Friday, February 3, 2017

Serco criticised after hiring limo to move asylum seekers

Source: theguardian

Outsourcing group apologises to Home Office after transporting group from London to Manchester in 16-seat Hummer

A stretch limo Hummer. Serco's actions have been deemed 'totally inappropriate' by the Home Office. Photograph: Alamy

Dated: Wednesday 14 October 2015

Serco, the outsourcing group, has apologised for what the Home Office described as the "totally inappropriate" use of a stretch limousine to transport a group of asylum seekers from London to Manchester.

Images have emerged of a 16-seat Hummer in the village of Longford, near Heathrow, where a hotel has been using houses to provide temporary accommodation for asylum seekers.

Reacting to reports that the vehicle was used to move a number of people to Manchester from the village, the Home Office indicated that the vehicle had been hired by Serco and said on Tuesday that it had expressed "strong disapproval".

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