Wednesday, October 19, 2016

That Was Then, George, This is Now: "Russia's Involvement in Syria Actually Means the Decline of the US-Led 'New World 0rder' Declared by George H.W. Bush in 1990" - More Evidence: Philippines Ditches the NWO and Joins Team China - EU Refuses to Back More Sanctions on Russia - Russia's Vladimir Putin Will Be Visiting Japan In December

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Fumio Kishida is going to visit Moscow


  1. MRS ASSAD, first interview in 8yrs . ( Pre 2010 the US MSM called her the Desert Rose )

    "Today, as the world watches for cracks in the Assad regime and in the Assad family, Buck's interviews are an increasingly important tool for understanding the man at the top of Syria and the woman next to him."

    " and in the Assad family" Well that did not work

    Beautiful , Brave , and BerryIntelligent What an amazing woman !! She tells the TRUTH . Thats why Russia ,China and even the Brits support them , sounds strange Civil society !!

    Listen to her interview. AMAZING is it not.



  2. I believe George Bush was instrumental in the murder, by the Jesuit created and controlled CIA, of John F. Kennedy. Whatever "Shadow Govt." exists, was installed by him and his Cabal, the Rothchild/Jesuit satanist Bankers, and their numerous "fronts", such as the Zionists, etc. The Rothchilds themselves are a partner and front of the Jesuits. The Jesuits represent the ancient Babylonian Mystery religion. Compare the 7 crowns of Osiris (and 8th he wears), with the 7 demon-masks of the Vatican Altar/Baldacchino/Shrine of Osiris,(and the 8th mask more defined). The n compare this with Revelation 17, concerning the 7 kings and the 8th, which is the angel that rises up out of the bottomless pit. Osiris is the angel of the bottomless pit. The "green" guy called king of death, king of the underworld. Compare this with Revelation 6, the 4th horseman (sometimes called pale "green" horse). He will be the 7th king of Rev. 17. Osiris is the spirit that gets out of his prison of Perdition to possess this king. Called the 1st beast of Rev. 13. The 2nd beast is also Osiris, but finally back in his own skin, after he is realeased from his prison during the 5th trumpet. The first manifestation of this "Horus" was Nimrod. The 1st king (possessed by Azazel/Osiris/Apollyon) All sin was ascribed unto Azazel of the Book of Enoch. The "Rebirth of Osiris" is the manifestation of this angel, to possess a king. The woman in travail, giving birth to the demon, on the Baldacchino pillars, through her hidden womb, is the great whore, Babylon, which the Vatican now represents. The same religion which always gave birth to the angel of the bottomless pit/Perdition, to possess a king. 7 times this will have happened since the flood, beginning with Nimrod. The Vatican exalts Osiris/Azazel, not Jesus Christ. The throne of Osiris can be seen looking through the Baldacchino. The most exalted looking throne that has ever existed, called the chair of Peter. All the pieces are there. Info on The 7 crowns of Osiris are difficult to obtain. Mark Flynn has this info among his downloads for his book, Secrets of the Labyrinth. God bless. Hope this puts a few more pieces together. enoch is the key to understanding the connections with Azazel. He is the exact representation of what was done to Osiris. "Bound hand and foot in darkness". Much like being trapped in a sarcophagus, as Osiris. One in the same. He is likely one of the 7 satans, described in Enoch. Punished for his part in the demoralization of mankind before the flood. The angel of the bottomless pit. Just my speculations.

  3. I think your reading it all wrong . If you want a comunist run world as the UK does then who better than communists to do the work . Like China for example , dont think so ?? Compare this to what is going on in the west . China’s plan to organize its society relies on ‘big data’ to rate everyone. Lets not forget it was the west who backed the communists to win against those who wanted freedom .

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