Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Bolshevik Newsom Attempts to Stop Singing In Churches In California - COVID Gives the Pretext to Convert America to a Bolshevik State - Soviet Union Circa 1918; Bolshevik America 2020 With a High Tech Version - Bolshevik Goal: Circumvent the Morphogenic Field - Resonating With the Machine

Ed.'s note: Why would the Bolshevik Newsom want to prevent people in California from singing in California under cover of the global COVID planned faked pandemic? The Bolsheviks want to circumvent the morphogenetic field by preventing singing in churches throughout California. Think about the reason why people sing in churches. They sing because it opens up a channel to the divine, the sacred and the spiritual underpinnings of the human. Singing is critically important to building a spiritual resonance with the divine. What the morphogenic field allows for is groups to leverage the synchronistic resonant value for more knowledge and awareness. 

Choirs singing move into a sphere of achieving a far more aware and powerful collective mind. In this higher state the group can access far more knowledge and intelligence than a person singing alone. What the Bolsheviks under Newsom intend to do is circumvent people from meeting and organizing at their churches to achieve creating this formula for achieving a higher state of spiritual consciousness and awareness. It is the precise same damn thing the Bolsheviks did in the former Soviet Union. The purpose here is that the high tech version of these Bolsheviks is that they want everyone to be resonating with the machine and not with the divine and nature. The technocrats are attempting to optimize the use of their human livestock resources the machine will decide. 


Lockdowns benefit wealthy, make the poor pay the price, fail to protect the vulnerable.

Covid experts: there is another way

How convenient for Bolshevik Newsom:

Talk about "resonant frequency" for penetrating the morphogenetic field?  No other musical instrument does it as spectacularly as the pipe organ. This pipe organ music is for the Bolsheviks running the Marxist state of California under comrade Newsom's increasingly tyrannical bureaucracy.

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