Saturday, October 3, 2020

NEW: Trump's Physician Gives Update on President's COVID-19 Condition - To Dr. Scott Atlas: Walter Reed doctors are endangering Trump's life - Get Busy, Scott

To Dr. Scott Atlas: Walter Reed doctors are endangering Trump's life 

To Scott Atlas, White House coronavirus advisor

by Jon Rappoport | October 3, 2020

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If media reports are correct, the president is receiving 2 experimental drugs: the antibody cocktail, Regeneron, and the antiviral, Remdesivir.

Aside from their individual adverse effects…


You know the adverse effects of Remdesivir, Scott. They're more than worrisome. Acute kidney injury, for example. And this drug has only emergency authorization, and it's explicitly for patients who are SEVERE COVID cases. Trump is not a severe case. What's going on? Why are the Walter Reed doctors piling on?

The other drug, Regeneron, the antibody cocktail, synthesized versions of mouse and human antibodies, is still in clinical trials. There is NO authorization for its use.

In past trials of antibody drugs, highly increased infection has occurred. Very dangerous.

And pray these doctors don't suddenly opt for a ventilator. They could do that, if Trump's condition worsens, because of the effects of the DRUGS. They will call those effects "serious COVID decline."

In a large New York study of COVID patients in Trump’s age group, 97 percent of the patients receiving ventilator treatment died. Ventilator treatment, as you know, involves heavy and prolonged sedation.

The president is in a very dangerous situation.

Every damn doctor who has any ethics at all should be screaming bloody murder right now. This is not supposition. Would you prescribe a patient not one, but two highly experimental drugs, each of which has very damaging effects? Would you prescribe them TOGETHER? EVER? Especially when the patient is not close to being seriously ill? Especially when the drugs’ combined effects have never been studied?


They're going after the president as if he’s hanging on to life by a thread and they have to throw everything they've got at him.

Who is watching over the president's life? Are these doctors trying to kill him?



NEW INFO: HIGHLY PROBABLE (best case scenario for what is written below: 

October 3-4, 2020

Trump does not have Corona and is instead on a ship at sea.

I figured out something about a video he posted today - and it is good news. I also did not want to post this for his own security but someone else figured it out on a forum and got total agreement so I figured the genie is out of the bottle so I might as well post it -

IF, and only IF this video Trump posted today really was recorded today, Trump is not at Walter Reed hospital, he is on a ship, and not even a military quality one. Military quality ships have full stabilization and you can't even tell you are at sea. The ship he is on has stabilization, but it is not military grade stabilization. It looks like he's on a super yacht. I would not be surprised. . . . . Blow that video up to full screen and watch it. The camera gets nyquist noise on the flag stripes at precise intervals. Even if the camera is stabilized, the flags are not and this regular rythmic appearance of nyquist noise, without the flags actually appearing to sway, is exactly what you'd get on a ship if the ship has good, but not perfect stabilization.

I hope to God this video is legitimately from today and not pre-recorded, if it is, Trump is under protection.

I REPEAT: I did not want to say this. I knew about it but did not think anyone else would figure it out. I wanted to keep Trump's secret but some stupid smart two year old figured it out and spilled the beans.

If Trump is NOT on a ship at sea, the following pure doom still stands, we had damn well better hope this is not the real story:

Update to below:

My guess is that at the debates, Trump was nailed by that Mossad nerve poison I mentioned repeatedly here that mimics Covid exactly, and now that he's in the medical system his condition will "rapidly deteriorate". They can now directly kill him with shots. When Corona was first launched, I talked about this a lot. Perhaps I'll go though the pages from that time and get it.

They HAD TO take out Trump or they were all going to jail. Now Biden will run unopposed. If Trump is not faking this for some reason, and he dies, we are GONERS.

Even if Trump's doctor is genuine, if they did nail him with the nerve poison no matter what the doctor does it will only make things worse, and there's not a chance in hell the doctor would ever guess the real reason behind Trump's case of "corona".

I do not know what I will do with this site if by killing Trump they complete their communist takeover. I guess I'll just sit here trying to capture as much info as possible to help people avoid genocide. Think it won't happen? What about that Twitter CEO who said he dreams of the day he'll be able to document having conservatives lined up and shot. If it comes down to that, you had damn well better start looking at China and begging to go to one of those un-occupied cities they have, waiting for inhabitants because you can damn well bet the Bolshevik future is FAR WORSE. Bug out to the woods and hide? With nanobots and drones everywhere now? GET SERIOUS. Really.

China may be communist, but they are a far cry from Bolshevik Russia.

Rip Xi all you want, but it is a COLD HARD UNDENIABLE FACT that his life's greatest goal was to lift China out of poverty so the people of China could have a much better life, and he did exactly that. Contrast that to what the Jews did to America, and take your pick. If Trump is gone and Kamala starts running things, you had better damn well hope you get to pick. It would be better to have Deagel be right because everyone went to China than to have everyone killed. At least the white race would survive.

I have wondered lately why they are allowing Elon Musk to proceed with his space program rather than shut him down. There's a fairly clear answer: Because in a couple years there won't be an America available to make it all happen. Musk will be shot down when America dies. They know that, and are therefore not bothering with regulating him out of existence.

I am going to say what I really think.

Tossing and turning at 2AM

Obviously I could be wrong, but I am worried that this might actually be it. Hopefully I am wrong, but I'll refuse to eat crow if I am because I am saying this for a good reason.

They murdered Trump. They injected him with 8 grams of godforsaken sh*t that is not for any virus at all, developed by the most despicable scamming people ON EARTH that want him dead. They did it under the cover of a fake pandemic with a failed virus that has likely killed no one. Now they are pushing the lock down mask rhetoric and yelling "See, WE TOLD YOU SO!". Can anyone guess what the outcome will be? Do I have to guess that for you?

They are going to kill ALL their opposition at this time if they can get away with it, I do indeed believe it is OVER. We are watching a live slow motion assassination RIGHT NOW, after which they will come for US. If they kill Trump you can kiss it away, you might as well start shooting before the election even happens because without Trump we have NO ONE.

There. I said it. I put that out there for whatever it is worth. Maybe I can sleep now. But I won't bet on it. If I am right, you had better start gathering family to whatever extent you can to share last few moments of "normalcy" you'll ever have again.

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