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Mainstream Media's Fake News is Titanic Iceberg: Look Below the Water Line

By William Wraithwrite

[*Note: If you feel this essay is important then please take the initiative to publish (permission granted) share, tweet, email, discuss, etc., as this message is very important. You have a duty to yourself and those you care about to help preserve your American rights.*]

As President Donald Trump has taken office, and inevitable conflicts ensue for both good and bad reasons, we the American people, witness more from the same spigot of mainstream media lies and distortions that muddied up so much of the election process. Only now, with the advent of the Internet, we have an option of checking for alternative sources of news and opinion (but censorship is increasing there as well).

Still the mainstream media ("MSM") continues its long standing habit of news fakery, and their army battalions have hardened their hearts to hubristic attitude. Instead of slacking off their venal corruption they have instead doubled-down with more repetitive propaganda.

So not only are they continuing with lies, distortions and omissions (broadcast TV news and major newspapers) but also many leftist non-profit organizations and alternative leftist propaganda outlets are involved as well. This blatant marriage to misrepresentation clearly indicates, as well as could any indicator, that the U.S.A., categorically, has devolved into a banana republic. See video: Spooks Spy On Trump | Dick Morris at:

Spooks Spy On Trump | Dick Morris

Yet even if a minority of more aware Americans know of the more apparent phenomenon to MSM'S crescendo of fake news this last election cycle, plenty within this minority do not realize all that big bunch is but the tip of a long-time-in-forming iceberg. What if more people also came to imagine there might well be a frozen tundra of lies and corruption floating below the water line of what we readily observed recently in the last year (which has been a remarkable lot) as a huge comet size ice ball floating below, as when viewing a National Geographic picture of a floating iceberg, and most of the critical lies are below the water line?

Maybe there are literally millions and millions of hidden skeletons frozen below as if an ice cemetery. America’s news institutions have supported a long history of lies far more substantial than what many Americans have taken time to much contemplate. They are being fired out faster than one would expect—because they have been in the business for a long time (its old hat).

We're talking earlier than the partially known by some, CIA Operation Mockingbird of the mid-twentieth century, when hundreds of CIA agents were eventually working as journalists and news anchors in all major media (and as foreign correspondents). After all Operations Mockingbird obviously had nothing to do with telling the truth which is supposed to be what the media's job.

Rather there is a history of news spin affected by Zionist control of American media that goes back to before the 1880s when thousands of Jews immigrated to the United States from Russia. And it this slice of Zionist media distortion and propaganda that is the focus of this long essay (which is not all the iceberg of fake news but a big part of it). And it is relevant today because Zionists have even more control of the mainstream media (and less so of the alternative media on the Internet). Zionists are therefore actively playing a crucial role in the current debate on fake news.

The current war of words between the MSM and alternative media is more important and more serious than what some might assume. There are hidden stories that are deeper and darker than ever imagined by many.

A real danger for most Americans—including the Trump Administration, and ironically for many who work within the MSM, and equally the alternative media, and the alt-right as well, and also most political leaders—is that few realize the full impact of these secrets (disguised by decades of successful media propaganda) that add up to a considerably body of ugly truth.

It would not be an exaggeration to argue various special interests do not want others and the general public to know of these allegations. And perhaps they will go to great lengths to keep the lid over the submerged ice even if they have to use explosions to do so. And maybe this is one reason why the MSM does not give any indication it has any intention to back down from its growing pattern of corrupting truth (becoming more and more blatant and casual like you would expect to find in a banana republic)?

Imagine for a minute several critical stories we, as a culture, have been led to believe as important truths about modern history, were substantially based on deliberate lies churned out by the professional propaganda tools of secret government enterprise, special interests, and the propaganda efforts of news empires, and that this kind of coordinated mass deception has been carried out for many decades.

Maybe how the MSM has currently behaved (and how it has recently been exposed as fake by alternative news) and also exposed as a colluding force with the Democratic Party, is only the latest formations of the ever-looming omen of floating danger?

We should realize Fake News, now as a discussed meme, is not only about recent deceits and non-revelations (such as the fact MSM never bothered to discuss recent and relevant murders connected to the Democratic Party and the Hilary Clinton campaign). While the Democratic National Committee ("DNC") and the Clinton campaign were dragging a smelly old red herring across the hound’s trail (which is trying to smell for truth to provide for a would-be-informed public) the red Commie herring was pushed in front of the camera and in-your-face pointing finger directly to Russia hacking DNC emails. Yes, they, the presstitudes, were acting as if a Geiger counter was splashing all over with an explosion of gamma and beta rays!

With alarmist radiation hype the MSM allowed itself to completely and deliberately to ignore the deaths of Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, Joe Montano, etc. (censorship by omission). See video: Clinton Body Count + 5 in Just Weeks by Truthstream Media at:

Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks

These murders were just within this last half year taking place during this last campaign season. Seth Rich seems to be the true source of the DNC leaks the MSM blamed on Russia as hacks. Yet the fake and bake mainstream media did not even mention these mafia style hit jobs, most likely (undoubtedly) connected to people in the Democratic National Committee and or Clinton herself. This example of deliberate omission as negligent abnegation of responsibility, alone, indicates the high level of their corruption and collusion within the deeper state powers of non-democratic control.

But before we venture any further, that is to explore some relevant pieces to the historical puzzle of American history elaborately changed by news agency, it can be predicted few people will readily believe all that is discussed within this article. This long essay goes to several different shocking stories and it reads like a laundry list of whistle blow exposes. Much could be dismissed as conspiracy theory or labeled any number of accusations including hate speech. Few people, especially those who believe they have lived in a relatively free country with plenty of information sources available, as to supposedly allow for balance, will quickly come to realize how much of the American population has been brainwashed and propagandized (as were their parents and their grandparents).

[*Note: You should not be deterred from examining any "conspiracy theory" (even if people use this label disparagingly in an attempt that you do not bother to study). Every theory and sub-theory deserves its own evaluation. It is within our human nature to theorize (which is the basis of science and investigation). It is also a well-established fact that the nature of human-kind routinely engages in conspiracies and various forms of corruption. Political man may be (actually most definitely is) more corrupt than what most naïve people (sheeple) imagine*].

[*Note: This is not an easy story to tell. Nor is it a story one wants to tell. Who wants to be the bringer of bad news? Who wants to state what will be acrimoniously denounced? But this level of reality-news must to told against the 'many' decades of fake news, so more Americans, especially those who care about truth and America’s real national security interests, have a chance to survive, as a nation, or at least as individuals. This is written for real patriots who put America first and do not want to be dominated and exploited by special interests, or those who do not care about the average citizen (as in those who are already citizens).*]

[*Note: The author of this essay has chosen to remain anonymous. Anonymity was an important freedom which helped promote real debate of critical importance during the American War of Independence. It allowed much of the focus to primarily remain on issues and policies rather than attacks to personalities. More importantly, it allowed people to say what they honestly thought and felt, as great fears can reside in conflictual and political situations. This world of politics is often enough a dangerous situation and can involve enormous unethical practice or retaliation. Machiavelli well noted this historical truth in a world of fear. Consequences for speaking one's mind can be enormously cruel (as some truth-promoting journalists around the world are well aware—if they are still alive).*]

A banana republic is a term used to describe a politically unstable country usually limited economically to one major export like bananas (in the case of the United States it could be either petrodollars or military hardware). Banana republics are ruled by corrupt oligarchs, and since they usually own and control much of the media in their geographical domain that same media routinely lies in their favor. See article: All the Lies: They've Turned Us Into a Rotting Banana Republic by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. at the American Spectator, Sept. 5, 2016.

Recently protests were carried out at various airports in which leftists demonstrated against Donald Trump's supposed ban on Muslims. This categorization by left-leaning political organizations, and much of the MSM as a "ban on Muslims" was itself fake news because this temporary ban was directed at countries and not religions (and ironically the two previous Administrations had identified the seven same countries as problematic: after all Bush and Obama had been at war with several Middle Eastern countries and "blowback" was and still is expected). The Trump ban did not spell out any religious group (rather territorial arenas).

Read: Spare Us the Theatrics: Trump's Fortress America is rooted in the Obama years by Justin Raimondo, at:

See also video: What Pisses Me Off About President Trump's "Muslim Ban" by Stefan Molyneux at:

Read also: FACT CHECK: So-called "Muslim ban" doesn't even effect 87% of the worlds's 1.6 billion Muslim population by Natural News Editors at:

[*Note: Natural News is a 'real' news websites that fake newspapers like the Washington Post reporter Craig Timberg labeled as a fake news website (referring to PropOrNot's list of fake websites which is basically a bogus list of dozens of quality websites some people want to censor for political reasons). For more on this story read Eric Zuesse's article: "The Lying Washington Post Gets Exposed, And All Major U.S. 'News' Media Refuse to Report It" at: *]

[*Note: There are a lot of "references" in this article to websites on the Internet (hyperlinks) that you can link to and study those referrals by clicking on them. Some hyperlinks are long and take up space (but they are not meant to be read). They are gateways to other important articles and videos. They usually start out: "https/www/… " (may appear in blue color print). These links will show arguments and opinions made in this paper are backed with research and intelligent sources (and not just made up). But you, as reader, will have to decide on your own as to what or who to trust (and this is not easy in a world so full of false propaganda especially when narratives being challenged have succeeded in being ardently believed for decades). Checking and exploring these references are a way to help you appreciate what is being presented (as many, if not all, of these references deserve their own awareness on their own merits). They will flesh out claims made. And in the case of this particular article being so controversial, it is important you check the sources and do your own research, because some claims may not initially seem as common sense or believable (but common sense is sometimes nothing more than what is common). Also honest writers with valid arguments should provide references. Besides no one is all-knowing, especially when it comes to politics and history. There is no single, perfect source of pure truth. Often "you" have to sift through much contradiction, statements of misinformation (bad ideas sincerely believed) and disinformation (deliberation deceit). Trust that you live in a world in which deceit plays a significant role (why else would there even be a debate on fake news). Also some references are opportunities for you to discover new valuable website sources for your future interests.*]


One real question that needs to be asked—given all the high and mighty righteous protests about banning Muslims (even if the claim itself is false as the countries targeted were actually chosen by the Obama administration—that is given Obama’s drone bombing the same countries: "Why have not many progressive, leftists news outlets and websites bothered to protest and rage against the killing of innocent Muslims killed by a Democratic President in those same countries in which Trump placed a temporary ban?" Seems like a real double standard by the left that claims to care about Muslim's rights?

A second and even more challenging question is why have so many MSM and news websites refused to acknowledge that it was Israel that was behind the 9/11 terrorist attack on American soil?" That is if they really want to stop discrimination and prejudice against Muslims, then: "Why have so many news organizations not reported the discoverable truth Muslims did not do 9/11, and therefore the previous two White House administrations should never have invaded several Muslim countries in the first place (which they now fear blowback), and in which millions of people were killed and millions more left to suffer horrendously?"). Where is their righteous courage on this deeper matter?

[*Note: To accuse Israel, Zionists or Jews of something is not automatically anti-Semitic. If it is true Israel's Likud government was behind 9/11 (and it is true) then such an attack was also against 99% of American Jews as well as they had nothing to do with it and no awareness of it. This is the ironic story of Jewish and Gentile naiveté—they do not realize how a small handful of what are essentially terrorists within the Jewish Zionist community, who happen to dominate major Zionist political strings and clout, violate the ethical values of not just gentile populations and host countries, but also violate their own Jewish brethren who live in those countries as well. Their professional deceivers enacted a real conspiracy against the American public and equally created a false narrative (within their "false flag" operation) blaming Osama bin Laden and 19 Muslims. Despite the thousands of times this lie has been publicly stated, that is that 19 highjackers blew up the towers publicly, this accusation has never been proven.*]

All Americans and inquiring minds have had plenty opportunity to learn the truth about Israel's role. And granted major forces who dominate the framework of how and what people are supposed to think, it is not the case that leaders on the left, or of many alternative websites have never heard Israel was behind 9/11. Many have heard this allegation, and some have investigated it and believe it, but almost no one will address it. They, in their silence, have allowed for unnecessary wars over the last 15 years.

Nevertheless the evidence is beyond substantial. There is really no doubt (for those who really want to know the truth) as to who were the many Zionists who were behind 9/11 and who covered it up. If you google "9/11 Israel" you will find a lot of evidence and yet none of it appears in the "controlled" mainstream media (nor on a lot of alternative news websites. It is considered too taboo).

However investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn wrote two important and seminal books that show in detail the many facets of this massive crime: Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World and Solving 9-11: The Original Articles. Both books are worth reading as each has plenty of information the other leaves out. Checkout his website at Bollyn.Com as you can explore his extensive and detailed research (also watch his YouTube videos in which he discusses his findings). There is no question as to who the real culprits were, and how much of the mainstream media of the United States was lying to the American people from day one (1). So fake news mainstream media was already completely compromised with the American public fifteen years ago when this all happened.

But this is recent history and therefore is but a few dozen feet below the water line of the iceberg, and yet the heft of this 20 feet of treachery is already humongous. Furthermore the entire last 15 years is composed of more lies built upon more lies, etc. to further the original whopper.

You should already understand the stakes of keeping the truth at bay are already very high as it is shocking for most people to think Israel would do this to us here in the United States. And yet we are going to explore a history of Zionism that will collaborate a pattern of betrayal to actually place some dots connected to a larger puzzle.

And it is especially important to note that much of the mainstream media today is controlled by Jewish-Zionist ownership and staffing. These people worked together to help cover up Israel’s involvement. Rather they engaged us with disinformation that one Osama bin Laden was the mastermind. But there is no proof to this claim? It is rather the same line was repeated over and over and over and over again, now year after year, by many news anchors on all major news stations and in all major newspapers.

Most Americans or American Jews alike pretty much believed the media—at least initially. Over time as the official story became suspicious to Internet sharing groups (and younger people). Now a lot of people do not believe the official version. Still few would imagine Israel's Sharon, Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, etc., were the bad guys. They just know the official story didn't and could not make sense.

See: "Who Controls Big Media?" at:


The Jews Who Dominate Media - Jew Watch at:

The Jewish Control over American Television at:

The continuous MSM war against Donald Trump, his campaign and presidency, is very much a Zionist war (not strictly of course because there is a lot of divide and conquer identity politics tactic used by the Democratic Party to deliberately turn blacks against whites, minorities in general against whites, women against men, college people against the working class, gays against the right wing, etc.). Nevertheless the fact remains Zionists have dominated the MSM, Hollywood and various White Houses for a long time, and the MSM especially is, and was, at war with the Trump presidency, as evident by the number of distortions and lies presented daily (with no let up).

