Friday, September 23, 2016

THREAT WINDOW AD160921 - Key Words : FADEC, BUAP, Wells Fargo, BUGS S01 E03, 2 October and Sukhoi

Wells Fargo Participation in 9/11 and a THREAT WINDOW AD160921 against Trump by Clinton-Bush Crime Families and ADTW160921 Threat Window For Death Threat exposed in Operation THERM last week on Hayling Island, attached of Affidavits delivered to Judge Boles ( Pierce County WI ), bullet proof hearse with BARRY SOETORO Punahou '79 sign in window and 2 hearse photo with WI license plate SABOW3

Abel Danger has posted ADTW160921 and is confirming that as of 1711/23Sep16 a threat against the life of Donald Trump. ADTW160921 was sent to Trump Organization along with key words : FADEC, BUAP, Wells Fargo, BUGS S01 E03, 2 October and Sukhoi.

If one hair on Trump's head is out of place before 2311/02Oct16 I will explain these KEY WORDS. The 'known sponsors' will be published at that time.

 Field McConnell
+001 715 307 8222
Wisconsin DoJ
#65229......SABOW 3

Wells Fargo Participation in 9/11 and a THREAT WINDOW AD160921 against Trump by Clinton-Bush Crime Families

Field McConnell On How The Deep State Uses Plane Crashes To Assassinate Whistle-Blowers
 & More!


  1. Thank you AD. You folks are fearless and that is very much appreciated in these evil times.

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