Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"Trafficking" and Jeffrey Epstein w/ Conchita Sarnoff - Conchita Sarnoff: TrafficKing - Jeffrey Epstein - Human Trafficking of Children is Slavery and It Exists and Is Ongoing in America - Bill Clinton - Donald Trump - Human Trafficking for Sex; Organs; Labour - The Economic System Is Now Cannibalizing Its Children - Human Traffickers in America Are Prosecuted Except Jeffrey Epstein - Expose the Brutal Reality of Human Trafficking - Jeffrey Epstein's Eleven Year Long Human Trafficking Case - Non-Prosecution Agreement for Epstein - You Live in an Oligarchy

"Trafficking" and Jeffrey Epstein w/ Conchita Sarnoff 

Conchita Sarnoff: TrafficKing - Jeffrey Epstein


TrafficKing yanks back the curtain on an underworld where children pay the ultimate price as victims. The story explores the darkest recesses of the corridors of power, from Harvard to the White House. Conchita Sarnoff, an investigative journalist, who despite bribes to stay silent, risked her life to expose the brutal reality of human trafficking and the Jeffrey E. Epstein case.

Epstein, at the center of the saga, is a pedophile billionaire and Wall Street hedge fund manager and registered level-3 sex offender. It is a child sex trafficking story of epic proportions and the longest running human trafficking case in U.S. legal history; more poignant than the Lewinsky Scandal, Watergate Scandal and Profumo Affair combined. His team of attorneys included: Alan Dershowitz, Kenneth Starr, Roy Black and Gerald Lefcourt.

HRH Prince Andrew, former President Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz and others were implicated in the case. A decade after Epstein's arrest, Virginia Roberts Giuffre vs. Ghislaine Maxwell is pending, along with two more related cases. It's a tug of war between lust and power and decency and human rights. The revelations in this book could have serious implications in the upcoming 2016 Presidential elections.

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