Also some Jews have become very powerful in influencing the educational system of the United States. Read the article: The Jewish Origins of the Open Borders Movement by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. at the website The Occidental Observer, at: The first paragraph says:
"In a 2015 essay on 'Whiteness studies' I attempted to lay the groundwork and contextualization for a more developed study of the scale and devastating impact of contemporary Jewish intellectual activism in our colleges, universities, and wider culture. In that essay I noted the importance of Jewish activists including Noel Ignatiev, Ruth Frankenberg, Ricky Marcuse, and Terry Berman, who between the mid-1970s and late 1990s engaged in an effort to develop an academic discipline known as 'Whiteness studies.' Since its inception, Whiteness studies has occupied a unique space in an increasingly multicultural disciplinary landscape. Unlike Black studies, Jewish studies, or Asian studies, this sphere of academia is not intended to constructively explore the achievements, history, and culture of its scrutinized ethnic group. Rather, the genre exists to subject 'Whiteness,' and by implication White people, to a uniquely hostile dialectic consisting of the debasement of White culture, the degradation of White history, and the delegitimization of the European claim to existence. As such, the discipline may be regarded as an act of ethnic warfare, based as it is on the intended conquest of minds and consciences, and eventually, resources and territory."
[*Note: Kevin MacDonald of The Occidental Observer is labeled an extremist by the Zionist controlled Southern Poverty Law Center. This reverse racism by the SPLC has been successful in getting certain security software programs to censor access to such websites under the excuse it is hatred and anti-Semitism. In truth the Occidental Observer is a scholarly journal that many Jews do not like because it is critical of the excess of Jewish influence in Western societies (a topic no one is supposed to openly discuss). Scholars like Kevin MacDonald are singled out as supposedly being extremists or racist by Zionist censor groups like SPLC or ADL.*]

Also Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. has written other articles on Jews excessive involvement in trying to change the immigration practices in the United States. Read also: "On Jews, History and Refugees" by Andrew Joyce, at:

It is important to recognize closing access to the border, and limiting immigration to the United States, is not primarily an issue of racism, as the Democratic Party, and many leftist organizations depict it. Rather it is primarily an issue related to economics, taxpayer welfare flows, jobs and wages, safety, cultural stability, and not allowing new demographics to completely overwhelm the ratio of race demographics in place.

The utopian notion of multiculturalism is like a new religious and ideological brainwash. It claims people of different races, different cultures, different languages, different value systems, different levels of intelligence, different levels of wealth and poverty, different legal notions and laws, etc., can readily learn to live in harmony. This politically correct notion is being forced down students and society's throats. This cultural Marxism notion is coming to dominate more and more and is creating more tensions in American schools and campuses.

See video: 'Political Correctness: The Control of Thought and Speech' at:

"Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism" at: and

"Prof. Kevin B. Macdonald - The Psychological Mechanism of White Dispossession" at:

So not only has there been a "disinformation war" going on between factions for the White House, but there are cultural / social warrior wars going on that are being used to play into this divide and conquer strategy.

Another academic quickly labeled as a white nationalist racist is E. Michael Jones. And yet if you dare to do your own research and watch his videos on YouTube you realize that he basically tells a story we never hear about—it is about how Jews have slowly but surely changed the academic system by declaring cultural war on traditional values like the family, traditional morality, etc. He is not a blatant racist in any sense. Granted he is deluded (as are millions of people who believe in Christianity) that the correct outcome is people convert to his believe in Jesus Christ. Still he is showing historical evidence of how Jews are deliberately engaging in a cultural war on European whites. See his video: Goy Guide to World History Veritas Vincit Omnia at: YouTube.

So we have many younger people who are being taught this whole mythology of white privilege and white guilt (for non-Jewish whites) and these people are readily made prejudice by claiming those who back Trump are white racists and nationalist.

Several camps in power are heavily invested in trying to continuously portray Trump in the worst light possible; even as they, his detractors, were involved in trying to get one of the worst candidates in American history get elected—namely Hilary Clinton? This is not an exaggeration. This is a highly substantiated reality. See eye-opening video: Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hilary Clinton Really Represents at: and

Clinton Will Be Installed As More Effective Evil; We are Having Wrong Conversations by Sane Progressive at:

[*Note: This author is an independent with a libertarian bent. There is no blind worship of any political candidate herein. Still it has become obvious from alternative news sources how much of the MSM have turned into prostitutes for the Hilary Clinton party (deliberately put out fake news lies) which was backed by big money, big banks, corporations, the NeoCons, several Republicans and the Military Industrial Complex.*]

And given Hilary Clinton had so ‘many’ substantial negatives and disqualifications (felonies a seemingly corrupted FBI was not pressing) amounting to a deplorable basket case of negatives (and were metastasizing by the day as was her real health) and also her too few positives, the question becomes why was she getting any serious support from any quarter?

Why was she being propped up to be the next puppet by the MSM rather than a better choice (plus plenty of leftist Internet alternative media) collusion to "install" her (against the will of the majority)? The MSM also colluded with the Clinton camp stealing Bernie Sanders rightful nomination for the Democratic candidate.

How could a Jewish-controlled Democratic Party, and Zionist dominated MSM, stoop to such a low? It became so obvious through Wikileaks, the whole fabric of Hilary Clinton campaign plotted and actively conspired to steal the nomination first from Bernie Sanders and later Donald Trump? She never had any real or enthusiastic backing—it was manufactured as a public relations ploy. Watch real and rare progressive analysis that actually speaks truth:

Political Establishment/Corporate Media, & American People in Abuse Cycle; Time to LEAVE Oppressors by Sane Progressive at:

Corporate Media Ignores Evidence of Hillary Clinton Campaign Criminality & Plot to Frame Assange by Sane Progressive at:

After all Donald Trump is pro-Israel, anti-Iran, etc. His ambassador to Israel is not just Jewish but a settlement lover. Trump’s son in law is Jewish and so is his daughter who converted when she married him. Zionist Sheldon Adelson, an extreme Zionist, and a man heavily committed to destroying our American's right to speak freely on U.S. campuses, donated for his cause? Trump will never acknowledge Israel's role in 9/11. Rather he will kiss Israel's behind and say "Amen". Read: "Adelson to Host Event on Anti-Semitism Within U.S. College Campuses" by Suzanne Vega at:

Trump has already suggested a need to stifle free speech on the Internet—a cherished goal of Israel, Zionists, and the NeoCons. Donald Trump is really about putting "Israel First". Only items Israel does not care that much about will be America First issues to the new White House. One reason Donald Trump is such a mystery to so many is because people do not know his whole story—for example the huge number of important Jews who were behind his nomination and running PACs to support him. See video:

TRUMP IS THE SWAMP: Trump's Jewish Elite MAFIA and The 5 Dancing Israelis TruthMediaRevolution at:

Trump claims to have some notion about making a deal with the Palestinians and Jews but apparently he does not realize plenty Israelis in power have no intention of any deal that treats Palestinians like human beings. Trump is either blind, over-confident, or he is acting a show, when it comes to how rapacious and vicious are the Likud-Israeli motives.

So why was so much of the Zionist media against him? Apparently a good deal of the conflict in this cultural war and the war of the American government has to do with a divide between Jews and Zionists themselves. You have people like George Soros funding all kinds of supposedly progressive organizations—many who are actually acting like fascists thugs and are lying as much as the MSM. Then you have Jews who are more right-wing and unapologetically pro-Trump like Michael Savage. Plus we find this whole army of supporters like some chapter of the B'nai Brith itself, working more or less behind the scenes from those supposedly red-neck white racists and Harley Davidson bikers flocking to his rallies? It is all kind of crazy.

But what is alarming is this new White House already is going to war with the Iran nuclear deal and putting other Israel priorities as American priorities. It seems our government is once again high-jacked by Israel—a government and people who could care less about the average American than they care about the average Palestinian. To many Israelis the United States is nothing but a set of resources to be exploited (in any manner necessary).

The very thought that the Israeli government was behind 9/11 may be exceedingly hard to swallow for many people, especially given the elaborate political verbiage about how sacred is the bond between the United States and Israel over the decades (as well the bond between some Christians and Jews). But for those of you who do not want to entertain this “reality” then you need to find some wherewithal within yourselves to do your own research. Claiming the very thought is anti-Semitic will not change historical reality.

It is highly painful to acknowledge that a supposed trusted ally, and one that we have sacrificed much, and not just in tax dollars, would do this. For a lot of Americans, especially Jews and Zionists, but also a lot of Christians and Christian Zionists, there was a very high value of relationship between the people of our two countries. So to even think of such a violation could be true is painful and disorientating because even unconsciously it psychologically is perceived as dangerous. But this is part of the awareness process to finally realize the goals of our country are unique to ALL other countries. We must face the facts as they are on the ground. Our real danger is continuing to trust in a party that has already attacked us as if an enemy and used as some resource to be exploited.

And obviously if Israel with treasonous intent attacked the United States it makes the situation here difficult for everyone—and yet it was Israelis in Tel Aviv who decided to employ this terrorist strategy on our American country and people and to exploit our resources, so to cage us into their supposed war on terrorism. Realizing their crimes against our country should not put us into the position of denial (which has been our position for the last 15 years).

And we well note the American news empire (at least the top management) was squared-in on covering it up and promoting the fake news propaganda stating again and again we were attacked by Muslim hijackers with box cutters.

Still those who control corporate mainstream media, who are guilty of the cover-up, are not going to simply go away. Their control of our government goes back for several decades and is besmirched with more immense lies and crimes (which helps explain their continual institutional stubbornness to oppose a non-insider in the White House—even as he was secretly supported by many Jews nevertheless (not those that care about the environment or sanctuary cities and deportation policy)).

Previous administrations had many Zionist managers and advisors running the White House and Dick Cheney's office. Now MSM, which is heavily staffed by white Jewish privilege (especially male anchors in the major networks surrounded by blonde female anchors) are concerned a Trump White House is too white and too male (not as many white male Jews in the most visible positions—save Trump's family)? Nevertheless some of NeoCon’s goals are on the table. Iran yes. (What will happen in Syria and with Russia is more a question? NO doubt Israel will continue to create false intelligence as fake news to manipulate an "I love Israel" Trump and the White House).

Because of the Internet is not completely controlled by Zionists Americans have learned the official story about 9/11 was a complete fabrication. So another fake news focus is now being placed on a different version from Zionist U.S. Senator Bob Graham, with his book Keys to the Kingdom, to pin the blame on Saudi Arabia. Graham, one of several Jews who have been chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, refers with special red herring focus on 28 missing pages of redacted government report (but really his story operates as another way to deflect blame from the real culprits in Israel).

What we Americans (the 95% of us who are not Jewish) need to realize is those Zionist players (the relatively small group involved in perpetuating and covering 9/11 up and in the media lies) are not our friends. Rather they are counting on the cohesiveness of Jewish loyalty to each other in general, and apparently assume if people find out, the reaction here from gentiles will be a general anti-Semitic rage against all Jews (even the 99% who had nothing to do with the event). They believe modern day Jews too are so propagandized with the notion that Jews are always persecuted through history, that even if innocent American Jews find out the truth, they will still begrudgingly side with the lies (anything that deflects blame from Israel and Jews general loyalty to Israel and to the idea of Zionist domination of Palestine). So their paranoia obviously and reasonably exists.

This is why another major category of fake news / fake acting transpired in recent years, namely conspiracies of mass shooting with assault weapons. False shooting scenarios were literally staged several times over the last years to appear as real news events. The reason for this was to convince the American public to limit more and more rights of the 2nd Amendment so as to keep Americans from rebelling against the corrupt forces in power (and the Zionists who continue to control them).

For example, the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shootings of 20 children by Adam Lanza in Newtown Connecticut some years ago never really happened, as it was portrayed as a reality-based crime, by the MSM fake news networks. Rather it was a staged event that had a political purpose.

The majority of people find such a statement as crazy nonsense until they start doing their own Internet research. There is a cottage industry of private citizen journalism and alternative investigative journalism that has evolved to challenge the lies we are being fed by the government and the mainstream media. When one is sincere and curious enough to find out the true story from alternative news sights on the Internet (because you are not going to get it from the MSM) then you realize you cannot blindly trust the MSM anymore. This is one reason for the major backlash calling real news found on the Internet as Fake News. Alternative sources are exposing their lies and cover-ups.

[*Note: Because the Internet or World Wide Web is so vast, and there are so many millions of sources of idea and expression, pretty much anything and everything can be found on the Internet—including crazy stuff, or totally bogus garbage, and lots of mediocre opinion, plus advertising galore, entertainment, eye candy, click bait, trashy splash celebrity talk, propaganda as disinformation, etc. But you can also find lots of professional opinion, lots of high quality news some that beats the pants off the MSM, and all kinds of controversial arguments you will never get from the limits of MSM owned by a mere six corporations (tied into the corporate class). These institutions and their special interests are so used to controlling the framing of issues, and what issues you are even allowed to think about, while there were issues to ignore, etc. that they are hysterical about the idea the flood gates are breaking (and stories the common people are not supposed to learn will be available to learn). They are literately scared to death the public will wake up to reality and see the ugly crimes of the elite (as they should be).

So yes, you need to be especially careful as to what and who you trust. But the argument herein is that the MSM has been more dishonest then what most people understand and you need to be especially careful of the MSM as well). Google "Operation Mockingbird" and read articles and watch videos on this real conspiracy story of the intelligence service controlling the news networks. This will give you a few pieces to a large puzzle of complex manipulation.

The idea of faked mass shootings is not as crazy as you may think. Still Zionists especially, who attacked the United States Twin Towers in New York, are afraid the Internet is showing the truth of Israel's leading role in 9/11, as well as Zionist-dominated media lying in collusion. They are afraid of Americans waking up. Therefore they want to take away all the guns of Americans because they fear Jews may be major victims to an uprising (even if it is true most Jews had absolutely nothing to do with the Israeli-Zionist crime).

This is not the only reason they want to take away guns but it is one of several reasons. So they have literally created what is known as "false flag" events and have convinced millions and millions of Americans that various mass killings were true (some were true but a number were either faked or were carried out by secretly trained third parties that then conspired to blame innocent patsies who never committed the acts (such as the nail bombs of the Boston Marathon not committed by the two Tsarnaev brothers who were nevertheless blamed).

[*Note: If you are not familiar with the concept of "false flag operation" google it and then click on videos and you can get quite a good education to how the real world operates*]

Many of these events have political purposes, like the 9/11 false flag event that was used to get Americans to accept the idea of foreign intervention war again (after Vietnam Syndrome) as our so-called "war on terrorism". 9/11 as terror spectacle allowed for a new permission for the U.S. to engage in several military interventions abroad (that would not have been possible without it).

This of course made huge piles of money for investors into the Military Industrial Complex, and for the newer industry of Security and Surveillance Complex (that employs thousands of private companies to have access to classified documents, and for private contractors and private mercenary companies. Billions and billions of taxpayer dollars are currently paid to these huge bureaucracies, corporations and small security firms (and they all have an interest in having citizens believe there are exorbitant terrorist threats all around the globe to maintain their gravy train drain on the Federal dole—tax dollar. Therefore we will never hear the end to the phrase: "Muslim terrorist extremist" during the Trump presidency. It is too profitable.

And it is not just guns the elites and Zionists want to ban here in the United States but also to destroy the 1st Amendment as well. They do not want people to have the right to know the true level of corruption here within the United States, or to be able to accuse Zionists and Israelis of anything (regardless of the truth of the matter).

This is why there is this major play on the phrase "fake news" that has become so dominate in the last months. They, who control the MSM, want to call those who have alternative opinions as Fake News. They want their appointed censors to monitor the Internet, to have various forms of social media to penalize free thinkers and courageous activists. They will use every, and any, ploy to stop voices they don't like.

Meanwhile they maintain their right to create lies about false accusations of their perceived enemies and motivate the masses to accept unnecessary wars.

