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Covid Vaccine: "The Software of Life" - DNA Is an "Operating System" - "Hacking" Into Cells - Military Digital World Coming - Designing Cellular Software - Vaccines Are the Stepping Stone to Transhumanism - "Splicing Out the Rebel DNA" - Digital Identity Will Tag Your Lifetime Debt - Privacy Is No Longer a Concept

Editor's note: Are these vaccines (injectables) being rolled out an "operating system" that will be a part of the digital money system? By definition vaccines are medicine. But that is not what is likely contained in these vaccines. Pfizer will not release information on their vaccine ingredients. Pfizer as well as all these other vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability. Is this one reason why these vaccines are being aggressively rolled out being advertised in such a way that you will be made to believe that if you don't accept the vaccine you will be left out? The technocrats want a completely controlled system and just as an operating system is installed in your computer, an "operating system" on a "floppy disk" only in the form of a vaccine will be "installed" in those who take the vaccine.

Is this how it will work that once injected, you will require booster vaccines as "operating system upgrades" because of this Covid virus? Look at what Moderna with a market capitalization of $23 billion called their Covid vaccine: "The software of life." The "operating system" is the mRNA component with Moderna using "data analytics" to assess risks their Covid vaccine might come associated with. Don't think for a moment scientists are all benevolent researchers working hard to "save humanity" from this "pandemic." These are experimental vaccines and will utilize nanoparticle components. Call this what it is: Biological warfare ("cellular colonization"). 

How nanotechnology helps mRNA Covid-19 vaccines work

Moderna's scientists are no different than anyone else in terms of being malevolent and they are introducing the technology loaded into these vaccines. Thankfully, there are some who are concerned about this technology but their voices are inconsequential when it comes to questioning Moderna. As Dr. Igor Sheppard has stated: "There is a lot of evil science in the world and there are a lot of evil scientists." Where did mercenary Russian scientists go to when they left the Soviet Union and what the hell are they doing today? And are some of them inside these pharmaceutical firms that share bioweapons and vaccine research in the same labs? 

It may seem way beyond science and going into the speculative cloud (pun intended) but is what we see rolling out here all engineered to move people into the computer cloud connected directly to their brains by penetrating the blood-brain barrier? Italian scientists took 41 different vaccines and attempted to ascertain what were the ingredients in each of the vaccines. Some of the components were: fetal tissue matter; DNA from the opposite sex; aluminum; laboratory contaminants; chicken embryo DNA; monkey DNA; nanoparticles that nobody can be absolutely sure what they do once injected. When you examine the list it makes you want to indignantly ask: What in the f*ck are they injecting in people? What we will be looking for is evidence Covid vaccines have been designed to insert some type of brain-machine interface components. 

COVID Vaccine: What Else Could They Put in the Shot?

The head of the US's Covid vaccine "Operation Warp Speed" Moncef Slaoui ("Coronavirus Czar" stamped and approved by GlaxoKlineSmith), was the head of R&D at the UK-based GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical giant for thirty years.  The French pharmaceutical firm Sanofi is working with GlaxoSmithKline on a Covid vaccine. GlaxoSmithKline is building the nanoparticle adjuvants for the Covid vaccines. Slaoui's area of research while at GlaxoSmithKline was "brain-machine interface" (electroceuticals). It is Slaoui's plan to vaccinate 100 million people with two vaccines during the first quarter of 2021; not your plan, not the government's plan but the plan of these technocrats. 

And to make sure the vaccines roll out according to plan, Slaoui postures for more fear while also assuring everyone the vaccines will work against this "new mutant strain" being sold in the UK. They know all this with absolute certainty in such a short period of time? Of course they do, this has all been methodically planned out years in advance by these corporations. Part of WEF's "Great Reset" also includes plans for a merger of biology and machines as part of what is described as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" (4IR) under Professor Schwab. The best  place to start training the population for the technocratic takeover is through the education systems so that students after graduating can add value as surety for the debt on all this:

A "Brave School World" of Tracking Student Data for "Social Credit"

The plan to significantly reduce human labor and then overlay this onto a technocratic augmented reality. Like an "open air prison system" run from space using satellites to monitor every aspect of this global technocratic system being built. All of this data is being collected and then run through data analytics to monitor and build out this control. 
While at GlaxoKlineSmith, Slaoui was involved in misrepresenting scientific research on a drug that had apparently harmed tens of thousands of Americans. Slaoui is the head of "Operation Warp Speed" to get these Covid injections in Americans and his checkered past includes being involved with the promotion of a drug that ended up harming thousands of Americans? Calls for Slaoui's resignation need to be ramped up.

Does the idea the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) with a $56 million injection of money into Moderna concern anyone? "Defense" against what specifically? Create the pandemic then create the injection. This is military research entity with a yearly budget of roughly $3.5 billion with no ethical or moral constraints as technology outstrips our ability to comprehend it. Moderna was likely brought into existence by DARPA considering Moderna received an earlier injection of $25 million in 2013 from DARPA for Derik Rossi at Moderna to develop his "RNA Therapeutics™." Moderna which is a privately held firm was founded in 2010. 

