulcans [Man-in-the-middle Tim Garden?] in Operation Black Buck. There are five settlements, the capital being Georgetown: Georgetown Cat Hill (Main Base, the U.S. base) The Residency Traveller's Hill (Wideawake, the Royal Air Force base) Two Boats village The main economic activity on the island is centred on the military bases at Wideawake Airfield, and the BBC World Service's Atlantic Relay station. The Ministry of Defence estate and facilities are currently managed by the infrastructure support provider Interserve Defence. Serco currently manages the airport services with Sodexo providing catering and domestic facilities .. The island hosts many communications and relay stations, exploiting the Island's strategic position in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Both the BBC and Cable and Wireless have communications posts there. The European Space Agency (ESA) also has a tracking station on the island that tracks the Ariane 5 rockets shortly after they take off from Kourou in French Guyana. Banking and currency The Bank of St. Helena has a branch on the Island. This bank holds an account with Lloyds TSB in the United Kingdom for the purposes of conducting money transfers with the rest of the world. The currency on Ascension Island is the Saint Helena pound. Tristan da Cunha however uses the pound sterling rather than the Saint Helena pound. Chips needs to determine the relationship between Ascension, Boringuen CGAS Puerto Rico, Aruba and the SOHO PEDOPHILE TRIANGLE that links them.” Marquis, aboard Joint Stars enroute Shriver AFB.”

Chips was really enjoying the side-saddle operation and Beanie was thinking to herself that she could 'dance' all night if the opportunity presented itself. She opened one eye to check the moving map on the wall and saw the magenta line was just beyond the Azores and heading southwest with a time enroute of some 4 hours and 54 minutes remaining. She reached over and selected 'continuous' there in deleting the 4 hour enduro limit. Further, so as not to create stress on Chips' soon to be 61 year old heart she selected D8 so Willie Nelson could slow down the raging stallion before he might make the clubhouse turn and push the pedal to the metal as he often did in the 36 Stud when blowing the doors off Corvettes, GTOs and those Mopar muscle car wannabes. As Willie Nelson slowed down the pace to something more manageable, the purple tipped red champion continued to please Agent Bean while still another Clipper came into the Squirt Gun, this time an Immediate from Astana, Kazakhstan and Agent Fox Lily:

KSM Agent Fox Lily Immediate Clipper to Agent Chips and Stone, FYEO: KSM [ Kazakh Station Manager 5] 5 Immediate Clipper to Chips and son: “Check Nelson Mandela - Twenty Seven Years In Captivity released Sunday 11 February 1990 but note David Cameron accepted all-expenses paid trip to apartheid South Africa in 1989 funded by a firm of investors in Net1 (?). The Special AKA's classic top-ten hit from 1984, "Free Nelson Mandela" - still one of the best protest songs of modern times. Since Mr Mandela arrived in London last week to celebrate his 90th birthday next month, everyone from international statesmen to celebrity models has fallen over themselves to bask in his glory .. Having met Gordon Brown, TV talk show queen Oprah Winfrey and former U.S. president Bill Clinton at events including last week's special dinner in Hyde Park and a charity concert, it was Mr. Cameron's chance yesterday to catch a quick word. He and his wife Samantha, wearing a demure polka-dot dress [and a Fishmongers' dolphin tattoo on her ankle], appeared to hit it off immediately with the veteran politician in his suite at the Dorchester Hotel." I am being repositioned to a Cruise Ship Line where I will ply the Atlantic including Aruba, Puerto Rico, Miami, Daytona and Ascension Island. Hope you can join me for a CSM. Pastel Silk Orchid, Fox Lily”

Once again Chips' PTRC went to 148% risking injury to Agent Bean's velvet underground so as to prevent injury to his security mate Chips immediately thought of Madeline Albrecht and his TI was reduced to a workable 112% as Agent Beanie called switch at the 5 hour and 30 minute point. Agent Beanie appeared to be nearing her end game as she assumed the WINDMILL position as Chips assumed the complimentary DERRICK PUMPER counter. As the two septuagenarians ground out the intel details of the upcoming Austin POSSE events, an incoming from HOUSTON HOBBY arrived as a Priority Clipper to Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun as Chips harked back to Agent Fox Lily's favorite thong color, Pastel Orchid Silk or PSO not to be confused with SOP which is not only standard operating procedure but also Sopwith Camel, the fighter type that both Snoopy and Frank Luke flew in WWI. Of course Luke inspired Luke AFB where in August of 1977 Chips was taking F4 lessons by day at the 426th TFTS and splitting the sheets with Agent Beanie all night long, not to conjure up a Commodores hit like Chips' signature song I'M EASY sung by Lionel Richie who took over the girlfriend of Dodie Durrah when Dodie left Tuskegee to become an F4 WSO.