Plus they readily hire people to troll and spread disinformation, etc. The "InfoWar" of Alex Jones is well named (as Alex Jones himself as an astute person, is seemingly often on the right track in general but not always—occasionally he too is following some red herring or his hopes and subjective gut feelings).

In the information wars for the hearts and minds of the public the disinformation puppeteers want to suppress the truth and maintain their power over the American government and people. Because at the end of the day it is about awareness: (as related words as aware; wary; beware are crucial).

Again, it cannot be over-emphasized, it is imperative people do their own research on these matter to understand the corruption levels in the world. Taking away the gun rights of people is a huge issue—it cannot be overstated.

The Orlando Pulse Club mass shooting was another false flag staged event that used “crisis actors”. And this should send shivers of fear down every American spine because the mainstream media, and certain honchos within agencies like the FBI, DOJ, DHS, were in on it as faked (even as they reported this event as real to the American public—all the way up to the President).

This is the level of lies and deceit we are dealing with and this is especially the "fake news" that we need to investigate and address. The Trump Administration has to look into how the federal government participated in these lies to the American people. This is truly a sign of danger to anyone who knows what happens when governments take away the rights of citizens to own guns.

See video: Innocents Betrayed by JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) at:

[*Note: the above mentioned JPFO is one of the few Jewish organizations that are pro-gun. By far most are not. In fact, by far, prominent Jews have been leading the spearhead to reduce gun rights in the United States. And this is not a good thing for complicated but for real-political reasons—as spelled out in the excellent video above: Innocents Betrayed (a must see).* Also checkout their: JPFO WHITE PAPER: Why Jews Hate Guns: Are they right? And who are The Shomrim? at:*]

If you feel a need to verify whether Jews are, and have been, leading this march against gun ownership, see the following documents or videos (and they are worth reading for their insights):

Who is Behind Gun Control? at:

Jews and Jewish organizations lead the gun control campaign at:

Also google: "Video Jews Lead Gun Control Charge" (long http://... reference)

Question of the Day: Why Are American Jews Pro-Gun Control? at:

After Newtown, Jews Lead Renewed Push on Guns by Rabbi Judah Freeman

There are several references here because it is important to understand how radical it is for a minority group of Jews (that too often seems to claim some progressive attitude they know better than anyone else) to want to change this culture in various significant and political ways). For example, they expect the American tax payer to support Israel demands no matter what; they want to change immigration laws to loosely open the borders (as in no immune system); they want to brainwash people that white gentile people are especially guilty of racism (while no one ever talks about White Jewish Privilege); and many of their leaders and groups are behind the divide and conquer strategy used by the Democratic Party to blame white gentiles supporting Trump of being racists, being KKK, being fascists, etc., and even the SPLC arguing the Department of Justice needs to label so-called white nationalists and patriot Tea Party people as potential extremists (and therefore have their gun rights annulled). Yet they can't figure out why there may be an uptick in anti-Semitism (especially when they work on thwarting the 1st Amendment so anyone who criticizes Jews, Israelis or Zionists are automatically engaged in hate speech (even leftist Jews aligned with BDS)!

Equally they engage to weaken the 2nd Amendment, with what they claim are reasonable and practical laws, but there are covert groups within their ranks that really want almost all guns eliminated, at least to a point there can never be a legitimate rebellion against a tyrannical government (which we are not allowed to imagine as a possibility!).

On top of this the government itself has been militarizing the State National Guards and the Police Departments. This corollary reality is almost never brought up. Anyone who seriously studies DOD Program 1033 should feel shocked at how many military M-14 and M-16 rifles (something like 75,000), machine guns (15,000), billion bullets (and 'many' categories of weapons and hardware) have been transferred to police departments and DHS over the last years (especially after 9/11) as 'extra' inventory so the DOD can spend more tax dollars on new equipment. But this is NOT some benign program as the United States government has violated the Posse Comitatus Act of strict separation of police peace officers and the military killing purpose.

See: In Whose US? Machine Guns, MRAPs, Surveillance, Drones, Permanent War and a Permanent Election Campaign at:

Most striking is the number and variety of serious weapons that have been transferred—that is while new laws are continuously being contrived to limit more and more the right of mere citizens to bear arms (which was originally meant in case our own government turns tyrannical which has happened many times in various cultures throughout history as the Founding Fathers knew very well). See:

The growing militarization of U.S. police: Thousands of SWAT-type raids changing face of law enforcement at: Read more at

Various departments with the massive, centralized, Stalin-like Cheka or Department of Homeland Security has on order 1.6 billion (yes BILLION) bullets—while there are about 330 million people in our entire country? This massive quantity (that included many millions of hollow point killer bullets) has never been anyway close to adequately explained. It certainly has not brought on the kinds of hysteria as does media focus to public shootings (including mass shootings or assault rifle shooting that are in truth rare) in which case are broadcast to the entire country? Why do not prominent Jews against guns not have a problem with these concurrent realities in which the police state heightens with military weapons and armored vehicles (save for their own intertwined politics of black lives matter riots) and race baiting politics?

My Thoughts on Black Lives Matter | StateOfDaniel at:

The Truth About The Keith Scott Shooting and Charlotte Riots by Steffan Molyeoux at:

Challenge to Black People (Run the criminals out of your neighborhoods) at:

Exposed! Who's REALLY Behind Black Lives Matter, Major Meeting On Funding Groups at:

[*Note: The latest versions of the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, now allows the U.S. Government to use false propaganda against its own citizens, negating the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 (making it legal to lie to the American people)!! This is how the MSM and certain agents within the government engaged in the faked mass shooting reporting on national news. This is a real conspiracy to take away the guns of Americans by the Democratic Party—especially gentile Americans (who own most of the guns). This is not a joke. This is one of the most important reasons Donald Trump won and Hilary Clinton lost. It is a huge issue of tipping the balance of power between the people and the government and the minority of the controlling rich. Watch video: MOLON LABE – How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom at:*]

The Obama administration helped cover up 9/11 reality and continued the Zionist project of a War on Terrorism. Had the progressive media been honest there would be no need for self-righteous virtue signaling about Islamophobia.

Why have not Muslims worldwide helped spread the truth as to who really was behind 9/11? Why are they allowing another red herring story about how Saudi Arabia? Ehud Barack, Israel's head of their Defense, was the first quoted as blaming Osama bin Laden mere hours after 9/11 happened, in London by BBC.

If Saudi Arabians had any sense they would buy up thousands of copies of Christopher Bollyn's two books mentioned above, namely Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World and Solving 9-11: The Original Articles and give copies to survivors of families who lost lives from Israel's terrorist attack on the United States on 9/11 (that is those families forced to settle their court cases out of court). They could also share copies with many other important people as diplomats and world leaders, as well as institutions around the world (like college professors, law professors, and public libraries). Surely, Saudi Arabians could afford a few dozen million dollars in such a book deal. This would be helping the entire world against this phony war on terrorism without going through some shady foundation (like they did with the Clinton Foundation).

All this stuff then going on within the MSM announced reality of fake news: debilitation of the bill of rights of Americans (our heritage for a couple hundred years and created by some very sharp and history-knowledge-based intellectuals); the Edward Snowden leaks, the Julian Assange Wikileaks, DCLeaks, Guccifer leaks; and lies about Guantanamo detainees (never allowed human rights); plus recent history of kidnap and fly-by-night torture in several shady countries that allow torture; plus political parties and mainstream media creating false narratives about false mass shootings as events used to try to take away gun ownership rights. These are not trivial realities. They are all part of the package (but more themes to explore).

The Orlando Pulse shooting false flag was so badly done, as a faked event, it needs to be studied by all people who automatically reject conspiracy theories. If you truly want to know how corrupted America has become the Orlando story is a good tip off point to investigate for yourself.

Google: "Orlando Pulse Club faked false flag" and you will see and learn a real alternative news side to investigative journalism (produced on next to nothing compared to the expenses of MSM and their big salaries). Who would think we need alternative investigators to investigate the mainstream media and our own government—but the fact is that we do. Click on "videos" of faked Orlando shootings and see how MSM footage itself is revealed with red flags everywhere.

[*Note: It must be emphasized most employees of local to federal governments are not corrupt (by far). At least 95%, of government employees are good and ethical people; as well plenty who work the mainstream media are still true patriots. But history shows it can take but a surprisingly small number of people to control a vast majority. Take for example slaver owners versus masses of slaves. It is the well connected one percent we need to be concerned about. Most federal agents and police are true American patriots and believe in the Constitution and in human integrity.*]

But if the Orlando event was a real crime scene, in which 50 people died from gunshot wounds and another 53 people were wounded, you would see a "lot" of blood—it would be everywhere (but there is none on MSM live video footage). You would hear non-stop ambulance sirens and see them frantically moving in and out of the crime scene. And they would be filmed both on TV cameras and on cell phones. If you googled: "Orlando Pulse mass shooting" and clicked on 'images' you would see photos taken from inside and outside (and smartphone camera technology is very keen). And likely you could hear actual incidents as well. Where is it?

Instead the mainstream media fed us some TV news interviews that were weirdly surreal (like a worried mother of one gay son whose maternal identity turns out to be pretty surprising, that is as we later learn from an "alternative" source, revealing after his Internet research just how phony her whole charade (another actress who became a so-called crisis actor).

As you check out "citizen journalism" on the Internet (alternative investigation journalism) you intuitively realize those so-called gay witnesses, talking to MSM reporters about the Orlando shooting event, that 'none' of them authentically sound like they really just went through a harrowing ordeal of mass murder and mayhem. They do not convincingly sound like they were traumatized. It is really bad acting—as in way too nonchalant. The whole scene smells of something very, very dishonest (even as the entire controlled mainstream media and major news channels go along with this bad acting).

There are footage scenes that show beyond doubt the "whole" Orlando Pulse scenario was faked. But what you must understand is that 90% to 95% of Americans and TV viewers (much of the public) still take this event as reality—that it actually happened as the media reported. Another Muslim: another assault rifle.

Americans at large are still so naïve. More importantly this fake news reporting, approved by the political party in control, is then used, like the Sandy Hook gig, and similar events, to advocate for stricter and stricter gun laws (and to follow peoples' ammunition purchases, that is more and more data base transactions checked and recorded for a centralized government records).

Gays especially should be outraged at this attempt to manipulate their biases or prejudices and political clout. We need more citizen investigation to get to the real story. There should be at least 60 ambulance eyewitnesses. There should be one hundred or more hospital employees as eyewitnesses. Orlando Regional Medical Center would be a good place to start some real investigative journalism (certainly there must be a few employees there that really know about this historical event—janitors, nursing aides, etc.? There should be at least 30 morticians (actual dates of wakes, viewing hours, funerals (beauticians that specialize in funerals, cemetery plots, tombstone orders, medical examiners, flower arrangement stores, after funeral family and friend dinner catering. Was there open casket—they can't all be closed? Because the MSM footage is so questionable and deeply suspicious, people need to follow up to verify. Simply having a few names listed on national websites for a few funeral homes websites with incomplete data cannot suffice. This whole things was a lie (and it is far from a singular false flag) yet it is sourced as a reason to get more gun law legislation passed such as in California this year (based also on other false media / government events). The politics of gun control is far deeper and more serious than what a majority of people realize. Read Garry Leech's "The Hypocrisy of Obama's Gun Control Crusade" at: Real Independent News and Film:

These two modern day fake news realities alone, that is Israel behind 9/11 and false mass shootings, should send scare every healthy and thinking American (especially those that understand real history). And this is only part of the submerged frigid iceberg floating in frozen lies in an ocean of war submarines and of false news from the elitist news industry.

[*Note: This essay may be tediously long but it is also deep and there are more conspiracies to cover—a bit of a roller coaster—hang on.*]

Given exaggerated claims by supposed social justice warriors as their war against white people (read white gentile people) and white privilege (again read white gentile privilege) it is time to show how their divide and conquer strategy is one of keeping their own people (Caucasian Jews) in power, for example, as allowed the only legitimate voice as to how whites in general can think out-loud or express their opinions.

For example, we go way back to slavery in the Americas and learn another hidden truth—namely that it was Jews who were the slave traders and most of the slave holders in the United States and the Americas in general (even though Hollywood has given us the distinct impression that it was mostly Christian Europeans who were responsible for slavery).

Faux progressives continuously talk about white Europeans being responsible for this atrocity against the black minority as horrendous reality—and yet it was primarily some white Christians who stopped slavery in America (as slavery had been as old as history and many peoples and races have been enslaved somewhere along the line).

In fact one of the reason David Duke is so ostracized by Zionist controlled MSM, labeled as a Grand Master of the KKK (when he has not been a member for 4 decades as then for three or four years from the south when politicians routinely went through those ranks) is because he has done extensive research on Jewish involvement with the slave trade.

Jews do not want the world to know their ancestry ran the slave trade and were by far the slave owners. Most whites, and most Christian whites were not directly involved but our ancestors never get a break from their driven guilt politics?

Most Americans did not own slaves. Many Christians did not own them when it was considered legal to do so. Where is there any recognition of these facts? David Duke, the scholar, quotes various proofs right out of history books written by Jewish authors (who were apparently proud they dominated the slave trade back then when it was not considered politically incorrect).

So more people need to study these realities and these books. When is Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, who is so avidly interested in doing stories that make goy whites look as the bad guys, going to do a story on Jewish ownerships of black slavery in America?

Nevertheless David Duke, his name, has been successfully ostracized by the American media, and he is considered by some anathema of evil. Trump was more or less politically forced to condemn him by the Zionists who control the MSM today. Yes the Zionist ancestors of those who actually ran the slave trade and owned slaves more or less forced Trump to denounce Duke who reported on it. Watch David Duke's video: The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery: What Jewish Historians Say at:

Also watch any number of fascinating videos at his website DavidDuke.Com and see his many studious insights on Jewish Supremacy (a subject people are not supposed to think about while White Supremacy is smeared everywhere in this pre-election and post-election season). Of course, the white supremacy meme driven by Jewish leftists is meant to denote goy white supremacy.

And because David Duke has been so unflinchingly critical his name is associated with the evil of lynching blacks, but supposedly few modern day Klans-people (which there are not many) do not have a presumed knee-jerk hatred to kill and torture mindset. Many just want the right to be as recalcitrantly in-group, maybe somewhat narrow and provincial, and believe in the right for whites to primarily do business and community with other whites (as do Israelis who do not allow for immigrants who are not Jewish).

A lot of so-called racist nationalists are just sick of the cultural war for the Marxist left of trying to denigrate anything and everything about their less-than-cosmopolitan viewpoints and their Christian faith. Meanwhile while goy whites are never allowed to have pride in being their own ethnicity (those white nationalists) Jews (who are also mostly white) are allowed to be proud of their ethnicity?

The fact is the much maligned David Duke is a decent man who happens to shed light on some truths of Jewish influence in our country that are not exactly beneficial for gentile Americans. He doesn’t talk in terms of a rabid racism. He does open ideas that are considered taboo. He was popular at earlier points in American history. Now he is portrayed as another Hitler stigma of evil. Why is there such an outrage against his messages? Could it be he actually threatens somethings that ought to be threatened? Don't people have a right to listen to him in his own words and judge for themselves? Some of Jewish ancestry brought blacks to this country and yet paint a fake news picture it was Christians and white in general that did the bad stuff. The fact is modern forms of altruism and charity by wealthy Jews today does not hide the truth to real history). The truth will set us free.

