Thursday, February 7, 2013

#1384 Marine Links Sam Cam Smythson’s Serco Clock to Princess Diana’s Pont d’Iena Spread-Bet Vig

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Samantha Cameron and her Smythson customers’ use of the Serco NPL clock to the precise measurements of distance from Pont d’Iena to Pont d'Alama where a Boston Brakes murder of Princess Diana in Paris on August 31st, 1997 would maximize the spread-bet bookmaker’s vig.

Prequel 1:
#1383 Marine Links Serco Clock and Contract Towers to Spot-Fixed No-Fly Teams and Death of Willie Card

Prequel 2:
Belief David Cameron ancestors and their clients use Serco tunnels to sabotage command centers and eliminate rivals e.g. Sean Rooney (Aon) and Carlton Bartels ( on 9/11

Sidley Austin bookmakers’ IP lawyer kisses descendent of spread-betting spot fixing Nell!

“GLO Radio- Serco The Root Of All Evil”

“Part 1/9 - Fox News: Princess Diana's Death & Controversy [Clue PPE 1952]

”5 years after her death new evidence has emerged that Diana was murdered by MI6 ‘Boston brakes’… 

New Evidence Diana Was Murdered By MI6 [Abel Danger claims more like suspect is the Honourable Artillery ‘Spread Bet Cricketing’ Company] 

By Richard Coleman 
The ‘Boston Brakes’ 

Fifteen years after her death, new evidence has emerged that Princess Diana was murdered in an MI6-organized ‘Boston brakes’ operation. 

Following the 2008 Royal Inquest debacle, which ruled out MI6 involvement in Diana’s death, new evidence has come to light which challenges the ‘official verdict’. 

In their book, Princess Diana: The Evidence, authors Jon King and John Beveridge present evidence that a highly sophisticated assassination technique was used to cause the princess’s vehicle to crash as it drove through the Alma tunnel, Paris, in the early hours of August 31st, 1997. 

The ‘Boston brakes’, they reveal, is the most favoured assassination technique employed by the West’s intelligence services due to its deniability. 

The authors were able to compile such a detailed and compelling case due to information gleaned from their well-placed intelligence and security contacts-mostly former special and elite forces members, mercenaries, royal bodyguards, and on occasion, hired assassins. 

Some of these crack military contractors disclosed details of prior operations in which the ‘Boston brakes’ had been successfully used. Others, who fought in Angola, site of Diana’s landmines campaign, threw light on the secret oil and diamond wars still raging in central Africa, and in particular the dirty arms-for-oil deals carried out by MI6, French DGSE, the CIA and the Bush-Cheney oil syndicate. 

By focusing the light of the world’s media on Angola, the authors were told, the princess was in danger of exposing these deals, and was thus placing herself “in grave danger”. The fact that she was compiling a dossier containing the names of high-powered British politicians and businessmen involved in the deals, ditto. It should be noted that, for obvious reasons, some of the sources quoted in the book remain anonymous. But many are named.”

More to follow.

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