Thursday, October 15, 2020

DARPA and Big Pharma: A Marriage Made in Hell - The Case of the Missing Virus - Criminal Political Operatives Set to Financially Gain Off COVID - Initiating Technocratic Systems - You Are Nothing More Than a Data Point - COVID: Commercial Business Model - We Are In a "Digital Civil War"

Ed.'s note: Don't ever think this global WEF-directed "Great Reset" commercial business restructuring doesn't have big tech behind it. WEF's "Great Reset" was planned to "end traditional capitalism." Do you have any say or input into this? Of course not. The new financial commodity is big data. That big data concept is strapped inexplicably to this global COVID operation because enormous amounts of data is being collected, not only on this now proven to be unreliable and questionable COVID PCR test, but data that you are providing. The global elite running this COVID operation didn't name it "novel" for nothing. No matter where you look the novel COVID faked "pandemic" has financial incentives attached

The technocratic elites needed a "novel" COVID "pandemic" to advance these technocratic systems including A.I., vaccinations; smart cities; big data; transhumanism; central bank digital currencies; total surveillance; contract tracing; PCR testing (preparation for something that is coming); social credit scores; as their - not our -  "Fourth Industrial Revolution" is initiated. Just as 9/11 was required to smash through the Middle East to lay waste, a novel COVID was required to smash through the world. Without a global "novel pandemic" none of this could be initiated. Do you object to all of this and NOT consent? Then present a counter offer on their contracts: 260 - WATCH AS LIABILITY FOLLOWS A MASQUERADE THAT IS UNSUSTAINABLE ON ITS FACE

Google & Oracle To Monitor Americans Who Get Warp Speed's Covid-19 Vaccine For Up To Two Years

Here's another example of "big tech." Amazon has been a massive winner in this global novel COVID commercial, supply chain and trade restructuring model:

Considering Google and Oracle's (big tech) involvement above, we are in a "digital civil war" (related to the Hunter Biden sh*tshow):


Source: Piece of Mindful

The following article from The Last American Vagabond by Derrick Broze is a chilling tale of military funding for biotech "solutions" to enrich hand-picked mega-companies in the global vaccine and drug business. Where there is money to be made, populations to be stamped out, minds to be controlled you will find the U.S. Military. We are the "global police" with an almost monopoly share in administering violence worldwide. It's not called Full Spectrum Dominance for nothing. Meet the new "bad dude" in charge of "Operation Warp Speed." Remember, speed kills. 

Trump Appoints Big Pharma Exec Connected to Bill Gates to Head Vaccine Developments

The article also appears at Global Research:


Coronavirus: Test and Trace consultants paid equivalent of £1.5m salary

It is pretty unbelievable but in Japan if Japanese want to have the COVID PCR test done it will cost them roughly USD$240 (USD$370 for business people) per PCR test and is not covered by insurance.  Knowing how this WEF-led global COVID commercial business model is restructuring the world economy, the Asian populations are falling in line being the submissive cultures they are. It is likely thousands of Japanese will line up for the PCR test and the COVID vaccine/s. Without having this unreliable and questionable PCR test done you will not be allowed to travel. It's extortion. Let's say 100,000 Japanese people have the test done at USD$370 per test? That comes out to USD$37 million in profits for those giving the PCR test. If the virus hasn't been isolated what are they testing for? 

Demand rises in Japan for virus tests to use negative diagnosis as business trip 'pass'

This when we know the test is highly questionable demonstrating again just how profitable this COVID scam has been for the right companies. This is especially true when we know the PCR test is unreliable and is the "worst test ever devised." This is part of the drive to get as many Japanese people COVID vaccinated as possible. This entire COVID global operation is being driven by financial gain by well connected criminal political operatives and their networks to related corporations.


If the virus isn't there…why do they believe

The Russians are the only ones with any clear common sense rational ideas about what this global COVID commercial operation means.

Don't you just loathe order followers?

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