Royal Crown Agent HOUSTON HOBBY Priority Clipper to Dr StainGlove, MoLes, Chips, Mitch Stack, Courtly Stonewall and DNA-D, copy Minneapolis FBI and MI6: “Austin Posse and Chips check for Crown Sisters' ship jumpers hired as first arrivals at a crime scene and to stop them we have gone virtual with MI6, Houston Hobby and Abel Danger, cutting out Minneapolis, the Director and RCMP, for cause. Crown Sisters negotiate a triangular (?) trade in weapons, cargo and bordereau insurance claims on victims' lives and property. Maritime Security: Inside Story of Somali Pirate Attack The most skilled pirates, the ones who prove themselves by being the first to board a hijacked ship, are paid more, and are more in demand. "That guy doing the jumping, he gets $5,000 (?3,050) extra because he's taken the risk of getting hit by anything coming from the crew. And it's something good for his CV, to show to other investors." .. Once the pirates were on board, they directed the captain to head to Eyl, the now notorious Somali pirate port. The ship's owners could do nothing but sit and wait. "Sure enough, Monday morning the ship drops anchor at Eyl and we had our first contact from pirates. He called one of my colleagues, and introduced himself as 'Mr Ali', and would we please pay $7m (?4.27m)," said Per Gullestrup, CEO of Clipper Projects, the ship's owners .. Clipper Projects have given the BBC access to the recordings of the conversations they held with the pirates and the crew during the hijack .. "The crew are foremost for us, so when we heard the captain's distress it was difficult," said Mr Gullestrup. But the private security company retained by Clipper advised the company this was a standard part of the pirates' operating procedure, and the crew were unlikely to be harmed .. "I was having a cup of tea at home with my wife when my mobile phone goes, and it was Ali introducing himself," said Mr Gullestrup .. The pirates were ready to reduce their demands and within days a deal was reached. The company will say only that the figure was somewhere between $1m (?610,000) to $2m (?1.22m). With the help of the private security company, the money was parachuted to the ship from a light aircraft, sealed in a watertight container. HOW THE RANSOM WAS PAID For the crew, there was relief at finally seeing the ransom float towards them. They did not realize the most dangerous phase of the hijack was about to begin. "It was very hot, 10 in morning. All of the pirates came into the captain's cabin. Everybody with a gun," said Ali Mohamed. Dozens more people from the port of Eyl had also crowded onto the ship, shopkeepers, businessmen and creditors. Knife fights. They had been supplying the ship for the past two months and now wanted to be paid. But in return for providing everything on credit they were charging inflated prices and bitter arguments broke out. "It costs up to $6,000 (?3,600) to send a team, it goes on buying food, ammunition, fuel - RPGs can be rented " Ali Mohamed Ali Negotiator for pirates "There was total chaos," said Capt Nozhkin. "Those accused of trying to take too much had their hands slammed in doors as a punishment. Then some of the pirates started shooting, some were fighting with knives. "Then other boats started arriving trying to get on board and people on the boat began shooting at them." Sixteen hours later, the shopkeepers and money lenders left, between them several hundred thousand dollars richer. Then the pirates divided the rest of the ransom and after 68 days finally disembarked from the ship .. 'Wannabes need not apply' It is "investors" who play a crucial role, he said. In the case of the CEC Future, two men put up the initial seed money. "It costs up to $6,000 (?3,600) to send a team," he said. "It goes on buying food, ammunition, fuel. Then RPGs and speedboats can be rented. Mother boats are also very important." Investors have to be prepared to fund several failed attempts and to wait weeks until the team succeeds. But Mr Ali says they can expect to take about 30% of the ransom money .. Mr Ali maintains that he only agreed to work for the pirates because he wanted to learn more about how they operate and then explain it to the world. It is difficult for me to believe that this was his only motivation. As we finish talking he tells me something else. The two leaders of the pirates that hijacked the CEC Future have since been killed. One of them was shot dead by his own men as soon as he reached the shore in a battle over the ransom money." The Vatican and the Crown are humiliated by Abel Danger's expose of the Maddy McCann and Gareth Williams 'events'. Crown Agents have promised both MI and FBI that if Chips arrives in Austin he will not leave. Houston Hobby and the West Florida Marshals will block, need a face to face in Room 316 or Champions Bar NLT 9 PM regarding AK47. HH”
As Chips exceeded the 5.5 hour point with 112% TI a very satisfied Agent Bean noticed the Magenta Line was now flashing, indicating the 30 minute point to Austin, TX International Airport where in 1973-1977 it was Bergstrom AFB, a weather divert FIELD for NAS Chase FIELD, Texas, a Naval Air Training Command facility in Beeville where Agent Chips out produced all other TA4J instructors during that time frame. Number 2 was MAGS Magnan and number 3 was Mad Dog Maddox but in terms of hours of TA4 IP time, the 1533 hours generated by our laconic opiner and master swordsman was a record. Chips noticed Agent Bean reaching for the Minnesota Vikings tube sock so he pictured in his mind Fox Lily of the Agora Lobby Bar at the Okan Intercontinental hotel in Astana, Kazakhstan with a Pastel Silk Orchid IOC dangling from a Mercedes mirror and a dual sequential exploculation occurred that rival the explosion in Halifax Harbor during WWI when a French Captain drove his vessel into an Allied transport full of ordnance. The Francophonie has generally been a big problem for the Anglosphere.

After 5 hours and 37 minutes of slamming Bean like a screen door in a hurricane Agent Chips reached for the last bit of his 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini and settle down in the overstuffed lounge chair to watch his Guinness World Record air refueling for the 1134th time while Agent Beanie made herself presentable as they would be landing in Austin shortly. Chips turned on the 55 inch VIZIO monitor and selected F4 and up came the record setting flight:

Agent Bean knew that Chips had a three track mind so she added a third option to his menu. As he enjoyed the flying and the martini, she assumed a position called 'rabbit ears' and was quickly convinced that she placed ahead of both flying and martinis, if you know where my heads at. As the landing gear was dropped Agent Beanie cooed "Quickie authorize Chips, finish me off in grand style Captain America".

Chips thought it was his obligation to America and the Constitution to do as she wish so he unleashed a 37 psi punctuation to her volley immediately after she cried out in Navajo as she let loose. Actually loose it a poor choice, I'd suggest 'she let fly'. As the Dassault Falcon 7x in green primer was parked at the Regional Corrosion Control hangar Beanie was helping stuff the PRTC into an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Magenta Meringue which was underneath a second ODLRSR in Pastel Goldenrod. Houston Hobby was aware that both Agents DNA-D and SuzieQ had contacted the Marriott Courtyard Residence Inn at 300 East 4th Street enquiring about Chips' command post at Room 316. As the engines were shut down a 1936 Studebaker Dictator Coupe with a 427/450 idled up to the jet whereupon Chips crawled in the right seat and an airport security supervisor in a black Suburban with black windows led the 36 Stud to a 'service vehicle only' gate as Courtly asked Chips if he was still set up for the Marriott on 300 E. 4th Street. As Chips nodded in the affirmative his Clipper went off in silent vibrate as he received a routine TM from SuzieQ.

Royal Crown Agent SuzieQ routine Clipper to Chips, DNA-D, MoLes, Houston Hobby and Dr. StainGlove, copy Midnight Merry: “Chips, Merry, StainGlove and I have completed the sweep of Room 316. We found 3 items which we will review in a face to face at the Champions Sports Bar if you can make the 9pm show with Houston Hobby. Pastel Goldenrod, any Zombies song, SuzieQ.”
As Courtly stepped on the foot feed once on the east west road to the north south highway to Austin Chips felt a tightening in is dual Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmasters. He looked at his watch as saw that at 1913 he had 15 minutes to get to the hotel and then 90 minutes to get ready for the face to face with Houston Hobby. Based on the latest available intel he responded thusly:

Royal Crown Agent Chips FLASH Clipper to Agent SuzieQ FYEO: "SuzieQ, project 316, Pastel Goldenrod, Time of the Season, Execute. Chips"

As SuzieQ luxuriated in the two person Jacuzzi in Room 316 she simply replied "I will arrive before you, prepare for night action, SQ". As she took a sip of her Merlot in a 16 ounce schooner, Chips reached into his AWOL bag and ingested 2 18 ounce tins of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters while washing down three Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters with the left over Oyster juice as SQ dreamed of some oyster juice also before the upcoming Face to Face with Houston Hobby. As she looked forward to Chips' arrival she poured another globe of Merlot while her own globes to die for were buoyed by the bubbling water of the Jacuzzi in Room 316 from where a photo might capture this scene if only it were daylight.

