Monday, November 30, 2020

France Is Ground Zero For Coming Violence and Revolution - War Has Been Declared on the World's Population - Hatred Is Off the Scale - WEF-Directed Bankers' Final Assault - American Patriots: Gear Up - British: Comparing Humans and Animals Both Needing Vaccine Passes

Ed.'s note: Make absolutely no mistake about it governments (mostly privatized) are preparing for civil unrest in 2021 including in France and in the US under cover of the WEF-directed COVID planned pandemic as the "Great Reset." Even though this first news clip was from March, 2020 the French are preparing for civil unrest in their country as there is a rising resistance to the totalitarian top down economic "Great Reset." This WEF-directed planned economic assault on the world is going to lead to incredible violence and revolutions. It will start in France and spread rapidly to other countries. 

We are being misled by being told the military is assisting in COVID emergency operations and for the distribution of COVID vaccines. That is not correct. Militaries are being positioned to prepare for civil unrest.  It's all out in the open now including Agenda 2030 and the WEF's "Great Reset" with the central banks sitting behind these plans. The UK military cyber warfare people are waging war on social media against "anti-vaxxers."The concern now is that more and more people will reject these COVID vaccines. France's Macron - France's aristocratic poodle - is pushing hard for Agenda 2030 with legislation likely going to be passed preventing the photography or video recording of France's police brutalizing people. 

French lawmakers pass controversial bill that restricts the publication of images of police

It looks like the Frenchie parliament has dropped its controversial legislation preventing French people from photographing and video recording French police. News from France for 30 November 2020:

French parliament drops controversial draft law curtailing right to film police

More on what is going on in France:

Related to France:

France has always been driving for a dominant global hegemon which explains why we are going to see violent opposition maybe even revolution in France in opposition to the ruling banking and aristocratic power elite in France behind the WEF's "Great Reset."  Why France? Because France is where all these communist leaders are trained including Cambodia's Pol Pot,  Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh, China's Mao Zedong and Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei.  

France and the New World Order, 1940–1947

France is a major influence and participant in the World Economic Forum (WEF)

The British lead the way...notice the British aristocracy compare animals to humans in requiring a vaccine stamp...

Go French patriots, burn the place down...

The French apparently setting light to the France Paris Rothschild Bank:

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