Monday, October 31, 2016

Prime Minster John Key caught channeling millions of dollars of taxpayer's money to 'ethically compromised' Clinton Foundation

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November 1, 2016

John Key channels NZ taxpayers' money to Clinton Foundation

This is information that every taxpayer (or those that care) should know about but our journalists are not doing their job. 

What with warships in our harbour and troops in Iraq this government of John Key is in lockstep with the most corrupt and warmongering part of the US government.

No doubt Key would approve of the Clinton's defrauding the people of Haiti. It's his style.

The Cannabis Party is calling on John Key to explain why he gave over $7 million of New Zealand tax-payer's money to the Clinton Foundation. 

Legalise Cannibis Party

31 October, 2016

Wikileaks raised serious ethical concerns about the Clinton Foundation when it published a hacked email, send to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, revealing blurred lines between the foundation and the personal financial interests of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Cannabis Party leader Julian Crawford said if John Key was serious about HIV prevention, one of the Clinton Foundation's supposed goals, he should legalise medical cannabis in New Zealand.

"Hundreds of researchers have reported that THC was able to destroy the RIV virus in monkeys. That virus is nearly identical to the HIV virus found in humans," he said.

"John Key has a lot of explaining to do if the Wikileaks revelations about the Clinton Foundation are true."

Former Assistant Director of the FBI Thomas Fuentes confirmed that "the FBI has an intensive investigation ongoing into the Clinton Foundation".

New Zealand's National Business Review has reported that John Key will continue giving millions of dollars of taxpayer's money to the foundation in the future, despite the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton.

"I've met her on lots of occasions, had dinner with her at Premier House a few times," John Key said.

"As Secretary of State she was great, very engaged with New Zealand." Broadcaster Duncan Garner yesterday raised serious concerns about the ongoing payments to the Clinton Foundation, known as "pay-to-play".

"We also give money to the Clinton Foundation? Yes, we did. Gosh, who didn't get a handout?" Garner said.

"We've been feeding all these guys at the trough for years"

"pay-to-play" refers to operations where Bill and Hillary Clinton rewarded big donors to their foundation with preferential access to the US government.

The original article was in the neo-liberal NBR, behind a paywall

NZ taxpayers will continue funding Clinton Foundation's flagship


  1. He has quite a history , he sold the derivatives in Australia and is another homosexual as are most of the media and those in power , the woman who works with him in charge of police and law was ran the MK ULTRA ,ufrtd in Chelmsford hospitals . tHERE IS A GREAT BOOK ABOUT IT ALL FROM UNDERCOVER called sex collectors by Greg Hallet , they chased him out of NZ tried to kill him lots of times . He sats there is a huge pedo ring there in Gov . I am beginning to think Cathy Obrien would shakethe life out of Clintons she must have been telling the truth , it all fits I think Stew wev might be a truth teller too he was onto this a long time ago and he has taken court action and some of the x agents that come on sound vey credible . If Trump apeared with Cathy i think Clintns would have a melt down her book is very detailed , names everyone and where in great detail including Tredeau .Duff is a UN scam , the UN is very involved in everything , The foundation that Gillard is noww running for girls /is very suspect , she transfered 300 million into it and she is also another gay commo and i haver talked to her class mates who knew her well , they sure had some stories much like Clinton . She was in charge of the Communist party claimed she was trained by the CIA. make no mistake she will be involved .

  2. Keep up the good investigative work God speed to Field McConnell and David Hawkins thus says the ambassador of Jesus Christ on the earth, Gregory William Gieseke.


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