The social justice warrior ("SJW") movement is heavily influenced and financed by liberal Jews, and yet none of these people, who are consistently focusing on the supposed evils dare speak to the truth American slavery was not dominated by most Christians living here at the time. Why is there so much guilt politics?

Controlled education does not teach it. And yet in today's pandemonium they keep bringing up the idea white America owes reparations to black slave ancestors? What kind of justice is that? This is "fake education" taught in schools.

Why are American campuses (floating with an excess of millions of high interest-rate debt payers) witnessing more and more of a politicized correctness milieu rather than a focus on reading, writing and arithmetic? Isn't bad enough Hollywood celebrities think their political opinions are worth something (when often they are not). Listen to video: "The Truth About Popular Culture" by Paul Joseph Watson at:

Jews successfully make it seem they are just another minority repressed by a so-called white majority? Why do they, as Caucasian Jews, continue to send the message gentile whites are the natural enemies of minorities? Read Jewish Involvement In Black Slave Trade To The Americas by Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael at:

Equally revealing the Democratic Party was pro-slavery during Abraham Lincoln’s time, and Democrats fought abolitionists around the time of the Civil War.

Whereas to this day the Democratic Party has done virtually nothing to help blacks and other minorities get a real self-sustaining livelihood (save get them on welfare rolls in exchange for their votes and keep them to the plantation).

The Democratic Party has become the party of Wall Street and the 10 percent. The DP is the war party and now the party most corrupt. This is somewhat amazing because the Republican Party has an elaborate history of corruption and violation of sensible ethics. Perhaps this is why FOX News has been so schizophrenic (in which we actually had a seemingly few months of breath-taking truth—actually told the truth about the Hilary Clinton campaign because they were the only MSM broadcasting station to favor Donald Trump).

Hilary Clinton lost because she was such a bad to totally corrupted candidate. Everyone knew of her capacity to lie (and why). And yet much of the mainstream media kept putting up fake impressions about what a great candidate she was? She deserved to win because she was a woman and yet over 50 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump?

The only legitimate white gentile voice is one that is not in opposition of Zionist dominance of our culture. Jewish white privilege is certainly greater then so-called white, gentile privilege so why is the former especially fueling the white privilege social justice movement in which it tries to have minorities blame Europeans for everything bad and ugly?

One example of this phenomenon is how Zionist funded, nonprofit organizations like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) claim to be the experts in defining who are racists and extremist groups in this county. Another Zionist-funded organization, namely Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), in tandem with ADL, actually work, in a de facto sense, to create prejudice against white, gentile men who are critical of status quo of our corrupted government, and of Zionist control or influence of America, by stereotyping them as Neo-Nazis, KKKs, terrorists, extremists, white nationalists and crazies, etc.

Granted there are racist, angry, and nationalist peoples who actually are racist, etc. Still Jewish-led groups use a broad brush to paint their political scheme in a wide ranging manner, as a form of de facto reverse racism.

Tea Party patriot groups want our country back. They are tired of the corruption. They are tired of the bad economic deals with the banksters and finance industry. Yes some probably feel government bureaucracies are so corrupt and so massive in spending that revolution might be necessary. What then explains why Jews are leading the campaign against guns? See:

"Tracking Patriots Like Terrorists: • Justice Department, Southern Poverty Law Center team up to target activists, anarchists" By John Friend — See at:"

See: SPLC To List White Lives Matter Movement As HATE GROUP at:

And what better way than to have both Israelis, and Zionist counterpart organizations, like Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and more recently Zionists influence within the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice, spy on so-called white, supremacists, as racist groups (their labels) and to make it their goal to take away these true nationalist patriots gun rights by saying they are on some arbitrary terror watch list? Apparently Zionists can inform people at the DOJ, FBI and DHS (that equally employ Jews) to have their names put on such lists, by way of bogus criteria advocated and pushed by SPLC (all done secretly with little recourse).

Read: "Kiss the Founding Fathers, your freedom of speech, religion and due process goodbye" by Sword At-The-Ready, found at:

Just because the Southern Poverty Law Center says there are hundreds of hate groups we Americans are just supposed to believe them? Surely there is anger and resentment as what some people could label hatred (look at all the hatred actively acted out against whites and police by George Soros funded groups like Black Lives Matter).

And given all the hatred acted out against Donald Trump supporters you would think several groups and persons in the rainbow coalition would be labeled extremists by the SPLC? Rather the SPLC itself went so far as to announce that BLM was "not" a hate group?

Whereas they claim White Lives Matter is a hate group? Well certainly such a likely little outfit is not funded by wealthy Jews like George Soros, and is not advocated for by any major political networks, that is not well connected or educated (so maybe they are not as polished for SPLC standards)?

By far most so-called extremists and extremist groups identified by Southern Poverty Law Center are white gentiles and white groups (but very few if any listed are on the radical left?).

A question to kinky haired Richard Cohen, spokesperson for SPLC (maybe his family was in the slave business) is: "if Jews were the slave owners were they not also likely involved in lynching blacks when things like that were happening?"

The whole concept of "hate speech" (which Jews are especially trying to rectify in media and non-profit echo chamber) is a slippery slope to tyranny.

Anger, resentment, and hatred are just as human as is love, peace and respect. But there is a substantial difference between feeling animosity, expressing anger vocally, or making boisterous criticism versus engaging in crimes and violence because of such feelings.

If the fat ass of Michael Moore could ever exercise his personal hatred and rage to engage in personal violence he would—so instead he uses his self-righteous pulpit to try to inspire violence in others more masculine. How is that progressive? He, as a product of white union socialism, even realized his Michigan brethren were going for Trump, but his own fat tire ass is too track-invested in a corrupt Democratic Party. Moore should spare us from his third rate political opinions found in the 6th rate MSM.

If someone refers to Michael Moore as a fat ass and un-masculine tyrant should that person be banned from free speech? Of course not. And yet a Jewish gay comic and political commentator like Milo Yiannopoulos is not allowed to speak at Berkeley campus (the same campus of the Free Speech Movement of the 60s by Mario Savio and other worthy American Jews). This is proof of such a sea change in supposed liberal thinking. Now we have a left composed of fascist hoodlums starting fires, damaging property, beating up on Milo fans, etc. and much of the mainstream media insinuated comic-commentator Milo is somehow responsible for these illegal "actions" done be others (apparently done in the name of "Love Trump's Hate" hypocrisy as no one was arrested)?

Whereas the head of the ACLU, the weasel Anthony Romero, who has played partisan against Trump in big and hypocritical ways, when asked to comment on the Tucker Carlson Show of FOX News Romero refused to appear and had nothing to say about lefties rioting and engaging in violence to literally stop Milo's right to free speech?! He would not participate in such an important conversation. How much worst can a double standard get than when the supposedly non-partisan ACLU head will not speak up for the free speech rights of true intellectuals like Milo Yiannopoulos?

Verbal insults are hate speech if done by whites? Whereas if people engage in both violence, lies and vociferous speech a person labeled a white nationalist then everything is find?


At the cost of repeating myself, SPLC, in connection to the Anti-Defamation League or ADL (which is a Mossad front) both play a big role in readily inviting the FBI and other government-related professionals to spy on gentile patriots—that is Americans who mostly raise 'legitimate' political issues like state's rights versus centralized government). Equally, the Study of Hate and Extremism, at California State University in San Bernardino is led by "another" Zionist named Brian Levin. Levin too claims to have some superior judgment expertise to decide who are so-called haters versus who are righteous complainers. All three of these non-profit groups are run by Jewish people—is this just coincidence? How many non-Jewish non-profits are involved in alerting the public as to who are extremists and hate groups (and who should be spied on by the American government and put on extremist lists)?

Again we have reality as a package of simultaneous issues. The MSM and certain Zionist special interest groups hide the fact that is mostly Jewish politicians who are behind stricter gun laws. Nor is there public acknowledgement some Jews are also leading the march to create a stereotype that some gentile white groups and individuals are racist, extremists and potential terrorists. Combine these two truths with the notion that the only white opinion you are allowed to have as a gentile is one that is not critical of Jewish power or Jews’ undue influence in this country. Then add a fourth reality to the mix we live in a culture that more and more pushes a notion of social justice as being critical and dogmatic of white privilege (and yet no white gentile is expected to feel alienated or critical and if they do they are blamed for hate speech)?

We especially witnessed this game of deceit being carried out by the MSM news industry and the Democratic Party during this last election. They pushed a divide and conquer strategy of literally promoting prejudice between minorities and whites. They deliberately focused on white police killing blacks (often distorting the facts of the case) while not focusing on how much actual black crime there has been that statistically overshadows white crime against blacks (in order to deliberately create hatred of whites from the black community). This reverse racism is media and George Soros driven.

Our less-than-honest relationship between Jews and gentiles began decades ago. It goes back to at least the days of Czarist Russia. Then there were news stories printed in a few New York newspapers claiming that Jews were being massively persecuted by the Czar of Russia. This was mostly a propaganda exploit to allow thousands and thousands of new Jewish immigrants from Russia into the United States.

The truth is many Jews living here today are not victims of repression and many of their great parents were not either. New York papers claimed Jews were being immensely victimized by the Russian government (greatly exaggerated stories). Still thousands then found ways and means to migrate here to the United States. And it is especially newsworthy those newspapers were claiming "6 million Jews" were being persecuted by Russians, and this figure was wildly exaggerated because much of their real motivation was they wanted to live in the United States which seems to offer prosperity and opportunity (freedom) and did not have rules of where they could and could not live and what professions they were allowed to employ. The U.S. was viewed as the "Promised Land" which seemed progressive in reference to the Old World. Listen to video: The Orthodox Nationalist: The Truth Behind the 'Tsarist Pogroms' by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson at:

[*Note: It is crucial to know the figure "6 million Jews" being persecuted appeared in dozens of newspapers in Europe and the United States for some decades before Hitler or the Nazis ever came to power. This is an important fact for people who do not understand the immense power of propaganda need to understand. Investigate this for yourself. Google "six million Jews figure" and then click on "images" and you will see photos of old news articles of with this exact figure going way back to the time of the Russian czar. For example see "140 Occurrences Of The Word Holocaust & The Number 6,000,000 Before The Nuremberg Trials Began" at:,000,000-Before-The-Nuremberg-Trials-Began.php or

"The 'Six Million' Jewish 'holocaust' Myth" at:

But it is especially ironic Jews in general supposedly had already been expelled over 100 times from various communities, cities or countries over the last 20 centuries. Germany was one of the last on the list but before Arab Countries after 1948. One websites lists 109 Locations whence Jews have been expelled since AD 250 at:

So an obvious question remains: "Why are these people, as a self-identified ethnic group, expelled so often, by so many different communities, throughout history?" How is this possible that one ethnic group of one religion, can continuously make itself so unwelcome so often and especially to such a level that they are expelled? Almost all this 100 instances of rejection happened before Russian Jews ever thought to try the virgin territory in the New World of United States of America at the end of the 19th century.

Does any other ethnic group (from which there are literally tens of hundreds across the planet) claim to be the victims of being expelled from even a half dozen other countries throughout history? This statistical anomaly is so massively huge one has to wonder that not only should people around the world have the right to challenge Zionist propaganda in general but they should have the right to question anything and everything about this victimization narrative. And if this has happened to the extent claimed we want to know why.

Nevertheless very intelligent and sincere 'scholars' have questioned this phenomenon as to why Jews have the unique capacity to be rejected from so many places (expelled by a variety of cultures) and yet such writers (gentile writers especially) and they and their websites are labeled "anti-Semitic" and people are discouraged from studying their writings.

The gentile world is not encouraged to much question this anomaly, or come up with any theories that counter the excuse that "We Jews are unfairly the eternal victims of persecution by many other peoples for no good reason other than we are Jews". End-of-story—move along nothing to see here.

Whereas sincere and professional scholars' websites that question Zionist dogma are routinely labeled anti-Semitic by Zionist censors like the ADL (which obviously is a special Jewish interest).

Nevertheless there could and should be entire departments of research and scholarship devoted to studying this strange phenomenon of dozens and dozens of Jewish expulsions (research not controlled by Zionist researchers or censors). You have for example, Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, cited above for his research into Russian pogroms and he says gentile Russians were more victimized by Russian Jews who lived there (and argues this convincingly so) and yet pretty much all we get is the Zionist version that Jews were always the victims and never did anything to justly cause their expulsions (save a little usury here or there but then Christians were not allowed to lend money with interest payments so Jews were forced into the role of lending money at high interest rates)?

[*Note: Lending money with interest seems reasonable and fair. It seems stupid not to—especially to strangers or high risk lenders. But expulsions had to have happened for issues that go beyond banking issues.*]

Look at modern times in the last century. How fairly have Zionists treated gentile Americans over the last decades? Have they exploited people here, as other cultures have claimed to be exploited elsewhere through history? It seems they have and much of that exploitation has been perpetrated through the process of dominating the mainstream media and controlling the narrative.

The mainstream media is certainly abusing the American population today by consistently putting out fake news and using various political movements to create prejudice against Trump, his supporters, and to delegitimize his rightful win of the White House.

Equally Jews control both political parties with their lobby group AIPAC. They have groups who heavily donate political contributions to both parties so they always have influence regardless of which party wins a political race. The deliberately back the opposition of those they don't like (often at the expense of what is in the best interest of America).

They clearly exploit our country today when it comes to foreign policy in the Middle East. They have lied us into illegal wars in the Middle East in which millions and millions of Muslims have been killed and victimized. For example, our illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 was really because of Israeli pressure. Nevertheless lies we were told, such as Saddam Hussein did 9/11, later he had weapons of mass destruction, and that he was a direct threat to Americans, etc. But it turns out the real reason the United States invaded Iraq was revealed by two American-Jewish historians, Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer (who both defied Zionist consensus in the U.S.) and it was because of Israeli pressure (behind the scenes). See their report The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.

More recently we have been lied to about Syria. Now we are also being lied to us about Russia, Syria and Iran for wars for tomorrow. This is not to say Zionists or NeoCons are solely responsible for these wars. There are many groups and motives to make a war. But Zionists played a very significant part (often secretly) and the numbers who have died or suffered from these conspiracies are staggering (far more than the true number of all Jews who really died in the two world wars—another part of the fake news iceberg that needs to be explored).

[*Note: This essay does not mean to insinuate Jews in general are bad and gentiles equals good—even as leftist and some Zionist propaganda has implied exactly the opposite. Rather this essay wants all peoples to learn the real truth of history of Jews in the United States, so both Jews and gentiles can stop living in a world of false consciousness, in which many Jews act as if they have some special right to guilt trip the rest of us, supposedly because they assume their ancestry has been victimized so much more than any other peoples throughout history. It is about learning truth and to stop living a lie of Jewish victimization and special entitlement because what is being exposed herein (and references included) is the daunting confounding reality that some Zionists have been the major exploiters of many peoples of the world (even as it is true the majority of Jews are not responsible—save their blind naiveté to constantly assume such role of victim, or indignant accuser, or expecting special status and special rights).*]

According to investigative journalist Grant F. Smith's book Spy Trade: How Israel's Lobby Undermines America's Economy, Zionists routinely steal technological secrets from our country's corporate and university research departments, as he paints a picture that America is nothing but a golden calf for Israel's continuing exploitation of America. How is that for a "special relationship" between the United States and Israel? What does the word What does the word 'special' really mean in this idiosyncratic context? It certainly cannot mean the people of the United States are being treated with respect and fairly?

