Thursday, November 12, 2020

This Is an Extremely Dangerous Provocation For "Civil War" - America Is Under Foreign Attack Through the Media

Ed.'s note: Understand first that Social Security (SS) and other pensions including military pensions are an estimated $21 trillion liability. If the US erupts into "civil war" (war is not civil), then the US corporation will be off the hook for these pension liabilities. The reckless and irrational vitriol and hatred these people like Olberman have is setting an extremely dangerous precedent. Second, understand the City of London and the oligarchs who own the US corporation (privatized) want civil war in America. Evidence: the reason why Biden is being highly exaggerated as "winning" the election by the media is likely to provoke the Bolsheviks and leftists into violence when it is ultimately announced Trump "won" the election. The reason Olberman hates Trump so much is because Trump is directly threatening the existence of the news media monopolies. Shove it, Olberman, you're history.

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