As the bubbles bubbled and the Merlot flowed, a 2009 Harley D Dyne-Ride slithered up to the curb at 300 E. 4th Street in Austin at 1922. As the single rider took off her helmet and shook her hair, she looked up to Room 316 and imagined herself there. She had come early, which was not her habit, and as she understood from gossip was not Chips' habit either. She was hoping against hope that the things she heard were true. As the 'lady in leather' went to the Registration Desk to call Chips' room, a 1936 Stud was being parked between two FBI units on parking level P2 below the Marriott Residence Inn. As Chips got out on the passenger size and Courtly left the driver's seat, Chips was given a plastic bag with a handwritten note and Courtly had his attention directed to a Volvo P1800 with a blinking red security light on it's rear view mirror. Both Courtly and Chips gave two knocks on the fenders of the black SUV as they walked toward the elevator. Once in the elevator, which was not a Jamie Gorelick Otis 9/11 special, they selected G for ground floor and went up, exited to the right and Chips and Courtly selected 3 as Chips was to be in 316 and Courtly and Dr StainGlove were to be in 314 and 316 for security purposes. Courtly held his right hand under his Washington Redskins jacket as Chips gave the Abel Danger knock on Room 316's door. Hearing no reply Chips scanned it with his AQFB27-X device and detected elevated temperature and humidity inside the room, but no electronic 'foes'. He pressed #3 on his GMC remote and the door was electronically unlocked for 2 seconds, by which time he was inside the room with the door locked and security chained with the NO SERVICE advisory dangling from the outside handle just like the IOC in Pastel Goldenrod was dangling from the lampshade nearest the Jacuzzi.

"SuzieQ I presume" commented Chips as he placed his AWOL bag on the desk while dropping his blue jeans to expose an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in the same color.

"You assume correctly 36 Stud, let me help you out of your confinement if I might" as she reached for the IOC restraining the PTRC.

"Thanks for the offer my juicy cumquat but I need to brush my teeth and use the lou so give me 60 seconds and we can listen to some Zombie music while we insert Item A into Item B if you know where my head's at".

As Chips went to the adjoining bedroom and then into the bathroom to remove both the Goldenrod and Pastel Magenta Meringue IOCs the curvaceous SuzieQ responded "I know where your head is at and I know exactly where I want it to be next, and soon, hurry Chips. Take me here, take me now" as she stood up in the Jacuzzi, reversed heading and gave Chips a view to a stern shot as the fighter pilots amongst you will be titillated by.

Chips left his shaving kit open with the toothpaste and toothbrush out as if he had used them. He hid the Pastel Magenta Meringue under the sink and strolled out to the Jacuzzi with just his Clipper Squirt gun and a gun of another variety that also squirted. As he settled into the hot bubbles a CSM was placed in his right hand, and another's right hand was placed on his tiller bar to borrow an expression from the nautical community. As SuzieQ gave 3 short tugs on the tiller bar Chips notice that a pair of circuit breakers indicated that the pre-lube cycle had started and that soon they'd be off to the races. As he was giving her a BDE for security purposes he noticed a small piece of paper being slipped under the door as a large piece of non-paper was being slipped elsewhere. SuzieQ, who'd taken a seat on Chips' lap also noticed the paper but neither she nor Chips thought that a 'disconnect' was called for as the paper would still be there when they left for the 9 pm face to face.

As SuzieQ did the moving part, Chips provided the stable platform and together they enjoyed a synergy that made them both wish the 9 pm meeting could be done without their participation. Realizing that they had only another 75 minutes or so of playing hide the salami neither party feared the early exploculation that normally would have been a concern during a non-enduro event such as they were currently engaged in. SuzieQ decided to challenge Chips' recall of musical security and blurted out "Chips if DNA-D or Agent MoLes were either to show up at the meeting tonight and wish to provide you with overnight security, what would your response be?"

Chips reached around with his free left hand and selected F4 on his Clipper plus C60 hoping that the Zombies could sing along to the groove-monster until it was time for the FBI face to face set for 9pm at the far end of the bar at Champions where a number 20 Houston Oiler jersey hangs limply long after Earl Campbell's sweat had dried. As the Zombies sang one of the earlier hits, keeping in mind their final hit, Time of the Season was released after they had disbanded, Chips was checking SuzieQ for lumps as October was Breast Awareness month. As SuzieQ's anatomical changes indicated she was pleased to be examined she turned 180 degrees around to face Chips while continuing to be seated on his, well, be seated and suddenly Chips found himself face to face with a pair of 40D knockers rivaling the set sported by Abel Danger's Phoenix Bureau Chief Agent Bean. He continued his lump check while commencing a sequential vacuum check also. SuzieQ was enjoying both ends of the 'bookends' treatment and as she reclined and placed both of her ankles, neither with a Dolphin tattoo like Sam ‘Snowy’ Cam, near his ears she chastised Chips in jest as he continued to stabilize her with a hydraulic cylinder of incredible strength, due in some small part to Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters of which he had had 3 while preparing for night action not yet aware that later in the evening she would put on her signature Lemon Chiffon IOC which was a coded message that any enduro better not stop at a mere 4 hours.

"Chips, you seem to be taking my cancer profile very seriously which is not in the least unpleasant but if you check me for cancer today, 26 September, what do I have to look forward to next month which is October and for the last 26 years BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH?"

"SuzieQ, what I shall give you next month is a second opinion, a third opinion, a 4th opinion and so forth. However, I agree with CBS News that it should be Breast Awareness Month and not only women but also men should be vigilant not just in October, my birth month, but every month and every day of every month in assuring that all women in America are tested often in the interest of their health and my pleasure, capeche?"

"Chips, perhaps you mis-spoke when you said Breast Awareness Month......"

"Negative my juicy morsel, it was CBS News that mis-spoke just as they did when they suggested that al-Qaeda attacked America on 9/11. There is no al Qaeda and in fact that pair of words was simply 'a file' in the MI-6 database used by CIA/FBI double agents to infiltrate Crown Sisters and their pink-bag terrorists during the Clinton era and build the Gorelick wall thereby shutting down American counter-intel at the same time as USIS was created to form a domestic enemy inside an increasingly ill-defended United States of America. However, while Clintons, plural, helped Gorelick shut down US Intel for Pelosi to keep in the dark late, Abel Danger was inheriting many of the loyal patriots from the outgoing Able Danger and several of those 'persons' will be meeting us tonight including both Robert 6 of Houston FBI and Bob Six of Southern Air Transport's 'straight shooter' section no relation to Continental Airlines Bob Six just as the draft dodging Bruce McConnell is no relation to Field McConnell of Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 which has been delivered to AG US Eric Holder with only 15 defendants; all of them women, savvy?"

SuzieQ didn't answer as she was reaching for a Minnesota Vikings tube sock as a tube of another variety was socking it to her south of the Mason Dixon line, in a manner of speaking. Chips checked the clock on the wall and saw they still had 32 minutes of play time so he 'withdrew' to keep her from embarrassing herself with an early exploculation and denying him another 32 minutes of stroking the bad guys with lethal cutting edge satire that even Saul Alinsky would be envious of just as the Dope from Hope might be envious of Chips' straight 8 and I refer not to a 1951 Buick engine or a later summer type of cucumber not good for pickling but plenty good for replacing a pickle if you are into vegetables, especially vegetables with 'speed bumps'.

