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A320 Germanwings Crash Was Remote Control - Field McConnell: The Germanwings 9525 Conspiracy - "Pilots Are Not Buying The Andreas Lubitz Story - It Doesn't Add Up!"

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January 22, 2017 • by Tapestry

All A320 Germanwings crash coverage

Someone killed a big lie for me – the cockpit door!

Someone dredged this up from A320 user manuals, and it kills the official story.

A forward-opening hinge door separates the cockpit from the passenger compartment. It has three electric locking strikes, controlled by the flight crew. In normal conditions, when the door is closed, they remain locked. When there is a request to enter the cockpit, the flight crew can authorize entry by unlocking the door, that remains closed until it is pushed open.

When the flight crew does not respond to requests for entry, the door can also be unlocked by the cabin crew, by entering a two to seven-digit code (programmed by the airline) on the keypad, installed on the lateral side of the Forward Attendant Panel (FAP).


Here is my final statement regarding the Germanwings downing:

THE EXPERIENCED PILOT LEFT THE COCKPIT TO TRY TO FIND A TECHNICAL REASON FOR WHY THEY LOST CONTROL OF THE AIRCRAFT AFTER ENTERING FRENCH AIRSPACE AND THE REST IN THE PRESS ABOUT A SUICIDE PILOT IS A SCAMMING ZIO LIE. Understand that the French government now has to front every type of lie possible to bury the truth. They cannot accept responsibility for fulfilling this agenda, and did not expect to get caught. Lying is now their only option.

These lies are test run on public forums to see what will sell. When a lie is told that people go for, that is what gets published as "a new discovery". It will be important to not drift from the facts, which are set in bedrock. They are:

Irrefutable fact 1: A remote hijack recovery system was available, and was not used to recover this A320 even though it was obviously in distress. On the A320, a pilot is rendered completely disabled when this system is activated. On the 757/67 the pilot still has influence but has to fight like hell against it once activated. This was clearly discussed on the Boeing web site in pilots blogs, when I accidentally got into a secure area looking for answers after 911. There was lots of information I have not put into this report to keep it readable, but it was DETAILED, such as, the actual computer that is responsible for the remote option on the 757/67 is UNDER A FLOOR PANEL AT THE FRONT OF THE PASSENGER COMPARTMENT. That's classified info, and cold hard proof I really did do a great job on the Boeing web site for those who are in the know.

I am trying to be a little more clear here so the intelligence agencies realize that I really did get into a secure area and really do have accurate info, and maybe they will back off on the GOD DAMN MAIL CENSORSHIP. It is pointless, I will not be convinced to change this story, I know what I know and that is the end of it. Trolling and censoring simply can't cut it.

When I say France hijacked this airplane and ditched it for a reason, I am not puffing B.S. If a nutcase antidepressant pilot decided to whack the crew and passengers, the correct outcome would have been:THE PLANE DESCENDED TO 18,000 FEET AND AT THAT TIME GROUND CONTROL TOOK ACTION AND LANDED IT, PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION


A COMPLETELY ALONE Italian fighter jet issued a mayday call one minute before this Airbus went into it's descent while in view of it, and then returned to base. This is documented, but the reason for the mayday call has never been published, and I know why:

Because "SEVERAL" French fighter jets were in the area, on the edge of where this Italian fighter jet was allowed to go, taking over this airbus the second it entered French airspace, AND FOLLOWED IT ALL THE WAY TO THE CRASH SCENE. The Italian turned around after witnessing the remote takeover because he was not authorized to go into French airspace. How do we know this in irrefutable terms? Because witnesses on the ground saw these French fighter jets following this airbus all the way up until it crashed, and after the crash was a confirmed reality THEY BUGGED OUT RATHER THAN STAY AROUND AND ASSESS THE SITUATION.

The fact that these fighter jets got expunged from the ziopress SAYS IT ALL, but the Ziopress did the cleanup too late, people got screenshots of the news reports both before and after this, and these screenshots are below, on this page.

SO, If an Italian fighter jet issued a mayday which is EXTREMELY UNUSUAL, and immediately returned to base, AND "several" French fighter jets escorted this airbus into a mountain only to subsequently get expunged, THE AIRBUS PILOT LEFT THE COCKPIT TO TRY TO FIND A TECHNICAL REASON FOR WHY THEY LOST CONTROL OF THE AIRCRAFT AFTER ENTERING FRENCH AIRSPACE AND THE REST IN THE PRESS ABOUT A SUICIDE PILOT IS A SCAMMING ZIO LIE.

Due to a complete blackout of information in the mail boxes, this is probably as complete as this report can get. Frankly, it is already a death sentence to the credibility of the French government, so it is fine the way it is, READ IT AND WEEP, ARCHIVE AND POST! 

