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Chemical attack blame game 'failed' at Syria conference in Brussels – Russian envoy - Trump has 'drunk the Kool Aid' on Syria narrative – fmr diplomat - Interview with British Journalist Tom Duggan

Source: RT News

Foreign Ministers and officials pose for a group photo as they take part in an international conference on the future of Syria and the region, in Brussels, Belgium, April 5, 2017. © Yves Herman / Reuters

Attempts by some members of the Brussels conference on Syria to redraw the agenda and focus on allegations of the Syrian government's complicity in the suspected chemical attack in Idlib have failed, Russia's deputy foreign minister has said.

"In what concerns this conference, of course, some tried to redirect it in order to focus attention on the incident that has occurred [in Idlib]. I must say that they failed to achieve that," said Gennady Gatilov, Russia's representative at the UN-sponsored international donor conference that was held on April 4-5 in Brussels.

Moscow hopes that the incident will not lead to the derailment of intra-Syrian talks as that would play into hands of those who strive to obstruct the peace process.

"Anything can affect the talks. But we would not like for such incidents to be used by opponents of the negotiation process to disrupt it," the Russian diplomat said, stressing that it is necessary for the negotiations to be inclusive.

Despite the apparent discord at the conference, its participants were largely united in that there is no alternative to political settlement to the protracted military conflict.

"I would like to note that all spoke in favor of political solution, the majority agreed that there is no military solution," Gatilov said, as cited by TASS. He added that "practically all hailed" the negotiations in Astana made possible by the mediation of Russia, Turkey and Iran and commended them as "great help" for the Geneva process.

No breakthrough has yet been achieved in the talks, Gatilov said, referring to the latest round of intra-Syrian negotiations that took place in Geneva last week.

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Watch this lunacy. This is a "stateswoman" representing the United States at the UN? Can she even locate Syria on a map? Thank you, President Trump, you sure did make a great decision on deciding on Nikki Haley as US Ambassador to the UN. Yes, that's right, always bring out pictures of children to make your point. President Trump, it is highly recommend your team begin consulting with Robert David Steele to formulate an overall strategy to "take back America."

Trump has 'drunk the Kool Aid' on Syria narrative – fmr diplomat 

Interview with British Journalist Tom Duggan 

Ex-UK Ambassador: Assad wasn't behind the chemical attack 

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  1. The White Helmets, an al-Qaeda affiliated group funded by George Soros and the British government, have reportedly staged another chemical weapon attack on civilians in the Syrian city of Khan Shaykhun to lay blame on the Syrian government.

  2. "Truth Behind Syrian Gas Attack" at Veterans Today.... Trump is surrounded by NeoCons....

    "Kushner, Beware Jamie Gorelick" by Jack Cashill at American Thinker....

  3. Ron Paul on Syria gas attack: 'It doesn't make sense. Zero chance Assad did this.

  4. Rebels ‘only people who benefited’ from Idlib chemical weapons attack – analyst.

  5. I believe it was our government from the start that chemical/gas the Syria citizens. I believe Obama and Clinton sold the chemicals to forces there (ISIS and ISIL) and the US is responsible. Our government and/or military have "no balls" to stand up and conquer these sick Luciferians and/or got the guts to put the congress , senators, heads of state, etc in jail where they belong and strip their titles. I have had enough. I have been a model citizen, put myself through six years of college (I paid for it on my own), divorced a very abusive husband, had our daughters ad I go through counseling and got them thru college. And I still cannot get a job...3 years...unemployed...not taking welfare or medicaid. I'm too tough for that. I grew up on a farm and my dad taught me honesty, hard work and ethics. Treat others as you want to be treated. What's so shameful, if the US can do this to other countries, they are going to do it to us. I am ready to meet my Lord and Savior as this country and this world is not worth living in. Fed up with nothing has changed and the shadow government will still be pulling the strings. SICK!!!!

    1. The finest steel has to go thru the fire. Stay strong we ain't going anywhere! Our Lord is watching, good will win over evil that's the way it works.


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