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If You Do Not Take a Stand You Are Going to Get Mowed Down

Source: Ohio Stands Up 

December 21, 2020 

Make Americans Free Again, Ohio Stands Up!, the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance, and New Mexico Stands Up! Partner to Fight Tyranny ​ 

"The State and Federal public health system have misled the public, politicians, and even the Courts. If they have ANY integrity, they will recognize the truth and accept our requests for injunctive relief."

12/21/2020, New Mexico and Ohio – It is a true honor and privilege to announce that Make Americans Free Again, Ohio Stands Up!, New Mexico Stands Up! and the New Mexico Freedom Alliance are partnering in the fight against tyranny. Today the legal team representing the Ohio Stands Up! lawsuit against the State of Ohio, along with Attorneys N. Ana Garner and Jonathan Diener from New Mexico will be filing a major action in the state of New Mexico to free New Mexicans from the tyrannical overreaction to a disease that has been shown to have a 99.9%+ recovery rate.  ​

This exciting news is made better by an announcement from the same team that they will be filing a third action against the HHS, CDC, and NCHS for intentionally misleading the public regarding the dangers of COVID-19.

Attorney Renz stated, "This is a major step in freeing our nation. The data and facts could not be more clear. Neither could the fact that DHHS has allowed its staff to egregiously violate the law by misrepresenting the dangers posed by this virus. We look forward to shining the light of truth on this issue and alleviating the fears of the public."

Attorney Garner stated, "Today we take the first step in throwing off the shackles of tyranny and truly re-opening New Mexico and the nation."

The three organizations agree that if this sort of reaction from the government for a disease that has been shown to be roughly as dangerous as the seasonal flu, is considered justifiable under the law, then our freedoms as Americans are truly lost.

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Media Contacts: Thomas Renz – Lead Counsel – Ohio & CDC Case 

Ana Garner – Lead Counsel – New Mexico Case

COVID: Open letter to business owners 

And an offer

by Jon Rappoport | December 29, 2020

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As I've been saying for months, people have to open up the economy every which way they can.

A few bar and restaurant owners have seen the need to band together and fight the lockdowns.

As a business owner of any kind, you need to think and take action along these lines. But in a much larger way.

You need to form associations of your types of business: barber shops, salons, bars, restaurants, small grocery stores, gift shops, caterers, food trucks, inns, independent truckers…

Each type of business puts together its own association(s).

In addition to whatever you do to survive, you each file lawsuits against governors and state public health departments, for unconstitutional lockdowns based on false science. [1] [2]

Several lawsuits along these lines already exist. They reveal how to proceed.

Every lawsuit is accompanied by a major publicity push, alerting the press and the public, and describing the horrendous effects of lockdowns and closures on business owners. [3] [4]

Whether or not the lawsuits succeed, they provide an occasion for the dissemination of truth.

Imagine this: associations of barber shops, bars, restaurants, truckers, etc., each filing its own lawsuit and each launching a PR campaign to expose the truth of what’s happening to small and medium size business owners.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are decidedly independent-minded. You each have your own way of building your businesses. But you can form these associations, create and bolster your power.

"Today, in Missouri, a group of 50 bar owners jointly filed suit against the governor charging that lockdowns of their operations are illegal…their representative spoke to reporters outside the capitol…" 

Multiply that action by 100 more like it, launched by associations of business owners across the country, and you have something. Something formidable.

There is no doubt that governments are targeting you. They've been coming after you like rabid hounds. They want to close you down and out for good. Their pals are already buying up the bankrupt properties of small businesses at bargain basement prices. Your enemies want to concoct a new world where only large corporations survive. They're counting on you to remain scattered, unorganized, and weak.

Your response to this war needs to be strong. And in this case, there is strength in numbers.

I make this offer. For any new association of small businesses, with at least 30 true and honorable member/owners ready and willing to fight the lockdowns, I'll give you every piece of advice about acquiring publicity I can muster. [contact: qjrconsulting

I've been running for 20 years. I’ve gained some knowledge about disseminating the truth.

THEIR side has tremendous resources enabling them to flood messaging through media and government. OUR side needs to find ways to counter that force.

All is not lost. Freedom doesn't die in people's minds and hearts. It's there forever.

If it's asleep, it needs to be reawakened.

Nobody said it would be easy. But those who say it's impossible are wrong.


If you have been harassed, threatened, your business closed down or arrested for anything related to this global Covid fake pandemic and need assistance go here:

If you need background information to the above linked Ace of Coins - Fake Pandemic assistance program the following discussion is suggested:


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