Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Malaysia May Get China's Vaccines Early. But Those Who Tested It, Can't Talk About It.

Ed.'s note: "Those who tested it can't talk about it?" What's in the vaccine ingredients? Where did this alleged tweaked coronavirus originate from? China wasn't it? Bet the Muslims living in Malaysia really look forward to this especially considering the way China's CCP has been treating Muslims in China.



By Sabrina Noor | October 19, 2020
When we talk about Covid-19 vaccines, you may be thinking of the race between China, Russia and the US in making a Covid-19 vaccine. Or you may have heard of Covax. But, just recently, China said that it is prioritising Malaysia in providing its vaccines. 

In fact, Malaysia's fav abah Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said that Malaysia would be the first country to get China's vaccine.
"China has assured us that Malaysia will be the first country that it would help in supplying the Covid-19 vaccine." – Muhyiddin, as quoted by NST.
But is this actually true? And if it is true, then does that mean we're all GUINEA PIGS considering how China is still testing out its vaccines?! Well, as it turns out…

African countries will be the first to get China's vaccine

So China has been making vaccines (yea, not one but FOUR of them to date) since July 2020. There are three major companies involved in making these vaccines – Sinovac Biotech, Sinopharm and military-affiliated private firm, CanSino Biologics.

China launched a vaccine emergency use programme to test out its vaccines and since then, those vaccines have been tested out on tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of people in China. We're talking about frontliners, politicians, military officials and even employees of the vaccine companies themselves! You can take a look at the video below by SCMP to see how the vaccines are developed.

And by now, China is already in Phase 3 of its clinical trials on these vaccines. What this means is that China is currently trying out its vaccines on people in other countries. One reason for this is because the Covid-19 cases in the republic are under control.

But that doesn't mean China is turning Malaysians into guinea pigs although it has plans to test its vaccines out in countries that are involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. At the time of writing, China is conducting clinical trials in more than six countries including Brazil and Indonesia besides planning to conduct more of these trials in 18 other countries.

Please go to Source: to read the entire article. 

You can always expect more with China:

China's super rich got $1.5 trillion richer during pandemic: report

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