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The Corporate Media Is Clearly Pulling Hillary's Numbers Out of Thin Air - In Real Polls, Hillary Ranks Below a Rotten Orange - Conduct Independent Polls NOW and Prepare to Audit the Election Day Vote, or Else the Clinton Machine Will Steal It
August 5-6 2016


There are 8 grandchildren holding a voting poll. They are spread out pretty well: IHOP; Costco; Walmart; Best Buy; two Petco's; a Big Y; and a gas station on Main St. in Bridgeport Ct.

Very simple:

How are you voting?
Trump 5112
Clinton 642
Other 135


Keep in mind: This independent poll was done in a liberal democrat area, and Trump is still getting almost 9 out of 10 votes! 87% TRUMP, 10.9% HILLARY, 1% OTHER.

Here is what the scamming MSM is saying the numbers are in the exact same area, and from this we can calculate exactly how much it is being rigged for Hillary. In this phony chart, we can see Hillary is getting "46.5 percent of the vote" in the EXACT SAME AREA. Yet our independent poll, out on the streets, says Hillary is getting 10.9 percent of the vote. To see how much they are slanting it all, take 46.5 and divide it by 10.9. Answer: 426 percent. THEY ARE SKEWING THIS BY 426 PERCENT FOR HILLARY!

They know Hillary will not win, but are over-representing her and lying lying lying about poll numbers to provide plausible grounds for rigging a 3 percent popular candidate into office, against a well over 90 percent popular candidate. The hope is that if the media says everyone loves Hillary, that somehow, magically, the great patriots of America will cry in a corner rather than kick ass with their 2nd Amendment rights and take the country back because "somehow, somewhere, there must have been people who wanted her". FACT: NO ONE WANTS HER, AND THIS PROVES IT:

Mike Rivero is an atheist semi-liberal. His website ( would naturally draw a mix of Democrats and Republicans. Yet his website polled like this – which means Hillary ranks below a rotten orange:

At almost 1000 people polled, this poll has a sample pool as large as many of the famous call-out polls that the MSM references as official; all it has to do is reach 1000 to hit that level of legitimacy.

This poll reveals a stark and spooky reality: Hillary does not even have the entire Jewish community behind her. This poll probably shows something close to Hillary's reality. This poll proves just how old world communist fake the American MSM is. Sure, Mike may anger liberals more than he angers conservatives, but on his site, the gap should not be this huge if the media is even 5 percent honest – NO WAY: his website is not Stormfront in any way, shape, matter, or form, and I would not expect even Stormfront to skew this badly away from Hillary if she really did have majority support. It would not skew this badly on Stormfront if she had 25 percent support.

So what does this mean? It means that the media truly is in panic mode to scam Hillary in.

The media is clearly pulling Hillary's numbers out of thin air. And the fact that they have lied so seriously means ONE THING: PREPARE FOR DISASTER, because it is the last tool the "elite" have against Trump.

GO TO SAM'S CLUB, WALMART, OR ANY OTHER PLACE THAT SELLS BULK BAG ITEMS (25 pounds or more per bag) and do your food storage NOW.


All one has to do to see their level of desperation is to watch how they are lying in the MSM. The latest was a lie about a woman with a crying baby at a Trump rally, who was treated great, and the story was twisted into a horrible tale of misogyny. With every decent thing Trump does, the media is now answering with a lie that claims the opposite.

CONFIRMED: Attorney who filed the fraud case against the DNC is now dead.

You Got Served! (short version) Shawn Lucas DNC 

Deaths of Shawn Lucas & Seth Conrad Rich - OAN 8-06-2016 

Still Report #1096 - How Clinton Rigs the Polls

Still Report #1097 Trump Trumps Clinton in Social Media Support

August 1 2016


The time is NOW. Talk to your friends and family about who they are going to vote for, to prove the media is lying about Hillary. I do not know a single person who will vote for Hillary. She is at ZERO among all the people I know. When I look online, the only people pushing for Hillary are obvious trolls. Her entire presence is FAKE. This has to be aired now, in front of everyone, so people are wide awake if/when the election gets stolen in broad daylight.

The obvious media reactions to Trump should act as a catalyst for proving to people it is all rigged. The MSM got so desperate, it illegally posted naked pictures of Melania Trump from 21 years ago. They are going to be sued for that, but will pull through just like Microsoft did as that company robbed and raped the main segment of the computer industry into oblivion because there is no rule of law in the U.S., only criminals and fraudsters in charge, and that includes the courts. Virtually all judges, if not ALL judges, are running kangaroo courts and laughing as they destroy America on purpose. And that is the obvious goal of the MSM as well, here and in Europe.

People, it is time to come to the full acceptance of the fact that all of Western civilization is and has been under attack for decades, and that the final death of our civilization is at our doorstep. This reality needs to become daily conversation at family gatherings and workplaces everywhere. Now is not the time to fail with this.

At work, discuss the voting machines and how they can be rigged. Ask everyone there if they are going to vote for Hillary. Make it public how much support there is for Trump. MAKE IT OBVIOUS THAT THE "ELITE" ARE ALREADY STEALING IT ALL with completely fabricated polls and that the entire MSM is completely rigged to accomplish agendas. Use your own workplace as an example: "Who here wants Hillary?" "Gee, do you think that opinion poll is true?" Get the awareness out there NOW. START NOW, NOT LATER because we need to get the momentum going NOW or it will be too late. You will never be able to save the vote if you start trying two weeks before the election: NOW IS THE TIME, and you can't let up until after the election is counted – and we know for sure if it is time for civil war. Let's avoid civil war by forcing this election to be clean (or at least clean enough).

MOST IMPORTANTLY: AUDIT THE VOTE. In addition to talking to co-workers about the "terrorists Trump will stop", talk about how the election process is rigged, and that people need to get out in huge numbers to prevent this election from being stolen. And people also need to be awake enough to know that it was stolen if the Jews succeed. The job starts NOW, not later: later really will be too late. And if you have a co-worker who is smart enough to know it is not the Muslims doing terror, take that person aside, and tell them you know that is true, but people are not ready to hear that. Tell that person you are working strategy, and working with perceptions at a level most people can handle, for the end goal of saving the country. Ask that person to cooperate with you and be on your team: surely anyone smart enough to know about false-flag terror is going to be smart enough to keep Hillary out of office.

Now is the time. "Tomorrow" really will be too late.

July 31 2016

E-voting machine companies that donated to Hillary rigged the election for her

Hillary Clinton exceeded exit poll totals in states that had no paper trail to audit the vote. This is why I am encouraging people to get election day off from work: so they can conduct exit polls and catch this type of fraud. And all of this fraud happened in states that used voting machines from companies Hillary had in her back pocket via the Clinton Foundation. This was uncovered in the leaked e-mails.


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