SuzieQ composed herself and remounted as quickly as she could missing only about 9 strokes, or so she thought before Chips reached over with his left hand and selected C6 on his Clipper Squirt Gun so the Zombies could suggest to Agent SuzieQ that SHE'S NOT THERE so that she could reposition for maximum pleasure and a cessation of 'coitus dis-connectus'.

As she achieved the proper alignment high atop the purple tipped red champion Chips now had to get his mind off the ample bounty of SuzieQ's radiance so he briefly pictured Nancy Pelosi but only ever so briefly as he didn't want his tent-pole to become completely reduced to where it couldn't hold up his end of the bargain. As Chips quickly reviewed the world's most face-lifted caricature he wondered if ADT and Air Patrol would be tried for the Ft. Hood attacks north or south of the 49th parallel. As he gazed at SuzieQ's knockers to die for the answer was obvious, both of them. As Chips manually assessed the health of the 'globes-a-plenty' SuzieQ leaned back into her signature position she called 'rowboat' although Chips thought her motions more accurately mimicked an oarsman on an 8 man shell of an east coast crew team. Regardless of the vessel she thought she was aboard she was obviously 'pulling for the finish line' and this time Chips knew that there'd be no holding her back so when she transitioned to the pre-exploculation quiver her turned the tables on her and finished her off with a rimshot at the buzzer not to be juxtaposed with the fact that Helen Ward was delivered to Carnegie Hall for this 1937 'sound check' in a 1936 Studebaker Dictator Coupe of which only 100 were produced the most low-key of which is in the Abel Danger undercover car fleet and sports a Chevy 427/450 in case a Barney Fife wannabe takes issue with it's lack of license plates.

Agent SuzieQ was heaving her large mammaries around trying to catch her breath after the rimshot nearly drove her mad. Chips refreshed her Merlot globe while admiring the other two as he leaned over to pick up two pieces of paper that had been slid under the door during their 90 minute 'warm up'.

Royal Crown Agent Hamish routine Clipper to Chips, Banzai, Otto Pilot and Rico Gambolino, copy Bob Six and Dr. StainGlove: “Chips, you may be walking into an ambush. Check history of Winnie Mandela’s United Football Club she had turned them on to suspected police informers or collaborators; used rubber tires filled with petrol hung round the necks of the accused and then ignited, they became known as "necklaces". She was charged by senior anti-apartheid activists with involvement in the killing of a 14-year-old township militant, Stompie Seipei he had been seized by her bodyguards in 1989 and later found dead. In 1991, after his release, she was charged with the assault and kidnapping of Stompie Seipei and one of her bodyguards was charged with his murder. She denied the allegations but was found guilty of kidnapping and sentenced to six years imprisonment. This was reduced to a fine by an appeal court. Her marriage to Nelson Mandela broke down in the years after his release and they were divorced in 1996. President Mandela charged her with adultery. Seipei was allegedly tortured and killed for sexual misconduct with a Methodist reverend Paul Verryn who was accused by some of the boys for having homosexual practices with young boys; the judge implicated Winnie Mandela by ruling that she was present when Stompie Seipei was tortured." While drinking a trio of my signature Mineral waters with lime slices it occurred to me that not everyone in Texas may welcome your message regarding the same Twisted Sisters who liaise with the Mandelas and their Maddy kidnapping ilk. Beware in Austin, Hamish, Park Inn Heathrow”
SuzieqQ slipped up behind Chips and proved to her own satisfaction that it takes two hands to handle a whopper as Chips was still around 93% although it up-spiked to over 100 due to SQ's sneak attack from behind. Seeing that Chips had only retrieved one the messages she bent over to gather up the other one which Chips interpreted as a gambit, which he then honored. Knowing that their meeting was soon to be, SuzieQ turned around over her right shoulder and gushed "Quickie authorized". While Chips read the second message written in purple he was mindful that he must not be the first to cross the finish line but as SuzieQ started to fall limp he fired second while helping her arrive on the floor without injuring herself. He laid on top of her to keep her covered and out of view in case any of the ADT cameras were dual purpose as used by many of the Twisted Sisters married to limp husbands, according to our sources in Chantilly, Colorado Springs and Washington DC at such random places as Femme Comp, Senior Executive Service, USDOJ Pride and DLA-Piper. Beware the 36 Stud and recall that Lesbians can be cured.; Chips has cured a pair in Colorado, one in Chantilly, three inside the beltway and one each in Ottawa and City of London; dirty work but somebody has to do it. Reread sentence beginning with "He laid on top of her" and do the math. As the ugly wenches at above addresses plus Sidley Austin were wishing they were as math-savvy as Slade Lane, Chips read the handwritten message in purple.

Agent Chips. "Let's play a mystery game. I want you. I live in Austin. I will be at the FTF in Champions. My IOC code is Pastel Avocado. My favorite sex toy is a pair of hip waders. Who am I?"

Chips rapidly ran everything through his mind and came up with 7 women that fit every condition excepting the FTF and Pastel Avocado. He was stimulated at the prospect of plowing some new ground realizing of course farm wives never care how deep you plow as long as you make enough rounds, capeche? Chips was brought back into the here and now by a 5 minute warning knock on the wall from Courtly Stonewall of Hampton, Virginia. He asked SuzieQ what color she was wearing and she said Goldenrod again and offered to help stuff the monster. Chips accepted her gracious offer as he had his hands full on another project. At 2057 they excited the room and made 2 left turns whereupon they met a man with a gravelly voice and an East Coast accent. As the elevator doors opened on the 3rd floor Courtly Stonewall greeted them. Once the elevator was descending Courtly spoke.

"Chips, bad karma in the Champions bar. We smell a rat. Bob Six will take you to the 36 Stud where US Marshals and the Houston MIBs are positioned to keep you safe. A snitch tells us someone in Minneapolis doesn't appreciate you're talking to Houston and the Brits. I will play your part while you play the part of the driver of the 36 Stud. Switch".

