Sunday, November 15, 2020

Next Crisis Being Rolled Out by the Technocratic Elite: "Digital Pandemic" - Technological Control: Level of Mind Control Is Terrifying - Technocratic Cognizant Elite Will Sever Your "Resonant Field" - Technocratic Panopticon Prison Is Being Built - What's it Going to Be: Transhumanism or Human Civilization?

Ed.'s note: In this post we outline how the World Economic Forum (WEF) is going to roll out a new "crisis" to replace the global COVID Operation now that this planned pandemic and related COVID vaccine is collapsing. Get ready for Cyber Polybon (Panopticon). What the technocratic fascist elite are deliberately preventing is the grassroots creative spontaneity of any civilization from existing. What is Jurgens at the WEF talking about? The "next crisis will be faster than what we've seen with COVID and the impact will be greater?" What is happening here is that people are being engineered to see things that don't exist in reality. Professor Schwab with the thick German accent at the WEF has said that the "COVID-19 crisis will be small in comparison to this coming crisis." If you think the Project for a New American Century was big, you haven't seen anything until WEF's "digital pandemic" is implemented.

Massive amounts of data are being collected which explains why the technocratic cognizant elite class want everyone on Zoom, on Facebook and other platforms where A.I. is up and running, is to gather and centralize intelligence. Digital systems means having everyone online and under constant surveillance. Herd management. When you are forced to wear a mask, forced restrictions, forced COVID lockdowns, social distancing and coming "mandatory" COVID vaccines (nanoparticle injectables), the technocratic cognizant elite are forcibly removing you form the resonant field of nature and other human beings. The engineering of the global control systems you have to hand it to them is quite phenomenal. 

We have stated it before and we will state it again. What we are seeing materialize before our eyes is the "return of Zion" and its "esoteric path", or "the great work of the ages" to "return the Godhead back to a singularity that will be controlled by the fusion of man and machine." The WEF crisis is part of the global plan to have us resonate with the machine rather than with nature and each other. This technocratic dominant cognizant elite see us as an "alien species" and they are committed to wiping us out. They have no empathy. 


Source: WEF

Cyber Polygon
This project is part of the World Economic Forum's Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity and Digital Trust Platform

Cyberspace by nature has no borders, which allows criminals to launch their attacks from anywhere in the world, at any time. As legal parameters are unable to keep up with the pace of technological proliferation, the absence of international laws capable of restricting the actions of attackers regardless of their geolocation gives these criminals a sense of absolute impunity. To counter this effectively, there is an urgent need to start learning the basics of working together.

What is Cyber Polygon?

Cyber Polygon is a unique cybersecurity event that combines the world's largest technical training for corporate teams and an online conference featuring senior officials from international organisations and leading corporations.

Every year, the training brings together a wide range of global businesses and government structures while the live stream draws in millions of spectators from across the world.

2020 results

In 2020 the central theme for the Cyber Polygon live stream was the prevention of a 'digital pandemic': how to prevent a crisis and to reinforce cybersecurity on all levels.

Within the technical training participants had to deal with a targeted attack which in real life would jeopardize company reputation and data. First, the teams practiced containing the attack in real time, then investigated the incident, and finally, composed a dossier of the information gathered for INTERPOL to help them launch an investigation and prevent similar attacks in the future.

120 teams from 29 countries took part in the technical cybersecurity training. The live stream viewership reached 5 million, spanning across 57 nations. During this live stream, 20 prominent experts shared their views on the most pressing issues in cybersecurity and analysed the current trends and risks of technological development.

Please go to WEF to read the entire WEF article. 


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