Sunday, August 28, 2016

Clinton Foundation's Huma Abedin Has Run "Human Trafficking in Unpaid Interns"

Clinton Foundation Sold: Access, Uranium, … Interns??

August 24, 2016 | Max Insider | Real True News

The Clinton Foundation is like a Russian doll of corruption: every time you think you've hit the bottom, there's another layer. We have learned that the Clinton Foundation, courting wealthy donors from the Middle East, may have human-trafficked in unpaid interns, forced to do unspeakable things for their Clinton Foundation masters.

According to a source who was highly placed in the State Department at the time, donors were courted with promises of positions, access, classified information, and even young women who would be delivered to the client if they had donated enough.

Our source:
In these societies – the Middle East, or Asia – it's pretty normal to have women as part of the deal – the same way it would be to have drinks with dinner here. That's not the norm for America, though – we'd never seen behavior like this. The Clinton Foundation had a ton of naive, super-idealistic young liberals who would do whatever they were told.

It was all run by Huma Abedin – and no one wanted to cross her, or even have the suggestion of crossing her. The girls, well, let's just say that the Clinton Foundation opens a lot of doors, and with people like Bill and Hillary Clinton around, they were pretty malleable. It was horrible – but the Clinton Foundation plays for keeps.

They set up a website, and donors could go "window shopping." It was sick – very private, but some of our IT people kept screen shots. I haven't kept up with them – good luck finding them today.

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