On the switch command Chips and Courtly exchanged IDs, buzzers, cel phones and pea-shooters. They both turned their room keys over to SuzieQ and shortly thereafter the doors opened on the ground floor. As the foursome walked out a rotund woman with a butch haircut followed them to the next elevator where Bob Six and Chips left for parking level P2 and Courtly and SuzieQ headed for the end of the bar at Champions walking so as to have Earl Campbell's faded jersey on their left side. As SuzieQ realized that she had failed to give Chips his two tins of Smoked Oysters she hoped that that would not cause his love to fade or his woodie to be a no-show. In Heathrow's Park Inn Hamish ordered a fourth Mineral water, this time with no signature lime slice as his ancestor Captain John Hawkyns would have done as a guard against scurvy while initiating England's slave trade in the mid 16th century which was nothing new as back in 61 AD the Roman Empire had about 60 million slaves as those Godless people viewed slaves as property not real persons, capeche? You can read all about it in Colossians 4:17 or Philemon 6 and 7. As for Agent Chips, he always subscribed to the thoughts expressed in Proverbs 22:1-4 as he understood that rich or poor, Abraham Lincoln was correct in opining that we are all created equal. Chips' urologist might disagree slightly but not in a way that matters.

As Chips and Bob Six arrived at the 36 Stud and settled into their seats lacking seat belts a man with a crew cut got out of the black Suburban to the left of Chips' 36 Stud. "Chips, they already have made the switch upstairs so they are somewhat frustrated at this time. Be aware that if they cannot get to you by midnight, you may well have a Bhutto like experience tomorrow. When you switch back suggest you 'drop the laundry' at any of these three places before 1 a.m. Bob's friends from SAT are overhead in Summit 01 and that is not related to Summit Pale Ale made in Minnesota, capeche?"

Chips nodded in agreement and took the three cards and without looking at two, he consumed them after chewing briefly. He looked at the remaining card and it simply said U Texas Austin Green. He showed that to Box Six who then pointed to Chips' mouth and said 'seconds'. Chips consumed the 3rd card and then reached behind the seat of the 36 Stud and retrieved 3 Grolsch wide bodies with classic white porcelain stoppers not to be confused with his powerful salt peter PORCINE STOPPERS Chips kept handy so that he could never be forced to breed a Sidley Sow or a DLA doubly ugly. Across the parking lot, the Volvo P1800 flashed its headlights 3 times and both Surburban drivers returned a single flash, indicating that the Face to Face meeting upstairs in Champions had been completed and that the Houston Hobby group had left the building.

Bob Six asked Chips if he had any straight shooters deployed in the bar that had not been 'made'. Chips dialed a cel number beginning with area code 504 and had a brief conversation with Trey Porkpie, formerly of New Orleans. Following the brief conversation in Navajo and French he gave a thumbs up to Box Six, who then called in Summit 01 to 'hawk the fight'. "Chug time" commented Box Six as he drained the remaining 13 ounces of Holland's finest. Chips responded in kind and they locked the 36 stud and gave the keys to the black Surburban on the left after Chips had removed the Garmin GPS and remote battery pack. Chips and Box Six went to the elevator with Chips getting off, pardon the expression, on the P1 level and Box Six pressing on for Champions to act as a sweeper. By protocol, absent negative input for 3 minutes Chips would follow him up to the ground floor and then to the left, past the ATM and directly into the Champions bar where Agent Trey Porkpie was eating his signature sushi. Porkpie adjusted himself in a manner that assured Chips that Champions was swept and strong arm security was placed at each door and the food dumbwaiter. Chips joined Bob Six at a table where Dr. StainGlove, Agent MoLes, and DNA-D sat enjoying the biggest plate of nachos that most of them had ever seen. SuzieQ had excused herself to 'freshen up' in the ladies room which caused Chips to initiate a 'sympathy leak' so he ordered a round of Black and Tans and went to the ladies room also. As he was preparing to cross the bar and enter the sandbox he was met by Agent SuzieQ who handed him a ziploc sandwich bag as she gave him a status check finding all in order. She postured her poodle skirt so that he not only could give her a BDE but also he became aware that her pastel goldenrod IOC had been retired for the night.

"Give me a 3 minute head start and when you come back I will explain to the group that I have a migraine such as number 12 of the Vikings, Percy Harvin, often does, capeche?" Chips gave her a knowing affirmative look and a little extra manipulation of what was supposed to be hidden by goldenrod. As Chips was counting to 180 a crew cut with a Grolsch bottle walked by and left the bottle on the ATM without saying a word. On the bottle was a handwritten note. "Change 2, Houston is working hard and they seem to have great vision. UT Green going hot at 2200, expedite".

Chips swallowed the note and kept the Grolsch. As he walked back on cue Courtly Stonewall gave him a discouraging look and said simply 'C minus'. Chips gave him an encouraging look and pointed towards heaven and responded 'Roman 8:31'. As Courtly and Chips exchanged coded messages Agent MoLes intentionally dropped her fork on the floor and in bending over to retrieve it gave Chips, alone, a clear view of Pastel Avocado. Chips was astounded. This was his own cousin who birth initials were BO unlike the Alien's initials which were BS in Indonesia. Chips who thought he'd seen it all was stunned that his own cousin, just two years and 4 days his junior, wanted to play hide the salami. As Agent MoLes put her hand just north of his knee, Agent SuzieQ provided Chips an escape from the temptation of course in this sense the temptation was on the part of Chips' cousin who used to be BO before she became AJ and then settled on Agent MoLes. In this single paragraph AJ should not be confused with Alex Jones who once had JoC drinking kool-aid in a time era BAD; before Abel Danger.

"I hate to be a party pooper but I have a migraine and I left my pills in the Extended Stay over on 6th Street past Congress. No need to break up the party, I will get a cab and see you all in the morning".

As Agent SuzieQ got up to leave Chips offered "It's your lucky day SuzieQ, I have sleep apnea and Percy Harvin's doctors have determined that by treating sleep apnea one can be cured of migraines. Here is my only key to Room 316, go on up and take one of the blue pills in my shaving kit, the bottle is from the WalMart Pharmacy in Dilworth, Minnesota. I think if you take one, or two as a loading dose, your headache will go away and then you can rejoin us".

"Chips, thank you I accept, but could you excuse yourself for 30 minutes and take me for a walk in the fresh air after I try your medication?"

"No problem at all, let's walk north to the UT campus and back and then we will have 3 to 4 hours of bartime before we have to retreat to the bar in Room 314 or 318 that never closes. Switch."

The switch call caused Courtly Stonewall to exchange the same items with Chips that were exchanged prior to the FTF. As Chips carried his Garmin GPS and led SuzieQ towards the lobby she dropped his Room key in front of Trey Porkpie on their way out. Once in the reception lobby area they exited to the street and hopped in the back of the 3rd Crown Vic cab from the front. "Brave New Books, 1904 Guadelupe Street please, make lots of extra un-signaled turns please" as Chips handed the driver two one hundred dollar bills. As the driver drove circuitously towards the basement bookstore where Harlan holds court, Chips and SuzieQ examined each other and found all in order as the stallion was snortin' and the Maytag was sudsing. SuzieQ slipped her Goldenrod IOC into the left breast pocket of Chips' blue sport coat with Naval Aviator's Wings of Gold as Chips slipped something else somewhere else if you are following my train of thought. Chips could see a worried look on the cab driver's face.