When are Christians, who blindly advocate for whatever the Israeli government wants, going to wake up and realize they are being taken for a bunch of sheeple, as if being readied for the slaughter? Think about it: you have true Tea Party patriot groups being labeled as potential terrorists; you have massive surveillance on our own people; you have secret plans of martial law with military control and weapons that could takeover of the American soil; planned concentration camps; and then consider the history of massive murder in human nature turned on itself, just in the last century (how many millions within Communist Russia and China). Plus dis-info events of faked mass shooting in order to convince the public to create new laws so as to greatly restrict gun rights. This certainly is not a normal set of circumstances.

But a real analysis of the History of Zionism should include a fresh view of ancient Biblical story telling. We need to clear up some Judeo-Christian misconceptions. Let's go back to the Old Testament and ask some probing and hard questions into that psychology?

[*Note: A Jewish scholar wrote a book that completely debunks any notion of an Old Testament character named Moses, who claimed their Hebrew tribe was given the land of Canaan from some Almighty God named Yahweh. The author's name is Jonathan Kirsch and his book is called: Moses: A Life. It is a masterful piece of scholarship and it deserves a reading by believers and non-believers alike (an actually interesting eye-opener to read).*]

Yahweh, according to the debunked Moses, claimed land rights against several tribes of people who "already" lived in Canaan back thousands of years ago. Bus supposedly Yahweh demanded his ancient select group, supposedly escaping should kill off or enslave those tribes of ancient Canaanites already occupying the land. Thus this "war propaganda" was fobbed off to their own ignorant masses way back then, as well to today’s world of ignorant Christian masses—century after century, as the unequivocal Word of God, and this God demanding war was purported to be exceptionally moral.

Such propaganda myths eventually made their way into books of Biblical Scripture and became officiated religion; but frankly it was all poppy-cock (and always has been). Nevertheless it was story telling when a big tribe of people can get lost in Sinai for 40 years but in reality one can walk across it in a couple weeks.

More importantly neither the Old Testament nor the New Testament is truly based on ethical principles. The so-called moral authority of the Bible is based often enough on authoritarian or totalitarian principles. Having one tribal god call for war against already occupying peoples in Canaan, peoples who had different tribal gods, is hardly based on moral ethics. It is not any more moral than Israel currently plotting to take land from Syria where there have been oil discoveries.

So even if people believe in any of the three Abrahamic religions they are not really believing so because of some moral high ground—rather they are possessed by superstitions with various prejudices built-in.

In this age of modernity, it is time for more people to study religion through a political lens—especially since religions too often, at least the three main Abrahamic religions, are very much indeed about politics.

Comparative theology, so far, has not done a good job in analyzing the political implications of religious literature.

Analyze Judaism, Christianity and Islam from what they portray about how God, Yahweh, and Allah, use and abuse power and authority. This is to say it is time to study scripture more as would a lawyer (that is to say religious literature assumed to have been written always by mere humans who claim to speak for God but who merely make such a claim). The political ramifications within religion is what is important—after all this is what created the basis of the relationship between Deities and their followers.

Maybe we should ask why we are not honoring the religious claims of the ancient Egyptian Gods. After all the Old Testament took ideas from even more ancient religions like from the Egyptian notion of monotheism from Pharaoh Akhenaten?

[*Note: Such an argument for a political analysis of religion has been made in "When God Became the Terrorist: Traces of the Authoritarian Nature of the Three Abrahamic Religions" at: (free e-book and a very eye-opening and interesting read).*]

This book When God Became the Terrorist focuses on the extraordinary amounts of fear, as terrorism, that have been used by such religions to motivate people both consciously an unconsciously (that is while these same religions claim to be about how much love, blessing and forgiveness they espouse). There is schizophrenia built into such religions.

Because what freethinking soul can really like and appreciate Yahweh, or European Christian derivative God, as described in the Old and New Testament? No just God would demand that his subjects love and honor him (nor would he need to). No just God would threaten people with a hell of eternal torture. No just God would claim to create all circumstances that affect all persons, including by their DNA, and then take no responsibility for human outcomes, and instead threaten to torture them in hell for eternity because he happens to be offended. No just God would demand anyone be crucified to satisfy his need for vengeance. This is not justice in real or progressive terms. Therefor modern psychology and philosophy has to come to terms with ancient mythology.

Still the Hebrew religion of Judaism got at least one thing right—an understanding that man is inherently evil—but not necessarily deliberately and cognitively so—rather because human beings are rationalizing creatures and can and will rationalize anything. And they do. Look at political propaganda today (and even some religious scripture). Look at all the fake news of the mainstream media.

Abrahamic religions are not truly grounded in high ethical principles and therefor Christians, Jews or Muslims have no moral high-ground over atheists and agnostics. And there are a lot of moral atheists. One could argue some atheists are more moral and ethical than their some religion-believing counterparts.

Equally atheists can and will argue that issues like abortion can be moral. When you live in a world of excess population growth versus lack of adequate resources for survival you literally cheapen the value of each human life every time you add another baby to the planet that places more demand on the economic and environmental resources. This is one reason why military conflict increases and why wars include civilian casualties—people have become a dime a dozen. Having children in today's world can be argued to be immoral if it can be argued those children will face dire circumstances.

And according to the double standards of Christian believers, it is moral to claim abortion is murder but the death penalty and the act of killing human beings in the battle of war is somehow not murder (only in the minds of the shallow)?

Over-population often leads to conflict and war and so people are put to death by other human beings whether you have legalized abortion or war (as there will be more war in the 21st century—frightening so).

If Yahweh tells Moses his people need to kill off the many tribes of people already occupying the land of Canaan—that too is murder—even if people are brainwashed by religions claiming ultimate authority century after century. In this case the vast majority of the brainwashed are wrong and lone opinion is correct (and sane).
"When the Lord thy God shall bring thee into the land, and shall cast out many nations before thee, the Hittite, Girgashite, Amorite, Canannite, Perizzite, Hivite, Jebusite, seven nations greater and mightier than thou, and when the Lord they God shall deliver them up before thee, and thou shalt smite them, then thou shalt utterly destroy them (Deut. 7: 1-2)"
Too often Christians and religious peoples think only they live and breathe by some moral code. Rather what they live by is often primitive and authoritarian forms of moral code.

There were once brainwashed to think someone should be stoned to death because they committed adultery? The punishments of the Old Testament were brutal and harsh (no matter how routinely liberals and right-wingers alike point to Islamic forms of justice today).

Many atheists are tired of the pseudo-moral rules Christians are constantly trying to force down other peoples' throats. If you do not believe in abortion then don't get one, but don't force other people to live to your rigid moral mindset. There is nothing moral about forcing women to have babies if those women are not in a good position to financially and socially nurture and care for those babies.

Nor does it make economic sense to add more poor family babies to the welfare rolls. In fact one could argue it is just as moral to demand that women on welfare should be legally required to have abortions. Christians do not have the moral high-ground on ethics and morality.

Some who claim to love God actually fear God as a tyrant but such fear may be unconscious (because they cannot deal with the contradictions of a God who is supposed to be all loving and yet his sanctions include a lot of cruel form of injustice). If you take away God's carrot and stick of an afterlife of heaven or hell you can judge reality on reality's own terms (and yes that does mean what is termed "situational ethics").

There were morals (anthropology uses the term 'mores') long before the religions of the Axial Age (8th to 3rd century BC) ever became part of human history. All societies have rules and laws that can be considered a basis of ethical conduct (at least law and order). In fact the word 'ethic' derives from the word 'ethnic' because every diverse group of humans living anywhere in the world at any time of history has some kind of code of conduct. (But this is not to claim moral equivalence). Nevertheless people are tired of those who try forcing their moral codes on to everyone one else. Claiming abortion should be illegal is just another example of Sharia Law in which some people are forcing law to reflect a certain religion.

All three Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islamism were morally against homosexuality. Nevertheless, homosexuality is a biological reality among various species, just as it is true that biology occasionally gives birth to people who have traits of both sexes. Any real tolerance of these realities of nature come from a philosophical understanding of the complexities of nature. So it is not the case Jews or Marxists push homosexuality onto society like some Christians insists. Nor is it the case that people can argue for relative points of view rather than absolutist moral laws and this means society is being attacked by cultural Marxism.

Equally leftists and progressives have no natural superior vison on being humane. Political dogmas that seem mostly secular can be just as narrow and authoritarian as can some religions be in their forms of punishment politics.

So it should be noted in all fairness, there a lot of gentiles too who are tired of Christians who criticize Jews as being the singular force pushing liberal ideas like abortion rights, tolerance of gays, the right to appreciate the erotic for its own sake (including pornography), the right to engage in premarital sex, the right to legal prostitution, etc. Jews are not the only people who have ideas that contradict the rigid limitations of Christianity and superstition.

Erotic art and enjoying so-called hedonism of erotic pleasure for its own sake is not evil or satanic (just because some people are brainwashed to think so). If people commit hideous crimes when then obviously you can reasonable call it evil. But not every human impulse that is disapproved somewhere in the Bible is evil, sick or depraved. People do not have to choose to be slaves to such primitive forms of authoritarian judgements.

That said, it does seem deliberately insulting how some of modern culture puts more and more emphasis on the lewd, the grotesque and the vacuous. There certainly is room for criticizing how Jews, who play a heavy role in America's pop culture (movies, TV, music promotion, comedy, etc., seem to insult the sensibilities of Christians at every possible turn.

Also not all fights for social justice are contrived and unworthy. It may be true for example some feminists have become arrogantly self-righteous and male-hating, and have created their own forms of reverse sexism, have constantly argue with falsified arguments and statistics, etc., but it is equally true that certain arguments in favor of female advancement were truly progressive as well. So not everything that seems to challenge tradition is because of Jewish subversion.

Some of us recovering Catholics do not support the notion that Christian virtues are the best form of culture. The United States IS NOT a Christian nation. If you are basing your ideals on one form of Christian nationalism you are not representative of modern America.

There is nothing wrong with having pride in a nationalism that honors the Constitution, the American Bill of Rights, our Anglo-Saxon legal heritage, the Enlightenment, the Renaissance, the evolution of science and reason, the economics of capital enterprise, as well as ancient Greek and Roman traditions, etc. for having pride in an European and Caucasian cultural ancestry. This is a kind of nationalist heredity that reflects modern Europe and is not based on a racism.

Surely Christianity has played a large part in America's and Europe' cultural heritage lines but Judeo-Christianity is ultimately from the Middle East. Whites from Europe were not always Christian. Christianity was often imposed on the European world especially by Roman Imperialism.

Furthermore Europeans could not speak or read Latin so they did not really understand all the ramifications of the religion they were being indoctrinated, save dumbed-downed versions.

Furthermore as Christian sects splintered and various forms were labeled orthodox or heresy and such believe systems caused all manner of conflict, prejudice, politics, violence and war. Christianity DOES NOT have a history of love and accommodation (that is a myth). Christianity demands conformity and obedient allegiance.

Various Christian peoples were persecuted as well (and heavily) but we do not have museums of such persecution? And often these conflicts were motivated by fears—fears of believing in the wrong version of scripture in which case one could not escape the tortures of hell. Middle Ages religion was based on forms of fear and superstition.

Judeo-Christianity was not mostly built on love and peace. The rhetoric about love was mostly a front. Granted peoples learned to treat each other as brothers and to care for others, and also there was a psychology of forgiveness (as in the confession) but the underlying psychology was still based on a fear form of social training. Take away the fear of eternal hell and much of the motivational energy dissipates (which is not arguing human nature cannot find ways of social maturity without these kinds of religions).

Nevertheless the idea that suddenly in what may seem like the middle of human history, when Judaism was getting started, some ultimate moral law evolved and was laid down for a small sliver of the human race (and later expected to motivate all peoples and races) is preposterous. It is am ethnocentric notion. Judaism, in its own time frame of human history, was as Johnny-Come-Lately as any other notion of the ultimate provincialism.

Many cultures and religions predated Judaism, and the Old Testament took ideas from earlier religions like the great flood was taken from Epic of Gilgamesh (the 5th great kind of Uruk) found on clay tablets dated from 2500 to 2000 B.C. Mesopotamia.

[Note: According to The Oxford Companion to the Bible edited by Metzer and Coogan, it says: "Abraham is the earliest biblical character who is delineated clearly enough … with world history. His homeland on the Fertile Crescent … and movements southeast toward Chaldean Ur … then west to Canaan and Egypt correspond to Amorite migratory and commercial routes. … He may have been a caravan merchant but the Bible presents him as a pastoralist."

So GET THIS: Abraham more or less migrated west to a land already occupied (as archeological digs make obvious). But we gentiles are not expected to think very deeply on ancient history but rather to buy into a kind of historical puerility such as Netanyahu presenting a cartoon bomb on a cartoon drawing (in color-book red color even) that is to "august" Senators and Representatives of the United States, while they were clapping in standing ovations as if God himself had stepped into Washington D.C. to honor their glorious and angelic allegiance.*]

But see the video: Welcome to the home of the Jewish people at: Herein this video we get a completely false propaganda notion Caucasian Jews were first to live in the land of Canaan. But this is not true and could not be true, as Canaan was in a land of traveling migration between the land masses of Africa, Asia Minor and the Middle East. The human species would naturally have traveled this land for 10s of thousands of years if not 100s of thousands of years. But again we gentiles are supposed to be too naïve to notice the obvious hypocrisy. (After all if you believe what some say about God's creation humanity is only a bit over 4000 years old?)

As to why Jews may have been at odds with many host cultures, we learn from both the Old Testament and Talmudic teachings of Judaism, such religious literature claimed Jews could treat non-Jew gentiles with different standards than they should treat their fellow Jews. In another words they could exploit gentiles (but not their own). For example they could have non-Jewish slaves. They could charge gentiles interest when money-lending but not to their own peoples, etc. These double standard codes of conduct sanctioned by the teachings of Rabbis throughout the ages seems to be a major cause for conflict when dealing with other peoples in other countries and cultures. Read, for example, Quotes 'With Attitude' From The Jewish Talmud by Don Talbot at:

Or read: Jewish Talmudic Quotes – Facts Are Facts by Acharya S. at:

Granted such lists of quotes are cherry-picked for their shock value as they suggest Jews could treat all other humans in very disparaging and evil ways. "Jews may steal from non-Jews", "Jews may rob and kill non-Jews." etc.

Nevertheless this is nothing short than institutionalized psycho-pathology by claiming the highest form of authority has decreed these claims as legitimate ethics of the Jewish culture (that is the Rabbinic and Talmudic literature mostly formed after Christianity started).

Whereas the teaching of the supposedly liberal Jesus, who also was a Jewish Rabbi, advocated for treating all people as equals (the golden rule as it came down through ages of mythology) and yet this mindset was seemingly rejected by Talmudic Judaism. This is why schools of Comparative Theology need to incorporate a political analysis of various religions but also ethical and social-psychology interpretations as well.

