Wednesday, October 14, 2020

China Is Back to Normal While the Rest of the World Is Still Gripped In COVID Cult Fear

Ed.'s note: That's because there was no pandemic in China. Maybe this was the plan all along? Start the planned coronavirus pandemic in China with a tweaked coronavirus that has caused the destruction of competing economies so that China will dominate world trade, finance and the economy? Now it has changed its nomenclature to SARS 2?

Source: Forbes

It Looks Like The SARS 2 Pandemic Is Over In China

Kenneth Rapoza, Senior Contributor | October 12, 2020
Domestic tourists battled slow-moving lines as they steadily climbed the Great Wall of China on Oct. ... [+] GETTY IMAGES 

It's not official, and who knows (get it?) when it will be. But looking at China from 10,000 feet up I think it is safe to say that it's over. Granted, I'm not a scientist... 

To hundreds of millions of Chinese, though, the pandemic is in the rearview mirror now. The virus itself is still alive and kicking (along with millions of others), but whatever China is doing to keep its hospitals safe and its death toll next to nothing at this point, it is working in spades. Life looks a lot better there than it does in the U.S. and the increasingly panicked U.K. The defamed Imperial College epidemiologist, Neil Ferguson, who forecasted a million deaths and favored strict lockdowns while he broke the rules to visit his girlfriend, recently warned of an "uptick" in cases and an "uptick in deaths".

Good thing he is not the guy Xi Jinping and the local provincial governors turn to for advice. The world's No. 2 economy is humming.
An investment in the iShares MSCI China versus the FTSE Europe and the FTSE 100 UK. China: winning. BLOOMBERG 

More than half a billion Chinese took to the road this weekend as the National Day holiday winds down.

This should be viewed as a global test for Sars 2. If a few thousand Chinese people hanging out in Wuhan amusement parks and climbing the Great Wall aren't a superspreader event, then it's all over but the shouting.

Worth noting, back in May Wuhan public health officials tested over 11 million residents for traces of SARS-Cov-2 in nasal swaps. Less than 500 had it. No one needed hospitalization. The World Health Organization never commented on the results officially, nor when asked, but this seems to be the organization's policy. Wuhan hasn't had an outbreak since. They're probably no longer testing. And as far as we know, Wuhan hospitals are not seeing a surge in Covid-19 patients. If they are, doctors and individuals are dealing with it the way they would any other disease at this point.

Please go to Forbes to read the entire article. 

China flexing its new COVID-free powers as the rest of the world is gripped by tyrannical bureaucracies enforcing lockdowns, social distancing and forced mask wearing that have no effect on preventing the spread of coronavirus. All this with a "mandatory" vaccine coming along fast.  How can China have ended this "pandemic" when COVID started there with over one billion people?

Brace yourselves...

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