"Problem?" Chips asked.

"The motorcycle" the driver responded.

Chips handed the driver another $100 and said "Change of plans take me to UT then the lady to Brave New Books" as Chips inflated a CO2 charged dummy that looked as effeminate as Al Gore but with 34B knockers like Thunder Thighs. Chips then took his 1969 London Fog and covered Suzie Q as the cabbie stopped as the UT campus. The cabbie turned on the dome light to make sure the driver of the 2009 Harley Davidson Dyna got a good glimpse of the Lady in Red who, like Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi, was filled with gas and little else of value. Chips' exit with SuzieQ under his coat was blocked by a metro bus that was trying to pass the taxicab. Chips and SuzieQ boarded the bus just in case the $300 taxi driver had loose lips, something that SuzieQ certainly did not possess. Think about it.

Chips noticed that they were alone on the bus with a jovial yet bored looking driver. "Is Sunday always slow in Austin?" asked Chips.

"Not generally but with the construction downtown we have declining ridership so I am way ahead of schedule and no one is getting on it seems". Chips went to the front of the bus and selected the NOT IN SERVICE sign and laid 2 hundred dollar bills on the driver's lap.

"How about 4 left turns and drop us at turn 3" asked Chips of the jovial man who had a New Testament to the left of his driver's seat. As the driver signalled three turns Chips and SuzieQ constantly monitored each others TI and MI and at the third turn the driver opened the door while not coming to a stop. Chips whispered God Bless as they stepped from the moving bus and checked their watches, 2133.

As the bus pulled away Chips mentioned to SuzieQ that his Garmin GPS was going to have a Field day as he had intentionally left it under the bus seat and as they walked with a sense of purpose past the plainclothes ADT agents for the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals towards the Perry-Castañeda Library on the UT campus Chips and SuzieQ looked for a trash container that was nearly empty. Finding such a container SuzieQ lifted the black bag out and Chips left his pink cel phone under the plastic bag which SuzieQ placed over it at 2136. Chips could hear the distinctive sound of a Bell Jet Ranger and he noticed it hovering on a roof top one block to the south. Looking overhead the Huey he saw an array of lights that appeared similar to a Howard 500 and when there were at the same azimuth and both facing towards Chips and SuzieQ he gave them 3 magenta flashes from his Clipper strobe light. The Huey departed heading north and the Howard 500 remained on station, but went lights out. At 2142 the 36 Stud pulled up to the curb driven by Bob Six. As Chips and SuzieQ crawled in, he handed them a pair of keys of the Austin Hilton and said simply "Your cousin is rather persistent". Five minutes later Box Six dropped them at the Hilton where they went to their Room 119 and scanned it for 'crickets'. As the Room was clean Chips left an AQFB27-Zulu monitor and selected Clipper 5. He draped the IOC in Pastel Goldenrod over the lamp on the left side of the King bed and led SuzieQ back to Champions, arriving just before 2200. As Chips and SuzieQ joined Dr. StainGlove, Courtly Stonewall and Agent DNA-D, Chips got an eyefull of Pastel Magenta while up in Room 316 his cousin was enjoying a globe of Merlot in the Jacuzzi. As Chips accepted the first Guinness Stout, Agent Trey Porkpie dropped a napkin at his feet and kept walking. Chips retrieved the napkin, read the message, and then hid it under SuzieQ's skirt. As SuzieQ was posturing for a BDE Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun went off with an Immediate from Banzai Pipeline at Sapporo.

PacRim Hammer Banzai Immediate Clipper to Chips, Courtly Stonewall, Bob Six, Dr. StainGlove and Trey Porkpie, copy DNA-D: "[Evidence Crown Agents Sisters began generating intellectual property, copyright and propaganda material to depict sexual murder and extortion - allegedly including snuff films - before WWII] Maria Tatar - Book Review: Lustmord: Sexual Murder in Weimar Germany .. Princeton University Press, 1995 "The Germans," said George Bernard Shaw, "lack talent for two things: revolution and crime novels." Over half-a-decade after the Fall of the Wall, the jury is still out on the first charge. As to the second charge, however, Maria Tatar shows in her exceptional study of sexual murder in Weimar Germany that crime novels, as well as crime paintings and crime films, were eagerly produced and consumed in Germany between the wars. Though much has been written about this period in German history, it is remarkable how little attention has been paid to these representations. Tatar's book concentrates on one particularly disturbing aspect of twentieth-century representations of criminality that has been repeatedly overlooked by cultural critics: the image of the perpetrators and victims of Lustmord (sexual murder)." Chips, pardon the drivel, but Houston Hobby suggests a 'rat in the nest'. SAT Summit is picking up chatter of a strike at UT Campus, while Huey One reports a lot of scrutiny of a Metro Bus at the corner of Congress and 4th. Action Imminent. SAFETY. Banzai”
Chips and SuzieQ could see Agent Bob Six walking up with a tray of Guinness Stouts. He had a wry smile on his face. "Chips, I know you are a straight shooter but could I be trusted with the room key to Room 316 overnight?"

Chips handed him the key and responded with two words "Gracias avocado".

Bob Six responded laconically 'Capeche'. As he turned to go Chips slipped him a 3 tab pack of Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters as he knew what a wild woman his young cousin had become since leaving Fargo, North Dakota in 1967 when her father's railroad was merged from NP to BN just as Chips' airline would be merged from NC to RC to NW to DL before Chips would be awarded 'the full price' on his Civil Case 1:08-1600(RMC) that neither FAA Randy Babbitt nor ALPA John Prater had the balls to engage. "To whom much has been given, much is expected" apparently had not been taught where they skipped school; stronger message to follow. As Bob Six headed off to fill in for Chips, Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun went off with a routine from the Park Inn near Heathrow Airport where in February, 2009 Speedbird 38 sent a crystal clear message to BALPA and GAPAN regarding both illegally modified airliners and payback.

