Friday, December 18, 2020

All We Want for Christmas Is a Covid Jab - Mass Alchemical Processing to Accept the Technology? - Take the Jab and Get Your "Green Passport" - Whoopee! - Tom Cruise Has a Christmas Message - Don't You Feel "Privileged" to Receive the Covid Vaccine? - This Is All Becoming More Bizarre by the Day

Editor's note: Technology moving rapidly in conjunction with the Covid vaccinations makes it appear the population is being segmented. Those who take the vaccine (2 injections 21 days apart) will be issued a "green passport" allowing them "special access." Those who don't take the two injections, well, your guess is as good as ours as to what happens. It's as though the world's population is being alchemically processed, or initiated into this technocratic "Fourth Industrial Revolution" age. The alchemical processing is almost complete with blind trust in vaccines and health "authorities." 2020 is the year the global ruling elite cancels us out

Those who take the Covid vaccine are initiated and get their own "special green passes" while those who refuse the vaccine are relegated to a lower status in society. It will become a "privilege" to have the vaccine coercing more people into taking the Covid vaccine. It's trauma-based social engineering when you observe closely what is going on only on a global scale including making it appear that only "one in four people won't get the vaccine until 2022." That's how it works. You can be thankful you are one of the lucky ones to receive the Covid vaccine first. The occult mass mind bending going on here even has Tom Cruise ranting on his film crew for now wearing masks and for not social distancing. 
Merry Covid Christmas, Cruise. Hope Santa's reindeer shit down your chimney...


Source: The Jerusalem Post

Edelstein confirms: Coronavirus 'green passports' on their way

Two weeks after receiving a second coronavirus vaccine shot, a person who was vaccinated will receive a green passport.

A nurse carries China's Sinovac vaccine, a potential vaccine for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), at the Sao Lucas Hospital of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), in Porto Alegre, Brazil (photo credit: REUTERS/DIEGO VARA)

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein confirmed on Wednesday that coronavirus green passports are on their way.
"Two weeks after the second shot, a person who was vaccinated will receive a green passport," he said during a Labor, Welfare and Health Committee meeting on Wednesday, speaking of the document which is intended to prove that its holder has been vaccinated and will give those who have it certain benefits and freedoms. 

Edelstein said that while he could not yet give all the details of how the passports would work, he could confirm that "it will free people from isolation [requirement]" and it would "allow [people] to enter places that will still be restricted to other populations."

"It will be a difficult logistical operation," he added.

MK Ophir Sofer said that the green passport would be an excellent tool for encouraging the population to get vaccinated.

Whatever it takes to get the Covid vaccines rolled out:


We saved the bizarre for last:


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