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Big Day For AD: The Show Must Go On - "Anwar Sadat Killing" of Donald Trump Prevented - Donald Trump Fired D.C. National Guard Commanding General - To Avoid RICO Charges Clinton Foundation (Global Initiative) Shutting Down - The Silicon Valley Mafia - "Cartel of Technology" Forms a RICO-Violating Operation - Meet the Technocratic Elites Who Know What Is Best: Vinod Khosla; Eric Schmidt; Elon Musk; Larry Page; Steve Jurvestson; John Doerr - "The Al Capone's of Technology" - Indian-Born Americans Leading the Technocratic Cartel - Technology Must Be Neutral - Total Surveillance Society

Source: Breitbart News

Fake News: Wash Post Changes Story on Trump 'Firing' D.C. Nat'l Guard General

by Warner Todd Huston • 14 Jan 2017 • Washington D.C.2, 714 comments

The Washington Post wrote on Friday that President-elect Donald J. Trump "fired" the commanding General of the D.C. National Guard who is heading up the military presence during the coming inaugural event — in the middle of the oath of office ceremony. Yet a second story on Saturday did not contain the claim.

The Post's original report set off a wave of stories across the world, causing raised eyebrows over Trump's "extremely unusual" decision to fire a general in the middle of the presidential oath of office ceremony, especially during these dangerous times.

The paper reported that Major General Errol R. Schwartz, who has commanded the D.C. National Guard since his appointment to the position by George W. Bush, was told to vacate his office the moment Trump says his “I dos” to the oath of office. The decision was presented to readers as unfathomable, if not dangerous, by a president who doesn't know what he is doing.

In an interview, General Schwartz told the paper that his firing was strange. "The timing is extremely unusual," the general said.

"My troops will be on the street," Schwartz continued. "I'll see them off, but I won't be able to welcome them back to the armory." The general added he would "never plan to leave a mission in the middle of a battle."

The paper went on to quote Democrat D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson as saying, "It doesn't make sense to can the general in the middle of an active deployment."

The paper concluded its speculation, saying, "Schwartz said that he has not been told why he was asked to step down. 'I'm a soldier,' he said, noting that he was following orders and has no regrets. 'I'm a presidential appointee, therefore the president has the power to remove me.'"

An earlier version of the story can still be seen at Stars And Stripes.

Please go to Breitbart News to read the entire article.

Source: Gateway Pundit

Report: Clinton Foundation Laying Off Workers – Shutting Down Global Initiative Amid Ongoing Investigations

by Jim Hoft • January, 15 2017 • 157 Comments

The Clinton Foundation is shutting down the Global Clinton Initiative per papers filed with the Department of Labor this past week. It was reported by the Clinton Foundation that some 22 employees would be laid off in the coming months at the Clinton Global Initiative:

Filed as mandated by the Department of Labor's Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, or WARN notice, on January 12, the Clinton Foundation's Veronika Shiroka advised the DOL that as part of a "Plant Layoff" it would layoff 22 workers on April 15, with reason for the dislocation stated as "Discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative." The layoffs are part of the Clinton plan put in motion ahead of the presidential election, to offset a storm of criticism regarding pay-to-play allegations during Clinton's tenure as secretary of state.

A document was posted on the New York state government website this past week.

Via Mike Cernovich:

The Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative gained notoriety from the John Podesta emails that were released by WikiLeaks.

Please go to the Gateway Pundit to read the entire article.

The Silicon Valley Newsletter

2017- Volume 2

A flurry of recent lawsuits has stimulated global interest in the machinations of one Vinod Khosla. In this issue we examine the ten year investigation of Khosla and his Silicon Valley Cartel.

A RICO STATUTE violation case is one which addresses the criminal behavior of individuals in a manner known as "Organized Crime", "Racketeering", "Mobsterism", "Anti-Trust Violations", "Monopoly Operation", and or "The operation of a Cartel". This case law is described in detail at this link:

In Silicon Valley, a "Cartel" of technology billionaires has formed a RICO-violating operation headed by notorious billionaires Vinod Khosla, Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, [AD Note: Readers may want to read Miles Mathis' essay "I Don't Believe In Elon Musk" suggesting that Musk is an intelligence cutout.] Larry Page, Steve Jurvestson and John Doerr.
• And tens of thousands more...

Khosla's Silicon Valley Cartel promotes itself as "an elite group of genius men who are smarter than everyone else and super technologists". In fact they are none of those affectations. They exist in the news media because of billions of dollars of self-promotion amplified by their own interbred controlled global media networks and self-manipulated Streisand Effects. The "brilliant technology" they claim to invent is stolen from small entrepreneurs. These boys exist because they have a locked control on public funds that they collude and conspire to keep amongst themselves. That is illegal.

Running a Cartel that abuses taxpayers is illegal! Make no mistake about it.

