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How Israel’s Propaganda War Has Silenced Europe

Editor's note: It makes sense doesn't it? That Israel would silence all opposition to Israel in Europe. Israel has gone from its original "home for Jews", to the "startup nation" and now to the "impact nation", all within 73 years. Think about this for a moment: It's not about the Jews or anti-semitism (the anti-semitism myth) but rather, it is about the billions of dollars in private equity funds and advanced technology being sucked up like a vacuum into Israel. When you are a Navy pilot landing a fighter on an aircraft carrier, the pilot concentrates on the "meatball." If you take your eye off the meatball you will end up slamming the aircraft into the stern of the aircraft carrier or crashing into the ocean. So it is with Israel. If you take your eye off the technology originating out of Israel you just won't understand what is happening here. The more the anti-semitism is kept in perpetual motion, the more talented Jews head for home turf.  

Source: Palestine

An onslaught of exaggerated, sometimes wholly baseless, accusations of antisemitism has proved brutally effective

December 18, 2020 | By Gideon Levy
The UK Labour Party’s shadow education secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey, was recently sacked after sharing an article on social media saying – among other things – that Israel had trained US police in the knee-on-neck choking method used on George Floyd. 

This claim has been circulated widely in recent weeks among the global left. Labour leader Keir Starmer accused Long-Bailey of posting an article containing an "antisemitic conspiracy theory". Evidently, the winds of change have come to Labour after Jeremy Corbyn stepped down – and the change does not portend well.

Daring to blame Israel

Middle East Eye on 25 June published details of the controversial article, with fact-checking. The accusation that it was from Israel that US police learned the choking method that led to Floyd's death is unfounded. Police in the US have been frighteningly trigger-happy for decades where Black citizens are concerned – since long before the state of Israel was founded and its police force established. US police certainly do not need Israeli expertise to be capable of killing innocent Black civilians in shockingly large numbers.
When it comes to criticism of Israel, the rules of the game in Europe are different. There is Israel, and then there is the rest of the world
Still, the worrisome speed with which Long-Bailey was replaced in the shadow cabinet ought to be much more troubling to supporters of human rights than the credibility of any article she posted online. Long-Bailey was fired only because she dared to share an article that blamed Israel, not because she dared to share an article lacking a factual foundation.

It is doubtful that Starmer is all that concerned about the reliability of articles shared by members of his faction. He is much more worried by the antisemitic image that has adhered to his party, not always justifiably.

Even if the article's accusations were fabricated and entirely baseless, it remains highly doubtful that Long-Bailey would have been sacked in that manner had she posted false accusations against any other country on Earth, apart from Israel. When it comes to criticism of Israel, the rules of the game in Europe are different. There is Israel, and then there is the rest of the world.

Effective Zionist propaganda

Israeli propaganda in recent years has had marked success in Europe. Long-Bailey's sacking is just another link in a long chain of its achievements. Lately, under the direction of a relatively new minister for strategic affairs in the Israeli government – along with the close cooperation of the Zionist establishment in the rest of the world – Zionist propaganda has adopted a new strategy, which has proven itself unprecedentedly effective.

Israel and the Zionist establishment in various countries have begun branding all criticism of Israel as antisemitic. This has silenced Europeans. Propagandists for Israel cynically exploit Europe's guilty feelings about the past that still linger, often with good reason – and the accusations have done their job.
A Palestinian man with his kid facing an Israeli soldier during a protest against Israel's plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank, in Jordan Valley on 24 June (Reuters) 

It remains difficult to criticise Israel, the occupation, accompanying war crimes, breaches of international law, or Israel's treatment of Palestinians; it is all branded as antisemitism and quickly disappears from the agenda.

Alongside this campaign of branding, most Western nations, including the US, have passed sweeping legislation that aims to declare war on the completely legitimate boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, in an attempt to criminalise its activities and its activists.

How incredible that this struggle against an occupation and its legal infrastructure is undergoing sustained delegitimisation and criminalisation. Imagine any other committed struggle – say, against the sweatshops of Southeast Asia, industrial meat production or mass concentration camps in China – being labelled as criminal in the West. It’s hard to imagine.

And yet, the struggle against Israeli apartheid – and there is no more clearly moral struggle today – is deemed criminal. Coronavirus aside, try to book any large venue today anywhere in Europe for a gathering in solidarity with Palestinians.

Try publishing an article against the Israeli occupation in mainstream news outlets. Israel's hyper-vigilant propaganda machine will find you quickly, accuse you of antisemitism and silence you.

Please go to Palestine to read the entire article. 


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In order to keep your eyes off Israel and China, just continue focusing on Russia. The more the focus on Russia thanks to Adam Schiff (agent in place), the more the continued unique and creative weapon systems Russian engineers can develop and engineer. That's how the game is played. 


Roll your sleeves up, Europeans.


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