For example, if you watch the following video created by some Christians you will learn the Talmud has a lot of conflictual issues with Christianity and some are quite alienating. Also what you inadvertently learn is the history of modern Judaism is more connected to Babylonia than it is to the land of Palestine. See: The Whole Story Of Zionist Conspiracy by Are You Blind or What, at:

There are many conflicting beliefs within the whole realms of Christianity as well (and all the many sectarian versions and practices). Probably there a million books published on this huge subject alone. Nevertheless just by studying the various interpretations from religious scholars can lend to a lot of insights. For example if you listen to the following video: The Orthodox Nationalist - The (Old Testament) Prophets by Fr. Raphael (Matthew Johnson) at: …you will learn some people reject modern Judaism because it is based on the Talmud and not on the Old Testament. For example this lecture claims that Jesus Christ was aligned with certain ancient Old Testament prophets as Isaac, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah who are all scolded and rejected in the Talmud. Those ancient prophets accused the chosen ones of sinning away from Yahweh and adopting other religious practices from neighboring tribes (such as the golden calf and sexual promiscuity).

This man, Matt Johnson, claims the Pharisees were corrupted and the Pharisee Talmudic Judaism should be rejected just as the Talmud itself has rejected those ancient Old Testament prophets and as it rejected Jesus.

But in truth there was never a perfect standard of religious morality in any of these religions as debates and standards changed through history just as they do depending on what Rabbi you happen to honor (there is a lot of subjectivity to religious interpretation especially when you have mountains of text to interpret).

There is also a lot of cultural clash today about morality today (such as ideas about sexual practices) that mirror the same moral dilemmas and issues millennia ago. You can see the same tensions from the Old Testament as you see today. Lewdness, prostitution, sodomy, etc., are very old human realities. They were not invented by Hollywood.

But one point that needs emphasizing is both Christians and secularists alike need to spend more time analyzing the Talmud (and not just assuming the Old Testament represents Judaism). A focus on current day Judaism of Rabbinic interpretation of the Talmud will reveal more to being able to understand tensions between modernity's Jews and Zionists and gentiles today and recent history.

Also, to appreciate that religious literature switched over to other versions makes it easier to understand religions were created out of human minds (some with twisted notions of justice and some with very prejudices forms of ethnocentricity).

No doubt there exist a lot of humane and arguably ethical ideals within the Talmud as well. But it is imperative that Americans understand this literature is the product of humans and not some ultimate and universal Deity (and therefore Americans have no reason to especially honor this cultural set of belief systems from the Middle East). These religions were not part of ancient Europe—rather they were forced upon Europeans more often than not.

There is no moral basis for an American to die for a Zionist cause. Most Zionists have no intention to die for a true American cause. If Israel was a true friend of America it would treat the people of the United States like they mattered (not simply mouth pompous words and platitudinous lies to that effect).

Christian Zionists need to wake up to reality. As mentioned earlier a major thrust of the history of Christianity is based on morbid fear. A mythic Yahweh (assumed in Christian religion as powerful enough that his will had Christ put to death), supposedly he (symbolic ego-soul) needs to have the right to demand the torture and crucifixion of any human soul, as scapegoat, especially in this case his own son as claimed, to be a sacrifice, was not exactly felt by many to be all that loving or kind; and yet it is a core emblematic story of the birth of this new religious offshoot of Christianity that separated from traditional Judaism.

The psychology of an arrest, imprisonment, torture, and then to be horrendously put to death as more torture by being crucified (supposedly for all of humanity's sins) speaks volumes about the authoritarian nature of the Bible's monotheistic and centralized power called God. Obviously fear and terrorism is built directly into the Christian religion; and in the same manner some of the Catholic clergy of the Middle Ages were despised for selling indulgences to the poor of Europe (so hopefully they did not have to suffer in hell of which they were so deadly afraid in paranoia—that they turned over there last coins to the Church).

Meanwhile in this religion as politics psychology God claims to have created all things, to have power over all things, and to know all things, and yet he wants to punish those human subjects who do not have all power, and do not have all knowledge, and have plenty circumstances beyond their control, including their genetic dispositions, etc.? What kind of balance of power and responsibility is this that he can threaten them with a concentration camp of torture? Sounds like Yahweh is more a tin pot dictator like Idi Amin of Uganda.

Nevertheless, back then during the Axial Age, in which there was no separation of Church and State, those tribes too needed rules and laws, and forms of sanction and punishment. Crimes happen in all societies. Nevertheless crucifixion, as torture and murder, was a political act some Roman military personal dealt to some criminals and rebelling slaves. It was intimidation and terrorism. It was not a message about love, tolerance, forgiveness or sacrifice (as history readily seems to forget those many others Roman slaves who were crucified by Romans and there is no explanations in cosmic or prophetic terms and redemption). Hobbes was right about mankind's brutish nature. Crucifixion is a terrible form of cruel and unusual punishment.

Why should any religious deity (or merely human politician) have some right to scapegoat others? How can that be viewed as attitude of forgiveness and magnanimity? The fear-based mentality of the Judeo-Christian religion is clearly the largest case of Stockholm syndrome every recorded in human history—to actually brainwash people into thinking the torturous death of Jesus was meted out because of love and forgiveness for others.

And this is why there is so much controversy about the character and tribal judgments of Yahweh, as described in Scripture, and as written by many, various writers, claiming direct inspiration and over much expanses of time (but even political journalists today may claim such). Still people have long wondered how a supposed God of Justice could seem so partisan, so provincial and so brutishly bloody.

Rather all this religious mythology of meting out punishment seems so human natural and political. No wonder Talmudic writings became even more chauvinistic and tyrannical to goyim. If Judaism teaches the world anything it is that some people can come to think they can concoct authority and morality that can get away with anything; and it is morally acceptable because it is sanctioned by some ultimate authority that no mortal dare question.

The three Abrahamic religions out from the Middle East have had an enormous influence on many cultures and histories over the last several centuries, so why has there not been more political analysis of these religions from a secular and psychological point of view?

When we talk about terrorism in today's world of modernity we often talk of it in terms of one or more of these Abrahamic religions?

There are not lots of the followers of Buddha running around like crazed zealots demanding people convert to its spiritual laws? Why is the Middle East and later on Europeans, and later on still Americans so violent? Are they not all Conquistadors killing down New World pagans and stealing their gold and silver?

Abrahamic religious traditions espouse chauvinistic belief systems. It is not just, say, Sharia law that may seem unenlightened arbiter of justice—all three Abrahamic religions have authoritarian principles encoded into their very scriptures. Read for example, John Shelby Spong's book: "The Sins of Scripture: Exposing the Bible's Texts of Hate to Reveal the God of Love" New York: HarperCollins 2005.


"No army can stop an idea whose time has come" * Hugo Victor *

Besides there is almost no viable two state solution in Israel anymore. The West in general has succumbed, by way of a castrated debilitation of psychological blackmail and supposed anti-Semitic and guilt, to not have had any vitality to effect any sort of fair situation. Over the years Israel has secretly conspired to destroy any possibility to a two state reality as a viable solution. Instead they have mouthed platitudes and equivocations, yet their actual behaviors have consistently been be take more and more Palestinian land. They have been constantly plying their own con game to take advantage of Western naiveté and mere Christian hopefulness. This façade of diplomacy has been rigged again and again.

So is Trumpalism going to be the new savior? Not likely. A two state solution at this point is a pipe dream because Israel has already taken so much land and valued resource and divided the country into Swiss cheese. People who continue to espouse this notion are really setting the world up for endless conflict in the Middle East and in the rest of the world (as wars today are not likely to remain regional).

Whereas the cockamamie Netanyahu notion Trump should be given a Noble Peace Prize for supporting the idea of moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is the equivalent of a snake setting up a trap to poison the well. This would not lead to any type of peace but at minimum to terrorist attacks (which all Trump's cache of confidence will never conquer). Such an arrogant idea is pure Netanyahu—worse than foolish, and only the typical blindness of some ardent Christian Zionists would fall for this scheme (of the U.S. once again being used by the Israelis in return for nothing of value). How does such a move actually benefit Americans? It does not.

The Israelis are always manipulating the U.S. White House and Congress to do things that are plainly unfair to Americans as a whole, and to the rest of the world. Such moves are in the singular interest to the Israelis (even often at American expense). The only viable solution is a secular Israel. The world does not owe Zionists any promise or support for a Jewish state anywhere on the planet. This whole idea is based on psychological blackmail.

Look at how our recent foreign policy in general, driven by the NeoCon Zionists, have alienated so many of the world countries against the United States. Never have our people been hated by people in so many other countries. Our Israeli-dominated foreign policy has destroyed our standing all over the world as well as our economic viability. It's like we are being sabotaged in every possible way.

But apparently Israelis and Zionists like the fact that other countries are hostile to us because they then feel we are stuck to cling even more with Israel since we have fewer and fewer friends and partners elsewhere. Any social worker would tell you this is indicative of a dysfunctional relationship. Maybe Donald Trump should hire a bunch of social workers to work in the State Department? They could not be worse than recent hag witches that have haunted it?

No President should be given such a prize at the beginning of their presidential term—it means nothing as in the case of Barrack Obama who did little to earn such a prize (save the Iran nuclear deal which then could have earned it as worthy enough). The Nobel Committee has already regretted making that mistake with Obama. The chutzpah of Netanyahu coming up with that idea is proof of what a schmuck he thinks of Trump is (and his family) that is as just another derriere-kissing puppet. And perhaps that is all Trump will end up being?

Netanyahu should be arrested as the terrorist. He wrote the book on it.

Now Israelis and NeoCons will be doing everything they can to destroy the one true and worthy accomplishment of the Obama White House. They want to destroy the Iran Deal which was a very good deal (as five major international countries made commitment) despite all the Zionist propaganda lies about it being worse than worse.

It is the same projection as Israel kills off thousands of Palestinians the Israelis claim the Palestinians want to push them into the sea. They say the same thing about Iranians.

Another push by Israelis to destroy Iran is totally non-productive and more barbaric cruelty of war. Read Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare by Gareth Porter at Amazon.Com (and check him up on the Internet videos, audio clips, etc.) Or listen to many insightful interviews at ScottHorton.Org (important website for foreign affairs).

Americans need an education lesson in secular terms on the mythology of demonic possession. There is a lot of correlation between religious myth and human and political nature. Demonic possession happens when people are fed lies, like propaganda or fake news that they come to believe or want to believe. For example, in Biblical mythology Lucifer represented the epitome of evil—why?

Well it turns out that his form of evil, that apparently was so atrocious, was nothing more that calling for civil war within the heavenly realm (angels against angels). It was his willingness to “rebel” against the status quo. Kind of ironic insurrection would lead as the worst form of evil in the Bible? Dante had different ideas to those sinners who suffered in the lowest realm.

Apparently not all the angels were happy there in that place called God's heaven. Perhaps there was human-like strife and office politics being played out? We were always taught we could assume that once you get to heaven then everything will be honky-dory, as in all so glorious we-have-landed in the ultimate retirement playhouse, but apparently at one time (pre-human I guess) those angels of a higher order (especially those wearing insignia of rank) were prone to human-like dilemmas such as discontentment, resentment, and rebellion?

This whole mythological story is nothing more than a metaphor for human politics in human societies in which different factions within a tribe, culture or government are at war with each other. For example it could be some crazy like Insane McCain, thinking he is as close to the Almighty as one can get, being challenged by some less senior upstart in the Senate. Such scheming and infighting goes on all the time in the human realm. Even the American Civil War was a kind of cosmic conflict that is still explained away in different variations depending on who you think is the evil versus good ones. One man's hero is another man's villain.

But Lucifer was also called the great deceiver. He was supposedly the angel that created chaos and spread lies. But in reality it is always the politics of deceitful propaganda that claims the opposition spreads lies (oh, I meant fake news).

Biblical evil resides in a world of disinformation, like what the Neo-Con-Artists do on a routine basis. People believe the lies of professional propaganda and become possessed by such lies (as they are published with barrels of ink) to the point they are herded to go along with whatever policy or war the secret state is plotting and trying to figure how to get the taxpayers to go along.

See: Corporate Media Using Aleppo Syrian Child Photo to Fan Support for More Insane Wars for Profit by Debbie Lusignan at:

Western Propaganda Support Terrorists in Syria

The Real Syria Story No One Wants You to Know About by Newsbud at:

One thing we mere average human citizens need to realize is that professional lies especially for war have very serious and moral consequences, and yet too many within the class of elites act like this type of deception is just another mere paragraph in a dusty book of history that few people will ever read and know about.

Really these litany of lies (and not just lies but actual fabricated false news footage deliberately created to give false narratives) for the sake of war, again and again, decade after decade, is the real Satanism of modernity. Some people don't seem to care how many innocent and decent people are horrendously murdered through war and lies. It is all taken for granted as just another day at work. Millions and millions and more millions of people have been killed by lies just in the last century. And the media is involved in telling more and trying to have more wars. Fake news is deadly serious stuff.

There is so much money being made on fear and war and the war on terrorism. There is so much money being made on surveillance and spying. So much being made on stealing the resources of other countries either through economic war or actual killing and crime syndication (with illegal drugs playing a role as well).

Some people really do play God with other peoples' lives. And when they do play God some do it in a very vengeful manner. And yet once intelligence services have professionalized the art of deception it only seems to get worse for the naïve Christian masses who actually believe America is out there fighting wars to spread democracy and good.

What then is necessary in America today is a great act and art of secular exorcism. No supernatural rituals. Merely a great war of truth telling news battling against all the fake news and all the devils in the MSM who are perpetuating disinformation and stoking hatred between groups of minorities and groups of religions.

When people learn the truth then they are no longer controlled by the lies that had possessed them. This is the real paradigm of demonic possession—when people are fools who cannot think for themselves, and they voluntarily set out to die for false causes that only contribute to the selfish intentions of the master marketers.

But in truth there are no actual supernatural or superstition daemons. There is no real hell or heaven afterlife. When you die you really die. You have no consciousness. You think and feel nothing. You are really dead (in every sense of the word—no awareness). And death is not a bad thing. It is complete neutrality. Once dead you have no vulnerability to exploit. You do not have capacity to fear anything (or any new realm of punishment).

But there is evil here in the human world, and there are lies and crimes and war that we can label as evil or inimical. We Americans must find a way to dispossess ourselves of the lies and the myths that are possessing us and act against our own best interests.

In the good old hippy days of free love when students at the University of Berkeley were demanding the right to free speech (not safe zones) they actually came to understand the evil of the Vietnam War. Now the military controls which journalists can be allowed to report in war zones and which pictures can be shown in war theatres. Plus they have their own propaganda professionalized.

America does not need to kill more Muslims and attack more countries (for profits, for Israel, for Saudi Arabia and Gulf States or whoever). We do not need to die for causes that has no benefit to the average American.

The power elite globalists sees an excess of people as consumers and as readily available cannon fodder if wars can be profitable to the financial elite. In fact naïve American who do not fear the game and the rhetoric of pushing Russia and Iran and China, etc., do not realize the United States may be a major target for civilian killing because of an aging population that some do not want to, or cannot afford to pay for all those pension funds (and excess health care costs) so the attitude of the war mongers is well lets have big segments of such countries just put to death. Sounds crazy and immoral but such has been the history of humanity and modernity.

