Saturday, January 28, 2017

American-Manufactured Munitions Continue to Flow Into Syria

Syrian Army Capture Enemy TOW Smugglers 


  1. And where is Trump ??? Not a word , someone is undermining him , he should get on top of it .

  2. In an abvious fake attack to stir up USA what do you notice ?? Thats right British accents /

  3. When Shrimpton contacted MI6 about this story, he was arrested and eventually convicted of some offense, we aren’t sure what, as Britain seems to be able to simple invent laws upon need. However, the Shrimpton story, involving a restored German Type 21 submarine and stolen nuclear weapons was confirmed by IAEA sources who told us that they had briefed a group we now know as the St. Hubertus Society at a luxurious private shooting resort in Oklahoma, word for word, the same story Shrimpton was jailed for, given in private to Washington’s elites including a US Vice President and two Supreme Court justices.

    Much of this information also went to investigative journalist, Wayne Madsen. Madsen published information from the DOE 9/11 investigation, particularly about the Saudi/Israeli connection and the “terror base” in Fort Lee, New Jersey, but was never given enough of the story for it to get traction.We knew the FBI was watching Mohammed Atta, who ran our team. Your paper had it right ( we are internet only) about Fort Lee, New Jersey. The Israeli’s were in this with us from the beginning, they had teams of “art students” all over town, setting up jammers, planting explosives and, more importantly, spreading rumors, dropping evidence like that perfect passport that was found. Hell, they even had a jet engine loaded in a van and dropped it on a street corner with a hundred people watching, we laughed our selves to death over this one.”

  4. Trump must expose 911 Sharing offices with the former president, Jeff Smith and the CIA’s Roland Carnaby began a lengthy investigation of a combined South African, Canadian, Israeli smuggling operations run by, according to Smith, the Bronfman family along with DeKlerk and Netanyahu personally. Smith, Carnaby and company, including the Able Danger investigating team, after 9/11 worked on the hypothesis that this group, aided by New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, US Attorney Patrick Fitzerald and a cast of thousands, planned and executed the 9/11 attacks. Rudy Giuliani = weak link .


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