The Coastal Commission, Every major surfer, The Lands Office, The State of California, The San Mateo County lawyers and executives, human rights activists, the publishers of the news outlets that reach millions of readers, Federal Law enforcement, most of the U.S. Congress, hundreds of millions of voters, the LA Times and most everybody else want Vinod Khosla in jail or out of operation. Multiple organizations are now joining forces to eradicate these criminals, and their crimes from the San Francisco peninsula.

In the feature-length film: "THE SILICON MOBSTERS", one of the lawyers fighting Khosla puts it in simple terms, this case is about Khosla's "Arrogance" he says. In fact, he sums up the entire problem. Vinod Khosla, Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Steve Jurvestson and John Doerr are arrogant because they bribe local officials to look the other way and, so far, have gotten away with it. Many of those officials have now been fired and the rest are under public investigation and have had all of their emails leaked. It is no longer possible for the Silicon Valley Cartel to get away with anything. See part of the film at links such as:

Where the Silicon Valley Cartel run by Khosla and his boys used to be a cute, fun tech carnival on Wired Magazine, it has become a dark, prostitute and sex traffic laden, frat Boy club of tax-evading, White House bribing, fake news generating, election manipulating hellhole on the front pages of all the main stream press. Khosla's Cartel has ruined Silicon Valley's brand, cost Silicon Valley billions in revenue and made an entire State (Soon to be an entire nation) disgusted with the Cartel.

In the AngelGate scandal the world discovered the Collusion of the Khosla Cartel:

In the No Poaching Scandal the World discovered the depths of the rigging that the Khosla Cartel were willing to stoop to to damage 60,000 local engineers over their ego trips and arrogance:

In the ongoing Wikileaks and ICIJ disclosures we see that the Cartel orders "hit-jobs" on politicians and members of the public that irk their fragile self-promoted egos:

Millions of pages of evidence have been acquired from forensic investigators at the FBI, GAO, FTC, SEC, EU, OSC, CBS News, The old Washington Post, CIA, DIA and other journalists, whistle-blowers and private investigators that prove the crimes and those evidence repositories have been placed in torrents and archives in nations around the globe, ie:

In 2017, an even larger set of disclosures will appear and federal investigations will be accelerated. Each agency is encouraged to move to RICO filings against the Cartel members. Any campaign contributions are no longer worth the risk. Their tax payments no longer offset their damages. The Silicon Valley Cartel and it's technology Al Capone's no longer deserve the right to exist. They have crossed the line.

Every person at every agency is now accountable for fixing this with effective law enforcement and case law action. It is essential that everyone understand the new world of the Streisand Effect:

The Streisand Effect has now been shown to follow, by name, any agency or administrator who does not take positive and effective action for the rest of their lives and, indeed, end their careers. The price of not doing the right thing, in the modern world, is devastating.

Contact your local AG, FBI office and GAO officials and ask how you can move these RICO filings forward.

• This is a private subscription news letter following the cases and investigations. To UN-subscribe simple reply to a newsletter with the phrase: REMOVE SILICON in the subject header. To contribute news put NEWS UPDATES in the subject header. Try to keep your submission to one or two paragraphs and reference a link for outside details.

Further reading:

Is 2017 The Year Silicon Valley Experiences The Dark Side Of "It's Different This Time"?

Listen to this frank discussion with Patrick Wood on the Total Surveillance Society in which Patrick Wood describes how the former CEO of Google, and now Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc., Eric Schmidt, believes he knows how to run the world according to what has been described as a "direct technocracy" by Parag Khanna. It was Eric Schmidt who developed the social media campaign for Hillary Clinton and made numerous visits to the White House. In 2016, Forbes ranked Eric Schmidt as the "100th-richest person in the world, with an estimated wealth of US$11.6 billion." This technology needs to be reigned in to be neutral considering that Eric Schmidt is a member of the Trilateral Commission and feels "he knows best how to run the world according to his technocratic designs."

Ark Midnight #31 - Total Surveillance Society - With Patrick Wood

Parag Khanna wants to convert the United States and its institutions to what he calls "direct technocracy" replacing the US Senate and Congress with executive committees, and to merge cabinet agencies for more efficiency. Parag Khanna would like to see for example, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) be merged with the Department of Defense. This may explain why recently, Wisconsin Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner introduced a bill to congress that aims to "dissolve the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and fuse its responsibility into other federal agencies."

Why is it that Indian-born "Americans" are moving into critical infrastructure related to surveillance in America and are often found at the head of many organizations connected to this technocratic cartel? Vinod Khosla is at the "Silicon Valley technological cartel", Indian-born Parag Khanna who wants to change American institutions into a "direct technocracy", and Arati Prabhakar who is Indian-born heads DARPA?

"Technocracy in America" by Parag Khanna 

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