Royal Crown Agent Hamish routine Clipper to Agents Bean, Name Dropper, Chips and Nano al-Umina, copy Marquis d'Cartier: “Chips, sorry I missed the flight to Austin however today I sent Agent Del N. Pole a message, to wit: Posted to: Not Left, Not Right but a Triangular Trade in Treason/cerberus the political spectrum is not skewed to the "Left" or to the "Right"; it is intemittently switched at election time so that the public is kept off balance and distracted from the triangular trade run out of the City of London for centuries. My ancestor Sir John Hawkins launched the Triangular Trade with this journey ...."Admiral Sir John Hawkins (also spelled as John Hawkyns) (Plymouth 1532 – 12 November 1595) was an English shipbuilder, naval administrator and commander, merchant, navigator, and slave trader. As treasurer (1577) and controller (1589) of the Royal Navy, he rebuilt older ships and helped design the faster ships that withstood the Spanish Armada in 1588. He later devised the naval blockade to intercept Spanish treasure ships. One of the foremost seamen of 16th-century England, he was the chief architect of the Elizabethan navy. In the battle in which the Spanish Armada was defeated in 1588, Hawkins served as a vice admiral and was knighted for his role. William, John's father, was a confidant of Henry VIII of England and one of the principal sea captains of England. Sir Francis Drake, John's second cousin, helped him in his 2nd voyage. The first Englishman recorded to have taken slaves from Africa was John Lok, a London trader who, in 1555, brought to England five slaves from Guinea. A second London trader taking slaves at that time was William Towerson whose fleet sailed into Plymouth following his 1556 voyage to Africa and from Plymouth on his 1557 voyage. Despite the exploits of Lok and Towerson, John Hawkins of Plymouth is widely acknowledged to be the pioneer of the English slave trade, because he was the first to run the Triangular trade, making a profit at every stop."The City's modern Triangular Trade commodities are guns (BAE, the world's biggest manufacturer of arms); drugs (Afghanistan, the world's biggest producer of heroin) and sex slaves (the world's biggest customer for, and archivist of, digital adult and child pornography is Sohonet).The City's allegedly-treasonous Triangular Traders use the Carbon Disclosure Project - a credit pool of $64 trillion with 534 institutional investors - to launder money through carbon offset deals with PPE politicians who think a megawatt-hour is a big question on 60 minutes. Ignorant, smug, greedy, cruel and stupid but Nemesis knocks. By the way, MI6 is reporting to Marquis, Banzai and myself that Houston is forwarding updates but Minneapolis is not. Google [ Minneapolis FBI + Colleen Rowley + NATCO ] and contact Judge Rosemary M. Collyer ASAP, Houston smells a rat. A rat that can spell HAARP and I allude not to an Irish Lager. Hamish, aField at the Three Magpies”

As they helped each other out of their remaining IOCs Agent SuzieQ reached into her AWOL bag and draped an IOC in Pastel Lemon Chiffon over Chips' face to which he responded by playing D8 on his Clipper Squirt Gun and selecting 'continuous, all night long'. As SuzieQ again postured herself for 'the rowboat' the melodic strains of a 1963 hit from across the Atlantic filled the Room as something else filled the womb. As a synergistic rhythm was achieved the sounds of the Trinity Street Station fire trucks returning from a false alarm gave a false send of security to the area between Trinity and Congress and 4th and 6th Streets during a period of road construction.

Chips and Courtly were reading the incoming Clipper from Hamish as Austin police sirens were joined by CFR units leaving the Trinity Fire Station between the Hilton and the Marriott.

Chips commented to SuzieQ "Sirens always give me an erection" a statement that she immediately checked for authenticity.

She responded "Mr Maytag has convinced me I need Somebody to Love, not to be confused with the BeeGees "To Love Somebody", capeche?" As Agent Trey Porkpie interfered with the Jukebox feeding music to the Bose speakers all over Champions as Chips harked back to VietNam and SuzieQ harked forward to Project 36 Stud. Chips new he had to put distance between himself and SuzieQ and Champions so he grabbed her hand and walked swiftly one block east to the Hilton and then directly up the stairs to Room 119. As he placed his key in the door she cooed "When I mentioned the BeeGees I was thinking of Benny Goodman and his licorice stick."

"SuzieQ, I was aware of that and when I picture a beautiful woman in a 36 Stud I picture you, not Helen Ward from the Carnegie Halls recordings of the winter of 1937-38. But let's not talk ancient history now. We are alone, we have plenty of beverages, the jacuzzi is a delightful 104 degrees and what is it going to take to get you in the mode for a performance like the one we shared in Puerto Rico in September 2003 when you met me in San Juan during the Chicago Cubs Charter flight to play the Montreal Expos in an exhibition game but not as exciting an exhibition of what presented to me in Room 1112 of the Caribe Hilton, capeche? I'd give anything to see you in Lemon Chiffon tonight my lovely."

As they helped each other out of their remaining IOCs, Agent SuzieQ reached into her AWOL bag and draped an IOC in Pastel Lemon Chiffon over Chips' face to which he responded by playing D8 on his Clipper Squirt Gun and selecting 'continuous, all night long'. As SuzieQ again postured herself for 'the rowboat' the melodic strains of a 1963 hit from across the Atlantic filled the Room as something else filled the womb. As synergy was achieved the sounds of the Trinity Street Station fire trucks returning from a false alarm gave a false send of security to the area between Trinity and Congress and 4th and 6th Streets during a period of construction.

Meanwhile in Room 119 sounds and motions similar to a jack hammer proceeded into the night broken only by a raspy 'switch' call every 30 minutes, give or take, plus or minus. As eight bells, or 4 a.m., came and went Chips who had done neither had had enough of the rowing position and suggested 'helicopter' to SuzieQ's switch call just past 0400. As SuzieQ got in the rattan rotating chair suspended over the king size bed she twirled much to the delight of our turgid and laconic man Chips who envisioned the end of the Twisted Sisters and the cabal they were being victimized by due to their ambition, greed and ignorance. If those in the City of London were even remotely thinking of keeping the Twisted Sisters around they wouldn't have been flooding the USA with GMO food that reduces fertility amongst US men, a jingoistic ploy by the limp males of Europe to depopulate America so that when the Muslims own Europe lock, stock and barrel the losers among Olde Europe might have the option of simulating a bunch of hermit crabs and come over to America and inhabit the homes in 23 states now being protected against foreclosure as Wells Fargo stands by to be the next financial giant to fall to the MERS/title axe as Abel Danger guides the current administration in how to repudiate odious debt and kept American men virile like Chips who approaching his 61st birthday can still lay the lumber to SuzieQ in the way that a real woman understands, capeche? As SuzieQ reached for the Minnesota Vikings tube sock and her 40D appendages started to counter-rotate, Chips withdrew to prevent exploculation 6 hours into what had the appearance of being an all nighter. SuzieQ crawled out of the suspended rattan twirl-basket and lay in the arms of Chips who was still at 113% but not wishing for SuzieQ to cash in her chips before the sun would come up so he could see the look on her face when he'd fire the shot heard round the world, or at least around the first, second and third floors of the Austin Hilton if the Firemen in the Trinity Station could suppress their urge to answer any fire calls before a dual sequential exploculation could take place after sunup but before any MK-ultra display on the campus of the University of Texas intending to derail a lecture on the advisability of concealed carry weapons on public University campuses.

As SuzieQ put a hand on the tiller bar Chips selected channel 4 of the 55 inch Vizio flatscreen as SuzieQ manually elevated the 113% to 124% very quickly with her magic touch, not to rekindle thoughts of the Platters and Herb Reed.