My remote control claims are well founded:

As mentioned farther down this page, In 2002 I got proof the A320 has remote hijack recovery as a standard feature in all models when I "accidentally" got into a secure area of the Boeing web site where pilots were discussing the differences between aircraft from various manufacturers. They were discussing this remote hijack recovery system they all know exists and were questioning why it was not used to stop 911 because both the 757/767 had this system as well. When I say France crashed this airplane on purpose, I have a damn good reason to say so.

Dear Remi, as the plane had remote hijack recovery built in, why was that system not activated during the eight minutes during which the plane was in difficulty and without pilot communication? There was plenty of time to recognize that the plane was out of control and would crash without intervention. Why did you not activate the hijack recovery system? Perhaps you had a different agenda. Perhaps that system was instead being used to fulfill that agenda.

Next up from the liars: THE AGENDA. Lie#354: The suicide pilot Muslim tie-in to get support for that war in Yemen!

waiting, waiting, waiting . . . . .

An intentional pilot initiated crash is the only way out for the liars

UPDATE: Cockpit lock out story is a LIE. The manual override that keeps the cockpit door locked only lasts 5 minutes, per TV reports. That would leave 3 to 5 minutes to storm the cockpit and take at least some evasive or corrective action.

As I said right from the beginning, this crash was intentionally created via remote control, and the plane hit the mountain in perfect working condition. The investigators know this. I wondered what they would come up with to hide the fact that this was a government hit. And so, now, they are going to say one pilot locked the other out of the cockpit and then intentionally crashed the plane. Go figure, but here is Remi suggesting a pilot did it on purpose:

Remi Jouty, director of France’s Bureau of Investigation and Analysis:

"So far, we don't have any evidence that points clearly to a technical explanation," the official said. "So we have to consider the possibility of deliberate human responsibility."



The scenario given by Remi is a lie, the fighter jets say so. HERE IS THE CHECK MATE, AND THERE IS NO WAY OUT OF IT:

They might, in the end, say the fighter jets were there to see why the plane went into a descent. But if that be the case, fighter jets, which have very skilled pilots will fly upside down or along side a distressed jet to look in the cockpit and see what is going on. That did not happen, we have no word of this, yet THE FIGHTER JETS WERE THERE. If they were not there to assist the plane or find out what was going on with the pilots, they were there to destroy the plane, and the crash of a perfectly working plane proves it. There is no way out of this.

I do not know the source of the following quote, but evidently it came from a pilot. It first appeared on Barking Moonbat two days ago according to the Google time stamp, AND IT SAYS IT ALL:

"IF France finds the flight recorders, and IF they aren't mangled beyond use, and IF they make the actual contents public record, then I won't be at all surprised to find they didn't record a word of cockpit conversation nor a peep from the passenger cabin. I bet there won't be any records of any AirPhone usage, or any outgoing messages from any of the cell phones on board.

I think the plane was hacked. Brought down. A poison gas canister attached to the air system and triggered by the "seat belts" signal when the plane reached altitude. And exactly 30 minutes later, the engines were shut down. Either by programming or by remote control. And the computer flies the plane perfectly, like a glider in an 8 minute descent, right into an Alp.

I think looking at the passenger list could be very informative. This looks like a hit. A major hit, at the level of nation-states or the largest criminal cartels. Or a worldwide group of fanatics. So, who was on this flight?

Don't expect an honest answer. There are no honest governments."

Please go the the The Tap Blog to read the entire blog on A320 Germanwings.

January 22, 2017

Attention All:

I explained GW9525 22 months ago in the US, England, Germany and on the internet.

I have offered to present expert testimony to Trump Administration against FAA Director Huerta and the ALPA Legal Team that had Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) dismissed in a FRAUD UPON THE COURT in Judge Rosemary M. Collyer's Court Room on 19 January 2011.

I am 100% confident members, plural, of Traump Transition Team will see this message no later than 1911/22Jan17.

It will also be key issue in tomorrow's radio show.

Oh, I also know why SAM 28000 had three missed approaches at KPSP before it diverted to March AFB in Riverside, CA but I cannot explain it here as FAA Huerta and ALPA Kalfus are not trustworthy.

Field McConnell
+001 715 307 8222

See yellow link about remote control and the Italian fighter jet and the three French Mirage fighter jets. This is exactly what I described on 4-15-15 in this excellent interview in Germany when I went to present the case that Andreas Lubitz could not have done it and that it was a remote commandeering.

Field McConnell: Germanwings 9525 shot down 

Field McConnell: "Pilots Are Not Buying The Andreas Lubitz Story. It Doesn't Add Up!"

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