Monday, July 8, 2019

Prescriptive Programming

July 8, 2019

(below, They're called commercials but they are really mind control.)

43 anti white commercials

If you have time, surf TV for a half-an-hour to glimpse the dysfunctional Clockwork Orange world the Illuminati bankers are instituting.

by Henry Makow PhD

If you watch TV, you will experience a world not as it is, but as the cabalist bankers have decided it will be. This is a glimpse into the future. I call it "prescriptive programming."

Cabalists believe that they are God and can define reality merely by spinning it in their favor. They are well positioned to impose their perversions on society because they control the mass media companies and all major corporations who advertise.

The first thing you might notice is that, although colored people make up about 15% of the populations of the West, they are becoming a majority in the world of TV commercials. This world is fully integrated. There is always a colored person in any social gathering. Often, the actors are all colored. Regardless of what is happening in society, mixed race marriages and colored families are extremely common in TV commercials.

Furthermore, the representative of the corporate sponsor is usually colored while the customer who is often a doofus is white.

Clearly colored people have been given the "Jew Treatment." These saintly creatures have suffered centuries of persecution and must be compensated by white guilt, deference and displacement. The bankers sprinkle the same magic dust on all their divisive agents: women, homosexuals and now transexuals.

Racial minorities can make a valuable contribution to Western society, but not when they are being imposed without consultation or vetting, as part of a larger malevolent agenda.

You would think many whites might be turned off by commercials featuring racial minorities. Clearly mind control is more important than selling product.

Strangely enough, the message often is that whitey can repent for "white supremacy" by buying the product advertised. They think white guilt actually can drive sales.

There is a 7-Eleven commercial playing in Canada where an East Indian enters the company lunchroom where a white doofus has eaten his lunch to save some money. The white doofus asks for a menu-change next time.

Whitey has literally eaten brownie's lunch!

The noble East Indian is rightly flabbergasted. The words, "BAD IDEA" flash across the screen.

In the next frame, the white guy redeems himself by shopping at 7-Eleven. "GOOD IDEA" flashes across the screen.

Please go to Henry Makow to read the entire article.

Here is a clip of Malcom X talking about dumbass white liberals and conservatives.

Malcom X: White Liberals and Conservatives

Here is one example but we're supposed to accept the trash the media serves to Americans about whites "accepting brownie's lunch" without coming serious blowback? 

The happiest place on earth? Brutal brawl breaks out between a family at Disneyland in shocking video which captures a man beating a group of women after one spits in his face

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