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Royals' Pedophiles? Prince Charles and Pedophile Jimmy Savile; Andrew's Secret Hard Drive; and Did the Royals Assassinate Pedophile Lord Mountbatten?

Source: Frank Report
By Fred | September 27, 2020

Paul Serran's Lord Mountbatten: The Grandfather of All Royal British Sex Scandals, is an interesting and timely article. 

The links to Kincora Boys' Home – the scene of serious organized child sexual abuse, are the most damning part of the story – there are still efforts to get the visitors' logs to Lord Mountbatten’s estate in Ireland, which might prove that children from Kincora were being trafficked to him:

Other names linked to abuse at Kincora are Sir Anthony Blunt, Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures and Soviet spy, and Sir Maurice Oldfield, former head of the Secret Intelligence Service. While official inquiries have refuted these claims, there is still every sign of a cover-up:
Jimmy Savile – the pedophile. 

Why is it so important to keep all these secrets from the past? Just consider this: Mountbatten introduced his big pal Jimmy Savile, the vicious serial child rapist, to Prince Charles. Charles then invited Savile into his office to help him draft speeches. Charles is guilty of associations just as heinous as Andrew’s, and of allowing them even closer to the seat of power.

So all the blame is being placed on Andrew, and any whispers about Mountbatten and Savile and Charles must be suppressed.

There are even worse accusations against Charles and Andrew. The American researcher Field McConnell gave a talk in the U.K., part of the Alternative View series, in which he alleged that Prince Andrew had received thumb drives "for his collection" containing particularly horrendous rape and snuff movies that had been filmed by a demented Canadian military aviator named Col. Russell Williams, and that Prince Charles was working with Williams on further exploits.

Here is the video, you can hear this material from about 52:20 (you'll get used to McConnell's elliptical style):

Here is a reference to this talk:

This is a short account of the vile deeds of Russell Williams, how he videoed the rape and murder of two women:

And this is a video of Russell Williams being photographed at Heathrow Airport with Queen Elizabeth in 2005, after personally flying her from Canada to Britain:

It’s not often you see the Queen in such close smiling proximity to a known serial killer. The Royal Family has an unfortunate habit of hanging around with serial rapists – Epstein, Weinstein, Savile – but Col. Russell Williams takes things to a new level. No wonder it's all been kept very quiet.

Field McConnell provides the identity of the police detective who gave him most of this information on the flash drives being forwarded to the British royals, saying this man had been kicked off the force and was now a hopeless alcoholic. Another reference to these allegations is this:

Here, the following question is asked: "Is an archive of material being built up and stored of this abusive behavior – possibly of snuff films, sex and torture, perhaps involving children – and stored in online archives, to be used to blackmail and extort? Is this material being archived via D2 Banking at One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London?" 

Field McConnell is an extremely controversial character, but I am completely certain that he would not make accusations like this – especially not while standing on British soil, and with a British wife – unless he was very certain of his information. Since there seems to be no other trace of these allegations on the Internet, and since very great efforts are being made to silence Field McConnell, I feel this story should be put on the record here.
But there's more on Mountbatten. I recently had a house guest whose godfather (really) was "Uncle Dickie", Lord Mountbatten himself, which he mentioned frequently, to the point where I was forced to ask – are you aware of these allegations against good old Uncle Dickie? And to my surprise, he had never heard of Kincora Boys' Home or any of the other gossip about Mountbatten, although gossip seemed to be his main stock in trade.

However, he did ask me if I'd heard about the plot to overthrow Harold Wilson. I had just read a biography of Solly Zuckerman, the government's chief scientific advisor, who was invited to a meeting with Mountbatten and a group of influential businessmen where the idea of a coup against Prime Minister Wilson was mooted. The plan was that Mountbatten would become the interim king until order could be restored. Lord Zuckerman said this was treason, he wanted nothing to do with it, and left the meeting.

So I said yes, I was familiar with the story, and then found that my informant’s extremely wealthy father was present at this very meeting and was a main financial backer of this planned coup.

You can see at around 45:20 in this quite good, partly dramatized video of the whole story of this coup plot, how Mountbatten saw himself as the "strong man" who would restore order in Britain:

Now, it was not too long after this that Mountbatten was blown to bits by the IRA while sailing a boat off the coast of Ireland. A top IRA bombmaker called Thomas McMahon was jailed for this:

However, there have always been whispers about this murder, that it was not quite what it seemed. And my visitor confirmed this. He said that around the same time, the British government acted to completely ruin his father, destroying him with a vast tax bill and totally bankrupting him. His mother committed suicide and his father died shortly afterwards of cancer.

But: before this all unfolded, his mother said to him, "You know, I think they're going to kill Uncle Dickie." They could see that the tide was turning against all the plotters. You don't plan high treason against the Crown and expect to get away with it, even if your name is Mountbatten. The fact that the elite used the Irish to carry out the execution was perhaps a message about his nefarious activities in that country.

Please go to Frank Report to read the entire article. 

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