Let us truly declare our independence of making America first again (and stop being subservient to special interests and the Military Industrial Complex that benefits from the misery people suffer from war for the sake of profit). Let us have a Declaration of Independence from Israel and other countries who try to exploit the American people even as the American elite are exploiting peoples around the world.

The United States has no business giving special honor to any theocracy, be it Israel as a nationalist theocracy or the Gulf states. Detractors waste no time pointing out the fact that Saudi Arabia is a theocracy. All three Abrahamic religions have a long history conflict and all three need less political support and buttressing—not more.

There is no good reason why the people of the United States should be anywhere close to having some special relationship with Israel (except to seriously study such a relation as it really operates). Why should we maintain different standards for Israel than for any other country? This relationship is dysfunctional and exploitative. It is not based on anything close to mutual benefit.

The world needs new ways of thinking and new paradigms. There is no reason the United States should be advocating for Jews versus Muslims or Sunnis versus Shiites.


The United States is NOT a Christian country.

This is a country that evolved after major wars of persecution between Catholics versus Protestants in Europe. The world at large needs less influence from religious prejudices.

There may well be a God; but never has any human in all of history ever had the wherewithal to understand and explain such a God by way of the human imagination. No mere human of any ethnicity (smoking hashish and watching stars or elsewise) could ever realize how such a God could think, feel, desire, judge, etc.

All the religious notions through history from ancient prophets or saints, who supposedly had direct lines of communication, with some high creator god is complete bunk brainwash—it is delusion. No human can fairly claim to be the ultimate voice of an ultimate God.

All literature of all religion and spiritual practice is based on myth and the human imagination. Whereas the idea that a God would create man in his image is pure conceit. Rather it has been the opposite. Mankind creates God in man's image (which is why mythical Gods seem to be so very much like humans and why the so-called judgements of God seem to be so similar to the judgements one would expect from mere humans—too often arbitrary and self-serving to certain partisan groups).

Prophesy has really been a matter of "projecting" one's own beliefs and wishes; and or, as a subterfuge, using one's charismatic power to convince naïve followers that one’s own wishes are really those of some divine origin; or some combination of both motives intermixed with personality idiosyncrasies explained in different ways.

People who have claimed to be inspired as representing a God's spirit, will, and thinking really equals a conspiracy theory. It is the same game of people claiming to be representative of the human community when expressing some complaint or desire (when they are really telling you what they personally want as individuals).

No human can, or ever has, spoken for any kind of real God because no human could have such a capacity. Therefore God is unknowable. Even ancient Kabbalists could understand this much. Yet it should be pointed out even the enterprise of the Kabala was basically an unconscious admittance that man can't know some super-natural force (as Judaism arrogantly assumed and taught) so rather in the expanding imagination all manner of essences would eventually trickle down via the creativity of language prose was explained to indulge the naïveté of the disillusioned.

This then means Caucasian, Ashkenazi Jews do not have any claim to any land in the Middle East based on any religious belief about the Old Testament. Rather Zionism is false political history. There is no chosen people. The very idea of a chosen people is an ethnocentric conceit.

In the Western world of modernity the Bible should have no legal standing (and equally true for the Talmud and the Koran). These collective anthologies are fiction, folklore, distortions on history, as in more fairy tales than real history (and anachronistic to today's history and needs of the international community).

However this essay is not some complete rejection of religions and supernatural belief systems. Rather like in the Italian Renaissance (which evolved from a suffocating Catholicism for centuries already) we are arguing for humanistic values based on what is best in being human which is good and rejuvenating.

Still we are sophisticated enough to understand human agents must be smart enough to know belief systems can be both good and bad (both beneficial and liability). If some people practice a philosophy that violates important values of other peoples then society cannot function. Yet this is what war psychology has evolved into—destroying respect and trust in anything and anyone. Society is in break down as a great cynicism has evolved.

Our modern world today has enough problems without literally having insane religious dogmas creating political havoc anywhere and everywhere. Shiites versus Sunnis is fabricated fictions played out as if deadly serious reality. Christian paranoia of hell and demonic spirits is equally fake news. Zionists who do not believe in religion are not Jewish. This is all false consciousness (possessed by delusions).

Obviously, there is good and evil in humanity but it is intrinsic to human nature and has nothing to do with superstition. People should have the freedom to believe what they want but their religious beliefs should not automatically become law. Equally, people should have the right to challenge, from a philosophical and humanities perspective, all beliefs. People have a duty to put ANY and ALL forms of claimed authority (even what is claimed to represent God) under the greatest free speech forms of human moral and rigorous intellectual scrutiny.

To summarize thus far: The Bible is based on Fake News. International Law today cannot be settled on ethnocentric interpretations of ancient religious belief systems. Modern day Caucasian Jews have no legal right to Palestine based on any Biblical notion. Jews were supposedly expelled from "many" communities and countries and it is likely they interacted with gentiles as if gentiles were second class citizens who could be taken advantage. And yes religious tensions too no doubt played a role in ethnic animosities and prejudices (from both ways). The mainstream media is currently engaged is dishonest news reporting and is claiming that real news coming from alternative sources is what is fake news. The traditional news empires in Western countries have been under heavy Zionist and Jewish ownership and control for decades. Israel is exploiting its relationship with the people of the United States (and some powerful Zionists living in the United States, as some who have dual citizenship, are colluding with this exploitation of our country and culture).

Our very government has been corrupted for a variety of reasons (one being it is simply too big and too much in debt). We are routinely lied into wars for the benefit of special interests and at the expense of tax paying Americans. Israel is not a friendly country to the American people. Israel attacked the Twin Towers on 9/11 and then used the false flag event to blame Muslims in order to get Western governments involved in several wars in the Middle East in which all kinds of chaos has resulted. Currently some of these forces are trying to stifle free speech on the Internet and are also trying to kill the 2nd Amendment as well. This is a very dangerous situation for all Americans including the 99% of American Jews who had nothing to do with Israel's decision to attack our country in order to exploit their false flag fear terrorism and get this country into attacking their Muslim enemies (while using a propaganda that claim that Israel's enemies are America's enemies.

Non-Jews have legitimate rights to complain about these double standards and schemes. One very pressing concern here regarding Israel, Jews and Zionists is that many powerful Jews and lobbies are trying to destroy free speech if people are critical of Jews, Zionism or Israel.

Israel and Zionists are pouring tons of money and efforts in trying to destroy free speech on American campuses (especially trying to outlaw the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement "BDS"). And yet many people have sounded the bell as to how underhanded and how pervasive these anti-free speech efforts are—that are trying to equate being critical of Israel with hate speech. Read essay: Secrecy Surrounds Attempts to Kill Free Speech on University of California Campuses by Citizen Sane (includes many references of equally critical concern) at:

Here are some references from that article:

"Israel Takes On the First Amendment Free speech except regarding Palestine" is found at:

"Silencing Dissent: How Biased Civil Rights Policies Stifle Dialogue on Israel" at:

"Right-Wing Thought Police: Assault Free Speech on Campus" at:

"Israel's War on American Universities | Common Dreams" - See more at: **Important**.

"Some Zionists Are Using Exaggerated Hysteria to Destroy Free Speech on UC Campuses" by Grady Grip at:

Also there is the phenomenon of "swastika vandalism" in which vandalism is secretly carried out by Jews and then blamed on anonymous anti-Semites to create phony atmospheres for hysteria and alarmist McCarthyism, see:

But it's not just about trying to kill free speech on campuses (in a country that is 95% gentile). Jews and Israelis have had laws passed in several European countries making it illegal to discuss certain controversial belief systems about history—such as questioning the Zionist dominated propaganda story of World War II and whether the Holocaust actually happened.

Alternative explanations that go against Zionist dominated media propaganda are often called "Holocaust Denial" or "World War II Revisionism" and are currently outlawed in various countries in Europe and elsewhere. This kind of double standard of repression is so desperately insane. See:

"Laws against Holocaust denial" at:

Also see: "Israel Campaigns Against Global Free Speech" at:

And: "Hate-Speech Hypocrites: How can we ban hate speech against Jews while defending mockery of Muslims?" at:

and: "Criminalizing Criticism: A Zionist Project – An Analysis" by Lawrence Davidson at:

ADL and some Jews apparently pretend they cannot understand why there seems to be an upsurge in anti-Semitism? How about old-fashioned resentment? How about Jews are a sliver minority and yet they lead the push to destroy the 1st and 2nd Amendments of our Bill of Rights meant for all people and all minorities (people who reside here from many nations and cultures).

Jewish control of fake news empires has allowed them to be used to getting their way. Part of the reason for all the leftists' hysterics of this election cycle is the fact their control of the narrative is reality being challenged. They, and the GOP side of fake reality, don't want to admit they do not own, dominate and control the mindset of a whole nation anymore. What a crybaby series of events we have witnessed by the big corporate news empire and Hollywood. Self-righteousness has NEVER been more on display.

But recently the U.S. Senate has passed the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act. Broad categories of criticism of the history of Zionism is being repressed:
• Calling for, aiding or justifying the killing or harming of Jews
• Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust
• Demonizing Israel by blaming it for all inter-religious or political tensions
• Judge Israel by a double standard that one would not apply to any other democratic nation
There are some honest camps of progressives (including some Jewish voices) against this repressive legislation. Why? It turns out leftist and conscientious Jews also denounce Israel's treatment of Palestinians, and they realize their awareness levels are being decimated by the authoritarian wing of Zionism which they have morally outgrown. They appreciate the important human right of free speech. Still what some of the more progressives are doing is going along with the notion that minorities in general should not be criticized (allowing for a broad category of statements to be claimed to be hate speech). And while some within the fake news business are calling for the assassination of Donald Trump none are calling that a crime or hatred?

But what most people do not understand is the pervasive amount of disinformation people of the West has been brainwashed to believe. The fact is Zionism has a great deal of real history to cover up—more is to come. And now they are trying to make laws saying that people who disclose their crimes are the criminals.

Where freedom truly thrives everyone has the right to study and advocate any position on historical events. World War II is not an exception. Iconoclasts whose opinions were largely ignored in the past now have more opportunity to challenge control over what people are allowed to think because of technological innovation as the Internet.

What if there was no "Final Solution" program by the Nazi Germans (but rather this story was made up by Zionist-dominated propaganda in the Stalinist Russia, Roosevelt United States and Churchill England? In fact, the Nuremberg Trials were almost completely dominated by Stalinist Jews. They made facts up right around that time after the war. There are many reasons to question Zionist versions of this war history. All three of those Administrations (Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin) were heavily influenced with Zionist control and propaganda (working together). Meanwhile Jews already dominated the new empires that created the mental reality the world would inherit. But their news empire versions were a lie.

Be free to question what the Western world has been fed for decades by those who have controlled the media (as well as Hollywood). What if there is a science of deceit that can possess and dominate the minds of the masses, and this is exactly what has been going on, in which the entire West has been brainwashed, for example on how terrible a leader was Adolph Hitler (yet prior to their organized propaganda his picture was on Time Magazine as man of the year)?

Why, for example, have few political and history intellectuals bothered to discuss the fact that 20 million Germans died in WW2 (many civilians firebombed because of false propaganda and hatred of the Scandinavian race, as Germany was becoming a competing economic power that threatened British dominance? Watch the video: HellStorm – Exposing the Real Genocide of Nazi Germany at:

What Zionists want is that no one be allowed to legally challenge Zionist domination of American foreign policy and the underhanded ways they continue to manipulate this power. Their heavy push against the BDS movement (trying to outlaw it); their constant claim that criticism of Zionism and Jewry is unjustified hatred; their push for unbridled censorship; their implied media smear that blue collar working whites are fascists and racists (reverse racism to their ethnocentric elitism); their push for a special law in which Jews especially are a protected class that cannot be criticized, etc.

What kind of relation does not allow one side to criticize the other? It is all very precarious, nefarious, and detrimental to the actual foundation of democracy. Such legislation has nothing to do with being a free country.

Jews have some of the most intelligent and articulate people on the planet. If they do not like what some people are saying or writing then they are free to engage in the free speech right of refuting what they disagree or despise. Why they need laws that outlaw pre-emptively criticism and allegations is because a lot of criticism and allegation is true and provable (and hard to refute in a fair debate fight).

One century ago in Russia, many, many Christian Russians were murdered by Bolsheviks, after the Czar's family was murdered and fell. Marxists then set up a police state. From Wikipedia:
Cheka (ЧК – чрезвыча́йная коми́ссия chrezvychaynaya komissiya, Emergency Committee, Russian pronunciation: [tɕɪˈka]) was the first of a succession of Soviet state security organizations. It was created on December 20, 1917, after a decree issued by Vladimir Lenin, and was subsequently led by Felix Dzerzhinsky, a Polish aristocrat turned communist.[2] By late 1918, hundreds of Cheka committees had been created in various cities … Many thousands of dissidents, deserters, or other people were arrested, tortured or executed by various Cheka groups.[3]
What we are seldom told of the Bolshevik Revolution was it was very much a Marxist revolution dominated by atheists from Jewish families. Millions of people were murdered and tortured or imprisoned in the Gulag work-to-death camps. So we need to well note that millions and millions of fellow Caucasians were killed at the hands of Caucasian Jews in modern history. Millions more Slavs were starved to death in Ukraine in what is referred to as the Holodomor (again by the Bolsheviks).

Later, primarily Zionist propaganda was able to convince Christian armies to fight Christian armies, as Americans and the British brutally massacred Germans in ungodly fire bombing and deliberately targeting civilian populations burning them to death in scorching heat and explosion (the very definition of Holocaust). Churchill was one of the demonically possessed and evil men of his time. In real history that sheds the fake news of phony history Churchill was no idol.

Read for example the very well documented and well written: The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L Bradberry. 160 major German cities were completely destroyed. Germany was pushed into this war that Hitler wanted to avoid. Bradberry's story is so very different when you are allowed to read alternative versions of World War I and II.

Why should people be forced to accept one version and be heavily discouraged to not give attention to alternative versions? What kind of mind-control possession is that?

In fact several iconoclastic historians have come out and cogently argued the world has been fed a massive lie about the Holocaust. Yet some courageous souls have literally been arrested and imprisoned (for practicing their right to free speech). Americans wake up. The apparatchik could fall depending on who actually gains control of our government.

Here is a RECOMMENDED VIDEO LIST for those with a fearless quest for Truth. Most of these videos you can find somewhere on the Internet—although you may need to search a bit such as to enclose in parentheses or try various search engines:

Auschwitz: Surprising Hidden Truth 
David Cole in Auschwitz 
Judea Declares War on Germany 
The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth 
The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax 
The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax 
One Third of the Holocaust 
The Great Holocaust Trial (1985) 
David Irving - The Biggest Lie 
David Irving - The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History 
David Irving - Churchill's War 
David Irving - Smear Campaigns to Stifle Truth in History 
Fred A. Leuchter Gas Chamber Expert 
Doug Christie (The Lawyer Who Defended Ernst Zundel) on "Crossfire" 1985 
Sylvia Stolz - Lawyer Who Was Jailed for Presenting Evidence in the Zundel Trial 
Eisenhower's Rhine-Meadows Death Camps 
Ernst Zundel in Conversation w/ Dr. Fredrick Toben 
Ernst Zundel - Interviewed by an Israeli journalist (1996) 
Holocaust, Hate Speech and Were the Germans so Stupid? 
Spielberg's Hoax - The Last Days of The Big Lie

Hollywood has come out with a new propaganda movie called Denial (2016). It is about David Irving. David Irving is a man that all people who care about truth should learn about extensively. Watch his videos on the Internet. It is a good thing this Hollywood movie has come out because it will bring awareness to this very decent, very humane and very courageous man (and a great historian to boot). You need to use the Internet to learn everything you can from him and others who are labeled Holocaust deniers.

