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Agent-In-Place John McCain - "In My Book He Is a Piece of Sh*t" - The "Pipeline, Oil, Gas and Gun-Running" Senators McCain and Graham - You Want War With Russia, John McCain? - The Russians Will Oblige You - RT and Sputnick Behind Donald Trump? - Just As CNN and MSNBC Are Behind Hillary Clinton - Anti-Russian Propaganda Is Becoming Hysterical - John McCain's Foundation Receives $1 Million From Saudi Arabia - McCain Working to Destabalize Donald Trump - Neocon Frontman: John McCain as US Military Tanks Roll Into Europe - Americans Coming to Well Informed Decisions Through Sputnik and RT News

Source: New Eastern Outlook

John McCain Caught Red Handed Planting Landmines in Georgia

January 7, 2016
by Henry Kamens

It is not difficult to understand the mission John McCain was pursuing when he visited Georgia on 1-2 January. Media coverage of the trip demonstrated that something sinister was going on, and the fact that he made the trip at all, when he has no official position in the current Administration or the incoming one but is allowed to act "off message" with impunity, should not only raise the usual alarms but get a few people responding to them for once.

On the basis of both his track record in the Senate and his questionable Vietnam War service, many veterans of that period and subsequent ones consider McCain both a coward and a traitor. Those who know his track record consider him more of a liability than a help to any good cause. But McCain knows this himself, and that is why he continually abuses his position as an elected Congressman [Senator] by going round the world pursuing his private agendas and then claiming he somehow represents people, is somehow acting officially, and therefore everything he says and does has sanction, and cannot be subject to any scrutiny.

As Veterans Today Bureau Chief in Georgia Jeffrey Silverman shared with me, "He is really a piece of shit in my book, and very much responsible for the 2008 Georgian Russian war, lots of blood on his hands.

"My main points about McCain are that he has an old cold war mindset and sees Russia as the real enemy of the US … that was why he spoke out against Trump recently, supposedly because of the so-called Russian hacking but in reality because good relations with Russia will cut into his profits from gun running.

“Another thing is his key role in installing the puppet regime in power in Kiev as part of a larger ploy to divvy up what is left of Ukraine and sell it off to the highest bidders. The story comes together, him being in Georgia, with the appointment of Saakashvili as the governor of Odessa, and the key role that this port town plays in the ratline of stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil and weapon transfers”.

If McCain visits Georgia, that well-known regional CIA dirty tricks capital, just at the time when one US President is leaving and another has not been inaugurated – in other words, when there is no one to supervise him – the locals have every reason to be suspicious. The CIA stays while politicians come and go. It will always protect its interests, regardless of what orders it is supposed to be following, and McCain has been the link man in so many dirty operations it is natural that the Georgian end of these operations should turn to him as it attempts to negotiate a new political wind.

Visiting friends who don't recognise you

The official cover story for the trip is that U.S. Senator John McCain (Republican-Arizona) and his minions visited the village of Khurvaleti, near the Administrative Boundary Line with the breakaway Georgian region of South Ossetia.

This is the same ethnic region which former Georgian President Saakahvili attacked in August 2008 with cluster bombs aimed at civilians, an action many considered a ploy to help McCain in the US presidential race. The war was used to cover the disappearance of massive quantities of weapons delivered to Georgia for defensive purposes which had actually been sold on to terrorist groups in Turkey and Syria, amongst other places. This had always been the intention of purchasing these weapons, which were supplied under US military aid through companies based in McCain's Arizona, who are major donors to his campaigns and need friends in the Senate to keep operating this way.

The two Georgian breakaway regions, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, have been under the protection of Russian forces since the August 2008 war. This persuaded McCain to pose for journalists as he shook hands with a local man standing in Russian-controlled South Ossetia, in the same way he has previously posed for photos with ISIS and Al-Qaeda leaders on similar "diplomatic missions" which have led to him announcing that "we" (whoever that may be) support their cause, with Arizona-made and aid-supplied weapons soon following.

He and two other US Senators visited the Baltic States and Ukraine before Georgia (RFE/RL's Georgian Service). But are we to believe that this was merely a fraternal gesture?

This interregnum period is the prime time to create problems for Donald Trump before he takes office on January 20. The more Trump sees things going on which he may not like, the more time he will have to devote to stopping them and the less opportunity he will have to do so when other issues arise which have to be given priority. The Senators visited the Russian border states to secure existing operations and also themselves, at least until they can retire with dignity if they find no other way out.

Please go to this excellent article at the New Eastern Outlook to read the entire article.

Source: Sputnick

What's Behind Warmongering US Senators' Call to Stiffen Anti-Russia Sanctions 

January 7, 2016

On Thursday, US President Barack Obama received a report from the US Intelligence Community regarding purported evidence of Russia's alleged attempts to interfere with the US election system. However, even before the report was submitted to the president, Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham proposed expanding anti-Russian sanctions.

Just Business

McCain and Graham have gained a reputation as hardline anti-Russian politicians in the US establishment. Their recent idea of new sanctions against Russia is logical part of their political course. Recently, they visited Ukraine and NATO, as part of a campaign to build bridges between those countries and the alliance. President-elect Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the Giant Center, Dec. 15, 2016, in Hershey,

McCain and Graham are representatives of "military clans" making good money on bills endorsed by the senators, according to Sergei Sudakov, a professor at the Academy of Military Sciences.

The expert suggested that after Donald Trump inauguration as US president the US military lobby may change its leaders. McCain and Graham are now trying to secure leverage on the next US presidential administration.
"In the US establishment, the two senators are known for their hardline anti-Russian stance. They have established relations with military clans and arms suppliers. As a result, if they want to establish a lobbyist group in Congress, then it would be very difficult to lift sanctions against Russia," Sudakov told RT.
Experts also suggest that such measures are aimed at enabling bargaining with Trump on different issues of the military lobby.

Please go to Sputnick to read the entire article on McCain.

Is this for real? After serious study and analysis of what is going on here, this is almost a comedy routine going on here between John McCain and Lindsey Graham at these "hearings" which is more like a sales pitch. The Russians are watching this scratching there heads laughing so hard they are probably spilling vodka all over their consoles.

Intel Hearing Sen Graham, Sen McCain & Dir James Clapper On 
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