Saturday, December 12, 2020

This Is Our "Jonestown Moment" - Alchemical Processing to Initiate the Creation of Machine Man - Civilization and Culture Destroyed by Supplanting the Divine - Vaccines: Long Standing Transhumanist Goal - Intrigued by Our Own Destruction

Editor's note: We are being given the "revolution of the method" being initiated into this technological dystopian age where we are seeing the evolution of machines over humanity. To break down our natural resistance to the coming technocratic machine-man, requires alchemical processing (purification of the substance). Humanity is being tricked into its enlightenment by secret societies, the elite superstructure built over the centuries around central banks, to bring into existence this technocratic age of machines, A.I., robotics; autonomous systems,  digital systems and surveillance that will inevitably rule over us.

It is being discussed in some alternative circles that the nanoparticles used in the Covid vaccines (injectables) are a stepping stone to transhumanism. This is no "conspiracy." The idea has been around a long time, at least since 1818 when the the book Frankenstein was published. A gradual transition from the species as it currently is to machine-man, or transhumanism only today technologically refined. We have been led into a hypnotic trance immobilized by the psychological intrigue of the technology being rolled out before us. Could the ultimate design here be to process all of humanity (the group mind) into the technocratic age. 

The Alchemical Processing of Humanity Through Public Psychodrama - Michael Hoffman, #400 

Jonestown Amerika- The Vaccine is the Kool Aid

December 12, 2020

Our Backs are Against the Wall

This is our Jonestown moment. Renouncing the Creator, humanity has been inducted into a satanic cult. Not "The Peoples Temple," but Cabalism or illuminism i.e. Communism.

If the Supreme Court lets Joe Biden steal the Presidency, the assault on society will intensify. Patriots, Conservatives and Christians will be targeted. We must take up arms in self-defence.

Failure to resist implies consent. Are you prepared to be dispossessed and enslaved? Are you prepared to drink the kool aid?

With the failure of Texas lawsuit, I repost this article from a month ago. Please excuse the repetition. The truth needs to be reiterated every day.

"Makow- What's at Stake"
Updated from Nov. 8/2020
by Henry Makow PhD

Communism expands the Rothschilds' monopoly over credit (money creation) into a monopoly over literally everything of value: Power. People. Commodities. Animals. Information. Discourse. Thought. Behavior.

Its goal is to dispossess, enslave, and even exterminate humanity. This is confirmed by Agenda 21, (the UN's agenda for the 21st Century) which calls for an inventory of everything and demands that people give up private property.

The Rothschilds and their cronies have unlimited wealth. They are bored with wealth. Now they want unlimited power.

People are astonished at the Demonrats' brazen disregard for democracy and basic decency. Communists are satanists. Satanists are dedicated to destroying civilization.

Revolution" is turning reality upside down, with Satan instead of God at the pinnacle. What is natural and healthy is slandered as unnatural and sick. For example, they destroy the love between a man and a woman by pressuring women to be more masculine and men to be more feminine. What they call "progressive" is actually designed to weaken and destroy us. (Satanism Explained.)

They deny the existence of God (the "competition.") They deny we have a spiritual connection to God.

Jews don't know this but Judaism as defined by Cabala is essentially satanic. It seeks to destroy civilization and replace it with an Orwellian dystopia where they control every aspect of life. The Rothschilds seek to supplant God.

Communists don't play by the rules. The end justifies the means. The essence of Satanism is breaking the rules: flouting the natural and Moral Order.

Americans are being disenfranchised. If Biden is allowed to prevail, there will never be an honest election again. Americans and the world will continue to be gaslighted on a daily basis for eternity. The #scamdemic will be used as a pretext to register and control everyone, and intern all dissenters.

The central bankers finagled our national credit cards and create money out of thin air. They have the Golden Goose. They have the thing everyone wants - money. Everyone who supports the #scamdemic or Big Joe is in debt to them or literally on-the-take.

The only thing that will prevent the Communists from stealing this election is the Rule of Law based on Truth. What's at stake? The Rule of Law.

It must be enforced or we are lost. The Rule of Law ultimately is based on the Rule of God.


What's at stake? Despite its flaws, mankind could well be God's crowning achievement, the highest life-form in the universe. A frightening responsibility.

This is why Satanists (Communists) want to degrade and destroy humanity. They hate Love, Goodness, Truth, Beauty, and Justice. They hate mankind. They hate God. They want to own everything and deprive God of his crowning achievement, mankind. If Biden succeeds, nothing will stand in their way. Mankind will enter a Dark Age from which it may never emerge.

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Please go to Henry Makow's website to read the entire article. 

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