"Angel face, lets watch three youTubes I had created in my audio-visual studio in Plum City before I left home on this adventure to expose the Twisted Sisters and the Evil Few who first deploy them and then destroy them, think of Al Gore and sing Kumbaya while drinking Global Guardian kool-aid. However, first let me tell you of a dream I had last night regarding the exposure of the extreme few trying to depopulate the world, beginning with America. SuzieQ sought a compromise as she placed all 6 stuffed pillows in a pile and then she leaned over the pillow pile so that she might watch TV while Chips saddled up from the stern to provide her more pleasure with the most popular 'straight eight' since Chevy introduced the V8 in 1955 while flathead Fords were still in profusion.

Chips had selected 540 rpm as the base speed for Operation Greyhound, as SuzieQ referred to doggie style, and as she assisted with opposing force to his rhythmic thrusts the video trailer ended and the three youTube products were lined up in Queue. SuzieQ feigned interest in the interview with a Texan and a Persian but it was the Plum City Pile Driver she was moist interested in, oh, excuse her, most interested in not moist interested in. As she kept her face towards the TV her dreamy eyes closed as Agent Chips kept the ball rollin' from his position just behind our innocent little SuzieQ who was generally a shy wallflower that didn't get a lot of notice. Chips liked that, a lot, as they both flew under the radar screens until it was too late for those they oppose to stop them in keeping with the Banker's Manifesto of 1892 which, though a solid outline to destroy America, was blown when those who deployed the Obama Administration started to celebrate before reaching the end zone. While the videos are reviewed, consider that BAR is British Accreditation Registry and then wonder why this isn't taught in public schools as it is taught in Mr. McConnell's home school in Plum City, Wisconsin, home of the world's fastest 36 Stud, capeche?

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

At the conclusion of the 3 videos it was approaching 0500 and SuzieQ reversed course, rearranged the pillows and struck a pose for ancient history, the missionary position. As Chips was about to honor her offer and react to her gambit a FLASH message came in from James Crosby 'hawking the fight' in E-8C Joint Stars, overhead, some 10 months after Chips, James and Melba Peach had worked together at Operation FRUIT HARVEST in Destin, Florida.

Agent James Crosby FLASH Clipper to Chips, Bob Six and Courtly Stonewall, copy Dr StainGlove, MoLes and DNA-D: “Activity over the UT campus is consistent with an imminent HAARP transmission; seek safety immediately while being aware that the HAARP countdown may be a redundant activity or a 'fakir' to mask another form of attack. UT is hot and the law enforcement network is going crazy. Results from the Metro Bus attack last night confirmed 'the air-breathing UAV' was homing on a Garmin GPS left under a seat. Seek shelter immediately, James Crosby, JointStars”
Agents SuzieQ and Chips had just hooked up for the closing act when the sounds of the Trinity Street CFR crew was joined by police sirens and two EMT ambulances as Austin first responders were participating in a scheduled exercise where a mind control student from Virginia Tech would get confused and shoot up the wrong campus ending in a way that was not good for the hooded exercise participant who did not learn from history such as 9/11 and 7/7 in the London Underground that the Crown Agents can switch from exercise to 'live fire' at the drop of a hat, or in this case, the dropping of their masks, the exposure of their faces and a taking off of the gloves as Abel Danger and Chips prepare to pummel the Pig Fuckers in the City of London, capeche? Chips had just penetrated sufficient to complete the act when a FLASH incoming from the SoHo district of London and a security office of Virgin Atlantic lit up his Clipper Squirt Gun as SuzieQ was being driven in a way most pleasing to her.

Royal Crown Infiltrator Hamish inside COL OODA/SoHo Aviation Security FLASH Clipper to Chips, 3 Hammers, Umbrellaman, Name Dropper, Queen Hornet and McChrystal, copy Agent Bean: “Chips, check out Crown Sister Franny’s Splattergate – Sohonet Murder for Hire. We’ve uncovered a key Crown Sister; her name is Franny Armstrong and she has been showing her friends how to use a Sohonet murder-for-hire community to stage ‘Splattergate’ events including Nigel Farage’s near-death experience and the Flash Crash on May 6. The Sisterhood is now using Sohonet and Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) software to enrich event-arbitrage traders and the climate-change community. Here below is how they show the ‘Splattergate’ fate of rebels or whistleblowers they have even got kids participating in the snuff films; disgusting beyond belief. Send in the fucking Marines, take no prisoners, your sister's tip was timely and the DLA-Piper OODA looper sends her greetings. Hamish, SoHo”

As the staccato of gun fire was heard from the north side of the Austin Hilton, in Room 119 Chips wondered if it were real or it was a drill while on the bottom of the missionary love pile, Agent SuzieQ knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the drilling she was getting was real not to mention real good and as she called 'switch' Chips whispered "you look wonderful tonight" as more sirens convinced Chips that FBI Houston was correct in the expressed opinions that the 'shooting exercise training' that Austin PD had benefitted from was similar to the Amalgam 01 exercise practiced on 1 June, 2001 when MG Maurice Baril's Canadian Forces practiced what would, 100 days later, be the Treason of the millennium as City of London and Canada joined forces in trying to TOPOFF America. Payback is a mother, you limp wrists, first we will expose your sisters, than we will curtail your currency, then we will have your ass, capeche?

Chips was remounting to finish SuzieQ in a right, proper English fashion while across the Atlantic the Houston FBI was acting on the Austin Posse Expose of 27 September, 2010 according to a Clipper from Abigail Chopsticks that was delayed as Chips' in box was full simultaneous to another being stuffed to overflowing.

Royal Crown Victor Abigail Chopsticks FLASH Clipper to FBI Houston, Chips, Hamish and SuzieQ, copy Bean and MM: “Chips, the red flag over the pink bag hit on Williams, plus your trip to Austin produced: Anna the Jackal is singing about the 2007 Net1 transactions through the Barclays pedophile accounts in the Algarve just after Maddy was abducted. Crown Agents running scared, MI5/6 in damage control mode, prepare for Operation SECOND SWALLOW. JP Morgan may have to reopen their gold exchange as demands for delivery exceed deposits on hand. Wells Fargo and bogus titles foment TSUNAMI as Odious Debt to be repudiated. Watch for a 'pink-bag wedgie' between POTUS and SOS with a Nervous Nancy looking on. Abigail Chopsticks, Worshipful Company of Pay Back Artists, SoHo.”

Chips briefs Houston FBI on Crown Agents’ Second Swallow
Never going to give up on justice for Maddy and Stompie

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  1. “Francophonie has generally been a big problem for the Anglosphere”

    “The Acadians in Nova Scotia pledged allegiance to the Queen, with the condition that they would never be required to fight against the French or Indians, The Nova Scotian Acadians became known as the French Neutrals. The British violated the treaty and humanity, in 1755. They imprisoned the Acadians into scattered concentration camps and burned their homes, churches and public buildings. Virginia was the only British colony that refused to host a concentration camp to imprison Acadians.”


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