DARPA was launched in 1958 with President Eisenhower's approval then shortly thereafter, Eisenhower gives his warning in his "military-industrial complex" talk to the American people. That wasn't a warning. Eisenhower was telling us what was coming. Sixty-four years later the military-industrial complex has changed to the pharmaceutical-military industrial complex. It is involved in researching components and ingredients used in Moderna Covid vaccines. Apparently, DARPA researchers and scientists know better than anyone else what we require to stay healthy including working to develop a biochip that would work in tandem with vaccines.

These technocrats are talking about "hacking into cells with doctored mRNA" (messenger ribonucleic acid). Consider that for a moment. These scientists just because they have discovered a way to get inside cells, are talking about manipulating cells just as a hacker would get inside a computer system. Moderna scientists can simply "reprogram" the messenger ribonucleic acids which are molecules that are responsible for carrying genetic instructions for cell development in the human body. The simultaneous destruction of genders is all part of this technological imperative:

On Sex and Gender, The New England Journal of Medicine Has Abandoned Its Scientific Mission

The human body for these technocrats is nothing more than a machine to be "hacked" into and "reprogrammed" for better performance. The Moderna Covid vaccine has now been approved and once the ingredients are inside the body, they will "hack" into the cells and "reprogram" them.  You're just a machine to hack into. This is an experimental vaccine so what is next after cells have been "hacked into and reprogrammed?" The private equity firm Flagship Pioneering even refers to the idea Moderna can "design cellular software."

This technology must be rolled out and this Covid global operation as cover has given these technocrats their military-like operational perimeters. This is why all alternative treatments to coronavirus (influenza virus; colds) must be made unavailable including hydroxychloroquine (see World's Second Largest Hydroxychloroquine Plant in Taiwan Blows Up), Zinc, Vitamin D and Azithromycin. When these alternative treatments are made unavailable, the FDA can then step in to make sure vaccines are the only alternative (see Declaration That Circumstances Justifying Authorizations Pursuant to Sections 564 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act 21 U.S.C.).

What are those perimeters? The technocrats want to "splice out" that DNA that causes the rebellious mechanisms in men and women. The goal here is complete compliance. Obedience. Rossi is retired and sits in luxury somewhere watching his Moderna stock holdings while in self-doubt about what he unleashed. 

Moderna vaccine approved: What we know about side effects, ingredients and doses

If you take this background and combine it with hydrogel (an invention of DARPA) that is nanotechnology and what has been discovered with being able to manipulate mRNA, these technocrats are now talking about censors being implanted in the body to measure and monitor bio feedback on the body's functions. 
"Once firmly implanted inside the body, human cells are at the mercy of any mRNA program delivered via this substrate, unleashing a nightmare of possibilities. It is, perhaps, the first true step towards full-on transhumanism; a 'philosophy' that is in vogue with many powerful and influential people, such as Google's Ray Kurzweil and Eric Schmidt and whose proponents see the fusion of technology and biology as an inevitable consequence of human progress."
The vaccines being rolled out are part of a planned program to gradually move flesh and blood into machines - transhumanism. In order to get there, the technocrats have determined that our innate natural  rebelliousness is going to have to be likely eviscerated.  One possible social engineering test to measure that rebelliousness and how it could be controlled, could have been the counter-revolution intentionally kicked off during the rebellious 1960s.

The bottom line with Moderna is that they have a vaccine that can alter or change DNA, despite counter claims this is false. The way to link all this technology up with the brain using vaccines as the carrier, is to orchestrate a world-wide massive Covid pandemic. This would give the technocrats the opportunity to introduce nanotechnology controlled possibly using A.I. technology and data analytics to monitor all possible circumstances. Once the technology is deployed through vaccines as a carrier, mood and behavior can be controlled. It also then becomes a likely idea that DNA can be manipulated to bring the species into total obedience - destroy the innate spiritual longing (splice out the rebel spiritual quality) and connections to nature in the species.  

DARPA funded implantable biochip can potentially be used to deploy Moderna's mRNA vaccine

Andrew Yang Floated Downloadable Barcodes To Prove COVID-19 Vaccination

The reason why Moderna can move so fast with their Covid vaccine is because it has a technological imperative given to it by DARPA and the Department of Defense (DoD). The ultimate goal here is to break the natural will of people by introducing this technology into the body to circumvent our natural rebellion. We're not scientists and we're not experts in this field. But what we do know is this technology is being worked on in highly classified military-linked bioweapon/vaccine laboratories and we have absolutely no idea what are in these vaccines and their intended ultimate purpose. 

The digital technocratic cult (0 = slave, 1 = master?) are attempting to build their own delusional system to lock in perpetual rule by them over their alleged subjects/objects. If they destroy your rebellious natural tendencies by "hacking into your DNA" you will have submitted to them.
What alternative do we really have?

Splicing out the DNA that controls that rebel spirit in all of us...


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