Sunday, April 30, 2017

Cashing In - "One Percent" Become Wealthy by Promoting Each Other and Gaining Celebrity Status

Source: Business Insider

Barack and Michelle Obama are getting a record-setting book deal worth at least $60 million

Mark Abadi
March 1, 2017

The bidding for the rights to books written by Barack and Michelle Obama has skyrocketed to more than $US60 million, according to a report from the Financial Times.

Penguin Random House, which has published three other books by Barack Obama, is leading the bidding war so far, according to the report published on Tuesday. HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and Macmillan are also competing.

The lofty price tag will shatter the record for presidential memoirs, the Financial Times reported.

The rights to books written by Bill Clinton and George W. Bush sold for $US15 million and $US10 million, respectively.

The Obamas are writing their books separately, but selling the rights jointly, according to the report.

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  1. Title: "How big Mike & I fooled the idiots & looted America".

  2. © Vitaliy Nevar/TASS, archive

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  3. Who cares what he writes , a liar and a fraud is what he is . I dont think they all get it we know mre about what is going on than they do . For a start the ships didnt go to Sth Korea they went to Indonesia to start trouble there on behalf of China to overthrow the regime and put radicals in power in order to sell Australia protection " from the terror they cause while flogging security . 2 % of GDP . As far as NTH KOREA GOES they met in Japan recently to figure out who to put in charge of both countries unified , to be led by self proclaimed Royals . USA is doing far worse than they ever did , with torture ships (thanks CHIP TATUM ) MASS MURDER , AND EVERYTHING YOU COULD IMAGINE , the hypocrites .

  4. How they conned America , they should be in prison .

  5. Must be payout for all the coke he snorts that they got during operation gun drug runner . No one cares about the dipstick , much like 200 lousy protestors made top billing for stinky Rothschild REUTERS . NO ONE IS TAKING ANY NOTICE OF THE FALSE FLAG NEWS SCAMMERS ANYMORE .

  6. Benefits for the high slaves, play the game get payoffs. People are trained in this stuff, Obama and "wife" are like up the scale, Icons, idols. Look are every town school having a high school King and Queen riding the float around the the cheers of the people. What the heck, why worship these f heads who want to spread thier kind of special privelege BS on everyone. One thing people need to wake up to is everyone is important a King and Queen in their own right and due that respect. The book spreads, people but it, talk it up and it seems a big deal that is all it is just a creation of the people, actions people are taking, literally a kind of worship. To me Obama is just another man no better or worse and due the respect he has earned, like a jail term.


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