There is finally been some pushback picking up speed, and frankly Zionists are worried their dishonest narrative is finally being exposed. And yet, they seem to think American sheeple will never find enough intellectual where-with-all to ever move beyond being shallow consumers of shady news and World War propaganda. We have after all been drinking the Kool-Aid for so long that we are pretty drunk on it.

Still they are not taking any chances as they work to change what is considered Free Speech (on campuses and on the Internet). They know each new young generation of people has to be brainwashed like older generations. So new strategies are being employed to counter their loss of being able to dominant the message.

The gas chambers connected to concentration camps found in captured Poland by the Marxist Soviets (who themselves murdered millions and were covering up their own atrocities) were chambers used to "de-lice" prisoners to stop the spread of typhus within the camps. Typhus was a disease that was killing thousands which is one reason why their bodies became emaciated (not from deliberate starvation but from the disease). Yes these people who died from typhus were cremated or buried as were others who died.

The reason why their hair was cut off and their clothes and shoes were taken, when they arrived at the camps from trains, before being gassed (that did not kill them) was equally to separate out any lice. They were given other prisoner clothing on arrival (Zyklon gassing was a positive step to improve health).

Even Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War was considered historical revisionism as that is what historians do by nature—except you can't do that with World War II because the Zionists, their International movement has used their power to write the narrative, to control the Nuremberg trials narrative, to manufacture false evidence, and to create the story of gassing to death of millions of Jews in Polish concentration camps, etc. Zionists controlled the major newspapers in many Western countries at the end of World War II. They made up the facts as a very sophisticated lie.

This was a political strategy to first escape culpability and then later to use as a way to garner sympathy for Jews in general, then as reason to justify taking Palestinian land, and to justify having the nuclear bombs for Israel but no other Middle Eastern country, and also to justify their huge military clout. Equally, many so-called surviving Jews have gained a windfall of millions and millions of dollars as reparations monies from countries like Germany (to Jews who just happened to have been in those countries at the time) etc.

There wasn't anything close to 6 million Jews killed in World War 2. It is a huge lie covering up the genocide and the manufactured hatred of the German people. Some say that over 4 million German Jews applied for reparations money after the end of the war because they did not die in gas chambers? There were hardly 5 million Jews living in Germany before the war.

The Holocaust story has been one huge shakedown and incredibly profitable for some Jews. Of course, many then want to continue the propaganda war lies as if truth (it was the foundation excuse for the Zionist project of creating a Jewish State in Israel).

Every free thinking person has a right and duty and dare to do their own research on this matter. If you doubt Holocaust denial then dare to extensively study it. Study the people who Jews claim are anti-Semitic deniers. Read Bradberry's book The Myth of German Villainy

If the German people are blamed for so much evil and cruelty decade after decade then they ought to at least have a right to know and tell their own story. If Zionists have nothing to hide there would be no need to try to make criticism illegal.

Yes it is hard to believe that such a massive lie has been so completely absorbed for decades as if absolute and indisputable fact. Much of what has been written about Hitler, the Nazis, and the war is composed of Fake News lies. This too is part of the great iceberg lying hidden beneath the water line. The United States government has been a proxy state of Zionist control for a long time.

In fact in today's political discourse, we get an endless barrage of references to Hitler and the Nazis as the most evil epitome in human history. Few people dare dispute Zionist propaganda about how evil were the Germans. There are many war propaganda distortions that have never been rectified. Hitler may have not been a saint but he was not anywhere close to the monster Zionist controlled media and Hollywood propaganda has portrayed.

We are never reminded of the fact that World Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933 (way before WW2 started) when their international propaganda machine started cranking up. Already there was a globalist Zionist jihad created to destroy the newly elected government in Germany that was opposed to Marxists trying to cause revolution in central Europe. See: "The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany: The Economic Boycott of 1933" at:

Yes, many Germans then were feeling resentment and exploited, that is feeling betrayed before WW2, especially after learning the truth of World War 1 (a secret Balfour Declaration agreement between Zionists with the British and the Americans to secretly create propaganda against Germany in order to bring the United States into the war in exchange for the land of Palestine being given to Zionists after the war).

That was a huge stab in the back by Zionists, as most Jews previously thought Jews were treated well in Germany. This part of history is never discussed? Read: Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel by Alison Weir, see: http:/www.IfAmericansKnew.Org or

After WWI Germany had thousands of revolutionary Marxists posing a real threat before WWII. This is after it was discovered how brutally Jewish Bolsheviks murdered and tortured millions of Christian Russians. Most of Germany's Marxists were Jewish and when Hitler set out to arrest Marxists and put them in work camps, the Zionist world body of propaganda control claimed the Nazis were arresting Jews because they were Jewish (rather than they arrested Marxists who happened to be composed of many Jews). More Fake News from a long lineage of Fake News.

By this time descendants of Jewish Russians who migrated to America flooded the streets of New York demanding war with Germany. The news empires of Western countries were already dominated by Zionist ownership and propaganda power. Now that Palestine was illegally given to Zionist by the powers that assumed they would win the war with the help of the United States, all manner of intervention propaganda and false flag opportunity came about. According to their mostly Zionist propaganda German soldiers were doing vicious things.

It was the same lie patterns we find more recently with how bad was Saddam Hussein (and how he had to be taken out), how evil was Osama bin Laden, then the great evil Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and of course the evil of all time Al Qaeda, now ISIS, and on and on (all being the great Satan of the moment). Now it is President Bashar Assad of Syria (and eye doctor trained in London and democratically elected by a big majority of his own people) as ultimate evil dictator that engages in vicious crimes against his own people). See video:

Syria War Propaganda Drumming Up Hard, Corporate Media is LYING Again at: also lies for war Israel wanted at:

The Kuwaiti Incubator Baby Hoax at:




Therefore this modern day iceberg of media lies we have well noticed during the Hilary Clinton for President campaign was well formed and hugely floating already, growing into even more a hegemon, before most people noticed it in the distance. Hollywood too continue to churn out movie after movie creating fake versions of how history transpired and cementing the idea Germans and Nazis were the worst of the worst of human history.

But the entire world needs a completely reassess Zionist history. It is an ugly and brutal history and it has been tainted with terrorist tactics from its onset of creating a new Israel. Much of the entire world has suffered a terrible prize including here in the United States.

It does not matter ethically what the so-called Anti-Semitism Awareness Act legislates means. People have a right to be anti-Zionist. They also have a right to be anti-Talmudic. The real history of Zionist power play is not a religious story of high-handedness. It is grounded in underhanded maneuvers that have harmed millions and millions of people. And now they want more war in Syria and in Iran (and maybe even war with Russia or China). Zionists do not have a history of behavior that warrants any benefit of the doubt.

Think about this: If Caucasian Zionists did not care if fellow Caucasians or Christians were being horrendously killed in Russia or in Europe. They certainly do not care if brown skinned Semitic peoples like Syrians and Iranians will be killed as Muslims in the future. Their code of their actual performance needs to be deciphered. Their policy shows itself to have been one of decades and decades of exploiting people (no matter where they migrate and live). Christian countries have especially been problematic. They currently dominate the United States and Donald Trump will be their new puppet.

If the Holocaust really happened the way they claimed it did, then why would Zionists continue the say patterns of taking control of the United States and dominating this culture like they have been accused of doing in so many countries that they were expelled? Why would they Federal Reserve be sending trillions of dollars to banksters outside the United States as if fellow globalists were more important than the actual economic plight of millions of Americans?

In reality there is nothing sacred about the political movement of socialist and political Zionism (especially the covered up version). And frankly there is little sacred about Judeo-Christianity. The entire world is compromised in this fog of religious insanity of the three Abrahamic religions that have come to dominate much of the world.

Nuclear or thermonuclear war is just around the corner. The entire religious history of Judeo-Christianity and Islamism needs a huge psychiatric assessment.

In fact the presumptuous disciplines of psychiatry and psychology should be assessed as well for not being more on top of these matters as to how religions, and religious groups, contribute to delusional insanity and unfettered animosity.

Currently here in the United States we have a cottage industry of driven Zionist zealots trying to label Trump supporters as racists, xenophobes, KKK fascists, etc. And not ironically these groups who lead this movement are themselves fascists as fascists routinely engaged in lies and violence.

Understand fascist Mussolini of Italy was too at war with Marxists in his day, and also Francisco Franco of Spain was at war against Communists as well. They too knew of Marxist violence and bloodlust. These hardline dictators understood the evil of what happened in Bolshevik Russia.

Anarchism and self-righteous hatred runs in the veins of some of these people. David Brock of Media Matters, who is directly involved in smearing alternative news as fake news, looks like Leon Trotsky, the leader of the armed insurrection at Petrograd in 1917 and founder of their Red Army.

The left and some in the deep state are actively calling for the assassination of Donald Trump. This season it has been the left that has routinely been on the street instigating violence.

While today's globalists are treating President Putin in the same manner they treated Hitler. Hitler pleaded for peace and tried to circumvent war. Yet the Western powers then were conniving and craftily found ways to push and push him into a corner—they wanted war with Germany (similar to the games the United States and NATO are playing with Russia today). And to think that crazy psychos like Lindsey Graham and Insane McCain are affected this country's business is scary beyond belief. There are dozens of people in Congress who should be sitting in prison cells.

Hitler too felt forced to protect German peoples who were being persecuted in neighboring states after WW1 which is why he did some invasions close to the Germany boundaries the Western powers created after World War 1. Again read Benton L. Bradberry's The Myth of German Villainy.

The world has the right to gain alternative opinions and historical records (especially when they are well researched). Stalin was secretly planning to attack Germany and was busily making preparations to do so which is why Germany felt forced to attack Russia. They really did not have a choice and certainly did not want two wars on two fronts as both side of the country. Sometimes an attack is not offensive but true defense (which is not an argument meant for pre-emptive attack of the George W. Bush mindset).

Globalists and NeoCons are manipulating a war with Russia. Russia is trying to avoid war and doing what is necessary, being wise, and still NATO nations are playing serious and endless provocations. Why? Is it because Putin put a crimp to past Zionist oligarchs that were exploiting that country? Is it because Russia is on the side of Iran and Syria? Why does NATO now have the same lands of Operation Barbarossa filled up with soldiers and ammunition? What kind of gaming are Zionist NeoCons still playing (and what should people think)?

Equally leftist and right-wing powers both are trying to destroy President Donald Trump constantly trying to delegitimize him. How is this much different from when Jewish anarchy was calling for the assassination of Czars and the Romanov family a century ago? A few prominent capitalists back then in New York and elsewhere in Europe within their Zionist global cabal already was funding the Bolshevik revolution. They played both polarities of economic extremism just like the status quo left and right are working together to destroy Trump.

Why didn’t they just come up with a viable presidential candidate? Why someone so flawed and with so much baggage as Hilary Clinton? The deep state doesn’t care if a woman is President.

Most Americans live in Plato's allegory of a cave watching shadows projected on the cave's wall from a fire's light. What they see are illusions from the puppeteer's flippant hands story-telling with shadow play in place of reality. We Americans do not understand the people who claim to have been the most victimized group are more often the greater victimizers. They studied a lot of history and they know the tricks (this is the game of secret societies).

Nevertheless Zionism, despite all its ill-gained power and evil history, in the craze of unpredictable modernity, will still be a bygone state. Israel is coming down its mountain. It will not survive even as Judaism has done so for so many centuries.

The age of reason and enlightenment still rocks forward as literacy does as well. If Likud people want to continue to base their identity on outgrown realities that is their own foolish choice.

Many Jews today are questioning their own identity politics. They too are waking up to the lies about their ancestral past. They too will continue to grow as non-believers. And they as an intelligent people, will join the ranks of humanity against the lies. Legions of "stiff-necked" people will continue to shrink in size and commitment.

We live in a world in which the very definition of being Jewish defies logic. How can you be an atheist and be a Jewish when the very word is about Judaism as an ancient culture based on religion? But many people claim they are 'ethnically' Jewish because of their upbringing, and yet they do not believe in the Torah or any Jewish religious teaching or any esoteric Kabala?

Or why would they need to have various mystic sect cults like the Kabala to have evolved in the first place if the Old Testament made so much meaningful and religious sense? Or why did they switch from the Torah to the Talmud traditions if it was the word of a great God dealing with the criminal called Moses?

How can someone claim to be Jewish if they have no genetic or blood relationship to the ancient Hebrews as Semitic peoples (but are rather Caucasian peoples most likely many from the area or the Caspian Sea in which tribes of people there were later converted to Judaism?

Most worldly Jews living today (including living in what is called Israel) have no genetic connection to the peoples that lived there thousands of years ago. They are not ancestors of King David.

When modern Israel was formed it was formed as a Zionist project and an atheist and socialist country—loosely from Marxist roots that were having problems taking over non-Communist Europe. How do groups of strident ideologues of a Communist affiliation equal a Jewish people?

Yet even many scholarly Jews do not really know what defines a Jew in today's world. For many the reality of being a Jew today is belonging to groups of people who claim to have been victimized by much of the rest of the world (and their identity then lies within the very lies and exaggerations of their victimization).

Victimization stories and statuses have become exaggerated for political and economic reasons. Yet many still believe these stories of their ancestors being the most persecuted peoples in history. They too have been brainwashed in the same way the rest of Western cultures have been brainwashed—the propaganda power of News Media Empire and more fabrication from Hollywood’s movie of false narrative (as well as rhetorical power in synagogues or related schools). But little to none of this has anything to do with divine inspiration.

But what happens when the modern world finally wakes up and realizes the whole Judeo-Christian story is a fabrication, that there was no need to have so much conflict between these religions and sects within the same religions?

What if people realize there is no need to be paranoid of religious prophesies—only be paranoid to real politics of the real world? Then what? What if the whole grand idea of Israel being some glorious Jewish state slowly fizzles to the point their own people finally realize it would be wiser to share in a common relations with Palestinians and neighboring states and stop acting like some rogue elephant.

Still plenty of die-hard delusional Zionists seem to think they are invincible. In truth their modern cult of trying to decide for themselves, the Jewish Question, may become, mythology as historical anachronism, and a time to grow as being individualists rather than collectivists.

The world does not need to engage in any more "expulsions" of religious groups. Rather the world needs to dare educate religious people about the truths of religious psychology. Christians, Jews and Muslims alike need to be educated to the reality of the political messages that have dominated their religions (in a world before the Separation of Church and State as the Church operated as the State). This grand epoch of Abrahamic religious domination is soon over.

Reason has entered the world of superstition again. Religious zeal has continued to fight back. It has taken a long while to come to terms with the insanity of humanity’s past history but it might just save the day.

Amen to the Sheeple

William Wraithwrite

[*Note: If you feel this essay is important then take the initiative to share, tweet, email, publish, discuss, etc., as this message is very important. You have a duty to yourself and those you care about to help preserve your American rights.*]

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